Countess of Desire (The Young Ancients Erotic Moments Book 1)

BOOK: Countess of Desire (The Young Ancients Erotic Moments Book 1)
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Young Ancients:
Erotic Thoughts


Countess of Desire



P.S. Power

Orange Cat Publishing

Copyright 2014


This is a book of
fiction, based in the world of The Young
Ancients. This work is
intended for all audiences and holds frank
and graphic discussion of sex and related matters. If that offends you, please
stop reading now. The first portion of this book develops story, so that no one
should be taken by surprise, but this is all the heads up we can give you.





Countess Maria
Ward looked at the scene with amusement. At least that was the expression she
schooled her rather well made up face into. A man being humbled in front of
her, against his will, wasn't a thing that she actually
Some might disbelieve that, she knew, but it was the simple truth. Maria was
far too young to waste her days watching a grown man grovel for his life.

Especially when
he was both a thief, and a liar. Worse, he didn’t even realize that his
existence was on the line.

Baron Klepter,
from the northern section.
Klepter, as if that wasn't an
unfortunate name right off the start. One of the leaders of her own county. Her
County, of course.

Being his wife
afforded her some small power, but she didn't rule there. Just in the bedroom.
Even at that, Marvin was no pushover. A little staid as to what he wanted from
a woman that way, perhaps, but gentle and sweet. Gorgeous too. His dark skin
and black hair was the envy of the noble circuit.

Honestly, he'd
picked her to be his bride seven years before because her mother had, as she so
delicately loved to point out at less than optimal moments, sucked his cock for
years first. Laying the groundwork. It was, Maria knew, actually pretty close
to the truth. Not because her husband was that easily led, but simply due to
the fact that sitting Counts were a prize, and fourteen year old girls, no
matter how lovely, had very few chances to be introduced to them.

So Carol, her
mother, had gotten Maria in to meet with Marvin a few times, which ended in
them getting married. It hadn't been that hard to set up, either. The man was
truly a marvel, in his own right. Good looking, but keen of mind, too. Few saw
that, but those people were, as often as not, taken by surprise later, when
County Ward stole the march on them.

The Baron, on
his knees begging at the moment, had done something that bordered on
unforgivable however. It didn't cross into that state, perhaps, so they
functionally couldn't do anything except take his word that he was sorry now.

He hadn't even
dressed up for the groveling he was doing, coming in rich finery. It was a nice
enough outfit, but when you were accused, rightfully, of using County property
for personal gain, it was probably best not to point out how wealthy you
already were.

That was what
the man had done, too. Stolen from his own.

The magical
devices that had been sent to them from Harmony were meant to feed people in
their time of need.
to produce things for sale, to drain every gold
and copper from each little village in the land. Klepter had figured out that
by keeping his allotment for himself, and selling the food the huge magical
constructs made, rather than giving it freely, he could make a killing.

He did too.
Both in coin, and in the deaths of hundreds of his own people, who were too
poor to pay his blood price. A quiet rage filled Maria at the very thought of
it. The vast storms had caused three full growing seasons worth of crops to be
lost already, and there was
left, except for what the Wizard
Timon Baker and his family provided for them.

thing that they'd asked of anyone was that they share the food evenly. So that
everyone could be fed. It wasn't unreasonable. It was in fact, one of the
greatest kindnesses that anyone had ever done for the world.

Of course the
worst part of the whole thing was that Maria and Riven had been good friends
for a long time. Not that close personally, but there was a bit of truth in the
idea that you tended to trust people that you had sex with. Even if they turned
to be worthy of it.

He wasn't bad
looking either. Twenty-eight years old, so within six years of herself that
way. His face was a nice tan color, just a bit darker than hers was, and while
he had brown hair, his blue eyes were rather dazzling.

At least when
they were attached to a smile.

