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Authors: Ele Marie Kenzie

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Claus Enterprises: An Erotic Holiday Short Story

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An Erotic Holiday Short


Ele Marie Kenzie



An Erotic Holiday Short Story

Copyright 2016



Cover Design by Ele Marie Kenzie


This book is a work of fiction. The
names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events, business establishments, locales, or persons, living
or dead, is entirely coincidental.


All rights reserved. Unauthorized publication
in any form without prior written permission of the author is




Christmas doesn’t run

That’s what my father used to tell
me and his father before him and so on. This is my first year
running the billion dollar juggernaut known as the holiday season.
My dad, Nickolas Claus III retired to the Bahamas with my mother,
never to have to work another day in his life. Now, I run the show.
I’ve been training for this gig all my life to one day take over
Claus Enterprises. I’m very lucky to have grown up a privileged
child here in the North Pole, but now that I’m an adult, I get to
run this company my way.

I peek over this year’s holiday
projection report on my tablet to see Chloe; my best E.L.F.
(Employee I Like to Fuck) on her knees sucking my cock like it’s a
candy cane. Normally I’m all about her mouth on me, but today I’m
not really feeling it. Maybe it’s the anxiety of it all that has me
so wound up, but I’ll still let her finish me off, though. Tis’ the
season after all and Santa is feeling generous.

Faster, baby. I have a meeting in
five.” She looks up at me with her big baby blues and her blonde
curls bouncing all over me. She gives the best head out of all the
E.L.F. staff and normally I’d let her devour me all day long, but
today is a busy day. She takes it up a notch and I’m getting ready
to come.

Damn you do that so well, don’t
you? Look at you, so nice and pretty with your mouth... full...
uhhhhh!” I let loose and she swallows me like a glass of eggnog.
Speaking of, some eggnog sounds delicious right about now. I’ll
have my assistant make me some. Chloe wipes the corner of her mouth
and stands up from my lap. I gaze at her cleavage as it pops up
from her crisp, green blouse. She smoothes her short curve hugging
skirt with her hands and stands with perfect posture in front of

Will that be all for you this
afternoon, sir?” She asks with a smile.

Yes, thank you, Chloe.” I watch
her walk away in her four inch heels and her fitted black suit,
strutting her way out of my office. As she leaves, my assistant
Collins enters with a stack of file folders in his arms. I just
know he’s going to talk about work because he lives for it. I zip
up my pants and pretend to look enthused by his

What do we have on the agenda
today, Collins?”

The Black Friday numbers are in.
We nearly tripled the profit from last year,” he says.

Doesn’t surprise me with how
greedy the world has become. Next.”

There’s been some turnover in Toy

Turnover? Who would want to quit
this company?”

Apparently a bunch of the
employees in that sector pooled their money on the weekly lottery
jackpot... and won.”

Really? Have the department head
call the temp agency to get them replaced ASAP.”

I’ll email them as soon as we’re
done meeting, sir.” Collins is writing notes down in his little
leather journal he always carries with him. He keeps eyeballing the
stack of folders he brought in with him.

So what are all these? Did we not
just implement the Go Green rule this month?”

Yes, sir, but it’s still going to
take some time to completely switch over with all the files that
need to be scanned. Besides, I think you should have a look at
these.” I sit up in my chair and pick up the folder on top of the
pile as he unloads them all on my desk. The name on the neat little
label intrigues me immediately.

The Naughty List? You’re kidding
me, right?”

I’m afraid not, Mr. Claus,”
Collins says as he makes himself a cup of coffee from the bar
behind me.

I thought my father stopped
keeping track of this naughty stuff years ago, did he

Apparently he still had
Accounting run the annual reports.”

Well, what kind of naughty are we
talking about? Little kids disobeying their parents and shit?” He
hands me a glass of eggnog without me asking for it and sits down
across from me, adjusting his black trimmed glasses and sipping his
coffee. Collins is in his early forties, a family man, and a
dedicated employee. My father hired him when he was right out of
college and has been with the company ever since.

It’s the adult Naughty List. Your
father liked to keep track of those who were repeat

So what you’re telling me is this
report will indicate precisely how... let’s say Jane Doe from
Anytown, USA, made it to the Naughty List?” I examine my eggnog
before taking a sip. Collins even added cinnamon for me. What a

Indeed, sir.”

Hmmm.” I think I may have just
found a cure for my holiday boredom. “Collins, get this data in a
spreadsheet and email it to me... and make sure I can sort it by
gender and age. I have a special project this year that may be
lucrative for everyone involved.”

I’ll have it ready for you in a
few hours, Mr. Claus. Sir, may I ask what the project you have in
mind is?”

