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Authors: Christa Wick

Tags: #vampire, #vampire erotica, #older man younger woman, #vampire apocalypse, #stepdaughter sex, #pseudoincest, #stepfather sex, #stepdaughter incest, #stepfather incest, #vampire pseudoincest

Daddy's Immortal Virgin (3 page)

BOOK: Daddy's Immortal Virgin
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Gift Wrapped for Daddy
- Not only is
Amanda's mother Beth blowing off her own daughter's birthday for
business in Brazil, she's ordering Amanda to play secret shopper
for Beth's second husband. But, when Amanda decides to follow
orders, what she gives her sexy stepdad is not at all what mother
dearest had in mind!

Twice the Daddy
- Celeste has lusted
after her stepfather Mike since her mother took off for Dubai and
filed divorce papers. Will an extended visit from Mike's identical
twin get in the way of daddy finally noticing her desire for him or
will Celeste discover just why twins really are double the

Saturdays with Daddy
- Ben doesn't
have much to look forward to at home. He spends his Saturdays
trying to ignore his smoking hot stepdaughter while catching a
little quality time in his den with his favorite porn downloads.
His plan is shot to hell when he finds Kat in one of her teeny tiny
bikinis, sitting on the couch in his den, trembling like a

Daddy's Couch
- Overhearing a tinge of
lust in her stepfather's voice as he counsels a middle-aged patient
in love with her mother's new husband, college freshman Mika later
invades his home office for a marathon session of pleasuring
herself. In her enthusiasm to tease and stroke herself into sexual
oblivion, Mika overlooks one tiny detail -- daddy records his
sessions and the camera is still rolling.

Daddy Don't Go
- When Stacey's
stepfather finds out she slept with his best friend, he decides
it's time to leave his loveless marriage and the sweet young thing
he helped raise. Can Stacey convince daddy to stay?



BOOK: Daddy's Immortal Virgin
11.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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