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“Just think about it,” Laurelyn urges.

“I will.”

She gives me an optimistic smile before I say my goodbyes and end the call.

“Would you go back?”

“I don’t know,” I answer Chrissy’s question. “Maybe.”

“Do you think Gage would let you leave?”

“Honestly, I think he’d try to stop me. But it’s my decision.”

“Yeah. Keep telling yourself that. Even if you managed to leave, he’d probably drag your ass back.”

“You’re right. It can’t hurt to visit, though. Besides, if I wanted to move back, I have Daddy’s house. That way, I can be close to them but still have my own space.”

“True.” She looks around the room then back at me with a deep frown. “Is that your stuff?” She points to my two suitcases leaning on the wall.

Gage said he was leaving the unpacking to me, but I never got past underwear. Chrissy jumps up and starts going through the cases.

“I’ll unpack, you make space in the closet.”

“I don’t know. Gage has a lot of clothes. I have two drawers that are pretty empty. We could put some stuff in those.”

“Closet,” she says in a stern voice.

“Okay. Jeez.”

I open the closet, and just like I expected, there’s not much room for anything. I push his clothes to one side and consider the space.

“Maybe we can a fit a few dresses in here. The rest we’ll have to put in the drawers.”


Dropping to my knees, I start re-arranging his shoes to make room. That’s when I see the gift-wrapped box in the far corner. I wonder what it is. Could it be the birthday present he told me he was going to pick up the day of my party? If it was for me, he would have given it to me already, right? Even though curiosity is killing me, I leave it alone. I’m not going to snoop in his stuff.

We put away as much of my belongings as we can and fall back into bed. Before I can get comfortable, Chrissy grabs my hand and pulls me up and into the bathroom.

“In.” She points to the bath. “Sit.”

“Okay, Miss Bossy. And I thought Gage was bad. What are you doing?”

She’s on her knees, rifling through the cabinet. She pulls out a bag of disposable razors and a can of shaving cream then sits on the edge of the bath.


“You’re going to shave my legs?”

“Honey, have you looked at them lately?”

I take one look at them and give in. “You gonna shave my cooch, too?” I joke. “Haven’t done that, either.”

She raises her brows. “Depends. Anyone gonna see it?”

“Not anytime soon.”

“You okay...down there?”

“Yeah. I’m all healed. It’s more of an emotional thing.”

“I understand. I’m sure he does, too. Take your time. Work on this at your own pace. He’s waited this long, a little more time won’t kill him.”

“I’m going to see a therapist. Hopefully, she can help me.”

“That’s a good start. But now, let’s take care of the small things—legs first then your hair. All the color’s gone. Don’t worry, you’ll be your old self in no time.”

I hope so, not just for my sake but for Gage’s. After everything he’s done, everything he’s planning to do, he deserves it. He said I’m ‘better’, but he deserves the best. And that’s what I want to give him. I’ll get my shit sorted out and be the best damn girlfriend he could ever want.




Fuck, I’m tired. All this running around plus no sleep is finally catching up to me. Atlanta was a total bust. The guys we found there didn’t know much. They weren’t even expecting a shipment of Dutch Wife. The guy in charge said the drug was still in its development stage and wasn’t ready for distribution. How did a drug that’s not even on the streets yet end up in Raven’s system? This puts me at a dead end, unless Tek can get into Briggs’ files. He’s been working on that laptop all day and I haven’t heard a peep out of him.

I drop my duffel in the closet and begin to undress.
I better take a shower before I find Raven.
Ron said the girls have been helping Chopper and Nita in the kitchen. At least she’s not cooped up in here. That’s a step forward. While looking for something to wear, I notice dresses next to my shirts. I let the material of one slip through my fingers. I like seeing them there. I like having her in my space. Right now, it may not be the way I pictured it would be, but it feels good. It feels

I head into the shower and find her waiting for me in the bedroom when I get out. She’s obviously on edge, pacing and chewing on her thumbnail.

“You’re back.”

“Yeah. I was gonna come find you after –”

“How’d it go? What happened?”

I walk to the closet, unable to look her in the eyes. “Not much. There was nothing there.”

“Nothing? What do you mean ‘nothing’?

Turning to face her, I hang my head in disappointment. “I’m sorry, Raven. It was a dead end.”

She starts to hyperventilate.

“Dead end? You promised me you’d find him. You promised!”

I move toward her but she pulls away in anger, staring daggers at me.

“What have you been doing all this time? This guy could be in Timbuktu by now for all we know. It’s been over a month and all you can tell me is that you hit a dead end?”

