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“We were all ready headed there but we have no way of knowing if those people are still alive, it’s just a recording.” Roland turned down the radio and watched the street markers looking for one eighteenth.


“It’s worth a shot Roland. What’s the worst that could happen?” Cory chimed in.


Roland slowed down and made a left turn a long empty street stretching out ahead of them as Roland tried not to think of all the horrible things that had happened in the past week. “Nothing I guess.”


Roland felt, rather than heard the tire blow out as the truck started pulling sharply to the right. Slowing the truck to a stop Roland looked at the three worried faces all eyes glued to his.


“We blew a tire, we’re gonna have to change it. Valerie stay in the truck; Caleb you grab the jack out from under the back seat, and Cory you’re with me. Let’s go get the spare.” Roland opened his door the icy wind quickly filling the truck.


Going around the front of the truck Roland found the front passenger side tire completely flat, a six inch gash torn into the thick rubber. Cory had climbed out of the passenger side and was staring at the tire.


“Shit dude, what did you run over.” A moan came from somewhere nearby cause both men to raise their weapons.


“I don’t know but you and Caleb get that tire changed fast and I’ll keep watch.” Roland flipped on the P90’s taclight.


“Like a NASCAR pit crew.” Cory and Caleb headed to the back of truck.


Realizing he would need a better view point Roland climbed into the box of the truck trying to look in every direction at once. He heard a moan coming from an alley fifty feet behind the truck and he clicked on the laser sight, bringing the weapon up to his shoulder. Caleb and Cory had the spare tire and were all ready jacking the truck up as the first of the creatures came around the corner.


Breathing slowly and closing his left eye Roland centered the red dot sight on the creature’s forehead and squeezed the trigger. The submachine gun barked and he was rewarded with a nickel sized hole materializing in the things skull as it collapsed into the snow. He easily dispatched the next two monsters and was feeling pretty confident with himself. His confidence evaporated as a group of a dozen came around the corner, moaning hungrily.


“Faster would be better!” He yelled to Cory as he drew a bead on the closest creature.


“It’s got a locking lug nut!” Cory’s angry reply came from the front of the truck.


“Check the glove compartment!” Roland was taking the monsters out one at a time but more were materializing from the alley as he did.


“Got it!” Roland’s magazine clicked dry.


“Good now hurry the hell up!” He inserted a fresh one and started firing again the monsters now numbered over forty.


The P90’s last clip clicked dry and he was drawing the Browning as the truck leveled out and he heard Cory’s excited voice. “We’re done, let’s go!”


“Don’t gotta tell me twice.” Roland muttered under his breath as he jumped from the box and right into the arms of one of the creatures.


Roland figured she must have been gorgeous when she was alive and he felt a little remorse as he smashed the butt of the pistol into her face crushing one of her pretty blue eyes. Uncaring she lunged again, this time knocking the pistol from his hand. As he put both his hands against her neck he could see the approaching mob. With no other options Roland pulled back his right hand to through a punch when a gunshot came from behind him and the creature’s face exploded falling from his grip as it did so. Roland turned to see Cory leaning out the now open driver’s door his FAL in hand.


“Are you done flirting? We gotta get going.”


Roland smiled and jogged for the door ignoring his lost automatic. “Kiss my ass.”


Safely back in the truck Roland reached into his backpack and pulled out one of the grenades. “Come on you bastards.” He snarled.


“What are you waiting for? They’re coming!” Valerie shrieked, her face pressed to the back window.


The creatures were five feet from the truck and Roland rolled down the window and leaned out. “See you in hell.” Pulling the pin he tossed the grenade at the nearest monster.


“You’re crazy!” This time it was Caleb shrieking as Roland shoved the truck in drive and floored the truck.


Three seconds later the grenade exploded taking a few of the creatures with it and Roland smiled as he watched in the side view mirror. Lighting a cigarette he inhaled enjoying the warm sensation. Roland flicked the butt of the cigarette and made a left turn onto one seventieth.