Right now they
were looking at her closely, as if
were the one that would be needed
to forgive him? He'd stolen from
. Each person of the County had
a right to hold him in contempt. Except that the Baker family hadn't actually
written any rules down for how the devices they'd lent were to be used. That
meant that simply killing the Baron wouldn't work. That might be a bit of a
shame, since Maria was fond enough of him in general, but they really couldn't
afford to let the rest of their Barons and Baronesses think that kind of thing
was a good plan. He had to be punished, and well enough that no one else would
ever have reason to think that what he’d done was an allowed thing.

His eyes kept
looking at her, as if she were going to get him out of the mess he’d made for

It normally
wouldn't be happening, but as she locked eyes with him, it was clear that he
was trying to pass her a message. His right hand was crossing his body, with
three fingers held out, the smallest folded under. It was the rebellion sign
they used to show they needed to pass a message.

She'd known
that Riven was involved in that kind of thing, of course. After all,
was one of his contacts. Normally the information flowed the other direction,
but it wasn't impossible for even the lowest in an organization to pick things
of use up. Maria was a bit more entrenched in the intrigue than the Baron was,
naturally. A well placed person like herself was always far more of an
attractive individual to invite into such things than those with less social
standing. For a moment she tried to let herself feel a bit snooty about the
whole thing, but knew that the truth of the matter outweighed that sort of
concern by too much for her to feel good about it.

She was, along
with Marvin her husband, a spy for King Richard. It had taken years, but they'd
reached into the very highest portion of the rebellion finally. It hadn't been
easy at all, and much care had been taken not to let anyone see what they were
really doing.

Both of them
had done their part, too. It was a matter of honor, even if betraying anyone
was too much to ask of them. Even those in the rebellion that called them
friend deserved better. Many of them
their friends, true ones that
had been with them for decades in Marvin's case. They'd offered aid back and
forth when things had become hard, starting a few years prior, for instance.

One of the
things that had really helped though, was that Prince Gerent was a friend of
hers, and had gotten both healing amulets and food making devices for the
rebellion. It hadn't been too hard to have it put around that it was because
Maria had begged them from Queen Tiera, the Wizard Tim, and Prince Gerent
himself. The implication being that she'd done much of that begging on her
knees, with her head bobbing and jaw getting sore.

It was a lie.
While she would have gladly serviced any of them that way, none of them had
ever even hinted at that kind of thing. It was a bit of a shame, because she
could have used the connections there. Sex really was a wonderful way to bring
things, and people, together. One of her favorite techniques, in fact.

Which was, she
understood, probably what Baron Klepter was trying to use at that very moment.
Otherwise he would have tried to make eyes at Marvin. It wasn't like the Count
didn't know the secret hand language of the rebellion or anything. The thing
there was that
never taken Riven inside of himself, or done the
opposite, since he wasn't that into men, as a rule. So the man, knowing he was in
trouble, was seeking

As if a little
bit of dick was really going to make everything better?

She sighed, and
looked at her husband, who really did seem pretty close to furious. As a Count
he could order anyone of his county be killed. That, or stripped of all goods,
or even taken out into the common market and raped publically. That Marvin
wouldn't let any of those things be done in the main made him a wonderful, and
well loved, ruler, but also meant there wasn't a lot he could do to punish a
Baron that was misbehaving by that much. Letting the man beg, poorly, for
forgiveness was about all they could manage, without setting off all the others
of his rank. Many of whom were actually openly
the King, and
seeking a way to push their Count away from them a bit.

She grinned
though, suddenly, a wicked enough idea coming into her head. Well, more than
one, but she wouldn't act on the second set of things yet. That could be done
later, when Riven passed along the message he claimed to have.

The Countess
spoke instead, her voice still sounding young, she knew. A bit breathy, as if
she never had enough air really. It was part of an act, so that people would
tend to underestimate her. It worked, about half the time. The intelligent
people tended to see through it easily enough, but most others just accepted
what she showed them, and went with it. That made it easier to get her spies
into place, to be honest.

That, and
pilfer their desks, while they were busy being serviced.

