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Dangerous Times

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ISBN: 978-1-77130-900-4


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Right off I'd like to thank my editor, Laurie. Once again her gentle guidance, wisdom, and good humor made this the most enjoyable of experiences. She is truly one of a kind, and I am blessed to have made her acquaintance during my journey as an author.

I would also like to thank the coffee industry in general. Without your wonderfully roasted beans, ground to perfection, and slow dripped into a heavenly brew I know this book wouldn't be what it is today. So thank you, grand masters of the mighty coffee bean, thank you.



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Moira Callahan


Copyright © 2014






The sexiest man Tamara had ever met slid his hand down her arm slowly, gooseflesh rising wherever he touched, and then he leaned in closer. He smelled like sandalwood and man, pure sex, and so damned sinful. She was having a hell of a time focusing, especially when he leaned in to brush his lips over her cheek. A shiver worked through her body at the light caress.

You are so gorgeous,” he whispered. His voice was pitched deep and low, intimate in the romantic setting of the room.

There were easily a hundred or more people in the club with them. But, in that moment, it felt like they were the only two people in the world. The music was low, a deep throb of bass that didn’t help with the same pulsing sensation in her veins.

Curling her fingers around his arms, just above his elbows, she swayed when he brushed his lips lower and then lower still. He drifted down her neck and toward the hollow of her throat. He was trying to kill her. She knew it and didn’t care, because it was the only way to truly die happy.

Well, maybe not happy per se. With a smile on her face, absolutely! Happy…not so much. Not with the crap currently going on in her life.

Hey,” he growled, his head lifting. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

He genuinely sounded concerned and worried. Which was clearly reflected in his eyes. She couldn’t even remember his name, but she was touched that he picked up on her silent cues after only a couple of hours.

Shaking her head, Tamara lifted a hand to trace a finger down his cheek, the scruff on his jaw abrading her fingertip in the most delicious of ways. “Nothing,” she said quietly. “My mind just decided to drift for a moment and nowhere good.”

He pressed closer to her at her words. She could feel the erection he was sporting digging into her belly. With her mouth going dry, she fought to hold in a whimper. She wanted that big cock inside of her and soon.

Then you are obviously bored,” he said, easing back a little.

Wait, what? No! She gripped his arms harder and shook her head. “It’s not that,” she said, hoping he could read the sincerity she was trying to throw his way.

Then, what is it?” he asked. He leaned back into her again. Thank you, God.

Too much going on. I just can’t get my head to shut down for even a moment,” she admitted.

His arms slid around her body and pulled her tighter to his hard frame. “Can I help with anything?” he asked, sounding one hundred percent sincere.

She could feel tears welling up at his offer and shook her head. Slipping her arms around his neck, she pressed her nose to his throat and inhaled. Tamara so wanted to forget, he could do that, she was sure he could. “No, I don’t know if anyone can, but thank you for offering when you didn’t have to.” Good God, what the fuck was his name?

His chuckle had her body clenching in need and she moaned softly, arching against him. Scraping her nails lightly up into the short dark hair at the back of his head, she nipped at his jaw. The feel of his whiskers on her lips had them tingling.

He turned his head and caught her lips. Moaning, she smiled. God, but the man could kiss. She let out a groan a moment later. Her ass was vibrating, and Tamara suddenly realized and it wasn’t from need.

Drawing back, she gave him what she hoped would be an apologetic look. Digging out her phone, she cursed. “I have to take this,” she said. “Sorry.”

No worries. But you’ll never hear anything in here,” he told her. “Bathroom is likely the only place, without going outside.”

Okay,” she looked around until she spotted the discreet sign. “Wait for me?” she asked, hopeful. He was too good looking and she knew he’d be snapped up right quick. She crossed her fingers.

Nodding, he smiled and pressed a kiss to her lips. “Meet me at the end of the bar closest to the bathrooms. I’ll be there.”

Tamara shivered and pressed a hand to his chest, then answered her phone. “Hold on a second, getting somewhere I can hear you,” she said into the device.

