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Cowboy Caveat

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Cowboy Caveat




Vanessa Brooks



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From the




Amy, go fetch some water from the river and take the little
ones with you, please.”

Yes, Pa.... Tyler,
Millie, come on now.”

Can I take my fishing
rod, Pa?”

Sure thing, boy, catch us
some fish for supper - Amy you keep a close eye out for Millie

Sure thing,

Daniel Campbell watched indulgently and
smiled as his little brood of children ran off to the creek
together. He was blessed with good kids, a new baby and a beautiful
wife. Life was good.


He turned quickly at the warning cry from
his wife, Suzie, and was shocked by the pain that seared his chest.
Daniel looked down at the red stain spreading across his shirt in
confusion. What the hell just happened?

Daniel fell to the ground without ever
registering the man who stood by his wagon, holding a smoking

* * * * *

It was getting late when Amy led her brother
and small sister back up from the river. Tyler had been lucky and
had caught a couple of fish; Pa would know what they were. Millie
was singing and swinging Amy’s hand in time to the tune. Tyler
lagged behind; he had wanted to stay longer, but Amy knew her
stepmother would need the fresh water for making supper for them

When they arrived at the clearing where
their wagon was pitched for the night, Amy stopped, puzzled. The
contents of the wagon were strewn about the clearing, and her
father was lying on the ground. He didn’t look comfortable, and Amy
knew something was very wrong. So did Millie, who began to cry.

Amy called Tyler to her and told him to hold
Millie’s hand and stay put until she called them. She walked
hesitantly across the clearing to her father and knelt beside

There was a fly walking across his eye and
he didn’t even blink. Amy reached out a tentative hand and touched
his face; it was cold. “Pa? Pa?” Amy whispered, but there was no

Amy stood up and wrapped both arms around
herself tightly as she slowly walked behind the wagon. Her
stepmother lay on the ground, her legs wide apart and her skirts
covering her face. Amy’s teeth had started to chatter and she was
shaking badly. Gently, she lifted the skirt from her stepmother’s
face and then she wished she hadn’t. Suzie Campbell had been a
beautiful woman but whoever had left bruises around her neck had
also rendered her face almost unrecognizable. Amy spun around and
was violently sick.

What about Baby Luke? Where was the baby?
Amy ran to the wagon and frantically searched for her six-month-old
baby brother. She ran around the clearing looking for him and
calling his name, but there was no answering cry. The baby was


* * * * *

Ed Campbell shaded his eyes against the hot
sun. Was that them? It appeared to be a wagon, but he couldn’t make
out the folks driving it as yet.

He was getting married to Ethan’s sister
Lucy on Sunday, and his Pa, Step-Ma, sisters and brother were
travelling over for the wedding. They should have arrived by now,
he thought. They were cutting it fine. “You reckon it’s your
folks?” Ethan asked.

Ed glanced at his soon to be brother-in-law,
but he couldn’t see too much of the young man’s face under the
shadow of his hat. “Could be,” he nodded. “Let’s ride out and see.”
The two men mounted and turned their horses toward the incoming

Well, I’ll be..... it’s a
dang parcel ‘o kids!” Ethan exclaimed as the two men drew near
enough to see who was driving the wagon.

Ed didn’t speak but whipped up his horse and
rode toward it at speed. Surprised, Ethan followed.


Eight years later


Ed Campbell walked in through the screen
door and saw that his wife, Lucy, had put breakfast on the table.
Their two small boys, his little sister Millie, aged twelve, and
his fourteen-year-old brother Tyler sat eating already. Of his
nineteen-year-old sister, Amy, there was no sign. Ed frowned. Amy
was far too wild, and although he knew it, Ed couldn’t seem to curb
her free spirit. After what she’d been through as a child -- well,
he just couldn’t bring himself to lay down the law.

Hey darlin’, where’s
Amy?” he asked after he’d kissed his wife’s cheek and swiped a
biscuit from the hot tray she held with a thick cloth. The tray was
full of fresh baked biscuits straight out of the oven. Ed strode to
the head of the table and sat in his chair, surrounded by his sons
and young brother and sister who all chorused a

Hi Pa!” “Hey Pa!” “Hi
Ed!” echoed from all around the table. Lucy dished out biscuits to
the hungry children, and in no time at all, they were lathering the
tops with thick yellow butter and devouring them

I haven’t seen her yet
this morning,” Lucy replied. “Her bed was empty when I looked in to
wake her. Don’t worry, she’ll come in when she’s
about you, are you starved after your early morning?”

