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When her limbs started to shake and her pussy glistened, only then did I give her my tongue, sinking it deep within her depths, taking her taste into my mouth. My cock leaked onto the floor between my feet but I didn’t even give it a courtesy stroke to make him happy. I was saving it all for her.

When her nails dug into my scalp and she called out for me in her sex hoarse voice, I pressed down on her clit while she moved against my face. I took her first release into my mouth, her taste still so fresh. It didn’t matter how many times I was in her her taste always got to me.

I licked into her, taking little nibbles of her clit as I held her ass in my hands. She cried out for me to fuck her, first begging then demanding. When I’d had my fill of her pussy juice I climbed to my feet.

“On your knees.” She rolled over carefully before pulling up on her knees with her hands pressed firmly into the mattress. Looking back over her shoulder she gave me the look that was sure to get her bred if she wasn’t already carrying my seed. I reminded myself that I wanted to go slow as I led my dick to her pink opening.

I ran the head of my cock up and down her slit, hitting her clit on each slide until she hissed at me. “Put it in me Tyler stop playing.” She shook her ass at me, and bit into her lip. I smacked her plump pussy lips with my meat, spread the cheeks of her ass open and slid home in one deep stroke.

She grunted when my cock reached her end and her ass went in the air. “Fuck.” She looked back at me with wanton lust as she moved on my dick nice and slow at first, pulling off almost all the way until only the head was left in her, before slamming back until her ass met my groin.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.” She worked my cock like she owned it, fucking herself like a wild thing. “Play with your pussy for me baby.” I flung my head back when she wet her fingers in her hot cunt, fingered her clit, and then reached for my cock as it slid in and out of her. Fuck yeah! Her nails scraping against my inflamed cock was heaven.

Running my hands over her back until I reached her hair, I let her lead for now. As soon as I had hold of her ponytail, which I fisted things changed. “I’m not gonna do you hard baby so behave.” I knew her, knew what the way she was fucking my dick meant. She wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. My girl wasn’t much into the lovey-dovey shit when it came to sex. But it was for me to know when that’s exactly what was in order. I’m not gonna fuck around and hurt her or my kid.

I should’ve known that that shit wasn’t gonna work. She let me have my way for all of four or five strokes before she reached down between her legs, rubbed her pussy long enough to get her fingers wet, and then went after my balls.

I shifted my feet on the floor, making room for her little hand as she rolled my nuts around as if she was milking my shit. My boy got harder, longer in ten seconds flat and every last thought left my head.

I had to hold onto her hips to stay buried inside her when she started moving her hips wildly back and forth on my cock. The noises, those fucking noises made the sap rise in my balls and I fucked harder, deeper, pulling my strokes at the end so as not to hurt her.

She still had trouble sometimes taking my length like this when my cock was iron hard and hungry. But she liked it. I let my hand rest on her tummy as I plowed in and out of her, like I was afraid to shake my son loose.

“Fuck baby, how is your pussy still so tight?” I thought for sure with over use her pussy would loosen up around my dick but that shit didn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

I had a real dilemma on my hands, I love doing her doggie style, but I love having her tits in my mouth when we fuck. I slammed into her just a few more times before pulling out and switching up.

Laying back on the bed, I pulled her over me and sat her on my cock before pulling her chest down so I could reach my goal. “I can’t wait ‘til there’s milk in there.” Just the thought made my dick leak inside her as she ground herself onto me.

If anyone had told me that doing my pregnant woman would trip my trigger every time, I would’ve laughed their ass to scorn. But nothing turned me on more than the thought of what I’d done to her. The fact that a part of me was even now growing inside her. It was for this reason that I’d already made up in my mind to breed her ass again as soon as this one dropped. She didn’t know it but I planned to keep her ass knocked up for life.

I came on that thought with her tit in my mouth and her pussy juicing all over my cock. Her head was back and her mouth open in a silent scream as she rode it out, getting all she could out of my still hard cock.

When she dropped like a stone onto my chest I wrapped my arms around her and whispered words of love and admiration in her ear until she fell asleep. I didn’t rush to leave, but waited until my cock shriveled and slipped out of her, making a mess on the sheets. Time to go hunting.






listened to my brothers in the background as they ragged on each other, and gave thanks for that little bit of normalcy. For an outsider looking in you would never guess that we were in the midst of hell. That for months we’ve been embroiled in something dark, something that we were only just starting to fully understand.

We’ve spent many a night like this after putting the girls to bed. This was our time to put our heads together and try to get to the bottom of it. During the day we divided our time between our construction business, and doing everything we could to insulate our women from what was going on.

It was hard keeping them unaware of the extent of what we were dealing with, but they were never gonna know. Not if me, or my brothers had anything to say about it. As far as we’re concerned there’re just some things a woman shouldn’t be a part of. This shit was definitely one of them.

Some people, including our women, think that we’re archaic; we’ve all heard it enough around here trust me. But after seeing the things we’ve seen in combat, and having firsthand knowledge of some of the darker elements at play in the world, they’re lucky we don’t bundle them up in cotton balls and lock them away somewhere safe.

