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“Fine. The airport is wanting to expand their property lines. Our property lies directly in the middle of their expansion goals. They have offered to purchase the property from me, but I need you to sign the damn paperwork and be done with it.” Nancy admitted.

“Oh this is golden.” Adam said.

“How much are they offering for the property?” Priscilla inquired.

“It really doesn’t matter, it’s not that much. It’s a decent amount to compensate for having to move. Are you going to sign these or not?” Nancy asked her, almost sounding defeated.

“I will have to sign them when I am released. You heard him.” She smiled. “Then again, I’m not so sure I want to sign them at all.”

Nancy stood up from her chair and glared at Priscilla and then turned to Adam. “I suppose I can thank you for this disaster, because we both know she’s too stupid to figure out not to sign on her own. Always has been, always will be.”

With that, Nancy Barnes walked out of the hospital room and she walked out of Priscilla’s life for good.

“Thank you for showing up when you did, Adam.” She smiled at him. “I hurt so badly but that woman was pissing me off.”

Kissing her, he said, “I’ve got your back.” Smiling at her because even in her current state, she was beautiful.

“I want you out of here soon, we have an entire estate to walk. Those gardens miss your smile and your giggle.” He told her.

“You know, I miss them too.” She smiled sweetly.

“There are some things that we need to discuss. I want you to move in with me. I don’t mean because you need protection or a babysitter. I mean because I am so in love with you, I am crazy without you.” He said quietly. The last time they had tried to discuss this, it blew up into a fight. It was also when he thought he had lost her forever.

“I know that this was a touchy subject for me, and I am so sorry. I apologized a million times over in my head when I was stuck in that cabin. All I wanted was you. Nothing else. I thought I was going to die without having the chance to tell you that I love you.” She paused at the words. “I didn’t think that I was ever going to see you again. That terrified me. Not for me, but for you. When it’s time for me to go home, I want us to go home. To our home, or we will at least make it our home.”

He wanted to hold her, to wrap his arms around her and feel her warmth. To feel the loving touch of her hands on his skin. If he had ever wanted to share his life with a woman, it was her. He leaned over and kissed her.




In the three months since Priscilla’s abduction, she had completely healed. She was spared the trauma of reliving those two days and the deaths of her friends when Mike Ward pled guilty to all charges and would not accept legal representation. She had learned that the extra homicide charge was for the baby that her best friend Megan had been carrying. She remembered when she first took the job at Nina’s Place, Megan telling her that she wouldn’t be dancing for a while and now she understood. She held a deep sadness for the loss of her friends and until recently had been swallowed in guilt. Guilt because she survived and they had not.

So many things had changed in a short period of time, it was hard for her to accurately describe her life’s timeline. Nancy Barnes had returned to Pennsylvania without having the paperwork signed to sell the property. When she realized that she wouldn’t be able to sell it at all without Priscilla, she had to breakdown and call. She was pleasant enough on the phone due to the fact that she would be out her half of the two million dollars the airport was offering for the small piece of property. It pained her that she had to give half of it to Priscilla. When the sale finally went through and closed, Priscilla donated her proceeds from the sale to a shelter for women. She had almost found herself homeless and now she was in a position to help others. It had become one of her favorite causes to advocate for.

She no longer worked at Nina’s Place and had never went back. Nina was a mother to her and she appreciated everything that the woman had done to help her. The club was a huge success in its new location. There was a better clientele, a better neighborhood and top of the line entertainment. Nina had even branched out to having a ladies night one night a week. Her men were touted as some of the hottest dancers in the state.

She and Adam had found their places in their relationship and it worked smoothly for them. From drinks on the patio to walks in the garden, they shared their time peacefully. When she was at her lowest, he found her and helped lift her back to where she knew she could be.

They were making travel plans to head to Italy for a summer tour. All of the key locations and then a bunch of local B&B’s in between. There was so much that they wanted to do and now they had each other to share it with.

Priscilla learned that everyday life throws things in our direction and they aren’t always nice, even the bad things can be overcome with time, healing and love.

As she was pouring a glass of wine and looking through the window overlooking the far rose garden, he walked up behind her and encircled her in his arms. He laid his chin on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. She smiled a smile that lit up her eyes. This was the man that she loved and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than here. Knowing she had been to hell and back made him cherish her that much more.

After pouring two glasses of wine, one for each of them, they walked out onto the large stone patio. Standing near the low wall that was covered in ivy and ferns, arms around each other, they stood and watched the sunset until the last glimmers of light looked like they were dancing in darkness. Priscilla Barnes was home.














Ms. Weynand resides in the San Francisco Bay area with her thirteen year old daughter and their cats. She is an avid reader of various genres. Writing has been her passion for many years and spends much of her free time compiling many new ideas. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, fine wine, being outdoors and retail therapy.

BOOK: Dancing In Darkness
12.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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