I am that, woman! It was
a good start though........wouldn’t you say?” Ed said as he waggled
his eyebrows suggestively.

Edward Campbell!” Lucy
could not get used to her husband’s innuendo in front of their
children and she flushed prettily as Ed had known she would. He
chuckled delightedly since his ploy to make his wife blush had

Lucy sat down, and to take her husband’s
mind off such an embarrassing subject as their early morning
lovemaking, she brought up the subject of his sister again. “Well,
at least Amy won’t be your problem for much longer. Once she and my
brother are wed, she’ll be all his to fret about.”

Ed frowned and chewed thoughtfully.

Lucy looked up and stared at her husband’s
pensive face. “Ed?”

I jus’ worry, honey, that
Ethan will be too hard on Amy, yuh know? She needs her wild time
after everything that happened to her.”

Tyler gulped his mouthful of biscuit down
and joined in the discussion about his sister. “Amy don’t look it,
but she’s tough. Eth knows that and he knows her well enough to
know how to quiet her down some.”

There......words of
wisdom from my brother....we don’t have to worry about Amy anymore
darlin’!” Ed flung his arm out expansively and grinned at Tyler,
who turned bright red.

Gee, Ed! I’m gonna go out
and look for her anyways.” He pushed back his chair and made for
the door.

You’re welcome!” called
Lucy softly. thanks
for breakfast, Luce,” Tyler mumbled as he banged the screen door
behind him. Ed grinned at Lucy as she shook her head and smiled
back. At least Tyler and Millie had suffered no real trauma after
their parents were killed; it was Amy who held all the demons from
that dreadful day tight within her.


* * * * *

Amy was on her way into town with six young
steer for the stock yard. They would await collection from the U.S.
Government men who bought stock from the Lazy Z for meat. The
simplest way to get them there, in Amy’s opinion, was to get them
to follow Bellamy, their prize Hereford bull, hand reared by

Bellamy was an extremely docile animal and a
king among beasts. Ed had purchased the calf from the renowned J.A.
Ranch, which was responsible for importing the first Hereford
cattle into the Panhandle in’83. The young steer followed their
leader, and Amy rode him bare back. Strictly speaking, Amy wasn’t
supposed to be doing this task, but Max the foreman had other
pressing things to do that day, namely dipping cattle to keep them
free of the ticks that caused the ‘Texas Fever’ in the herds. Max
had accepted Amy’s offer to take them into town with some relief,
and to be fair, he’d had no idea that she planned to go alone...let
alone ride Bellamy bare back!

Ethan Walker, Lucy’s older
brother and now Amy’s newly betrothed, was crossing the main street
in town when he heard the bellow of cattle. He leaned against a
post on the wooden sidewalk to watch the slow progress of the herd
coming toward him. He couldn’t see who was driving them yet because
of the dust churned up by the steers’ hooves. As the cloud of fine
earth dropped from the air and the small herd got nearer, he
stiffened and swore softly under his breath,
Land- sakes, it’s Amy and riding a damned bull...bare
What the hell was the matter with
Ed, allowing his kid sister to get away with this kind of thing?
She could be killed or badly maimed if those critters got spooked!
When Amy became his wife he wouldn’t be allowing her to do this
type of crazy thing anymore, no siree! Amy would get her butt well
and truly blistered for a stunt like this once she was Mrs. Ethan
Walker. Ethan was going to have words with his fiancée and tell her
in no uncertain terms that this type of behavior had to stop right

Amy waved cheerily at Ethan as she rode past
and wondered what had happened to put such a scowl on his normally
sunny and handsome face. She found out when she reached the depot
and led the cattle into the stock pens.

Ethan reached up and pulled Amy off
Bellamy’s back. He signalled to the stock man to corral the steers
and then pulled Amy round to face him, holding her by her upper

Does Ed know that you
rode into town like this?” he asked, his brows slanted downward in
a fearsome frown.

I dunno...maybe,” Amy
mumbled evasively, trying to pull away from Ethan’s grasp. Ethan
shook her gently. “Look at me, Amy.” She met his bright hazel eyes
and sighed, feeling a lecture coming on. Ever since she’d agreed to
marry Ethan, it seemed as if he did nothing but criticize

Don’t you sigh at me like
that, gal! I tell you I am that
with you right now, I’m
of a mind to put you across my knee and give you the larruping you
deserve! What are you thinking? Riding a bull is jus’ plumb crazy!
I warn you, Amelia Jane, once you are my wife a stunt like this
will definitely earn you one hell of a hearing me,
little girl?” Ethan gave her another little shake.

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