“Mancini seems to know a lot more than we do, which begs the question how?” It looks like we were ready to get down to business. After returning from Lyon’s place for the holidays we’d done an intent search on the elusive Mancini and found nothing. Which in itself told us a hell of a lot.

Since pooling our resources with the others we’ve uncovered a lot more than we would have if we’d kept going on our own, even with all our own Intel. But as fast as we discover one angle, another blindsides us out of left field and it just goes on and on.

We’ve also had to deal with the women and their meddling. Something happened at Law’s that had unleashed their annoyance gene and only seemed to get worst since our return from Lyon’s. Where before it was easy to just tell them to stay put and they’d listen, or at least pretend to, now they weren’t so easy to placate. There’ve even been instances of outright mutiny. Which is no small cause for concern.

I know my little hellcat is the worse of the bunch, she questions everything, wants to know all. Since I started taming her I’ve broken her out of most of that shit though. She knows to be my woman, there’s only one-way, mine. And though she had a hard time of it in the beginning, she’s been coming along just fine thank fuck. My dick couldn’t survive much longer if I had to wait for her to toe the line.

I heard Tyler throwing around ideas as to who Mancini could be. The man himself had not been too forthcoming in that one meeting we had, but we knew enough to know that he was well trained and very well connected. “Maybe he’s a mobster, he did say he was Mallory’s cousin.”

“I doubt it, he might have those connections as well, but that guy is deep under. Whoever he works for has him well insulated. I thought we were ghost, this fucker is a phantom.” The admiration in Logan’s voice was evident, and that was a hard thing to come by.

If this guy is half of what we suspect, then we’d really stepped in it now. We’d made some inquiries on the down low after deciding that it might be best to keep our association with him in the dark for now. The very essence of the way he’d presented himself told us that the man wanted to remain hidden. But we hadn’t come up with shit.

Meanwhile he’d only added salt to an already festering wound with his assumptions, which seemed more like fact coming from him. The discovery that some of our nation’s most trusted denizens were behind this shit didn’t sit well with men who’d put their lives on the line to serve and protect.

It wouldn’t be so damn frustrating if we could get a bead on exactly what it was we were dealing with, but there seemed to be more than one fire burning out of control at once and the shit all seemed to be geared at us.

It was anybody’s guess what else was gonna fall into our laps next. The thought pissed me the fuck off. This wasn’t supposed to happen, we had put it all behind us or so we thought. This was supposed to be our golden escape after putting in the time.

When we first settled here we thought ‘this is it’. Finally a little piece of heaven! A place where we could relax and put all the bullshit behind us. The CO had gone above and beyond in his generosity when he left us everything. Which brings me to another thought, why did he leave us everything if he had the slightest suspicion that Susie and Davey might be his, unless he didn’t know? And how the fuck does that work?

If they were twins that could be doable I guess, but they’re at least three years apart. How could the man I knew and loved be so thick that he didn’t know they were his? There was a story there that we were yet to uncover, but we had to put it on hold for now while we dealt with the more pressing horror of child trafficking and whatever else these fucks had up their sleeves. Not to mention watching our six and keeping our growing family safe.

In the beginning we’d thought we were merely dealing with drugs. That was a danger in itself; right here in our own backyard in the town of about three thousand. But after the shit we’d dealt with drugs were a minor nuisance. Then in the last few weeks with the help of our new friends, we’d uncovered something much worse.

Now it seemed we were all very intimately involved in something we had not been anticipating. I guess it was wishful thinking on our part to believe that we could get away clean.

This shit would’ve been dealt with in a whole different way if not for the fact that we had the women. It didn’t help that so far these fuckers had only gone after them and not us. So far Susie had been spared any direct contact and it better stay that way or all bets are off. The fact that she’s in that book for whatever reason was already a death sentence for who the fuck ever was in charge.

I was keeping my cool as best I could while we waited for all the information we needed before making a move, but in the last few weeks that shit has been getting harder and harder. I didn’t much like feeling like I had a target on my back, or having to stay close to home just to keep things safe.

Our whole lives have been impacted and for the first time since I made it out of the hell I’d escaped as a kid, someone else was pulling the strings. It wasn’t the same as when I was in the service, there you expect to take orders, but I’m fucked if I’m gonna play this game on my own fucking time.

We’d made strides to clean shit up on our return from Law’s place. Stockton’s operation had been dismantled, and his men dispersed. But we knew it didn’t end there because there were some major players involved and it went much deeper than we’d thought. It was because of that that our hands were tied in a sense. We have to tread carefully if we want to destroy the network completely, which is no easy feat. And it would help if we knew what the fuck we were dealing with.

Now this Mancini guy had hinted at something even more disturbing in the works and I was inclined to agree. When it comes to the Fox, I won’t put anything past that fuck. But the fact that he seemed to know so much about our lives here, didn’t sit too well with me. I mean how did he even know that Susie existed when we hadn’t? The commander had never mentioned her or her brother. And the question remained, why her?

