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paused, her gaze turning furious at him over the table as he handed her the rolls. He took them, downing a deep drink of his beer while continuing his story to his father. Fourth of July was always a great time for talking to his father about his latest conquests.

“So she turned to her friend, lifts a fist, then the other and puts them side by side. Then she says ‘And imagine two halves of a cantaloupe, a blind fold, and a goat.’ I almost died laughing.” He laughed, enjoying how his father’s laugh rang out and his step mother choked on her gulp of wine.

“Why did you have a goat there?” Mellie’s hands were clasped under her rounded chin. She regarded him with overlarge, fraudulently innocent green eyes.

“There was no goat… never mind.” He narrowed his eyes at her, annoyed she didn’t get the point.

“So… what you’re saying is that you like really stupid girls?” She popped a bite of potato salad in her mouth, watching him from under lowered lashes. His father let out a soft cough, thumping his beer on the table. Clint ignored the warning and faced off with Mellie.

“There are some things you’ll never understand, little sister.” He used his biggest older brother tone, though she was only his step sister, she knew what buttons to push. She was more manipulative than he, but he couldn’t resist battling with her.

“Oh? I could never understand how you blindfolded, violated, and confused a pretty blond?” her innocent blink and expression and the way the words rolled off her tongue spoke of danger, but he couldn’t stop.

“She was game. And if she wasn’t smart enough to get it, she deserved it.” As soon as the words cleared his lips, he regretted them. “That came out wrong, I meant—“

“Yeah, we know what you meant.” Mellie took another bite, then took a drink of her wine. “You’re the kind of guy mom and dad both warned me against. I bet they’re
proud of you.”

“Just because you can’t keep a guy happy doesn’t mean you need to hate on girls that can.” Despite the vile words spewing from him, he watched the words hit home with a sense of accomplishment.

“Yeah, ‘cause I bet you called her right back the next day.” Mellie rolled her eyes, belying her age.

So he mocked her. With an exaggerated motion, he rolled his eyes. “Yuh, and she and I
don’t have a date Friday.”

She didn’t miss a beat. “That you’ll
blow off do some other skank you pick up in a bar. Suit up! No one will guess you’re gay.”

Containing his fury, he opened his mouth as her mother lifted a hand. “It’s a holiday. Clint can enjoy his skanks if he wants and you can continue being single if you want, Mellie. But keep it civil at the table.”

He turned to her mother. “She pretends she wouldn’t jump at the chance to see what all the fuss is about.” He arched a brow at her, smiling inside at her fury-filled expression. A second later, it hit him.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you Mellie?” he asked, shoving a bite of steak in his mouth. The sharp taste of A1 and grilled meat filled his mouth, and he grinned at her shocked face.

“No.” Her brows crashed together, her features taking on a petulant look.

“Liar. No guy’s plowed that fertile—“ Her foot crashed into his knees under the table and he yelped, “Ouch!”

He glanced at his father, who lifted a shoulder, while her mother spoke. “You deserved that one. Now eat your food and leave her alone.”

Without another word, Clint took a bite, watching Mellie push her food around her plate with a fork and a dejected look.
Finishing his food with a sense of bravado, he downed his beer and made his way to the fridge for another. Bringing one back for his father, he set the drinks down and grabbed the wine off the island and topped off his mother’s and sister’s.

As he popped the top and took a drink, he made his way out to the living room. The TV spoke much too loudly and he shook his head before making his way up to his old room.
It was nice to be out of the house, but sometimes he still couldn’t believe how many memories he had in this old place. After a glance around – they’d left it as he had, and that was damn depressing – he hurried back downstairs and out the back door, watching their neighbors set off fireworks over the lake.

He made his way to the backyard and caught sight of Mellie swinging lazily on the old swing. Her royal purple dress fluttered around her thighs, and her look of deep contemplation caught him off guard. She seemed so… pure. Untouched by life.

Somehow, she might still be seventeen with a broken heart, swinging back here at midnight all by herself. Back in those days, he’d come out, listen to her talk, and stare at the stars. Somewhere along the way, though, things had changed.

She lifted her chin, a glare leveled on him.
They stared each other down for a few minutes before he decided enough was enough.

“Look—“ he began, but she snapped at him.

“Don’t start. You’re a pig.”

He gave her a wicked grin. “Maybe, but I’m honest. I can’t help it if ladies don’t mind using me for a good time while searching for Mr. Right. I’m just Mr. Right now.”

“A girl should save herself.” The stubborn set of her jaw made him laugh out loud.

“In the dark ages, or maybe if you’re religious. Sweetheart, sex is normal. You can be a good girl and still get fucked from behind like a porn star every night.
You can have dozens of orgasms a day and still be a good girl. Sex is required for a balanced mind.”

“Do you give all your floozies that talk?” she asked, her glare darkening.

“I don’t have to. I’ve never been around someone as uptight as you. You do know mom and dad have fucked in every room of the house, including on the table you just ate dinner at?”

She glanced up at him, her shock flashing before she hit it behind a blush that stained her cheeks down to her top of her breasts in her low cut dress. “But… they’re married.”

“So it’s less dirty to fuck like animals so long as you’re married to your deviant partner?” She was cornered, and they both knew it. Even she was smart enough to know that deviancy was a behavior.

“If you’re so sure, why don’t you prove it?” she asked, her eyes dancing with dark danger. “Fuck me here, now, where they could see us. If there’s nothing wrong with it…” she shrugged, her evil grin making him hard in an instant.