“Who wants to go to the mall?” He laughed a little it felt good to laugh.


“Dude, I think you’ve lost it.” Cory was shaking his head.


“Dead people are coming back to life and eating people, I think the whole world has lost it.” Roland was maneuvering expertly through the empty cars littering the street, his years of driving an ambulance finally coming in handy.


“Guess you got a point there.” Cory shook his head turning his eyes back to the road.


Reaching the mall had been easy; the hard part would be getting into the mall. The undead had gathered at every entrance to the mall Roland saw as he drove past each. Coming to a stop a distance from the entrance nearest to the casino Roland had a crazy idea. “This entrance seems to have the least creatures at it, so I’m gonna lead those things away from the entrance so you guys can get in. Then I’ll double back afterwards and catch up with you guys inside.”


“What’s wrong with you? What if those things get you? How are you gonna back inside afterwards?” Valerie was staring at him again and she seemed extremely upset with his suicidal plan.


“She’s right dude, it ain’t worth the risk.” Cory chimed in.


“Unless you got a better plan Cory, I’d love to hear it? No? Didn’t think so now pass me my backpack.” Roland opened the door and climbed out. “Eve, come.”


Roland shut the door behind the dog and Cory slid into the driver’s seat. “Dude be careful.” He cautioned; handing Roland’s backpack out the window.


“Don’t worry we got this, don’t we girl.” Roland pulled on the backpack and gave Eve a scratch behind the ears.


“Try not to die.” Caleb called from the back seat.


“Arrogant little bastard.” Roland muttered under his breath. “Cory, the second I lead them away you get to that door and you guys get inside. You got me?”


“You got it, Roland.”


“Good luck.”


“You too.” Cory rolled up the window and Roland could have sworn Valerie blew him a kiss from the back seat.

Chapter 16: Not The Best Plan



The wind was picking up and Roland did his best to ignore the needling cold as he walked towards the entrance and its mass of death. Tossing away the empty magazine he loaded a fresh one into the P90, with both his pistols gone he only had the submachine gun and sniper rifle left. Looking through his backpack as he walked he took stock; three magazines for the P90, four clips for the Timberwolf, and five grenades. It wasn’t much but it would have to do, Roland thought as he slung the backpack over his shoulder and looked down at the blue eyed canine walking beside him. “Well girl, let’s see if we can get their attention.”



Roland was fifty feet away from what he guessed was about fifty of the creatures when he stopped drawing a bead on the nearest monster. Letting out a sharp whistle as he squeezed the trigger he watched as its left eye disappeared, his moment of pride cut short as the rest turned towards him and began a slow shambling walk in his direction. Roland knew he needed to lead them away from both the truck and the entrance but he didn’t want to get to close to another entrance or he’d risk increasing the size of the mob following him.


“Guess we got their attention, come on Eve let’s go.”


“Come on you bastards, free meal right here!” Roland shouted as he put some distance between himself and the creatures heading for the street.


Stopping at the edge of the parking lot Roland turned to make sure they were all following him before taking the opportunity to perforate a few more skulls. Once he was sure there were no more creatures left at the entrance Roland jogged across the street his progress slowed by the deep snow everywhere and he could see Eve hopping through the snow beside him. He reached the nearest fence with at least eighty feet between him and his new fan group and began looking for a gate.



As far as Roland could see in either direction the fence was unbroken by a gate or hole and the hungry crowd was closing on him. “Over, under, around or through.” Roland said to Eve and he started to kick in the fence boards.



As soon as Roland had three of the six inch fence boards broken off Eve jumped through the hole, Roland turning to look at the encroaching mob before climbing through himself. The Timberwolf’s stock became momentarily stuck causing Roland to panic briefly until he pulled the stock down and freed himself.