Running a hand
down the side of her soft blue gown, which ran from throat to hip, even in the
warm weather they were having, she stopped, touching the outside of her right
thigh delicately. Her index and middle finger were raised, giving the sign that
she understood the one that he'd given her. Plus it would also get him thinking
about her legs. She was well provided for that way, being shapely under her gown.
It was a rather heavier thing than she would have normally worn, but one of the
amulets she had on, a gift from the Wizard Tor, kept her temperature steady all
the time. It really made things pleasant in bed for her, since she never got
too hot, no matter what she was doing. It was actually rather pretty as well,
glowing brightly, but right now it was hidden, since the thing changed its
color as her mood shifted about. She didn’t really want anyone to know what she
was feeling at the moment.

"Not to interrupt,
Baron, but I think I... Misplaced the thread here? Were you just saying that
you agree that all the food
be delivered for free now, and that
any transport cost will be covered from those funds you've already collected
from your people?" What he'd been saying wasn't that at all, and his face

No one wanted
to lose that kind of coin, but short of proclaiming him a thief publically,
there was no way to take it back, either. Shaking his head a little, and
letting himself scowl, he took a deep breath.

"I was
rather hoping that I could ask you to use your contacts in Harmony to provide
some of those little Tam-craft for the task? They’re faster than horses,

It was Marvin
who smiled then, catching on to what she was playing at. People imagined him
slow at times, if pretty. They were only half right.

Reaching out,
her giant of a husband took her right hand, and held it openly.

"Oh? Well,
I think we can arrange for you to speak to the Wizard Taman about that. I can
see why you'd wish to go through us on that. Harmony doesn't have use for gold
or riches, so to get those vehicles, which are very handy, you'll have to
perform some service for her personally. I hear, even though she's but nine
years old, that she's already been proclaimed the Ancient of Soam? Perhaps you
have some service in mind to aid her projects there? I'm sure that if you
offered to spend, say a year, seeing to that for her, she'd be more than
pleased to make certain you have what you need in trade to protect your people."

It was cutting,
and worse than that. Marvin had basically just suggested that Riven remove
himself for a full year, in a way that would be hard to claim was a punishment.
The truth was, the value of even a few of the magical craft he wanted would
make that more than worthwhile. Not that
could speak for what the
Ancient would be doing with her property.

The truth was
though that the girl would very likely have offered to simply give the things
to the man for free, so that his people would have an easier time of it. Her
entire family was like that. Giving things away to others, simply to help them.

Looking a bit
like someone had just grabbed his balls and started to slowly squeeze, Riven

"I had not
thought of such a thing. Perhaps I should take it under advisement? My current
schedule might preclude that, but I do have some men and women who might well
be willing to go, for the good of the Barony."

He was, Maria
saw instantly, a very good weasel, when it came to using his words. Still, it
wasn't a bad plan really. Taman would have to make the things herself, and even
copies of them would be worth more than a few people spending a bit of time
doing what they all
have been anyway. The people of that far off
southern land needed the aid.

Sighing, she

"I suppose
that's the way of it. I don't want to tease you, Riven. You're too good a
friend of mine for that. This... Misuse of the devices lent to us wasn’t good.
You pretending to beg forgiveness won't fix things either. I hate to be so
blunt, but I need to know,
need to know; are you willing to truly fix
this thing or not? People have died, simply to line your pockets with coins. We
get that. I'm not free of a bit of greed myself, from time to time. Most people
aren't. We
do that now though. Not if we're all going to survive.
If word of this got back to the Wizard Timon..."

Getting up from
his knees, as if already given leave to, the man scoffed.

"A little
boy that I could turn over my knee and thrash if he doesn't like what I'm doing
with his trinkets? I don't think to see a problem from that quarter. Even if
one, why, a boy that age... I could just send a few pretty
girls his way and he'd let me do anything I desired. That, or put the old roger
to him myself. I hear that he's grown use to such, after Nora Alan and her pet
Larval finished with him, years ago."

BOOK: Countess of Desire (The Young Ancients Erotic Moments Book 1)
2.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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