Quickly weaving her way down the hall, she moved to the ladies room and inside. The lack of sound was nearly deafening, in reverse, from the club. Popping her jaw, she moved to the sink furthest from the door, so no one would think she was waiting in line.

What is it, girl?” she asked with an amused look in the mirror.

Where are you?” her ex, Damien asked, in a whiny, demanding tone. Definitely not the voice she was expecting given the number that had shown up.

It doesn’t matter, does it? We’re not together anymore, so what I do doesn’t matter.” She tried not to grind her teeth together.

The only reason she’d taken the call was because of the phone number. It belonged to her best friend, Rhonda. Obviously, her ex was being a sneaky assed shit again and had conned Rhonda into letting him use her phone. Or Rhonda had no clue he was on it.

You know I love you,” he whined.

God, it really was fucking annoying.

I made a mistake, I’m sorry.” He sounded like he was pouting now.

Bull. Shit,” she snarled. “A mistake would have been being so drunk, you had no idea what you were doing. Even then, I wouldn’t have forgiven you. But you were sober and did it anyway, because you are a fucking sick and disgusting control freak.” He’d punched her. Just one time. Way more than enough for her to realize just who and what he was and to leave, fast.

She could hear a banging sound in the background. “Are you at Rhonda’s, you sick fuck?” she hissed out.

I wanted to see you and knew she’d know where you were, but she wouldn’t tell me. So I faked the need to throw up and borrowed her phone. You’re mine, Tamara,” he said, not sounding so whiny suddenly. He actually sounded cold and mean. “And I will get you back or make sure no one else has you. Period.”

Fuck you, asshole. You come within fifty feet of me and I’ll make sure you have to have testicular retrieval surgery if you don’t want to sing soprano for the rest of your life,” Tamara hissed out and hung up. Fuck, she’d have to get a new number, again. Fucking terrific.

Turning the phone off, she stuck it in her pocket. Waving a hand under the faucet, she bent and threw some water on her face. She wasn’t one to wear a lot of makeup, so washing off what little she had on, she honestly didn’t care about it.

She tore a couple of paper towels free of the dispenser and patted her face dry. Taking a slow, deep breath, she let all the tension that call had brought up just slide away as best she could.

There was one hell of a sexy man out in the club waiting for her. She would not keep thinking about the asshole that had tried to make her into a doormat. Something she wasn’t and never would be.

With the thought of, shit, what’s-his-face solid in her mind, she left the bathroom. She would dance, get herself wound up again and, if she was lucky, end up going home with him. She wanted him and she knew he wanted her. Spotting him at the bar, Tamara smiled. When he turned and his gaze landed on her, all the heat that call had wiped out came swelling back in. Oh, yeah, she definitely wanted this sexy man.

Chapter One


The next night...


 of shattering glass woke her up. Groggy, Tamara fumbled for the light next to her bed and flipped it on, temporarily blinding herself in the process. Blinking rapidly, she sat up and pushed her blonde hair out of her face, squinting at the clock. Two in the morning.


Wiping a hand over her face, she tried to figure out where the sound had come from. A thump in the other room had her heart leaping into her throat. Grabbing her cell she hit 911 and slid from the bed as the line rang.

911, what is your emergency?” the operator asked.

My name is Tamara Karen Phillips and I think there’s someone in my house,” she whispered. Quickly providing her address, she snuck to the bedroom door and flipped the lock, wincing at the overly loud sound. “I don’t have roommates, no one visiting, and I have no pets. But I heard glass breaking and just heard something from the other room.”

Where are you right now, ma’am?”

The bedroom,” she said softly. The doorknob wiggled and then there was a bang on the door.

Tamara, let me in. Come on, baby.”

Fucking hell, she knew that voice.

Shit,” she hissed out. “My ex, Damien Hofstadter, is out there. He hit me once so I broke up with his ass. He’s been harassing me though, got a hold of my new number both times I changed it and has been making a menace of himself around my friend’s place as well.”

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