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Her sodden,
sticky hand was released, and she flexed her fingers before catching hold of
him. She wanted him to cuddle her breast again, wanted to sleep in his arms.


Daylight crept
in, and Summer lifted heavy eyelids to feel a weight pressing the mattress
behind her. For a second she froze, and then she remembered. “Naps, is that
you, baby?” A grunt answered her. With some difficulty, since the duvet was
securely anchored in place, she managed to roll over to see her young pug stretched
out beside her.

He licked her
hand when she fondled his ears, and she dropped back to the pillows. Maybe
having Naps on the bed had made her dream of Rob? How pathetic did that make

It was only
later, in the shower, that she realised her neck hurt. She paused, ignoring the
water running over her face and the shampoo threatening to drip into her eyes.
When she pressed against the tendons, it felt like a bruise.

Exactly where
Dream-Rob had bitten her.


Chapter 6 – Salted Caramel


to be a rational explanation. Summer was convinced.

She'd bumped
herself somehow. Hurt her neck shifting boxes, lifting cartons of chocolate,
walking into a door…and then imagined being bitten in the same place.
Yeah, right.
Apart from that, she felt
fine. Better than fine, since she'd given herself such an amazing orgasm the
night before.

She brushed off
Lisa's curiosity about her bouncy mood and stayed in the kitchen all day,
experimenting with new flavours and fillings. Salted caramel almond sounded
divine, but getting the texture right was a painstaking process. The nuts had
to be ground finely enough to bind into the liquid caramel, but with enough
texture to give them some bite. It still wasn't perfect by closing time, but
she had to leave it. She had another séance booking for that evening and, this
time, Lisa was going with her.

Summer, Lisa and
the client – a middle-aged woman called Ellie who wanted to contact her
recently dead father – settled around a small table in the client’s kitchen.
The candles burned smoothly, their hands were linked and Summer had barely
started to call in her head, when the cowboy appeared.

He stepped up to
the table as calmly as though he'd walked through an invisible door. “Hello,
darlin’.” His smile was for her alone, and his honeyed words washing over her
made her stomach flip. .

Summer tried to
hide her excitement. This time she wanted to keep him here longer, keep him

“Hello, Jack.
Nice to see you.”

He wore the same
clothes as last time, the same wicked grin and look… That sexy little dimple
flashed enticingly again. Her thoughts drifted towards salted caramel and doing
sticky things with messy fingers. Her mouth dry and her nipples on full alert,
she tried to order her wayward imagination. “We're looking for Peter Fry this
time. Can you help us?”

He stepped
closer and then raised both arms above his head, stretching, before yawning.
“Every time I dream about you, Shu-gah, you ask me some strange things.” He
reached the edge of the table, mere inches away from them.

Summer feasted
her eyes on his image. He looked solid –
– as though he were flesh
and blood. She could practically feel the warmth pouring from his skin.

Hang on, what
had he just said?

“You think
you're asleep, Jack?”

“Well, sure.”
His smile dazzled her, literally made her weak at the knees. “How else could
you be here? You're hauntin’ my dreams, darlin’.” He moved to the side and
stood next to her, close enough to touch.

Summer heard
Lisa's steady breathing, felt Ellie's palm sweating in her own, but ignored
them both, every atom focused on the man staring at her.

“I hope I didn't
hurt you last night. You sure are a pretty little thing, Sum-mah.” Slowly,
gently, he lifted one hand, touched her braid and stroked gossamer light over
her hair.

She felt it

Like standing
next to an electricity pylon, she tingled all over. The breath caught in her
lungs, the words dying in her throat. She blinked – and he was gone.
She looked down. Her hands were still linked with the other women’s,
the candles burning. Lisa and Ellie stared at her with matching bemused

“Did you see
him?” It came out as a squeak.

Lisa shrugged.
“See who? We're still waiting for you to start.”

Chapter 7 – Just a dream


Summer found
herself standing by a creek, plains stretching out as far as the eye could see.
Everything gleamed under a high, full moon. Despite the fact that it was night
time and she only wore a strappy vest and jeans, she was warm. A snuffling
noise made her turn to see a horse grazing close by. He lifted his head and
blew at her before resuming his lazy meal.

