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JJ indicated to Rafe that she was going to check out the area where the oak tree stood and while he set upon removing items from the tent, she made her way over to the tree, keeping a careful eye on the ground. The terrain changed as she drew closer. There were patches of green grass and muddy areas. From behind her, Dan’s and Rafe’s voices carried in the wind.

She smiled. It warmed her heart at how easy going all the men were with each other. They always seemed to sense each other’s moods and respected each other when one or the other needed quiet time. She loved the way they’d rallied around Dan after his injury, picking up his chores and insisting he take it easy.

And they were just as considerate in the bedroom, giving each man private time with her. It was just nuts how much she enjoyed all three of them in their lovemaking. They were all different, yet they were all wonderful.

She’d been so deep in thought, that she almost missed the small piece of paper. It had been caught in a cluster of ferns and the glint of white from the sunshine made the paper stick out like a sore thumb. To make matters interesting, the paper was very close to the oak tree and it was identical to the gum wrapper Dan said he’d found the other day near the ranch.

A cold creepy feeling swept over her. The last thing she wanted to do was touch potential evidence.

“Rafe. Found something,” she called out.

Seconds later, Rafe had gathered the wrapper by picking it up with two small sticks and placing the wrapper into a small plastic lunch style bag that he’d brought along.

“Same type of wrapper Dan found. Definitely someone around.”

“Should we call the cops?” Even as JJ said the question, the idea of having police around her didn’t sit well. When she or her mother had called cops after getting beat up by her stepfather, they’d just taken him away to cool down. He always came back and gave her another beating for calling the cops. They’d both learned not to call for help.

“We may have to,” Rafe said as he led her to an area not too far from the campsite and pointed to a print in a muddy spot.

“A bootprint. Smaller than Dan’s shoe size. So yeah, we’ve got company.”

JJ shivered. So she hadn’t imagined hearing odd sounds in the ranch house that day of the storm and Dan
been hit.

“I know a cop in Thunder Bay. I’ll send him an email with details. See what he says. Hey, I’m starving. I’ll pack up everything here later. Let’s get back, tell them what we found and break out lunch.”

“You’re always hungry,” JJ laughed.

Rafe slipped his palm against hers and intertwined their fingers and they began to head back to the guys.

“It’s instinctive for me to eat all your fabulous cooking. More so on the days when I know it’s my night to be with you.”

JJ blushed at his softly spoken words. She still couldn’t believe her cheeks flushed when the guys made comments about sex with her. She’d been living with them for more than half a year and she’d been having sex with them for just about as long. She would have thought her focus on sex would have diminished by now.

It hadn’t. If anything, she wanted more from the three of them.

Living in prison for ten years certainly had made her curious about everything she’d been missing. To social standards, she knew she’d gone to the extreme by allowing three men into her

bed. But as far as she cared, society could go and fly a kite. She would continue to live her life the way she wanted.

“Okay, Rafe, what have you been doing to this poor woman? Her face is all red.” Dan’s chuckle rocked her out of her thoughts just in time to see Brady’s head snap up from inspecting the engine of the disabled all terrain vehicle. He caught her gaze and his eyes darkened with knowing.

Did he suspect that she would enjoy all three of them making love to her right out here in the deep wilderness? Outdoor sex was exhilarating. She wanted more.

She swallowed and her pussy clenched as the three men suddenly fell silent. For a moment, she almost broke down and asked them to pleasure her here right now, but she quickly pushed that crazy idea aside. They should eat, get the machine fixed, pack up and head back to the ranch.

They had a business to run and it wouldn’t be a success if they all didn’t do the work.

“Have you fixed the problem?” she asked as she quickly headed toward the atv and Brady. Her voice sounded bedroomy soft.

“It might take an hour or so. Let’s eat and we can work on it afterward,” Dan replied.

The three men nodded and gathered around her as she reached into one of the coolers. She began to dole out the foil wrapped sandwiches she’d brought along.

Rafe was the first to comment, the creases around his eyes deepening with happiness.

“Wow! Turkey sandwiches!”

“Awesome! I thought we’d eaten the entire turkey at Easter,” Dan replied as he sat down on a fallen log. He took a large bite of the food and groaned his appreciation.

