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"Don't burn the house down," Tyler said, the words sleep-slurred. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it, John-boy," Dan said, and rolled off the bed before Tyler's hand, reaching out with surprising speed for a man half-asleep, could grab him and exact a penalty for the nickname.

Chapter Four

Tyler woke the next day with an odd combination of relief and stress battling it out inside him. The visit from Cole had gone better than he'd expected, but the problem that Cole had given him to solve was a tangled mess that made his head ache. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...

In the past, when he'd been given an assignment, he'd deliberately taken a day off before starting his research into his target. The few times that urgency had dictated a less leisurely approach, he'd felt off-balance and vaguely resentful, as if something had been taken from him. The day hadn't involved any esoteric rituals. In the morning, he would clear his schedule and deal with the mundane tasks: paying bills, answering e-mails, cleaning his apartment, and stocking up on food.

In the afternoon, he would hit the gym and wear himself out, then shower, get into clothes that showed off his muscles and an ass he knew looked good in tight jeans, and go from bar to bar until he found someone he wanted to fuck him.

Nothing like sitting down at his computer the next day with that pleasurable, deep-down throb to remind him that his life held more than death and danger. Not much more, maybe, but you took what you could.

He was going to need to take that preparation day again, after so long away from his job. He was rusty as hell and just not in the game mentally.

Tyler rolled to his side and gave a sleeping Dan a considering look, idly comparing him to those carefully chosen one-night stands. The only similarity was that Dan was male. The men Tyler slept with had usually been carbon copies of himself: tall, built, around his age. Tough enough to take whatever Tyler felt like dishing out and give it back to him without qualms.

He was going to need to make some changes in his routine, that was for sure, but that was okay. He was adaptable.

Dan squirmed, muttered something unintelligible, then groped blindly in Tyler's direction. Amused, Tyler captured Dan's hand in his and brought it up to his mouth. The bite to Dan's middle fingertip was gentle, but it still made Dan's eyes fly open.



"That didn't hurt," Tyler told him.

Dan yawned and freed his hand. "Still not how I want to be woken up." "No?" Tyler raised his eyebrows. "Want to give me a detailed description and I'll see what I can do to make your dreams come true?"

Dan frowned. "Did you wake up with amnesia or something? Last night you were freaked as hell."


"And this morning, I'm fine," Tyler said, striving for patience. "Jesus, can't I be nice to you without an inquisition?"


That got him a repentant kiss that landed on his chin. "Sure. Sorry. Uh...God, I don't know. I only just woke up."


"Take your time," Tyler said grandly. "Today, I'm all yours."


"Huh? Shouldn't you be leaping out of bed and doing stuff for Cole?"

"Tomorrow, I will. Today, I won't." Tyler sighed, hating the need to explain. "Look, it's a -- a thing I do, okay? Before I start a job, I always take a day to smell the roses. I always knew once I went under, I wouldn't be focused on anything but the job, and that's what it's going to be like from tomorrow. And you're going to hate it."

"So today's a chill-out day?" Dan pursed his lips. "Makes sense, even if I don't like the idea of you turning into a zombie tomorrow."


Something told Tyler that Dan hadn't taken his warning seriously, but he didn't push it. Maybe this wouldn't take long, and Dan would handle being ignored for a while with good grace.


And maybe it was raining beer outside, not more icy rain, pattering against the window.


Dan hummed thoughtfully. "So what did you do for fun back in the day?"


"Got sweaty. Got drunk. Had sex," Tyler said succinctly.


"Caveman." Dan drew his thumbnail over Tyler's nipple and back again, getting it to harden in seconds. "Is that what you want to do today?"


"Some of it," Tyler said, "but this is your show."

"Why is it?" Dan wasn't meeting Tyler’s eyes now, his attention seemingly on the patterns he was tracing on Tyler's chest with his finger, random swirls and lines that left Tyler's skin tingling. "You're the one who needs to do whatever you like before you chain yourself to the keyboard."

"Before, there was only me to think about," Tyler said. He was still getting used to the novelty of having Dan's wants and needs to consider, but he didn't regret the change. "Trust me, this is going to be harder on you than it is on me. I'll be busy; you'll be bored. So decide what you want to do today, and we'll do it. Go out, watch a movie, drive somewhere -- anything you like."

