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Chapter Nine


Kalama was seated on the sand by the time Jack made it to
shore. Of course he’d taken longer because she’d left him with the task of
paddling in on the surfboard with towels and their lunch. Hopefully Sam would
be able to borrow a boat from his buddies and get them soon. Jack didn’t want
to sit on Kaho’olawe longer than necessary.

Sliding off the board, he stood in the water breaking just
on the shore and trudged up the beach. He didn’t believe her story fully. His
scientific brain found it hard to comprehend the existence of magic, despite
the incident on the boat. He simply couldn’t wrap his head around the tale she
told about Pele and her sister. He also refused to believe she was anything but
human. She might be a little nutty but that didn’t stop the overwhelming
compulsion he had to strip her naked and make her body his.

“Nice underwear, Dr. Jack.”

Kalama laughed from her comfortable perch on the beach. She
looked delicious. Her black hair flowed down her body in a wet curtain, the red
streaks almost shining. The sun caressed her bronzed skin causing it to glow.
An aroused twinkle danced in her eyes.

He slid the board up the sand until he reached her and then
let it plop down. Grabbing a sandwich and tossing it to her, Jack set about
laying down a towel for them to sit on. Kalama stood and brushed the sand of
her body, drawing his attention immediately to her curves.

“Yours is pretty sexy too,” he said with a leer. The cool
water of the ocean caused her nipples to pebble beneath the white of her bikini
top. His mouth watered to taste one of those juicy buds for himself. “Although
I must admit, I like what’s underneath even more.”

“I’m not really hungry,” she said, tossing the sandwich back
down on the board. Her eyes never left his face. Taking a step toward him, she
placed her hands on his chest. Jack’s breath caught in his throat.

Without further thought, he bent his head to kiss her. He
lost himself in the velvet glide of her lips, the wet thrust of her tongue, the
feel of her hands sliding over his chest and around his neck to pull him

Jack pressed his hips into hers and let the hard length of
his erection show her just how much he wanted to be buried deep inside her warm

She dragged her nails over his skin as she slid them down
his shoulders in a deliberate, slow trek to his biceps. The sensation burned
through him with an intensity he’d never felt before.

“I don’t understand why I want you so much,” he whispered as
he slid his mouth down her jaw, nipping along until she quivered with
excitement. She pressed her body flush with his, rubbing those amazing breasts
against his chest. Jack groaned against her neck.

“Me either, but I don’t really care. All I know it that I
want you deep inside me,” Kalama said as she playfully licked his chin. She
pulled his mouth down once more for a demanding kiss. Jack could taste the
hunger when she drove her tongue into his mouth.

That same need roared deep inside him when he cupped her
breasts, thumbing the already pebbled nipples into hard, aching points through
the damp fabric of her suit. She groaned low in her throat and arched her back,
thrusting her breasts deeper into his hands. Jack had never been so hungry for
a woman, so desperate to be inside her.

“Off, take this off. Take yours off too,” she panted in his
ear as she tugged at his briefs. He pulled the straps of her bikini off her
shoulders, exposing more of her delicious curves. She reached behind her to
release the clasp and pulled the garment fully from her body.

Jack sucked in a breath at the sight she presented. “Damn.”

“Like it?” Satisfaction purred through her voice.

“Hell yes.”

All she wanted was to turn Jack on to the very point he
couldn’t stop touching her, couldn’t keep his mouth from her skin, couldn’t not
bury himself deep inside her. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her
panties and bared the rest of her body to his heated gaze.

“Your turn, Dr. Jack. Show me how much you want me.”

Jack flashed a wicked smile and slid his briefs down,
tossing them to one side. His cock, thick and long, jutted from a thatch of
blond curls. She licked her lips. With a seductive smile, she crooked her
finger and gestured him nearer.

Jack took a step, closing the distance between them. “God,
you’re beautiful.” He ran a hand down her body, starting at her shoulder, over
her collarbone, across her breasts and stomach, and stopped just above the
curls at the juncture of her thighs.