“Lower your voice.”

“I will
lower my voice!” she screams.

“You’re pissed, I get it. But so am I, and I’m not shouting at you.”

“What do
have to be angry about? That you won’t be my first anymore?”

That stung. I know it’s her anger talking, but it doesn’t hurt any less. “I’m pissed because it’s my fault!” I shout. “I’m the reason this happened to you!”

“You keep saying that. Why? What did you do? What do you know that I don’t?”

“I promised you I’d protect you and I didn’t. You got hurt because some motherfucker thought it was the best way to hurt
. You may have been the one attacked, but I have to live with the fact that it happened on my watch and I couldn’t stop it.”


“You think this is about sex?” I ask. “I could have had you at the snap of my fingers if I wanted to. How many times did you beg me to fuck you, huh? You were practically throwing your pussy at me.”

Her expression changes. That’s when I know I’ve fucked up. She narrows her eyes and her body begins to vibrate. Her fingers curl into fists at her sides and she stomps her foot. Without warning, she launches herself at me with a scream.


She lets loose, pummeling my chest with her fists. I try to grab her hands without hurting her but she starts to kick, too.

“How dare you! How could you say that?”

I finally manage to subdue her, turning her around and pulling her against me. She squirms, trying to get away.

“Let me go. Don’t touch me, you bastard!”

“Calm down.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, asshole. Would you rather I throw my pussy at you?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, babe.”

“You meant it and you can’t take it back.”

“I’m going to let you go, but you have to promise you won’t start hitting me again.”

“I’m not promising anything, fuck boy. Let me the fuck go.”

Boy, she can really come up with insults when she’s ticked off. I’ve gone from bastard to asshole to fuck boy in the space of a few seconds.

“Raven, stop.” She goes still in my arms. “I’m going to let you go now, okay?”

She doesn’t answer, but I take her silence for consent. I slowly release my hold on her and she pulls away as soon as she’s able to. She’s back to staring at me again like she wants to kill me. She has all this pent-up anger and I think I know a way to help her release it.

“I have an idea,” I tell her. “Will you go somewhere with me?”

“Why would I go anywhere with you?” She crosses her arms on her chest.

“I promise it’ll be good for you.”





“Fine.” She gives me a dirty look then cuts her eyes. “I’ll go, but I won’t like it.”

I finish getting dressed then lead her out to the Mustang. She drags her feet the entire way then stares out the window once we’re in the car. Trying to get back on her good side, I stop at Sweet Treats and buy her the strawberry cheese pastries she loves. She takes the container with a sideways glance then goes back to ignoring me while she eats. I leave her to her thoughts because I don’t want to set her off again. When we arrive at our destination, I pull into a parking spot and open her door, watching as she steps out reluctantly.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“You’ll see.”

I try to take her hand but she brushes me off, so I give her some space. After opening the door, I step inside and turn on the lights before I allow her in. She looks around in confusion, arms folded on her chest once more.

“I repeat, why did you bring me here?”

It’s a gun store. Razor’s, to be exact. All the members get a share of the Pretty Kitty and the auto parts store, but I encourage them all to have their own things going on. Razor’s thing is guns.

“This way.” I motion for her to follow me and take her through the door that leads to the back where there’s a shooting range. I have a locker here where I keep a few guns and extra ammo for when I want to let off some steam and the punching bag doesn’t help. I grab a mag and set up a target, then hand her a pair of ear muffs. She’s still giving me the evil eye, but she accepts it and puts it on. I swap out the mags, placing the extra one on the bench, and hand her my Glock. The way she’s feeling right now, I pray to God she doesn’t shoot me. She takes it, weighing it in her hand as she stares down at it.

“Thirty-three rounds. Just let it go.”

She takes one last look at me then turns toward the target. It doesn’t take her ten seconds to line up. She doesn’t swing her ass from side to side like I’ve seen most women do, just gets right down to it. Her ass does look amazing, though. She’s wearing shorts, so I also notice she’s shaved her legs. I know this isn’t the appropriate time, but seeing her standing there with my gun? Fucking sexy as hell. Then I see the scars on her legs. She’ll have those reminders for the rest of her life. I clench my jaw then take a deep breath. Tonight is about
anger, not mine.

I put on my ear muffs as she chambers a round, watching as she unloads the mag into the target. She releases the empty mag and replaces it without missing a beat. That one only has seventeen rounds, so she empties it in half the time. The slide locks but she releases it and stands there, aiming at the target.