I was at the point where I was ready to go on a rampage to get some answers. Seeing her name in that fucking book had killed any give I had in me. Pretty soon the streets are gonna be littered with bodies if something doesn’t give. The strain was getting to me and I can only imagine what it must be doing to her having to curtail her daily life.

I imagine the others were at their breaking point as well, I know I was. Not only because the shit was like the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, but also because it was keeping me from her.


My mind went back to that first meet, the first time I ever laid eyes on her. The day my world changed and some of the grey edges drifted away to let in the light. After years of knowing that my life was destined to be a lonely one, in one moment she’d given me a glimpse into what could be and the beast had popped his leash.

I didn’t know that it would happen like this, wasn’t even sure that it would ever happen. And then one look, that’s all it took as banal as that sounds. But she came through the gate looking for her little brother, a mere nuisance I thought at first. We didn’t have time for this shit. Things were heating up around here and my brothers and I, were hip deep in some fuck that we still had no answers to. We were swinging in the wind, a feeling that has never sat well with me. I like to be in control, have to be in control.

So when the young girl had flown through the gate like an avenging angel I wasn’t in the mood. But then she opened that mouth of hers and turned those eyes, spitting fire on me, and the bottom dropped out. I knew in that split second when I turned to her and her breath caught and she stumbled just a little, that I was going to take her on a journey. One that I always thought I’d walk alone.

I saw it in her then too before she pulled herself together; saw that flash of interest before she went back to spitting fire at me. I wonder if she knew that I could see right through her? If she knew that she had given so much away in that one unguarded moment?

She was the first woman to stop me in my tracks. As far as I was concerned, up until then, pussy was pussy, some better than others, but nothing to lose my head over. Then I took her in from head to toe and felt it.

I didn’t give anything away as I studied her. But after that little telltale sign from her, I was hooked. I held my silence for a hot minute, just taking her in, taking it all in. I wanted to remember everything about the moment my life changed. As Tyler would say, that was bitch made moment number one.

After the ringing in my ears had calmed down, and the haze had cleared from my sight, the need to separate her from the herd, to keep her scent away from the others had been strong. It was the first time in my life I’d reacted that way to a woman, and I was sure it would be the last.

I wasn’t sure if it was love at first sight, I know fuck all about that shit. But I knew there was very strong interest and attraction on my part. For me, at the time, that was more than enough. Only time will tell if she could hold my interest, if she could fit into that slot that I had pushed way back in the recesses of my mind when I’d given up on such things ever happening for me.

I walked into her space, moving her back and away from the men. Brothers or not the situation could become dangerous. It was my first show of ownership, of my intent. My brothers would understand what that gesture meant. I felt the shift in their moods behind me but didn’t turn around. They knew better than to approach.

“You need to calm down.” I crowded her as my brothers watched from afar. I took in the differences in our statures acutely, which only seemed to feed the flames of my awakening lust. She was so small, so vulnerable, though she didn’t know it. Everything about her made the blood sing in my veins.

I folded my fists to keep myself from reaching out for her. Not yet. She’d probably run screaming if I put hands on her. But even then I promised myself that it won’t be long before I filled that need to test the softness of her skin. I ate her up with my eyes, recording everything about her to take out later when I was in my bed alone.

“What are you staring at?” She flung the words in my face in her mini rage. I saw her over my knee, her ass bared, my hands raised for a spanking, before a good hard fuck. The vision was so real I could almost feel the heat of her flesh beneath my hand. Once again, I reined it in.

I knew, somehow I knew that she was going to be so much more than something to play with. I felt it in my gut and the flaring of her nostrils, the reddening cheeks and flustered breathing told me she felt it too.

I held my hand up for silence when one of my brothers started to speak; this was mine to do. “Where’s my brother?” Her voice had lost some of its heat, now there was a heat of a different kind flowing between us. I spoke to her in soft calming tones. The way you would a wild thing you planned to tame, until she settled down.

“He’s in no danger here
but you are
.” Her eyes flew open wide as she stared up at me. “What do you mean?” Yeah, the slight tremble in her voice was a dead giveaway. I kept my eyes trained on the pulse in her throat before moving them to her lips. Innocence; lucky for her it came off her in waves. It also meant that I had my work cut out for me. All that innocence hiding beneath that fire meant she was going to fight me every step of the way, even as I make her burn.

The wait might kill me, especially if she kept mouthing off at me like this. But little girl lost had no idea what she’d just walked into. “Come.” I held my hand out to her and waited until she came willingly without question. The journey had just begun.


That night I kept her close, getting her scent and getting her use to mine. I saw the looks from my brothers and could easily read behind their questioning stares. They wouldn’t have missed my proprietary actions, the way I kept all of them from getting too close to her.

I was more interested in the way she seemed to instinctively stay next to me. As if she too had felt the current in the air, that invisible force that was already pulling us towards each other.

BOOK: Cord SEAL Team Seven (Book 5)
5.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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