Before she could do anything, Jack scooped his arm behind
her knees and lifted her. With infinite slowness, he lowered them both to the
thick towel he’d spread out earlier. She loved the way her naked body fit to his,
how her dark skin stood out in contrast to Jack’s lighter coloring. He lay
beside her on the sand, running his fingertips over her body. Jack traced down
the length of her, brushing his knuckles along the inside of her thigh. Her
legs fell open, granting him better access to her throbbing pussy.

His fingers danced over the soft curls resting there before
sliding between her slick folds. He plunged a single finger deep.

“Yes, Jack,” she pleaded, her back arching off the sand.
With a growl he flicked his thumb over her clit. Kalama cried out as passion
overtook her. He stroked her clit again and pushed a second finger in to her
pussy. She couldn’t breathe, the pleasure and feel of his rough digits in her
slick center was almost unbearable.

“Tell me what you want, Kalama,” Jack whispered against her
neck as he finger fucked her, pumping in and out of her body faster and faster.

She wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled
him down for a hungry kiss. She licked at his mouth, sucking and claiming. “I
want you inside me,” she pulled back and bit his earlobe gently. “But first…”
With a forceful push, she flipped their positions. Placing both hands on his
shoulders, she guided him beneath her on the sand.

“What?” he asked, laughter lacing his voice.

She straddled his waist, teasing his hard cock with the feel
of her before crawling up his body until her center hovered mere inches above
his face.

“This.” The word barely escaped her lips as his tongue
darted up to lick her. Instinctively, he knew what she wanted. He tongued her
clit, flicking, licking and sucking until she couldn’t think straight. Kalama
cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples, rolling the hardened peaks between
her fingertips.

“Yes, Jack. I’m so close,” she moaned and lost herself in the
sensations. He sucked her clit deep into his mouth and nipped the tip between
his teeth.

Pleasure beyond anything she felt before in her two hundred
and thirty years ripped through her, releasing a flood of her hot juices onto
Jack’s tongue. He licked her slowly until she came down from the precipice.

She slid back down his body once more until her pussy
brushed his hard erection. She pressed kisses along his jawline and neck.

“Your turn, Jack. Come inside me,” she whispered against his
neck. She rotated her hips, eliciting a low groan from Jack.

“I don’t have any protection.”

She gazed into his eyes and examined the question waiting
there. “As long as you’re clean, we don’t need it.”

He reached down and positioned his cock and the entrance to
her body. She moaned, settling her hips more firmly around the tip of him.
Lowering herself, she took him inside her inch by inch with excruciating
slowness. The ground beneath them seemed to rumble deep in its heart.

He filled her completely. She felt his fingers dig into her
hips as he held her tight. “Harder.”

She groaned and pumped harder, driving them both fast and
furious toward orgasm. Kalama cried out as a second orgasm tore her like
fast-moving lava, dragging Jack along in its path.

She collapsed against his chest, gasping for air. “
that was amazing.” She barely lifted her head to look at him as she spoke.

“At least you didn’t cause an earthquake,” Jack said,
playfully swatting her ass.

She giggled. “Look out at the water. It’s boiling.”

“You’re not kidding are you? You’re really a demi-goddess?”
Jack slicked her damp hair back from her forehead and looked at her.

“Yes, Jack, I am.”

Jack didn’t know how to handle everything that had passed
between them. Kalama was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman, beautiful,
intelligent and passionate. She was his match in every sense of the word. But
he couldn’t wrap his mind around the realization that she was, in fact, a
mythical creature.

They lay on the sand, wrapped blissfully in each other arms
for a few moments before Jack’s cell phone started to ring. He untangled
himself from Kalama and pulled it out of the plastic bag he’d placed it in for

Answering the call, he glanced at Kalama. She lounged
seductively on the towel. Sunlight danced over her bronzed skin and cast
intriguing shadows along her body. She smiled at him, a naughty gleam in her

“That was Sam. He’s on his way. Apparently one of his
fishing buddies is bringing him out to get us.” Jack stood, closed the phone,
and began pulling on his briefs.

