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Across The Wolf II


by Rhea Wilde



Published by Rhea Wilde, 2014.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.




Across The Wolf part II




First edition. January 16, 2014


Copyright © 2014 Rhea Wilde.


Written by Rhea Wilde.

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Author’s Note



“Never was anything great achieved without danger.”

-Niccolo Machiavelli

Chapter 1

I’m one of the lucky ones. I know that. At first, I didn’t know what I was looking for. But now I do. It’s this: being here with someone that I love. The circumstances surrounding it don’t matter. I’m here. And I’m happy.

I laid on the grass and looked up at the sky. The birds circled around beneath the clouds before discovering their peace upon the perfect tree branch. They chirped to express their delight at finding the spot they could use to observe the rest of the wilderness. Their singing was the chorus to the sounds of the trees all around us. The shuffling within the forest was a reminder that there was something alive inside.

But it didn’t matter what was stirring in there. It wasn’t that I just felt safe lying here on the grass. I felt like I was part of it. It was like this inexplicable synergy I had with everything living here. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as it surged through my body. The cool breeze blew and brushed against my skin.

“You’re beautiful.”

I smiled softly at the sound of his voice but remained there, lying in peace and without a care in the world.

He was the reason I was so comfortable out here. After I discovered who Vaughn really was, I had enough experiences to last me a lifetime. But it was over now. I could enjoy the feeling of not having to search any longer for the perfect man, even if he wasn’t exactly a man.

“You don’t have to say that to me,” I replied.

“I know. But it’s true. Do you want me to stop?”

I grinned. I could feel Vaughn’s eyes on me. He wasn’t just staring at me. He was watching over me, protecting me from anything that might cause me harm.

It’s kind of funny. I live out in the city. There are people there. Friends I’ve made and people I’ve grown accustomed to. Everything I need is out there. The food I eat. The room I sleep in. The clothes I wear. But it isn’t until I get out here do I feel like I don’t have to worry about anything despite the dangers that might be lurking in the darkness surrounding me.

I opened my eyes and turned my head to the side. Vaughn was there next to me, propped up onto his elbow. His eyes wandered up and down my naked body like they were in a slow-moving trance. Normally I would feel self-conscious about myself but Vaughn made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. And if he didn’t make me feel that way, he would say it to remind me. That’s how I knew I was the lucky one.

I gave Vaughn the same inspection he had given me. There wasn’t a single imperfection on his body. His chest and abdomen were solid and defined. His skin was smooth and unblemished, almost glistening underneath the sunlight. Every striation was visible on the nakedness of his physique, like he was a chiseled piece of art. His length rested between his legs and despite being spent from the latest session, it was arguably the most glorious part of his body. His long blond hair cascaded down the side of his head. I was enamored with every inch of him.

This was how my life was now. Vaughn would take me out in this forest clearing I’d become so familiar with and make love to me before the eyes of whatever beasts that would be lucky enough to see it. My desire for Vaughn hadn’t faltered one bit ever since we started seeing each other. There was more to the sex we had than just satisfying both my curiosity and the hormones in my body. The feelings Vaughn had were greater than any man could possibly have. We made love in my apartment and in my bed but out here, it was different. He had a demon inside of him. A curse. And the only way to satiate it was for him to be out in the open and have his way with me the way it was meant to be. The savage instincts of the beast could not be contained. Vaughn and I were inseparable because of that and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



“Are you…”

“What is it?”

“Are you happy?”

I sighed as I asked him. It was mostly because I knew what his answer would be and I still wouldn’t believe him.

“I’m with you, Ariel. That makes me happy.”

“But I can be more. I want to make you even happier.”

“Ariel. Nothing pleases me more than your company as you are now.”

It had been several months since it happened. I was captured and converted by the rest of his clan. Vaughn betrayed and killed all of them. For me. And now he was a lone wolf without a brother to call to. I wasn’t even the real queen a man like him deserved. But despite my constant protests, Vaughn refused to even speak about the subject. He only wanted to maintain the relationship as it was now.

I knew that it was burning inside of him. I knew he was holding back when he was with me. He was an animal, a carnal beast that had to retract his claws out of fear of hurting me. I experienced what it was like to be an Alpha to him. Nothing would complete Vaughn more than the opportunity to breed with me and repopulate the clan he was now the leader of. But he would never acknowledge it and I was in no position to force him.

I leaned in closer to him and reached out with my lips for him. He pulled away and kissed me softly upon the cheek.

“You have to get ready for work,” he whispered to me.

“I know… Just one more kiss. Please…”

I inhaled strongly as if to try and get a piece of him. The aroma lingered within my nostrils and intoxicated me. If he wouldn’t kiss me, I wanted as much of him as I could.