“Well, you know me. I’m a little chipmunk, always storing food so I can surprise my favorite cowboys.”

The men laughed.

“I’ll pour the coffee,” Brady volunteered. In a moment, he had the first of two Thermoses in hand and began pouring the steaming black liquid into tin cups.

When he was finished, he reached toward the other cooler on the nearby atv, and she rushed up to him and slapped his hand away.

He grinned sheepishly. “What?”

“I know exactly what you’re doing. You want to know what I brought for dessert.”

Rafe and Dan laughed.

“Caught red-handed, Brady,” Dan shouted and took another big bite.

Brady frowned, but his eyes twinkled with excitement.

“Can’t get away with nothing, can I?”

“Well, you got away with quite a bit last night, Brady,” Dan chuckled.

Heat blushed across JJ’s face as she remembered how it had been Brady’s turn with her last night. He’d tied her down on her bed and he’d made her come several times during the night.

She’d been quite vocal, simply allowing herself to drown in the pleasure he gave her.

“I got no complaints,” Brady said softly. He caught JJ’s gaze and winked.

More heat flushed her cheeks.
Oh dear.

“Eat. Playtime later, but away from this place,” she said with a huskiness in her voice. The three of them tensed.

Playtime. She referred to that word when she wanted daytime action. And she wanted some hot make-love-to-me action today.

JJ knew exactly where she wanted to have sex with them, but she would show them later.

Once the men had settled on the logs and rocks, they wolfed down their sandwiches while they discussed what JJ and Rafe had discovered. Soon she joined them in eating and she understood why the guys were tossing her compliments.

The turkey sandwich tasted awesome. Buttery and feather-light, the flavor burst over her taste buds like little orgasms.

She’d dashed mayonnaise, mustard and a touch of red wine together with the chopped turkey and liberally spread some on each freshly baked bun. She’d topped each with fried bacon, fresh-cut tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

Nothing was too good for her sexy cowboys.

“I’m going to contact a friend of mine who is in law enforcement. We’ll see what he says,”

Rafe continued. “In the meantime, we need to take this seriously. Whoever is out there, if they are still out there, could be planning something else.”

“I’m thinking that whoever it is wanted JJ alone,” Dan said. “He took me out, as I was the only one around. He probably knew you guys were gone. He could be hacking into our emails or watching us, knowing what is happening.”

“Maybe we should set it up so he thinks I’m alone here. It may draw him out,” JJ suggested.

“No,” Brady stated in a firm voice that surprised JJ.

“Under no circumstances will we put you in harm’s way,” Rafe replied in a stern tone that made JJ bristle with irritation.

“She may actually have a point,” Dan said, surprising her.

“Two against two,” JJ replied with a nod to her head.

So there

Dan suddenly grinned and JJ spied a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Of course, my siding with JJ makes it so I get all the dessert.”

Rafe and Brady vehemently protested.

JJ rolled her eyes.

“I should have known there was an ulterior motive. Everyone pour yourselves another cup of coffee. I’ll dish out dessert.”

She returned to the nearest four-wheeler and grabbed the food out of the cooler.

A few moments later, she doled out huge slices of her homemade strawberry cheesecake. Once again, compliments were flying.

JJ grinned. Men and their stomachs.

Chapter Six

Lunch had been fantastic. Brady swore food had never tasted so good. But he always thought that when he ate outside and JJ’s scrumptious cooking was a huge bonus. After they’d eaten, he’d found the problem with the atv. The ignition wires had been crossed and a spark plug had been missing. Bears didn’t do things like that. A human did.

The shit around these parts had just gotten a tad more serious, and he was itching to get revenge against whomever had dared to disturb their peace.

They’d fixed the problem with the four-wheeler, and an hour ago, they’d packed and left the area.

Brady had been surprised when moments earlier, JJ insisted they stop their machines in the middle of a picturesque meadow studded with several small birch trees. Frogs sang in a nearby creek and an owl hooted somewhere far off in the distance.

