Darkening Chaos: Book Three of The Destroyer Trilogy

BOOK: Darkening Chaos: Book Three of The Destroyer Trilogy
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3 of The Destroyer Trilogy









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Darkening Chaos


Book Three

of The Destroyer Trilogy


By DelSheree Gladden


Kindle Edition


Copyright 2012 DelSheree


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making sure the ending

didn’t fall short






Thank you to Linda Ulleseit,
Angela Fristoe, and Rhonda Sermon for reading Darkening Chaos and for their
support and recommendations. Thank you to the talented Kassondra Levesque for
all her help with the book cover and promotion.

Thank you to my husband, Ryan,
for helping me make sure this book pulled everything together and gave readers
an ending they wouldn’t forget.

Thank you to Dalene Meek, for
her support and friendship over the last few years. I am so grateful for her
enthusiasm for my books and her willingness to tell everyone about them.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:
Time to Choose

Chapter 7:
Angry Hope

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:
Fair Chance

Chapter 10:
This One Thing

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:
No Second Chances

Chapter 15:
In My Pocket

Chapter 16:
Slow Caress

Chapter 17:
On the Brink

Chapter 18:
Back to Lying

Chapter 19:

Chapter 20:
An Empty Place

Chapter 21:
Creative Uses

Chapter 22:
Death House

Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:

Chapter 25:
From Truth

Chapter 26:

Chapter 27:
Morbid Curiosity

Chapter 28:
The Right One

Chapter 29:
Time Flies

Chapter 30:

Chapter 31:
Strangest Thing

Chapter 32:

Chapter 33:

Chapter 34:

Chapter 35:
The Cost

Chapter 36:
One More Secret

Chapter 37:
Darkening Chaos

Chapter 38:

Sneak Peek of Wicked

About the Author

Also by DelSheree Gladden


Darkening Chaos


Book Three of the Destroyer Trilogy





There have been very few times in my life when I
thought I had everything figured out. The problem is that even when I think I
have the puzzle solved, there always seems to be a piece missing, the one piece
that will make the difference between utter failure and complete victory. This
is my last chance to get it right. Now more than ever, failure means death. And
not just for me this time. For everyone.



The men who want to kill
me are right behind these double doors. I am well aware of that fact, but I
open them anyway. Their cameras have been trained on me since I reached the
compound parking lot. So, the pack of rabid-looking Guardians filling the lobby
is no surprise. Neither is them being completely unarmed. They don’t need any
weapons to kill me. They are weapons. Faster than any animal, stronger, too,
and every inch of their bodies is honed to murderous anarchy. There are dozens
of them glaring at me, probably close to fifty. Thank goodness this is a
relatively small compound. I can pick out which ones are Seekers, Guardians
with Vision to see what’s about to happen, and a vindictive pleasure rises in
me as I see their faces screw up in confusion. The only thing that does give me
pause is the look on Captain Linden Blackwood’s face. 

restrained ecstasy glares at me from his eyes. The pure, red hot hatred roiling
off of him doesn’t do a whole lot to steady me, either. Sometimes I really hate
having Perception. There are plenty of times I would rather not have to feel
everyone else’s emotions. I have to tap my Naturalism talent to control my
muscles and keep them from quivering in the face of his raging desire to slit
my throat. Blackwood is the one who gave me the ultimatum. I could either turn
myself in, or save my own skin at the price of eighty-one Ciphers losing
theirs. It was an easy choice. He knew it would be.

one says anything, as if none of them really believes I, the most hated person
in the world, the prophesied Destroyer, has just turned myself in to them. I
take advantage of their shock, and frantically scan the crowd. Foolish hope
makes me search for him. My eyes touch every face, but he isn’t here. Part of
me is relieved. The rest of me is terrified of what that might mean. It might
mean they haven’t turned him into an assassin aimed at my throat, yet. There
may still be hope to rescue him. Or, I could be completely wrong, which
wouldn’t be all that surprising, really. He may have already been twisted, and
they’re simply holding him back to deliver the final blow in the most
devastating way possible.

it to the Guardians to want a dramatic finish.

only thing I do know for sure about Braden is that he’s still alive, thanks to
our connection as Spiritual Companions. That one thought gives me enough
strength to keep from trembling and showing my utter terror at being here. He’s
still alive. The man I love, well one of them, is still alive. Even in this
moment of being so scared I can barely move, I am struck with how screwed up my
love life is right now. Somehow, I managed to fall for two guys at the same
time. Milo, for loving me when no one else would, and Braden, for bringing
happiness back into my world. But even worse, one of them hates me for the
necessary lies I fed him, and the other one is probably working out the best
way to murder me right now. World’s best girlfriend I am not.

heart starts pumping harder as the Guardians begin to shift, whisper.

can’t think about my monumental list of mistakes right now, so I focus on
Braden instead. I can feel his life force pulsing inside of me. I wish I knew
whether he’s hurt or where he might be. I won’t know until I am faced with him,
until he either kisses me, or tries to kill me. I’m really hoping it’s going to
be the first one, but I know how unlikely that option is. He knew what his
brothers would do to him if they ever found out he betrayed them to help me.
And judging by the ferocity in every one of their expressions, I don’t doubt
him. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on him, though.

the spell of having the one thing you have worked for your entire life being dropped
into your lap finally wears off, and Blackwood steps forward. “You came,” he

duh. I want very much to smack him and call him an idiot for mouthing such an
obvious statement, but I don’t. My heart is racing and my mind is fighting to
keep control of my building fear. It is a concentrated effort to look calm and in
control. I face him squarely and say, “You knew I would.”

I did.” He knew I could never let eighty-one people die when I had the chance
to save them. Some Destroyer I am.  

are they?” I demand.

pets?” Blackwood asks in his most disgusted tone. “Where do you think they are,
Libby? In their cells, where they belong.”

is such a creep. Anger starts seeping into my body, slowly overpowering the
panic and fear. My hands ball up into fists at my side. Blackwood sees the
movement and snorts derisively. The Ciphers, once talentless freaks they hunted
and locked up in the spirit world where they had no hope of escaping, are still
their prisoners after our rescue attempt didn’t quite work out the way we were
hoping. My friend and teacher, Mr. Walters, betrayed our plans at the last
minute and left them all trapped here. Mr. Walters only did it to save his
daughter and her family, which I understand completely, but it still left me
with the responsibility of rescuing them for a second time.

them out here, now,” I demand.

oozes toward me, a snaky smile showing the perfect white of his teeth. “Now why
would I do that?”

had a deal, Blackwood! I turn myself in, you let the Ciphers go.”

stops right in front of me. I can see his cronies behind him. Knowing,
sickening smiles creep onto their faces. “Libby, Libby, Libby,” Blackwood says
as he shakes his head sadly, “you should really work on your listening skills,
little girl. The deal was, you turn yourself in, and I don’t
Ciphers. I never said anything about letting them go. That’s much too

boils around me. I can feel my face turning red. “Let them go, Blackwood, or
you can kiss my surrender goodbye.”

a moment, I can see and feel the doubt in him. It bursts through him like a
party balloon stuck with a pin. Unfortunately, it clears just as quickly.
“Refusing to surrender will get them killed, Libby. You will practically be
killing them yourself, then. At least if you turn yourself over to me, they
will stay alive. And you can die knowing your precious little pets won’t be

don’t believe you,” I snap. “You’ll kill them right after you kill me.”

tsks at me and shakes his head. “Given how Braden and Walters both betrayed
their promises to you, I guess I can see why you would doubt me, Libby, but
even you cannot doubt this.”

BOOK: Darkening Chaos: Book Three of The Destroyer Trilogy
8.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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