She sucked in a
deep breath, amazed at the unfamiliar smells: horse, a heavy, honey scent and
wood smoke. Spinning lightly on her feet, she saw the smouldering remains of
the campfire mere yards away. Beside it, sat a now familiar man.

Delight surged
through her, rapidly followed by something more intense. Jack sprawled on the
grass, leaning up against a tree, the hat tipped low over his head.
Was he
The idea of surprising him caught her, and she tiptoed forwards,
her bare feet making only the slightest rustle.

He lifted his
head. Their gazes met.

The delicious
grin that spread across his face turned her insides to liquid. He lifted the
hat and tipped it back on his head as she approached. “Sum-mah.”

One word.
it had never sounded sexier. She blinked, unable to hold back her answering,
joyful smile. “Jack. We meet again.”

“C’mon down
here.” He patted the grass next to him, and she sank to her knees, to face him.
Just a dream.
She did what she’d wanted to do the first time she’d seen
him: ran her fingers through the ebony locks that tumbled onto his forehead.
They were as silky as she’d thought. The dimple flashed when she petted him,
and he laughed—a soft rumble from his strong chest—before catching her hands in
his own.

“You’re in my
territory now, Shu-gah. We play by my rules.” He’d captured her hands easily in
one of his huge paws. Now he clutched them to his chest.

Summer could feel the heat pouring from him, the softness of his plaid shirt,
the hint of muscle beneath. One part of her brain idly wondered at how much
sensation there was in this dream, while the rest of her melted.

One finger
stroked a line along her cheek, down her jaw and underneath her chin, to lift
it. Dark blue eyes darkened even further. “God dammit, Sum-mah, I want you so
bad.” Soft lips covered hers, a fleeting whisper of a kiss. She whimpered,
wanting more, and he chuckled. “What’s the hurry? We’ve got all night.”


Chapter 8
- Shameless


“I want to touch
you,” Summer whispered, just before his mouth claimed hers again and all
thought was shoved aside.

Warm, gentle and
slow, he explored her lips, tasting her and making her squirm against him. When
he released her hands, she immediately snaked them up to wrap around his neck,
and tugged him closer. She tunnelled one hand into the thick hair, drawing a
groan from deep in his throat. He felt so good. She pressed her chest against
his shirt, thrilling at the sensation against her charged nipples. Every nerve
ending burned for him, little shocks dancing across her entire body just from
his kiss.

For a moment,
she stepped outside her body and watched them together. Jack sitting on the
grass, his legs wide, while she knelt between them, her back softly lit from
the remains of the campfire, her face in shadow and her head tipped back. Jack
ravaging her mouth, his arms tight around her, one hand fisted in her hair.

Sharp teeth
nipped at her lower lip and dragged her attention back. “Take your clothes off.
I want to see you again.” He pressed an open mouthed kiss to the base of her
throat, his tongue flicking across her skin, tickling.

“Again?” It was
a struggle to speak.

“Last night? In
your bed?”

His mouth had
reached the neckline of her low-cut camisole. Through a haze of desire, she
managed to pull a single shocked thought. “That was you?”

Dark eyes
regarded her with a hint of mischief. “I’m hurt you don’t remember.” He ran his
fingers along the lower edge of her top, sliding underneath. Five points of
heat seared across her bare stomach. “I’m done talking, Shu-gah.”

Just a dream.
I can be as daring as I like.
Summer pulled the sheer camisole up and over
her head and dropped it by her side, baring her breasts for Jack.

His eyes widened
as he stared at her swollen nipples. “And the rest,” he growled.

She complied and
shucked off the denims to leave only a miniscule triangle of lace. He made a
keep-going gesture with his hand, and she smiled. She hooked her thumbs into
the ribbon sides, slid the panties down her legs and stepped out of them,
shameless and confident in a way she could never be in real life.

“So pretty,” he
murmured. His gaze burned into her, as she stood there before him.