“Gladly.” He made his way to her and grabbed her. Slipping her ass out of the swing, he flipped her so her chest rested on the wooden swing seat. She let out a protest, but he ignored her. Flipping her dress up, he growled as he realized she wasn’t wearing panties. Her slick lips brought a smile to his lips. The little minx was hot and ready for him. Well, he’d give her something to remember.

He ran the tip of his cock up her soaking lips, gathering her wetness as lubrication. She arched her back, groaning with his every teasing pass. With gentle motions, he probed her entrance, feeling her tense under his push. With only the tip in her, he gave a little laugh.

“You’re really not a virgin. Wow.”

She growled at him. “Shut up. Just… uhn…” She groaned as he ran the tip of his cock down around her swollen clit.

“Just think, if mom or dad opened a window, or came out back they’d see me bending you over your childhood swing and preparing to fuck you.” The words rolled off his tongue and her lower back dipped, her pussy begging him to thrust home as she pressed back. He denied her, a grin on his lips.

“No, you’re not in control.”

“Please?” She whined, but he shook his head.

“Not yet. I want you to really want it first.” He ran his throbbing cock along her slit, pausing to run a lazy circle around her hot clit as she moaned and rubbed against him.

“I do…” she whimpered the words, but he ignored her, once again teasing her entrance with the crown of his cock. She tried to thrust back, but he moved with her, pulling back while she cried out.

He lifted a hand and brought it against her hip with a solid crack. She let out a surprised yelp.

“I bet you never let one of your uptight boyfriends fuck you in public,” he said, loving how her body shuddered and her muscles contracted around the head of his dick.

“Please…” Her begging moan was so sad, he almost obliged her. Instead, he decided to pull out and circle her clit again.

“Please what?” he asked, and gave a grin as she refused to answer. He brought his hand down on her hip once more, the solid smack making her yelp again. Her shock mixed with pain turned him on even more, but he reined in his need with control a long time in training.

Withdrawing, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up on her knees. With quick hands, he pulled her dress up over her head, leaving her naked. She shivered, crossing her hands across her breasts, but he pulled them down and behind her back.

. Stop worrying,” he said. With his fingers around her wrists, he lowered her so her breasts pressed to the swing. Reaching around her, he lifted her and caught a nipple between his fingers. She cried out, the sound cut short as her body shivered while he just ran the pads of his fingers along the delicate skin.

“You’re so beautiful.” His hand cupped the fullness of her soft breast.
Her hard nipple tightened more as he made circles around it with a finger. Her chest hummed as she moaned. Her hot back pressed to his front, and he fought to keep control of his reeling senses. As much as he wanted to bend her over and fuck her senseless, he needed to move slower. This wasn’t some chick he’d never see again. This was his step sister. He had to face her for years to come. So he’d do her right, make sure she was satisfied though he couldn’t help but add a bit of punishment to his plans for her nasty attitude.

“With your bad behavior earlier, I decided you might need to remember I’m your
brother. It’s not a good idea to provoke me.” The need to cram himself in her grew so painful, he pulled his cock back and removed his fingers from her breast. Instead, he rolled her soaking wet clit between his fingers, loving her silken wetness flowing over his fingers like creamy honey. Her plump pussy lips begged him for more, as did her throbbing clit, but he couldn’t let her come. Not yet.

She groaned, grinding against his fingers like a kitten begging for love. He obliged, petting her with quick, hard passes of his fingertips. Her groans came quicker, but he stopped before she could come, despite her whimpers and the anger in her bucking hips.

“Not yet, naughty girl. I want you to think about where you are. The open air, the breeze, the backyard swing where you used to play as a kid. You know, the neighbors at the lake could see you right now, if they looked.” He gave a satisfied grin as her head turned and she studied the sparkling water of the lake and watched the glittering fireworks people were setting off over the water.

She whimpered.
Her body lowered over the swing, and he pressed his cock against her entrance with a bit of pressure. She purred, pushing back on him, but he pulled back once again. Instead, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as far as he dared while she groaned.

Her beautiful, tight pucker was in plain view, and he decided that would be the perfect punishment for her earlier behavior. Leaning a bit, he decided spit would have to do. Stroking himself into precumming a bit on her delicate little asshole. With a glob of wet spit on her ass, he pressed the tip into her, her little gasp tormenting him.

She pulled away, her little groan too sexy for him to bear. He pulled her back and she cried out as his cock slid into her tight little ass. Her hot, tight ass drove him insane and he almost came, but his teeth slashed his lip, the flash of pain stopping him for filling her with cum.

He slipped from her, trusting his excessive precum to lube her up as he pushed forward. Her body went limp, only his hands on her hips and the swing holding her upright.
Despite her bodies attempts to push him out, he pressed home, loving how she almost screamed with pain and pleasure. Reaching under her, he fondled her clit, withdrawing.

Glancing down, he loved how his huge cock stretched her tanned asshole, forcing her to accommodate him. After a moment, she pressed back into him, then pulled forward as he pulled back. He sensed her need for more sliding and spit on her again, loving how the feeling made her twitch. The little whore liked being spit on and fucked in the ass.

“Jesus, you’re a good little girl, aren’t you?” he growled, and her body went tense, clenching around his cock so hard he saw stars. With several more sharp, hard circles around her clit, he felt her tense up and knew she was on the edge. Refusing her once more, he straightened up and plunged home in her with a fierce thrust. She cried out, pitching forward on the swing. He let out a little laugh.

BOOK: Clint
4.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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