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Guy paid a mini-cab driver a large sum of
money to get him back to Worthington Hall. Guy knew it was late and he prayed
Grace was interested in seeing him. He didn’t mind heading back. After all Guy
didn’t want to witness his half-brother screw up the rest of his life.

mini-cab pulled in front of the cottage. Guy thanked him for the ride. The
driver asked for a picture with Guy and Guy happily took one. He even
autographed the driver’s iPhone as a keepsake. Guy exited the cab. Guy waved at
the driver before knocking on the cottage door.

looked at the clock sitting on the nightstand.
It’s midnight.
Grace heard the knock as she was retiring to bed.
She’d given up hope that Guy was coming to see her. Grace grabbed her robe and
went to open the door.

smiled at the sight of Guy. His sooty hair ruffled and his cocoa eyes glinted
with mischief. The two top buttons of his shirt open and wide smile on his face
showed Grace,
Guy’s glad to see me

Aptly Grace was
pleased to see him. She opened the door further allowing him to step in. Guy
noticed that the terry cloth robe Grace was wearing hugged her curves tightly.
It hid Grace’s sweet curves and the hint of little fabric that peek-a-boo out
from the robe, told Guy she’s wearing a pink polka-dot nightgown.

in.” Grace welcomed. “Would you like a drink?”

glass of wine please.” Guy replied.

took out a bottle of Chardonnay from the fridge. She poured two glasses of wine
and walked over to the lounge. Guy sat on the couch comfortable. Grace handed
him a wineglass.

was your evening?” Grace asked as she tucked her bare feet beneath her bottom.

so well. I’m sure it’ll be in all of tomorrow’s paper. Darren’s walking a fine
line.” Guy groaned. “I’ve had enough of Darren. How was the rest of your day?”

I’m doing well, even with time constraints.” Grace replied.

thought for a minute. He wondered if Grace wouldn’t mind answering some
personal questions.

are you in a relationship with another man?” Guy implored.

I’m not. There’s no one in the cards. My life’s about work. Many moons ago I had
a boyfriend, but it didn’t work out.” Grace replied. Before he continued with
his questions Guy drank wine.

you love him?”

It wasn’t anything like that. It was a small romance. Nothing spectacular or
special about him. It was young love.”

really wanted to tell him about her big secret. Her mind debated back and forth
like a ping-pong game on whether timing’s right. She decided against it.
What if this encounter is nothing? What if
he wants to be friends?
her mind snapped.
Would he have kissed you the way he did?

minded Guy placed his palm on her exposed knee. Grace leaned in, drinking her
wine when his fingers circled her knee. It caught Grace off guard and goose
pimples erupted along her arms and thighs.

about you?” she asked turning the tables on him.

had a girlfriend once. Her only interest was in becoming a WAG.
At one point in our relationship I was
serious about her. But she was wrapped up in fashion and having her name in the
press, it turned me off. She had no goals or aspirations. Most of all she
didn’t want children. I ended our relationship over a year ago. Since then,
I’ve been focusing on football and the pitch.” Guy replied honestly.

acknowledged his story with a nod. She understood what Guy went through. He
softly grazed her knee with his finger tips.

don’t want to keep you late. I know you’ve lots of work to do and wake early.”
Guy murmured. He looked directly at her. Grace shied away. She turned her
attention to the flames in the fireplace as if it was amusing.

worry. All’s taken care. I wouldn’t have answered if I wanted to sleep.” Grace
replied eagerly.

Grace bit her lip
wishing she could take back her answer. Guy noticed the way Grace bit her lip.
He felt his cock twitch in arousal. He was satisfied in her answer. Grace
leaned forward to place her wineglass down. He placed his hand on Grace’s lower
back to stroke her through the robe. Guy ran his hand up to the base of her
neck. There he brushed her hair aside to massage Grace’s neck and shoulders.

Grace moaned.
It feels oh so good since
Guy’s gentle with his hands.

hand landed on his knee. Guy drew his body into Grace. He cupped her face,
bending in for her kiss. Grace obliged. Guy’s soft lips parted hers and she
felt the warmth of his tongue swirling around hers. Grace moaned as Guy pulled
away to kiss her neck. His hands were now tangled in her hair, tugging ever so
gently to expose more of her neck.

felt Guy’s hands untie her robe. It was tossed aside quickly. As he guessed,
Grace was dressed in a flimsy pink polka dot sheer nightgown. Guy could see
from the lighting in the room that she was half-naked underneath the gown. Grace’s
nipples taut and straining against the sheer fabric. For a flitting moment, Guy
considered pouring his wine over the fabric to lap at Grace’s succulent
breasts. Guy sucked his breath at the sight of her.
She’s gorgeous!

body glowed in passion. Guy pulled Grace into his arms to continue kissing.
Sexual electricity flowed between them as the kissing increased in eroticism.
Guy brought his hands up to Grace’s shoulders, pulling her small, thin, pink
nightgown straps down. Grace trembled with delight and moaned again.

Grace whispered breathlessly.

wanted Guy to touch her and she’s going to allow it.
This isn’t some boy!
She’s desperate to feel what it’s like to be
in the arms of a true man.