“It could be awhile before he gets here, but we better swim
back to the boat and wait there. He’s HPD. If he finds us here, he’ll have no
choice but to bust us for trespassing.” Kalama stood up and began gathering her
underwear and the towel.

“Your tattoo goes over your butt.”

She laughed and shook the part of her anatomy he was
referring to. Jack followed the path of the tattoo on her back, which he could
now see traveled down her waist and over her curvy ass, stopping just at the
crease of her leg. It added to her exotic allure and he found himself wanting
to lick down the length of the design.

“See, Dr. Jack, I knew you were a clever man. Come on get
the lead out. If you hurry we can get back to the boat in plenty of time.” She
strode toward the surf, naked as the day she was born.

“In plenty of time for what? Sam won’t be here for at least
an hour.” He gathered up their things and secured them to the surfboard.

“For you to bend me over the control panel and fuck me from
behind.” With a wink and a smile, she swam out into the open water.

Jack stopped his tracks. The image of her body bent forward,
hands braced on the steering console as he drove his cock deep into her, filled
his mind.

Grabbing the board he lit out for the water.

* * * * *

Kalama leaned back in the chair in front of the steering
console, her legs lazily draped on the dash and waited patiently for Jack to
join her.

“‘Bout time you got here. I was afraid I’d have to take
matters into my own hands,” she said as soon as he’d climbed into the boat.

His gaze zeroed in on her breasts. She toyed with one nipple
and slid the other hand down her stomach. He hissed in a breath. Licking her
lips, she moved her hand lower and skimmed her dark curls. She’d grown wet
waiting for Jack, remembering the feel of him inside her and thinking of him
taking her from behind.

She flicked her fingernail over the sensitive bud of her
clit and watched him. His eyes turned stormy and a rush of power raced through
her. Wanting to tease him, enflame him even, she slipped her finger into her
wet pussy and moaned.

Growling, Jack stalked to her and leaned down, clamping his
lips over her other nipple. She cried out his name, the sound mixing with the
ocean calling around them.

Sharp spears of desire pierced her skin, making her hotter.
Her back arched and her hips rose against her hand buried deep. It still wasn’t
enough. She needed Jack to quench the fire burning deep within her.

“Jack, take me.”

He raised his head, a question on his handsome face. She
didn’t need foreplay, she simply needed him. She told him so.

Without a word, he pulled her from the chair and turned her
to face the steering console. She moaned out as he ran an open palm over the
length of her tattoo, jerking a bit when he swatted her ass. A big hand came
down sharply against the cheek of her butt bearing the ink and she bit her lip
as the pleasure ripped through her.

Her stomach tightened as he brought his hand down once more,
following the sting by cupping her pussy with his palm dragging it back until a
single finger hovered over her center. With excruciating slowness, he pumped
one finger into her, then two, pushing her closer to the edge of her orgasm.

“Not enough, Jack. I need more,” she moaned, so close.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Young, I didn’t quite hear you.” He leaned
down, his thick cock brushing the entrance to her body. Gently, he nipped her

“Please, Jack, I need you.” She didn’t care about the
desperate, pleading notes that laced her voice. All she was concerned with was
Jack burying himself deep inside her until she couldn’t see straight.

“You want more of this?” he asked, dipping the tip of his
length into her welcoming body.

“Oh yes.”

Jack straightened, his hand tightening around her hip and
the other gripping her shoulder, and rammed into her, stretching and filling
her with every inch of him.

Kalama gasped and her body tensed as she catapulted into her

She keened his name over and over as he pumped himself into
her. Clutching at the dashboard, she reveled in the sensation of his cock
filling her to capacity, stretching her. She pushed back and ground herself
against him as he continued to thrust deep.

A growl started low in his chest and rumbled through him,
sending shockwaves up and down her nerves. “I’m close, baby.”

“Fuck me. Harder.”

Jack pounded into her, showing no mercy in his desire for
her. The boat pitched as the waves churned up, her powers making themselves
known. His hand still gripped her shoulder, which served to hold her tighter
around his cock. She started to pant, the pressure building to a fevered peak.
A tingling sensation gripped her pussy.

BOOK: DaughterofFire
3.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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