“Raven –”

She spins to face me, racks the slide, points the gun in the center of my forehead, and presses the trigger. Her breathing is labored and there are tears streaming down her cheeks. When she realizes what she’s done, she gasps, ripping off the muffs. After removing mine, I take the gun from her carefully, and place it on the bench before she collapses in my arms. Her body shakes from her sobs as she throws her arms around me, clutching the back of my shirt.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Shh. I’m here, Raven.”

“What if –”

“It wasn’t. It was empty.”

“Oh, God! I could have killed you!”

“You didn’t,” I try to console her.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry!”

“I know, doll. I know.” I hold her until her sobs die down to an occasional sniffle and gasp.

“About earlier...I know you’re doing everything you can. I’m just
pissed. I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I tell her as I hand her my bandana.

She stares up at me, sniffling and wiping her cheeks. “I’m sorry I called you an asshole.”

I smile, sliding my fingers through her hair. “It’s cool. You ever call me a fuck boy again, I’m tanning your ass.”


I quirk a brow at her as she gives me a weak smile. I missed playful Raven, too. I don’t know how she switched gears so easily, but I’ll take it.

“You sure you wanna go there?” I ask.

“I’m sure...fuck boy.”

I grab at her and she takes off running with an excited shriek. I don’t know what got into me but I chase her, all around the fucking room. Every time I’m close to catching her, she screams and changes direction on me. She stops running and faces me, knees bent like a football player, bouncing on her feet.

“What’s the matter? Too slow, fuck boy?”

Oh are gonna get it.” I warn.

“You have to catch me first.”

I fake her out. She jumps but doesn’t run. I fake once more and she laughs. The third time, I lunge at her but she doesn’t get far before I catch her around the waist, pulling her against me. I back her up against the wall, facing away from me. She wriggles and squirms, trying to break free. Her ass is rubbing on my dick and it’s quickly waking up.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was just playing. I didn’t mean it!”

“I warned you, baby doll.”

I lean in to her and she goes still, her laughter dying down. Instead, her breathing grows ragged and I know it’s not from all the running. I bury my nose in her hair, inhaling her sweet scent.
She’s not ready
. I chant the words in my mind to keep from doing too much too soon. I can’t rush her but fuck, it feels good to have her in my arms like this.


I release her immediately.
It was good while it lasted.
She faces me, her expression despondent. I smile, letting her know it’s all good. She takes my outstretched hand and I lead her back to the firing line. I inspect the target and see her shots were concentrated in two areas – head and crotch. Pretty good grouping, too. Her dad taught her well.

After putting everything back in its place, I lock up and we head home. The drive back to the clubhouse is pretty much the same as the one to the shop – quiet. Only this time, she’s sad not angry.

Inside the clubhouse, preparations for Thanksgiving are in full swing. Every year, Chopper and Nita make a feast and we all get together – members, families, Hounds, everybody. The place smells amazing. Allah’s playing away in the DJ booth and everyone seems to be having a good, chill time. It’s all about being together, not getting wild.

“You wanna head back to the room or you wanna hang out here for a while?” I ask Raven.


I take her over to the couch and she curls up next to me, placing her head on my chest. Nita comes over, offering us mulled cider. We each take a cup and she smiles then leaves. We sit together, quietly sipping cider, and watching everyone enjoy themselves. That is, until Chrissy comes over.

“ two are so cute. Like, the cutest couple ever.” She sits on the table in front of us, eyes darting between me and Raven. “I need to find you a couple name.”

“Couple name?” I ask with raised brows.

“Yeah. You know, like Kimye or Brangelina.”

What the fuck is a Kimye?
I stare at her with a blank expression. It doesn’t deter her, though, and she starts throwing out names.

“, not catchy enough.”

She sits there pondering until Raven intercedes in a low voice. “Rage.”

Chrissy gives her an ‘aha!’ stare then claps excitedly. “Rage! I love it! That’s your couple name. ‘Rage’.”

Before I can get sucked further into this ridiculous conversation, Tek walks up with a worried frown. I excuse myself and take him to my office.

“Talk to me.”

He hands me a sheet of paper and takes a seat.

“I got into Briggs’ files. Dutch Wife wasn’t in full production yet. That’s a list of potential distributors. Apparently, he gave them small samples to test out and see if they wanted to sell for him.”

I start reading down the list. I go through a few names I’ve never even heard of and then I find one I know. All too well. “Fuck!”

“What you wanna do, Prez?”

I want to rip his fucking head off. That’s what I want to do. I’m going to string him up by his feet, cut off his balls, and feed them to him.

BOOK: Claimed: Death Dealers MC Book 3
2.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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