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She did not flinch when his fingers found her moistness, but she threw back her head and moaned his name. And now her hand slid down his chest, tracing over his belly, and coming to rest just shy of.…

“Ah, Elspeth, sweetheart!” he moaned, taking her hand in his and pressing it against his hardness. It was like touching fire. He reared back, a low moan escaping his lips, and pushed hard, hard against her. She fumbled with the buttons on his breeches, and he let her. After a seeming eternity, the fastenings came loose and he sprang forth, hard and hot.

“Let me see,” she whispered close to his ear, feeling the shivers of pleasure that rippled through him.

He rolled away, and lay on his back, gasping for breath, his eyes raking her. She looked down.

“Ah, Julian,” she whispered, with a long look. Then she reached for him. As her fingers grasped him, he cried out, and grabbed her hand, holding it still.

“Elspeth, wait!” he gasped out. “I want you so much, I have almost no control!”

“It’s so soft, and yet so hard,” she whispered, wonder in her voice. He did not answer.

“That is what goes inside me?” she asked, moving her fingers gently along his shaft.

“Yes,” he croaked out.

“Will it hurt terribly? It seems so large,” she said. She could hardly keep the fear from her voice.

“Oh, my darling,” he whispered against her hair. “It does hurt the first time, I am sorry to say. But after that, it does not hurt again. After that first time, I think you’ll find it pleasurable.”

“Then do it now, Julian,” she said, urgently. “Take me now. Let’s get the hurt over with, and then I can feel the pleasure.”

“Are you sure, my heart? We can wait, if you are fearful of the pain.”

“I will never forgive you if you don’t do it now, Julian. I would rather get the pain over with. I am most anxious to get on with the pleasure.” Her hand grasped him tightly, and he fell back against the pillows again, with a low moan.

She rubbed him, tentatively like the virgin that she was, not really knowing what to do. Her hand closed tight against him and she began to rub him harder. “Julian,” she whispered urgently, “show me what to do.” He wrapped his hand around hers, showing her, without telling, how to touch him. His other hand slid down again. “Julian,” she gasped as his fingers found the secret place. She could feel herself grow wet and hot. He slid his finger into the moistness, and she fell against him, moaning. “Oh, what are you doing?” she cried. She moved hard against him, faster and faster, gasping in each breath. He pressed his fingers hard against her, sliding them into her wet sheath, using his thumb to press where he knew, as she did not, that she needed the pressure.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned, moving faster and harder against his hand. But, maddeningly, he did just that. He stopped, and rolled over, reaching for her and pulling her atop him. Her thighs now straddled his hips, and she was astonished at the pleasure that flooded her at the feel of it. His hard shaft pressed against her moistness, and all rational thought fled.

“I’ll go quickly,” he gasped, reaching down to guide himself into her. “It will only hurt for a moment, I promise.”

She stopped his words with a long, deep kiss, her tongue thrusting deep into his mouth, just as he thrust hard inside her. She felt the barrier give against his assault and could not stop herself from crying out, as her sheath closed tight around him.

“Are you all right, my love?” he whispered.

“Yes, oh, yes,” she said, her voice ragged. Slowly, gently, he began to move again. She knew that she was wet and slippery and tight. He moved faster, thrusting deep and hard. With a cry, he arched upward, the seed bursting from him as he pumped again and again into her wetness. He placed his finger against the hot nub, and she gave a great cry, feeling waves of pleasure washing over her. And then she lay still, panting. She could not move.

Gradually, she felt herself come back, as if from a distant place. Tentatively, he moved his lips against her hair and then to her cheek. “I’m sorry, my darling,” he whispered. “Did I hurt you badly?” he asked, his eyes clouded with worry.

“You were right, Julian,” she whispered. “I barely felt the pain, because the pleasure was so great.”

In answer he gave a laugh and rolled her over, keeping their bodies locked tightly together. “Well, that’s a relief, Mrs. Thorpe,” he said in between the kisses he rained down all over her race, in her hair, on her neck, on her breasts. “Because I intend to do that to you every chance you give me for the rest of our lives.”

“I will find that a suitable arrangement, Mr. Thorpe,” she said, playfully, nipping at his nose. Gently, he settled her in the crook of his arm. She was surprised to find herself yawning. Nestled there in the warmth of his arms, held fast in his love, she found herself drifting off, the swirl of her thoughts settling around the joy of this union, and it was all she could do to keep her owl eyes open....







Copyright © 2003 by Corey McFadden

Originally published by Leisure [ISBN 0843952172]

Electronically published in 2012 by Belgrave House/Regency Reads




No portion of this book may be reprinted in whole or in part, by printing, faxing, E-mail, copying electronically or by any other means without permission of the publisher. For more information, contact Belgrave House, 190 Belgrave Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94117-4228


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This is a work of fiction. All names in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

BOOK: Corey McFadden
6.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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