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Deep Pleasures by Anal Amy


Deep Pleasures

by Anal Amy


Copyright 2012



This e-book is licensed for personal use only, it may not be sold, loaned or reproduced in any form without the author's permission.


This is an erotic short story and includes explicit subject matter. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


This story is a work of fiction. Names, places are fiction and any relation to an actual person is purely coincidental.





She kept the email short.




I'm going to be in town for a wedding. Do you want to get together for drinks one night?





Many thoughts from innocent to naughty ran through my head. Automatically, I typed my response that I would take a night off from work so we could get together. It seemed like I was reading an email from an old college friend, not just someone from online.


Our emails could never be described as innocent, but it wasn't like the other emails I received from readers of my blogs. The ones who didn't know me, but wanted to travel hundreds of miles to fuck me. Ours were conversations about blogging, she wrote a sex blog too. We talked about slutty acts we did with our lovers, dirty things we wanted to try. She never said she wanted to sleep with me, there was always a cock involved in our fantasies.





Amy.” A cute brunette with glasses across the bar waved at me.


I knew it was you.” She said when I was close enough that she didn't need to yell. “There's not many redheads like you.” She said as she hugged me.  I didn't know if she was hitting on me, but my body reacted like she did. A dampness started forming between my legs.


I'm so glad we could finally get together.”


You look so sexy.” Tori said, making my cheeks turn red. “You look like you're ready to go break some poor man's heart.”


I didn't want to break any man's heart. I wanted her. I drove to the bar that Saturday night, not knowing if we were just getting together for a couple drinks or something more. I hoped for something more.


You look like a pin-up model.” Her white and black polka dot dress with a bright red belt made her look like a model from another era. It was classy, form fitting, sexy but not slutty. I wore an orange dress, that showed off too much cleavage and was too tight around my ass. I looked like I was from Florida and very slutty. 


Thanks.” She giggled. “Let's get you a drink.”


She waved the bartender down, like she owned the place.


What are you drinking?” I looked at her glass and asked.


It's called between the sheets. I've never had it before, Landon told me I would love it.”


It's brandy, rum, triple sec, sweet and sour.” Said the bartender who I assumed was Landon.


Sounds good to me.”


You'll like it. He makes them strong and don't worry, if you need a place to crash, you can stay in my hotel room. I have a ridiculously big bed.”


I didn't know if it was an offer for me to share her bed for sleeping or something more. I leaned towards just sleeping, because in between catching me up on her love life, she flirted with the bartender.


As the bar filled, the bartender had to focus on all of the customers, not just Tori. I thought I would have her to myself so I could get more of a clue where this night was going, but I thought wrong. “I think they're checking us out.” Tori pointed her head towards the two men in suits that looked our way. “A little too suit for me, but I bet they would buy us a round or two.”


I smiled at them and they took it as their cue to join us. They introduced themselves as Kyle and Nick, but neither Tori or I paid attention to a word they said until they offered to buy the next round.


It's good to have tits.” She whispered into my ear as she groped my boob. She was playing around, but the dampness between my legs instantly came back.


Do you want to dance?” Tori asked me, instead of one of them, when the bar area flirted with over-capacity.


I thought that you didn't like to dance?”


I know, but it's too crowded here and I was hoping you could show me your dance moves.”


I don't know if you could really call what I do dancing, but I'll try.”


She grabbed my hand, interlaced her fingers between mine and led me through the crowd to the dance floor. It sent nervous energy fluttering through me, reminding me of holding hands with a boy while walking across the gym floor during junior high dances. Unfortunately, Kyle and Nick followed us.


Tori and I danced face to face, not grinding against each other, but close enough that the smooth fabric of her dress brushed across my bare legs. Kyle, or maybe it was Nick danced behind me, grinding against my ass and holding my hips too tight.


Tori's eyes scanned the dance floor, her eyes hunting men. I hoped that she wouldn't find any. We already had two that were attached to us, that I would have to lose if it was ever going to be just the two of us.


I watched her as she moved in the crowd, I imagined how she moved in between the sheets. Would she be full of energy or would she want me to be the lead?


Her emails told me of her adventures with other women, more wild and erotic than any of my awkward or curious attempts when I was younger. After one email, I had climbed into bed and fingered myself before I fell sleep, imagining her teaching me all of the finer points of making love to a woman. However, as we danced on the floor, I felt trapped in friend zone.


I felt Kyle or Nick's hands slid from my hips and attempt to grab my tits. I blocked his hands, but when he made the same move a song later, I let him cop a feel. Through the fabrics of my dress and bra, the caressing was enough to wake the slut inside of me, leaving my panties damp. I gave up on anything happening with Tori and I imagined sneaking away with him to the bathroom for a quickie or heading back to his place for a hot, sweat filled night in his bed. I turned around and rubbed my body against him. His cock became full against my stomach. I could feel the dampness spreading in my panties and it had nothing to do with the heat of the club.


Hey you slut.” Tori smiled as she turned me around to face her. “Want to get another drink?”


I nodded my head yes, glad to have her attention again.