There was a two-story home in the yard, one of many cookie cutter homes and Roland headed for the back door praying it was unlocked. Eve was already all ready at the sliding glass doors by the time Roland got there and seemed to be looking at him expectantly. “Let’s hope the god’s of luck are smiling on us girl.” He said as he grabbed the handle and pulled.


The door slid open silently and Roland said a silent thank you as he ushered the dog in before stepping through himself. Safely inside Roland slid the door shut and clicked the locked just as the first of the creatures fell through the gaping hole in the fence. The fence blocked his view of the mall so Roland decided to head for the second floor to get a better look. The house was dark and Roland clicked on his taclight; instantly lighting up a large family photograph above the nearby fireplace. Looking away Roland headed for the stairs his boots clumping along the floor as he went.


Eve followed close behind; her nails clicking on the linoleum floor, the pair’s footsteps the only sound in the house. Roland shivered, it may not have been as cold inside the house as it was outside but it certainly wasn’t warm. There was thick, white carpet on the stairs and Roland felt a little bad as he trudge up the stairs, his boots heavy from the day’s exertions but he had to know what had happened to the others. At the top of the stairs Roland headed to the back of the house and found himself in the master bedroom. Opening the curtain on a solitary window he saw that the yard was filled with the monsters that had followed him from the mall and that he had a clear view of the mall’s casino entrance.


Throwing his backpack on the bed he pulled the Timberwolf from its sling and opened the window. A blast of cold air hit him in the face and he kicked out the screen watching it bounce of the head of one of the undead. Roland rested the sniper rifle’s bipod on the window and pointed the scope towards the mall where he could see the truck was parked in front of the doors it’s passengers gone.


“Well at least they made it; I guess we’ll just stay here tonight.” Roland looked at his watch and saw he’d been awake for almost twenty hours.


Moving quickly through the house to insure all the doors were locked Roland grabbed what he could out of the fridge before heading back to the master bedroom. Not wanting any unexpected visitors Roland tipped the heavy armoire over and braced it against the door making sure nothing could move it. His temporary hideout secure Roland fed Eve the ham he had found in the fridge, the dog devouring the meat hungrily.


Taking off his backpack, vest and the P90 Roland sat down on the bed and lit a cigarette suddenly feeling very peaceful. The ham gone Eve climbed up onto the bed and Roland kicked off his boots while throwing the duster on the floor. Crushing his cigarette on the nightstand and pulled the blankets over himself and the dog, Eve cuddling into his chest. Outside Roland could make out the dull moaning of the creatures but the blackness of sleep was more powerful and no sooner had he closed his eyes than his world dissolved to nothingness.


In the dream he was chasing Emily her hand reaching out for his as some unseen force pulled away constantly out of his reach and behind him a horde of undead gave chase constantly at his heels. Suddenly he tripped on something soft landing face first in the cold wet snow and when he turned to look he saw the yellow eyes of Crystal glaring at him as she took a bite out of his calf. The pain was excruciating and as he watched Emily fade into the distance he felt more bites all over his body. Turning to look he saw the faces of everyone else he had allowed to die, their skin grey and eyes yellow.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” He kept screaming as they tore into his flesh their yellow eyes boring into him while his blood dripped from their lips.


The sound of Eve’s barking brought him back to reality, and he sat up with a start looking around the now brightly lit room. Eve was standing at the foot of the bed facing the door growling at the door the sound of scratching and moaning coming from the other side. Climbing quickly out the big bed Roland pulled on his boots and duster peering out the window as he did. The sun had risen and he could see the back yard was empty, he also saw that another crowd of monsters had gathered in front of the mall. It was twelve feet to the ground and as Roland pulled on his vest and backpack he got an idea.


Picking up the nightstand and using it as a battering ram Roland knocked the entire window assembly out of its frame listening to the glass shatter as it hit the ground below. Tossing the nightstand out the window Roland pulled all of the covers off the bed earning him an indignant look from Eve as he pulled the covers out from under her.

BOOK: Dead Cold
13.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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