Summer shivered,
anticipation making her giddy. Her heart pounded, and her cheeks burned as she
waited to see what happened next. Everything about Jack excited her, from his
dirty grin and lazy drawl, through to the strength in those big hands. White
teeth flashed in the near darkness, and he held up a hand to coax her forwards.


Chapter 9 – Playing


Summer trembled
under the scorching blast from Jack's gaze. She stepped forward and sank to the
ground to kneel astride his thick, hard thighs. Her palms were resting lightly
on his shoulders with her breasts in his face. She felt his hands slide up the
back of her calves, higher to cup her behind. His fingers dug into her soft
flesh as he shifted her position to inch her even closer.

Her nipples
brushed against dark stubble, and she groaned, the sensation arcing straight to
her clit.

“I wanna watch
you play with yourself, Shu-gah.” He licked one hyper-sensitive nipple and
smiled when it produced a shiver.

Her stomach
clenched. Dream or not, to do that felt awkward, and she hesitated. When Jack
blew a soft breath across her wet nipple, and made the flesh pucker, she
couldn't hold back a moan. His smile lit up a notch.

There was a time
for shyness, and this wasn't it. She slid her right hand down her front—the
knuckles brushing against his chin—down to curve around her breast, before
moving south. Wet already, she ground against his thighs and felt his cock
Play with herself, huh
? Glad that she was waxed and smooth,
Summer stroked over her pussy lips with the tip of her fingers, circled round
her clit and then resumed her gentle movements. Jack's breath sounded harsh. He
stared with unconcealed admiration at the way her fingers were moving. Daring
now, she pushed her middle finger inside and huffed a little breath. Jack
licked his lips, his grip tightening on her, then without warning he closed his
mouth around one nipple.

Moist heat
enveloped her. His tongue flicked once and then he released, just as she cried
out, unable to stay quiet. She slipped her finger out, smeared it across her
pulsing clit and began to rub hard. Jack groaned and mouthed her other nipple,
closing his teeth around it for a fraction. It was enough to drive her over the
edge. She wailed, her pussy pounding and quaking beneath her hand as she came.

“Hot damn,” Jack

Summer felt
limp. She sagged and leaned towards him to rest her face against his shoulder.
Her hands fell to the side, her breath ragged. Little shivers wracked her body,
and she nestled into his arms, grateful for the warmth pouring from him.

He nuzzled the
shell of her ear, his stubble burning a delicious friction that sparked another
fire deep in her belly. “That was the hottest thing I ever saw,” he murmured
against her throat. His voice was molasses smooth, his lips tracing a path
towards her face. “I wanna be inside you, Shu-gah.” He claimed her mouth and he
plunged his tongue in, devouring her, his big hands pulling her up his body.

His stubble was
doing crazy things to her. His clever fingers were driving her to distraction.
She wanted him inside her too. She reached down with her hands, fumbled with
his jeans and tugged at the button, desperate to release him. She could feel
his cock straining against the zipper. It jerked again at her touch.

Jack released
her mouth for a moment, just long enough to whisper, ‘take it easy, Sum-mah, I
ain't going anywhere.”

The button
popped open, and she slid inside the tight denim to find hot, naked flesh.

He went

His groan
reverberated against her.

It was the work
of moments to shove his denims down his legs, and Summer wiggled into position
above his straining cock. It reared up, hard and thick, and so enticing. No
condom needed in a dream. She smiled and nipped his earlobe to get his
attention. “Save a horse, ride a cowboy, hmmm?”

“As long as it's
cowboy you're riding, Shu-gah. Now hold on tight.”

Chapter 10 – Hold on Tight


With her heart
racing and her pussy quivering, Summer dug both hands into Jack's broad, solid
shoulders and curled her fingers into the soft shirt fabric. He held her around
the waist, suspended just above him. His cock brushed back and forth, teasing

“Jack,” she
moaned, “please…” The words were snatched from her when he stole a kiss,
slanting his mouth to drive deep. Before she could even breathe, she felt the
blunt head of his cock ease into position.

BOOK: Come to Me
10.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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