Dark Desire in Elk's Crossing [Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Dark Desire in Elk's Crossing [Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk’s Crossing

Dark Desire in Elk’s Crossing

Annika Sandstrum works as a translator for Norwegian oil baron Sven Borg. He’s too gorgeous for words, and being her boss, he’s definitely not dating material. When she travels to the US with him on business, she meets American cowboy businessman Joshua Riggs. Her will to resist fades and taboo passion explodes.

Reason is telling Annika that an affair with her boss is a broken heart just waiting to happen, but when he turns on the charm, her will to resist vanishes. When Joshua adds his own special seduction to the mix, Annika finds herself embroiled in forbidden passion she never thought herself capable of.

Annika agrees to the ménage a trois affair, but only if they can all agree to end it once all the business matters are settled. Can her love for two men be turned off as easily as a light switch? Will her heart be shattered, or has she found permanent love with two men?

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

39,432 words



Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk’s Crossing






Robin Gideon










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Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk’s Crossing



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Chapter One


In the skies over western North Dakota


Annika Sandstrum looked down at the endless prairie crawling by beneath the Cessna single-engine airplane and wondered how anyone could live in such remote territory without going thoroughly and irretrievably insane. Though she held dual citizenship in Norway and the United States, the vast majority of her time was spent in Oslo, a bustling, modern, densely packed city on a fjord off the North Sea. True, the weather in Oslo often left something to be desired, but the cultural amenities of Norway’s most important city were arguably some of the finest in the world. When she wasn’t in Oslo, she was in New York City.

Seated on the opposite side of the plane was her boss, Sven Borg. He was tall and blond and absolutely gorgeous, which easily justified Annika’s sexual attraction to him, though she was sensible enough to realize that only a very foolish woman would have an affair with a man she worked for. Having an affair with a coworker was terribly risky, but engaging in passion with a direct supervisor was a guarantee of heartache and worse. It was a professional train wreck just waiting to happen.

I’m twenty-six years old, and I haven’t gotten laid in three years. Sheesh.

When Sven turned and looked at Annika, she pretended to be looking out the small, oval window at his shoulder. It just wouldn’t do to have him know that she was appreciating his profile, visually caressing him when he was unaware of it.

“It’s an amazing country,” Sven said, speaking his native tongue, Norwegian. “So flat and lush and green. No wonder they can feed half the world from this country.”

“Cash crops, cattle, and dairy, and now they’ve discovered oil,” Annika replied, pleased to be thinking about business matters and not about her own lamentable, nonexistent love life. She did have a sex life, but it was all flying solo, so she figured that didn’t really count. “That’s why North Dakota has the lowest unemployment in the United States. There are less than a million people living in all of North Dakota, and yet they’re creating one new millionaire a week.”

“Let’s hope things work out with Joshua Riggs.”

Annika nodded. “He’s already a millionaire, but he’s a man who understands the value of oil. His grandfather started the ranch, his father made it much bigger, and even though he was just in his early twenties when he took over running the ranch, he’s increased its acreage almost yearly.”

Sven flashed her a smile, and Annika felt another warm flush go through her, starting at her cheeks and ears before concentrating on her nipples and at the apex of her thighs. She turned sharply and looked out the window on her side of the airplane. Below, an enormous herd of cattle was idly munching on grass and hay. Annika tried very hard to think only about the cattle, but the dull, insistent throbbing in her pussy whispered of a libido neglected far too long, and the distinctly masculine allure of Sven, sitting so near, was much too emotionally invasive.

Don’t be an idiot. Sven’s slept with more women than you’ve even met in your life. You’re a long-term girl, and he likes his relationships over and done with in a week, a month at the most.

The pilot turned in his seat and said to the two passengers, “We’ll be landing at Mr. Rigg’s private airfield in about thirty minutes.”

“Thank you,” Annika said in unaccented English. Her mother had been as proud of her English as her father had been of her Norwegian.


* * * *


Sven looked out the window of the Cessna airplane and hoped the fact that his jaws were clenched tightly shut didn’t show. He was fighting against a part of his body that was usually his most faithful friend but was right now his most traitorous friend.

It was Annika’s fault, he tried to tell himself, that his erection kept coming and going, tenting his slacks until he was able to concentrate on matters sufficiently mundane for his penis to behave properly and go back to sleep. After all, it wasn’t as though Annika was flaunting her charms and throwing herself at him. Quite the opposite, in fact, was true. Her clothes were always professionally appropriate, and if anything, even though her bosom was exceedingly generous, she never showed more than a hint of cleavage. Her skirts came to the top of the knee, neither going overboard in a dowdy fashion by covering the knee, nor being daring by showing a lot of leg.

Who will I call first when I get back to Oslo? Karina? Greta? Elise?

Sven had his pick of very attractive, very willing, very obliging lovers. Some were married and some were not. Sven made a point of never seducing a woman who was happily married. He took it as a point of honor, though this honor was rarely challenged since married women looking for sexual entertainment let Sven know with words and actions that they wanted him for stud services, and nothing else. Similar to North Dakota, the discovery of huge quantities of oil in Norway had turned many hardworking, middle-class people into the leisured, wealthy elite, with more money and time on their hands than they knew what to do with.

While Annika peered out her window, Sven took the opportunity to look at her in profile. The slender, faintly upturned nose delighted him, as did the flawless, porcelain skin and honey-blonde hair she usually piled up and held with an ivory comb at the back of her head. Her lips were pink, and though she did not wear lipstick very often, she did apply lip gloss with a fair frequency, Sven had noted during the eight months she’d been working for him. He liked it when her mouth glistened, though the notion of kissing those moist lips never failed to awaken his cock from its slumber.

His gaze went down to the curve of her breasts. He knew she never went without a brassiere, and the loose-fitting blouse of white silk, topped with a lightweight, yellow, single-breasted jacket, did a commendable job of containing and concealing her bosom.

What I wouldn’t give to feast on those succulent—

Sven forced his thoughts onto other matters so harshly it was almost violent. He flinched as though given an electrical shock, and it drew Annika’s attention.

The pilot said, “We’ll be on the ground in just a couple minutes.”

Sven gave Annika a friendly, thoroughly professional smile, looked out his side window, and tried with all his intellectual strength to not get a visual of Annika naked.


* * * *


When the Cessna came to a stop, the passenger-side door opened and the steps were kicked out. Joshua Riggs wondered just how different his life would be in a few days. His future, and the future of his homestead, the Sitting Mule Ranch, could change quite drastically with the arrival of the representatives of Norwegian Oil Enterprises.

The first man to step out was towheaded, broad-shouldered, and much bigger than Joshua had expected him to be, and quintessentially Norwegian. His charcoal-gray business suit had been tailor-made to his powerful physique, but there wasn’t a person alive with enough skill with needle and thread to entirely hide the stark width of the man’s shoulders or the leanness of his hips.

BOOK: Dark Desire in Elk's Crossing [Sequel to Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
6.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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