"I like the things you used to do," Dan said with disarming frankness. "I guess we can skip getting drunk right this minute, but the sweaty sex sounds like a good way to start the day."


"It does, does it?"


Dan nodded. "And I get to say what we do."


"And I go along with that because?"

Dan's hand dipped lower and stroked Tyler's stomach, a bare inch too high to touch anything more interesting. "Because it might make me cut you some slack when you go all growly and snarly on me and piss me off."

If only it was that simple. "Sounds like you've got it all planned out."


"Not really," Dan admitted, "but I can make it up as I go along, right?"


Tyler kissed him, feeling indulgent. "As long as it doesn't involve me dressing up, or you discovering a kink for spanking or something."


Dan snorted. "If I tried to spank you, you'd break my wrist in three places."


"I wouldn't do that," Tyler said, "and today, if I thought for a second that you wanted to, I'd let you. I wouldn't like it, but I'd let you."


"You're serious about this, aren't you?" Dan put his hands on Tyler's shoulders, kneading them slowly. "I really get to call the shots, and you'll go along with it?"


"I'm having second thoughts even as I speak, but yeah. Just be gentle with me, okay?"


Dan flapped his hand dismissively. "Come on, Tyler, you know me; I don't have any kinks."


"Oh, yes, you do," Tyler said, "but they match mine well enough that they don't stand out."


"Name one," Dan challenged him.

"You really get off on me doing this," Tyler said, and pinned Dan to the bed in a single smooth movement that came easily, his hands tight around Dan's wrists. "It scares you a bit being held down, but you trust me enough to get a kick out of it, like a kid on a ride he's too young for. You're safe, but who knows if the ride will break and send you flying?"

Dan licked his lips. He was hard, his erection solid against Tyler's stomach. "Okay, maybe I do, but today's going to be different, so let go of me."
Surprised and a little intrigued, Tyler released Dan's wrists and leaned on his elbows to take his weight off the man beneath him. "Now what?"

"Suck me," Dan said bluntly. "And do it really well. Show me what you've got. Blow my mind as well as my dick."

The commanding voice, the certainty in Dan's expression, combined to make Tyler feel younger, a raw recruit blindly, hopefully obeying orders barked out by what at the time had seemed to be sadists in uniform. Looking back, he could see that the sadism had been a carefully calculated method of quickly weeding out the ones who'd never make the grade, but if it'd saved him running endless punishment laps in full kit and a heavy pack, he'd have blown every sergeant on base.

Or maybe not. He'd been just as stubborn back then as he was now, and the laps had toughened him up, something he'd been dimly aware of even as he joined his fellow recruits in cursing out the men in charge of them.

"I can do that," he told Dan, and allowed himself a smile, anticipatory, even predatory. He loved reducing Dan to incoherence and watching every inhibition Dan had shred away, leaving Dan open, needy.

Dan smiled back at him, a challenging smile that added spice to what wasn't an unusual way for them to start the day. "So use your mouth for more than talking."


Brat. Tyler slid off Dan and rummaged in the bedside table for the bottle of lube.


"I said suck me, not fuck me."


"I heard you," Tyler said, his voice mild. "I also heard you tell me to show you what I've got. I've got fingers. Want me to draw you a picture of where I plan to put one or two of them?"

"No, I think I can figure it out," Dan said. He settled himself against his pillow and spread his legs to give Tyler room to kneel in front of him. Without the covers, the room was cool, but Tyler's shiver wasn't solely due to goose bumps.

"You look good like that," he told Dan, surprising himself. He didn't go in for compliments or mush, but Dan, sprawled out and hard, dark hair sleep-tousled, was sexy as hell.


Dan didn't reply, unless the slow arch of his hips as he raised his ass off the bed for a moment was meant to say more than "get on with it".

Ignoring the throb of his cock, which would have appreciated a touch, Tyler trickled lube over his fingers and, holding Dan's gaze, ran them slowly over Dan's balls. Dan's breathing quickened slightly, but that was all the reaction Tyler got. He took his time playing, until Dan's balls were tight and high, and then drizzled cool lube directly onto them, not caring that it was running down to soak into the sheet. He put his hand between Dan's legs, his palm cupping the slicked balls with their dusting of silky hair, his fingers crowded together, filling the tight space. Slippery, hot, the smooth skin leading back to Dan's hole invited a touch, and Tyler pressed in firmly with his middle finger, knowing how good that felt when it was done to him.

