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Dark Secret Love (25 page)

BOOK: Dark Secret Love
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I stared at the roses on the dresser as his cock thrust inside of me, watching as one lone petal dropped to the polished black surface. Jack reached one hand under my body and let his fingertips find my clit, using the weight of my own body to bring me to climax, waiting for the tremors to start before he finally let himself come.

He sprawled out next to me afterwards, in his slacks still but with his shirt off now, and he had me lie on my stomach at his side, so that he could admire the blush of my ass, so that he could place his hand on my burning cheeks and feel the warmth throbbing.

“As long as I can spank your beautiful ass, whenever I want to, whenever I crave,” Jack whispered, “I don’t care about the rest. Paint the whole damn room red if you’d like. And then I’ll whip the same hue into your perfect pale skin.”

His words made me tremble as hard as my climax had. His fingers began roaming more purposefully now, up and down, then lower, between my legs, letting me know that he had just started. That the night was still young.

And suddenly I understood. It didn’t matter if the rooms were black and white or rainbow-colored, if they were bare or filled to overflowing. All I needed was Jack. He was what made the place home.

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BOOK: Dark Secret Love
6.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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