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Authors: Bruce Catton

Coming Fury, Volume 1

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The Coming Fury

The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War


Grant Moves South

This Hallowed Ground

Banners at Shenandoah (

U. S. Grant and the American Military Tradition

A Stillness at Appomattox

Glory Road

Mr. Lincoln’s Army

The War Lords of Washington

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 61-12502

Copyright © 1961 by Bruce Catton

All Rights Reserved

eISBN: 978-0-307-83307-5


Once again—to Cherry


In the preparation of the multi-volume centennial history of the Civil War, of which this is the first book, it was of course necessary to search for relevant documents in a great many libraries, museums, private collections, and other repositories, to assemble pertinent notes from a great many books, pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers, and to make personal examination of all of the major battlefields, and many of the minor ones, of the war. This work was entrusted to a man who, by personal enthusiasm, original knowledge of the subject and a genius-like capacity for taking infinite pains was probably better qualified than anyone else who could have been found—Mr. E. B. Long of Chicago. As director of research for this project he has made a more substantial contribution than it is possible to acknowledge properly; and this note which attempts to give him at least a part of his proper due must also mention the able assistance given by that indefatigable and charming person, Mrs. Barbara Long. In the course of time an almanac, or fact book, which Mr. Long now has in preparation will make available much of the data produced by the research program.

The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War
, already published, is a graphic illustrated volume which stands as a companion piece or supplement to the centennial history.


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