Dan's breath hissed out, and he arched again, his mouth set as he held back a whimper Tyler wanted to hear. As slicked up as Dan was, Tyler didn't have any difficulty in working his finger deep, but he didn't rush. He leaned over, the bob and point of Dan's cock close enough to kiss or lick, and set up a rhythm of thrust, pull back, steady as a heartbeat.

Tyler was expecting Dan to order him to get on with it in a voice that was close to shaky, but what he got was Dan reaching up to run a hand over Tyler's face, exploring it as if it was the face of a stranger. Eyebrows were traced, Tyler's cheek was cupped, and then Dan slid his finger into Tyler's mouth, fucking it in time with each thrust of Tyler's finger into his ass.

Tyler licked and sucked Dan's finger assiduously, as if it was what Dan really wanted him to be working on, his eyes promising to do even better when his mouth was filled with Dan's cock. It felt as if they had a whole silent conversation going on with the looks they were exchanging, proof of the intimacy their time together had fostered. They knew each other. Tyler wasn't sure anyone had ever gotten as close to him as Dan had, even if he still wasn't quite sure how the kid had managed it.

When he'd had enough, he thrust his finger into Dan's ass as far as it would go, a fast, hard shove that he wouldn't have done at the start of their game when Dan was tight and dry, and left it there. Dan made a sound deep in his throat and stilled the movement of his finger.

Tyler bit it, his teeth digging in with more force than Dan had expected, judging by the small gasp. The answering clench of Dan's ass around Tyler's finger made Tyler chuckle, though, allowing Dan to tug his spit-wet finger free, his lips twitching in a smile.

As eager to taste Dan as he'd ever been, Tyler settled himself comfortably and used his free hand to hold Dan's cock at just the right angle to be teased and tormented. After months of doing this, he knew what Dan liked, which was pretty much what every man Tyler had sucked off enjoyed. With arousal heating his blood and a stiff cock to motivate him, Tyler licked circles around the head of Dan's cock, his hand tight around its shaft, the musky, familiar taste heavy on his tongue. He bit lightly at it, then blew on the wet, taut skin, cooling it. Then, knowing from experience how much of a turn-on it could be, rubbed the swollen tip across his closed lips and then his cheeks, painting them with saliva and pre-come, and made sure that Dan could see what he was doing.

That got Tyler his first whimper from Dan, and he was so into what he was doing by then that the satisfaction he felt was based on pleasure that Dan was enjoying himself, not triumph at having made Dan break a self-imposed silence.
He took Dan's cock in as far as he could without gagging, sliding his hand down and out of the way, glutting himself on the sensation of being filled, owned, the ache in his jaw, the numbness of his lips well worth it.

When Dan was moaning, pumping his hips in a frantic attempt to reach a climax, Tyler worked a second finger into Dan's ass, and with a few short, swift strokes, pushed Dan over the edge.

Dan cried out Tyler's name and came, flooding Tyler's mouth. There was always more spunk than Tyler expected, somehow, and even as he gulped, more came, coating his mouth, choking him. He ended up with his head on Dan's thigh, swallowing hard and wiping at watering eyes and his messy, wet, but smiling mouth. Because, yeah, that had been fun.

"Mmm," Dan said appreciatively, after their breathing had slowed to normal. "Consider me blown away. Thanks."


"Welcome," Tyler said, stretching out his cramped legs. "Going to return the favor? Or how about I just suit up and--"


"No," Dan said before Tyler had even reached for the box of condoms by the side of the bed. "You don't get to come yet."


Tyler raised his eyebrows. "I don't?"


Dan licked his lips, a sure sign of nerves, but his voice was steady enough. "Not until later, no."


"Later meaning half an hour or so?"


"Tonight," Dan said. "Just before this day of yours ends."


"Bullshit," Tyler said flatly. "If you don't want me to fuck you, just say so."


"You can fuck me," Dan said. "I'll enjoy it. I always do. But I don't want you to come, so I'm not sure how much you'll get out of it."
BOOK: Dan & Tyler 2 - Wintergreen
10.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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