We’re keeping the Naughty

We are? Forgive me, but how is
that economically to our advantage?”

It’s simple,
Collins. We’re going to turn the Naughty Listers into Nice Listers,
and by
     “Okay, how are
going to do that all by

I’ll do the leg work and if the
project is a success, then I’ll put more staff on it.”

Whatever you say, Mr. Claus.”
Collins closes his notebook, scoops up the files and leaves my
office. I lean back in my chair and watch the snow fall from the
window as I finish my eggnog.

This is going to be the best
Christmas yet; I can feel it in my bones... and other places. Oh
the endless possibilities.




I teleport
myself into the first house on my list. It’s going to take a while
to adjust to coming into a random house without feeling like I’m
breaking and entering. I don’t know how generations of Claus’
before me got used to this, but we’ll see how this plays out. I
pull up the Naughty List app I had the IT department create for me
on my smart phone and go over lucky number one’s stats. She’s a
I fucking love

Name: Olivia

Age: 30

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Naughty Reason: Likes to masturbate

Likes to masturbate? Really? Since
when is that a crime? Looks like I’ll have to loosen up these
naughty guidelines. I hear a humming sound behind me followed by
the soft moans of a female. I see Olivia spread eagle on the couch
with one of those industrial sized vibrators between her thighs,
you know, the kind that looks like a cake mixer? I stand there and
watch her go at it while I lick the cream from the middle of one of
the cookies she left out for me. I pretend I’m licking her cream

Ugh, generic cookies? Really? I
could go for a nice macaroon, now those are good. I hope somebody
puts those out for me,” I say out loud. Apparently I’m too
preoccupied with the cookie situation to notice her staring at me

You have five seconds to get out
of my house or I’m calling the cops!” Shit.

Olivia leaps up from the couch, pulls up her
panties and covers herself with a throw blanket. I hold the glass
of milk she left out for me to my lips and smile. The cookies are a
bit dry.

Whoah, easy there, Gingerbread.
I’m not here to hurt you.”

Then who are you and what are you
doing here?”

I’m Santa... and I’m here to
negotiate a deal.”

Right, really funny asshole. I’m
calling 9-1-1.” She reaches for her cell phone.

Come on now, that’s not
necessary. Seriously though, I am Santa.”

Prove it.”

Ok.” I snap my fingers and her
cell phone turns into a pile of silver glitter in her hand. She
watches in awe as the glitter sprinkles on the floor.

How the hell did you do


Magic, huh? That was an expensive

Relax, I’ll replace it.” I snap
my fingers again and a brand new phone appears. “Complete with an
upgrade.” She believes me for the most part but she still seems a
little skeptical.

You sure don’t look like Santa

Images of my appearance have been
greatly exaggerated over the centuries. You like, though?” I fan my
hands around my body like a game show model would a prize, hoping
she’ll take notice of my perfectly tailored suit that accentuates
my well sculpted body.

You’re easy on the eyes, I
suppose,” she says as she wraps the blanket tighter around her

So, now that we have
introductions out of the way, let’s get down to negotiations, shall

What negotiations are you talking

You’re on the Naughty List, babe.
And I’m here to give you the opportunity to redeem yourself.” I eat
another cookie from the plate and watch her reaction.

Why am I on the naughty

Well, according to the report,
it’s for touching yourself too much.”


How do you know about

Umm, I saw you... and it’s on my

You were watching me?”

I’m Santa...I’m
always watching.”
Damn, I’ve always wanted
to say that.

What are you, some kind of

Well, with all due respect, you
weren’t hiding what you were doing. Plus you left me bate.” I hold
up another cookie in front of her and shove it in my

I must be dreaming. This can’t be

Speaking of real, maybe you would
like to have the real thing for Christmas? It’s been a while hasn’t
it?” I wipe the crumbs off my suit.

You mean sex?”

Yes, I mean sex. Let’s see what’s
behind this snugly thing, shall we?” I walk up to her and open the
throw blanket she’s wearing.

Wait, umm, so having sex with you
will get me on the nice list?” She starts laughing and flips her
long red curls playfully over her shoulder. She doesn’t cover up
her body though.

You ended up on the list for a
reason. I’ll make sure you make it back on the Nice List, which
will change your luck for the better. Think of it as Platinum
membership on a credit card.”

I masturbate because I don’t have
a boyfriend. I’m like on every dating website known to the world
but nothing is working. My ex remarried already but I’m still
alone. My son is spending Christmas Eve with his

Well damn, I don’t feel guilt very
often but she’s tugging at my heart strings.

Olivia, I’ll—

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