We'll be right back.” She left Kyle and Nick on the dance floor, watching us walk away. “I'm sorry about breaking you and Kyle apart, however Nick was getting on my nerves. We can go back out there with them if you want, but I need a drink first.”


I say we get the drinks, but skip going back out there again.”


You and Kyle looked like you were getting along pretty good.”


He's not really my type.”


What's your type?” She asked as we waited at the bar, trying to attract the attention of a bartender.


I don't know how to describe my type.”


Besides men that are your boss of course.”


I giggled, but I wanted to be serious. I wanted to tell her that she was my type. I wanted to cut out all of the dancing in the crowded club and go back to her room for a private show. I pussyed out, I let the bartender cut off our conversation.


We ordered another round of drinks and did a shot on top of that, but it wasn't enough to build up the liquid courage that I needed. Instead, we ended up back on the dance floor, luckily this time without Kyle and Nick.


She stayed close enough so that we could talk, close enough that I could feel her smooth legs bump against me, her tits rubbed against mine. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to do a whole lot more, but I couldn't make the move. If she were a guy, I probably would've five songs ago. It wasn't because we were both women and we were surrounded by strangers, I could care less about what they would think. I only worried about what she would think.


I knew I was running out of songs, and it wouldn't be long before the bar closed.


She looked into my eyes, and it was my perfect time to make a move. My heart was pounding, I tried to leaned forward, but I couldn't move.


The dj announced “Last call for alcohol.” Now or never. She was looking at me again, and this time I leaned forward and kissed her. She pulled me closer and our bodies pressed together as our lips met and blended together like a delicious drink. I couldn't believe we kissed. It was better than I imagined. It wasn't a short kiss, it lasted through the end of the song and into the next one.


We pulled back to catch our breaths and I heard a male voice from behind me. “Don't stop now.”


We kissed again, this time I didn't close my eyes. A handful of guys and a couple of girls were watching us now. I felt like their entertainment and it turned me on even more.


Want to go back to my place?” She said.


I was hoping you would ask.”


She grabbed my hand again, lacing my fingers with hers as she led me out of the crowd.


Don't go.” One guy pleaded.


Can I join in?” Another asked.


We didn't look back. We raced out the front door and the three blocks to her hotel. The only thing that kept us from running back were our heels and that neither one of us wanted to break one.


The desk clerk watched us as he flew by. We smiled at him and he smiled back. After his shift was done, he was going to be thinking of us before he went to sleep.


She pinned me in the elevator, her hot body pressed me hard against the cold metal wall, her lips forced against mine, our tongues darting into each others mouths. My heart was pounding. I wondered if they had cameras in the elevator. I wondered what would happen when we had the privacy of her room.


We stumbled into her room and into each others arms. We fell onto the extra plush hotel bed and wrapped our bodies together as our lips kissed and our hands tentatively explored each other.


There was more heat and passion in the room than if there had been a guy present. Our kisses were pure lust, yet our emotions were driving my excitement even higher.


Unlike my previous female encounters, I wasn't nervous, and things didn't feel awkward. Everything felt perfect.


I undid her oversized red belt first, attempting to get a temperature reading from her. She pulled it off and flung it on the floor.


I expected her next move to be taking off my dress, but instead she rolled on top of me and made my heart skip a beat. Her body weight was significantly less than that of a man, but the passion was significantly more. Our lips battled, her hands held me down like she had caught me, not that I was going to go anywhere. Our full tits pressed against each other, I had never been this turned on when I had a cock pressed up against me.


Her lips left mine and made their way down my neck, across the cleavage that escaped from my dress. My breathing became quicker as I hoped that she would go down on me. I knew that she had been with more women than me and I wanted to see what difference her experience made.


Her hands pushed my legs further apart and I could feel my heart in my chest like I had drank too much coffee.


She pushed my dress up and exposed my silver satin and lace thong. I had bought the panties and the matching bra, hoping that she would be the one to see them tonight.


She peeled off my underwear and I felt the cool air of the extremely air conditioned hotel room on my naked lips. But, even on full blast, the air conditioner did nothing to cool down my heat.


Her soft, wet lips kissed me just above my knees, going back and forth on my thighs, working their way up.


Please.” I pleaded as her lips teased the bare skin above my pussy.


Instead she kissed my thighs, my exposed stomach. Her hands found my tits, then finally she worked her way back down.


I was soaking wet, but her first kiss on my bare lips still managed to increase the wetness building from inside of me.


Her fingers opened me and her tongue slid between my lips, brushing my clit on the exit. My body shook, overwhelmed by the pleasure.


Her fingers found my clit while her tongue slid between my lips. I held on to the thick covers and enjoyed the ride.


Oh my god.” I moaned softly as her tongue switched it's attention to my clit.


I looked down and she was smiling, proud of her work. She worked me like a trained technician. She knew exactly how to use her tongue to push me to the next level.


Her tongue went faster, my breathing increased and I came dangerously close to the edge...and then my orgasm over took me. I closed my eyes, leaned back and enjoyed the rush of pleasure.

BOOK: Deep Pleasures
4.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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