Guy brought his thumbs up to Grace’s nipples. He rubbed them softly through the
fabric. Grace gasped loudly. Guy took this opportunity to pull Grace’s gown
down around her waist. Guy brought his lips to her bosom. There he showered her
in kisses. He cupped her right breast and flicked his tongue over the rosy bud
of a nipple. He suckled at her breast like a parched man in a desert dying of
dehydration. Guy’s other hand covered Grace’s other breast where he playfully
pulled on Grace’s nipple. Grace felt her knickers moisten with excitement. Her
clit felt as though butterfly wings pressed against her. She placed her hands
behind Guy’s neck bringing them both down onto the couch.

came up for air before giving her another tense kiss. His rock hard steel cock
strained in his jeans. It needed releasing, but first Guy wanted to satisfy her
like she’s never been satisfied. Guy pulled back onto his knees. He looked down
at Grace as she wantonly spread her legs for him. Grace’s caramel hair fanned
around her face. Her eyes half-shut in drunken seduction.

ran his hands up her thighs, pushing fabric up around her waist. He came across
her cotton white knickers. He was use to women wearing Agent Provocateur or La
Perla, but the Marks and Spencer’s
knickers excited him to no end. It
proved to him Grace didn’t care about the highlife nor did she need to show off
expensive goods in order to please a man.

fingers hooked underneath the elastic waistband of her knickers. Guy drew them
slowly around her arse, down her thighs and over her ankles before tossing them
on the floor. Guy didn’t expect to be stunned by Grace, but revealing her pussy
did surprise him.

Once exposed Guy
noticed how barren Grace was down there. He was taken that his country girl had
a Brazilian wax. It turned him on even more. In anticipation of what was to
come next, Guy’s stiff cock expressed pre-cum glee. Guy revelled at the sight
of Grace’s sweet pink lips and beautiful nub of her clit. It reminded him of a
dark pink lotus flower. Guy ran his finger down her slit making Grace cried
I think I’m going to die here!
mind swirled.

my, bloody hell! Guy, please...please.” Grace panted as Guy rubbed her creamy
clit. She had to stop him before he went further. She had to tell him her

ignored her pleas and cupped her arse in the palms of his hands. He brought his
face down to her honey nectar lips. There Guy ran his tongue along Grace’s
slit. She exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Grace brought her hips up to his face
as his tongue ran ovals around her lips before dipping into the entrance of her
womb. He lapped every drop of sugary sweet honey Grace expelled. Grace screamed
in pleasure.
This is a first! No one has
ever done this to me.
She clenched her hands in his jet black hair as she
rotated her sex against his mouth. Finally Grace collapsed onto the cushion,
panting heavily in satisfaction.

Once Grace finished tugging his hair Guy
pulled himself up. He looked down at Grace watching her quiver in orgasmic
defeat. Before she’d even catch her breath, Guy began to run his fingers down
her sopping slit. He ran his fingers on the outer rim before stretching the
entrance with the tip of his index finger.
got to stop him!

pushed one finger in.
She’s tight,
unusually tight.
Guy barely had a knuckle in when Grace contracted around
his finger.

no! Stop it!” Grace screamed.

by Graces’ reaction, Guy shot up. Grace quickly sat up, recovering from their
encounter. She fixed her gown, putting her robe on to cover herself. Grace
placed her hair in a messy ponytail. Guy looked confused by her reaction.

thought we’re having a good time. You’re scrumptious. I never tasted anything
like you.” Guy growled huskily.

turned around to see Guy sitting on the couch. His expression said it all.
He’s confused and thinks he’s done wrong. I
can’t have him believe’s not him.

I have to tell you something.” Grace said.

is it? What’s wrong?” Guy asked concerned.

a virgin.” Grace blurted out. Grace’s confession made her face go crimson in

For a brief second Guy thought he heard
A virgin!
He was shell
In this day and age finding a
twenty-five year old virgin is like finding the Hope diamond all over again. A
Guy got up from the couch and paced the floor. Guy tried to soak it
all in. It was on the tip of his tongue to say,
how the hell does one stay a virgin for so long?
But he kept mum.

are you ok?” Grace asked twice, before hearing her on the third. Guy ran his
hands through his hair in cerebration. Guy nodded.

you mad? I should’ve told you before we started. I’m sorry. I really want you,
Guy, but I thought you should know that I’ve never had sex.” Grace continued as
she followed him into the kitchen. Guy poured another glass of wine. Instead he
drank from the bottle.

you saving your virginity for your wedding night?” Guy wondered aloud.

I’m not saving my virginity. Marriage isn’t relevant. I never got around to it.
It wasn’t like I was ticking it off on a check list. All I want is to have sex
with the right person. I want a man who loves me and cares about me, not a one
night stand.” Grace countered.

felt the sting of Guy’s reaction. She was hurt.
I can’t believe his only interest is in sex.
Grace scowled.

you have a problem with it?” Grace spat.

knew it was a strong possibility that it would’ve been a weekend tryst, but
Grace hoped that their unspoken connection made their bond stronger.

Guy stammered. “I meant every word I said. I want to be with you, Grace. I’m
afraid of hurting you.”

BOOK: Delicious (A Rumour Mill Novel)
10.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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