“Please,” I begged him again.

He sighed reluctantly moments before his face fell upon mine. I opened my mouth and tried to consume him. The fluids from his tongue spilled onto mine and the feeling surged through my body. He had a poison in his body that was designed to debilitate someone like me. It was made to make me vulnerable so that he could have his way with me. But I didn’t care that my need for Vaughn was partly a chemical reaction. He was a drug that I happily became addicted to.

His lips pulled away from me with a loud smack and he sat up.

“Come on. You have to get ready for work now.”

“Maybe I could take a day off. I don’t think it’s going to be that busy. Frank won’t mind. And the other girls will be happy because that means more tips for them, too.”

“Don’t get lazy, Ariel. We have forever to be together. A few hours mean nothing.”


I sat up from the grass and leaned in close to Vaughn. I nuzzled my head upon his neck and trailed kisses upon his skin.

“You mean that?” I whispered to him.

“Why wouldn’t I? Ariel…”

I pulled away from him and he stared at me. It would be difficult for any woman to break free from the trance he could put them in.

“I’m madly in love with you, Ariel. The fact that we are so different doesn’t matter to me. If anything, it makes me more attracted to you. I’m not like most men.”

“Certainly not,” I smirked.

“But I’m not like most wolves either. You’ve realized that by now.”

“So, we’re just a regular odd couple, aren’t we?” I giggled at him.

He chuckled back at me as I leaned in closer to him to kiss his flesh once again. He placed his hands upon my shoulders and pulled me away from him. I quickly became lost in his eyes a second time as he smiled at me.

“We are strange,” he said. “There’s no doubt about that. But I only want to make you happy.”

“And I want to make you happy, too.”

“Then just be who you are. Don’t stop living your life as it has always been because of me. I don’t want you to change.”

I sighed as I broke free from his gaze. I couldn’t deny the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes upon. I loved every second I spent with Vaughn but if the two of us were going to live a normal life, I couldn’t stop trying to make a living.

“Besides, I have to go as well,” he said.

“How is it?”

Wolves and humans lived among each other despite the latter having no clue about it. When the beast inside of him wasn’t calling, Vaughn did his best to be an ordinary man. He kept his job down on the docks and did a good job of blending in with everybody else. The hard labor was nothing to him.

“It couldn’t be better,” he said. “I get along with everybody. The men go about their business and don’t treat me any differently. I’ve managed to keep a low enough profile that the only time they notice me is when I’m working too hard.”

“You’re not working
hard, are you?”

“No,” he laughed, shaking his head. “But I’m doing enough to make sure that I keep the job.”

I must say, I can’t complain,” I said as I trailed a finger along the rigid muscles on his body. “The money might not be very good but at least the physical results are certainly enjoyable enough.”

We both laughed softly as I once again enjoyed the artistry of his physique. Vaughn didn’t make much money at the docks. He didn’t even need it. He gave every cent to me. Combined with all of the tips I made at the bar, I had more than enough money to pay for the rent.

“Why don’t we just get away?” I said to him. “I could move out of the apartment. We could just live out here in the woods and stay together and—”


I knew I couldn’t complain. In his free time, Vaughn had completely repaired the cabin in the clearing that Irvine had built. Vaughn was giving me every reason to run away from the city and live out here. But I knew that it was a futile attempt for me to try and get away.

“I know, I know,” I sighed. “I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. This place… It’s so different from everywhere else I’ve known. I feel like I’m on a vacation when I’m out here. Most people don’t have that option…”

“Maybe one day, Ariel. But for now there’s no need to hurry. We have—”


I smiled at him as I closed my eyes. I felt his lips upon my forehead and sighed once again. Vaughn stood up and started putting his clothes back on. Reluctantly, I followed him and tried to do the same. The lingering effects of the love we made were still within me. As I started to lose my balance, Vaughn grabbed me by the arm and held me up.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes,” I laughed softly. “I’m fine. It must have been that last kiss…”

He grabbed my face gently and looked deep into my eyes.

“They’re red,” he said. “You should probably get that taken care of before you head into work.”

“Yes, I will. I promise… But only if you kiss me again.”

I smirked at him and he playfully rolled his eyes.

“That’s definitely the venom talking. Come on.”

Okay, okay…

I reluctantly put my clothes back on while Vaughn waited for me. Our time out in the woods never seemed to last long enough. We removed any evidence of what we did out here after I put the rest of my outfit on. I looked at him one last time to see if I could squeeze just one more moment out of him.

“Ariel, you don’t know what you do to me when you look at me like that,” he sighed. “I’m beginning to wonder who exactly is in control.”

“Give in, Vaughn,” I smirked. “Rip my clothes off and we can stay here. I’m here for you.”

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