Brady stared at JJ in surprise as she lifted his black cowboy hat off his head, slipped three packages of condoms into the brim and plopped his hat on top of her tousle of velvety brown hair. She smiled sweetly at the three of them. Brady’s breath caught at the cute dimples that burst in her cheeks. Her eyes sparkled with lust and he suddenly caught her meaning of why she’d wanted them to stop.

Beside him, Dan and Rafe cursed softly. They were quick to take JJ’s hint and began to undress.

“Put on a condom, Brady,” she instructed.

“I’d rather put
on me, sunshine,” he growled.

JJ trembled and whimpered as he reached out and swept his hat off her head. He removed the condoms, handed one to each of the guys, and put the hat back on his head.

She said cowboy hats turned her on. He’d oblige her. But Brady’s hat wouldn’t stay on for too long. He began to unbutton his shirt.

Rafe and Dan were now fully naked, their cowboy hats still on their heads too, their cocks fully engorged.

Brady chuckled. They were always ready to pleasure JJ and he still couldn’t believe how lucky they were to have a woman who allowed herself to be so willingly shared.

He had a sincere respect for her regarding her sexual freedom. He also carried a raw love for her in his heart. Life without JJ…he just could not imagine that scenario. So, he didn’t.

As he removed his shirt and then his pants, he watched Rafe and Dan sweep in around her and they began to remove her clothing. She stared at him, her bright eyes twinkling with excitement and enjoyment as he watched her being stripped.

As Brady stepped out of his last piece of clothing – his underwear – the afternoon sunshine felt nice and hot as it beat down on his naked back and butt. But that heat was nothing compared to the fever lust that suddenly ignited inside of him for JJ.

“She likes to be tied up,” Brady whispered to Rafe and Dan.

JJ’s eyes widened at his remark.

“Then let’s tie her up,” Dan replied. They gazed around the meadow and Rafe pointed to the clump of young birch trees about fifty feet away.

“I’ve got rope in the atv,” Rafe said. He moved to the vehicle.

Brady stalked toward her. He admired JJ’s perky breasts, her slightly rounded belly, and the sweet way her inner thighs visibly quivered.

She looked so vulnerable standing here in front of him. So sexy, so willing. Brady reached out and she gasped as Brady quickly lifted her into his arms.

JJ’s soft left breast pressed against his chest and as she melted against him, strands of her fluffy hair splashed along his cheek.

“Are you ready to be fucked all afternoon, sunshine? Us taking turns with you until you can’t stand anymore? ” he asked her.

JJ inhaled sharply. In the way her nostrils flared, Brady knew she was beyond excited. So was he. He could barely restrain himself from bending her over one of the machines and just taking her right here and now. But that wouldn’t be fair to her or the other guys. She needed to be pleasured properly. Brady picked up his pace and headed toward the trees where Rafe and Dan already awaited them with rope.

Rafe brought her hands behind one of the small trees the guys had picked to tie her to. With JJ’s new posture, standing back against a tree, her breasts thrust out and three men staring at her, she almost came from the excitement alone. Their scorching gazes drifted over her breasts and lower. Her pussy rippled as she imagined all three of them taking their turn with her as Brady had promised.

Out here, in the open, JJ was helpless with all of nature as her witness. The idea of being at the mercy of her three cowboys turned her on so much she could barely stand it.

In moments, her legs were spread-eagle, her ankles tied to lengths of rope that were secured to other trees. Her arms were outstretched, her wrist bound to ropes that were also tied to the trees.

JJ whimpered as Dan dropped to his knees upon the lush meadow grass in front of her. He dipped his head between her thighs, his mouth fully fusing over her pussy. She cried out as Dan’s tongue leisurely swiped between her labia and lapped at her tender clit.

Brady moved to Dan’s right. As he dipped his head, he cupped her breast with his large palm and sucked JJ’s nipple into his hot mouth. She shuddered at the exquisite pressure he created.

Rafe was at Dan’s other side. Rafe cupped her other breast, his callused thumb rubbing her nipple, while his head drew closer to her face.

He stopped. His gaze was hot, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust.

“Is this what you want, baby?” Rafe asked as he plumped her breast with his hand.

“Yes,” JJ admitted without hesitation. “I want all three of you, taking turns, until I can’t stand anymore.”

BOOK: Cowboys for Christmas
10.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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