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S.K. Lessly



I will forever dedicate my writing to my family. You all allow me to do what I love, and I’m blessed to have you in my life.

To my friends, thanks for your support and love. Your encouragement kept me going.

And to my fans, it’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here, thanks for your unwavering support and patience. Thanks for reading and giving me your feedback.

Here’s Desired Too… I hope you enjoy!



Previously in Desired


Thank God, I’m home. Tonight was hectic. I opened up my second nightclub in Philadelphia called
and that place was packed tonight.
Champagne Life
of course was still my baby, but
was Georgia’s. She designed the place, named it and I even let her hire some of the staff. This place was chic, very upscale and definitely not my flavor. It wasn’t as large as
Champagne Life,
so we were able to do more with it. The designs were more to cater to the “grown and sexy”; those were Georgia’s words, not mine. I had recently opened the same club in Miami, which had been a huge success as well.

We stayed in Miami for a while, at least until I felt it was okay for her to travel. She had some bumps and bruises, but the baby was okay. She needed some rest because she’d started spotting. What better place than to stay on the beach? I rented a house right along the beach and made sure I catered to her every need.

I didn’t mind it. I loved her.

Yeah, I’ve been saying it more and more, and now it’s second nature, like me saying “please” and “thank you.” Actually, I say “I love you” to her more than I say “please” and “thank you” period, so I
I’m evolving.

Anyway, we received no backlash on the bodies we dropped. We had a meeting with all the bosses in the area and explained to them what happened. Apparently, Don Santiago and his son made quite a few enemies that my uncle found out about, so as a gift, and a show of faith, my uncle dropped off a very alive and breathing Don Santiago to his rival Latin cartels. My uncle was assured that they would take care of Don Santiago and the beach house.

I drove by the beach house three days later just to make sure that they held up their end of the bargain, and I only saw a shell of a house left. Apparently, there was a huge fire…

There were some alliances made, and I think my uncle was trading with some of the cartels down there, but I didn’t know for sure.

So, yeah, my relationship with my uncle and family didn’t exist as of right now. They made their choice by keeping Eddie alive. I couldn’t be around Eddie and not want to kill him, so I parted ways. My uncle would call me to invite me to family dinners, but I would never go. Georgia would though. My family loved her. My grandmother told me she knew Georgia was pregnant the first day she met her. She said there was something glowing about her. Georgia was always like that to me, always glowing, so I just took her word for it.

Georgia loved my family as well, especially my Aunt Angelica and my grandmother, and they couldn’t seem to get enough of her. They had been there for her every step of the pregnancy. I knew when she was there with them that they were taking great care of her.

I wish I could be as forgiving as her but… Yeah, well, you get what I’m saying.

I walked into our condominium and paused at the door. I heard music coming from upstairs and I instinctively grinned.

I reset the alarm and walked up the steps. When I got to the bedroom, I saw my wife dancing with our four-month-old son in her arms. She was singing to him some slow song that I didn’t know; maybe Celine Dion or something. My baby has weird taste in music.

I leaned against the doorway and just watched. She was in a tank top and red bikini underwear, which stirred my deep desires for this woman. I got hard every time I saw her. She just turned me on that much.

She turned around and smiled at me. “You had a long night, I see.”

I walked into the room and went for my son. “Yeah, baby, you know it was hell; packed, though, but hell.”

She put her arms around my neck. “Well, if you let me get back to work I can…”

I shook my head. “Uh-uh, baby… all I want you to do is take care of Junior here, okay? I’m just tired, but I’m not overwhelmed.”

“Are you ever going to let me work?”

“No,” I said to her.

I moved to the bed and sat down with my back to the headboard. I held up the baby and looked at him.
I have a handsome son; bald just like his father

His complexion was golden, but I swore he looked like his mother. However, when he was pissed, he frowned just like me.

Georgia and I got married before the baby came. I didn’t want her to have him without officially becoming mine. We were in this together, and I wanted that to be forever. We went back to Cabo where it all started, had a wedding on a private beach and stayed for a week, just the two of us. I asked her if she wanted to invite any of her siblings. They had a case pending against them, but they were cooperating completely, so they would probably get off with just a fine. I didn’t tell Georgia the whole plot that they had against her. They did reach out to her, but she only sees them sparingly. She sold her shares to them so she has no dealings with them, except her paternal grandparents, who she adores.

She flipped the script on me and asked if I wanted to invite Angel, as well as my family, but at that time, shit was too fresh in my mind.

Now, shit is still fresh in my mind. I don’t know if I can get over it either… My trust and my loyalty have been rocked. I never felt it would go down like it did, but…

“Angel came over to see the baby right after you left this afternoon,” she told me.

I grunted my reply and laid my son on my chest.

Georgia came on the other side of the bed and crawled up to me.

I sighed knowing what she was going to say.

“Don’t say it,” I told her.

“Then don’t make me. Look, Drake, I get it okay. You’re hurt. You feel betrayed. Think of it like this: now that your son is here, and you are able to physically hold him, see him, would you even fathom letting him go?”

See, I knew she was going to say that.

Angel has been calling and texting me from time to time, wanting to talk. I was being a bitch, which I knew, but…

“Baby,” she called to me and I looked at her.

Yeah, by the way, she calls me baby now... Crazy, right?

“You have to try to forgive. I could see it in Angel’s eyes; he misses you. You two were so close. Can you imagine how hard it was for him?”

I did think about that, and I knew it was hard on him, but still…

My cell rang and I couldn’t reach it, so I leaned over so that Georgia could get it off the clip of my pants. “Put it on speaker,” I told her.

I figured it was someone from the club calling because I didn’t recognize the number.

“Lincoln,” I answered.

There was a pause, then finally I heard, “Lincoln, don’t hang up…”

It was Eddie.

I could feel the hatred starting to rise in me. Georgia saw that I wasn’t going to say shit, so she said, “Hey, Eddie, its Georgia.”

“Shit, Georgia, thank fuck you’re there. Look, Lincoln, I know I’m the last person you want to hear from, and I get it…”

I wanted to put my son down so I could hurl the fucking phone against the wall, but my wife seemed to know me too well. She stood and moved away from me, the phone still tight in her palm.

“Uh-huh, Eddie, he’s listening,” she responded. “But …um …you better get to your point quick.”

Eddie sighed and then said, “Angel’s missing.”

My heart stopped.

“What?” I exclaimed.

Eddie took a deep breath. “Look, Lincoln, we need to put our differences aside. Pop needs you. He’s going out of his fucking mind and… shit, man… we need you. Your
needs you.”

I looked at Georgia. Her eyes began to water, but she nodded her head, silently letting me know that she was okay with what I was about to do.

Leaving the bed, I told Eddie, “I’m on my way.”








Months before….

Chapter One



Oh yeah…I fucking love this!

I closed my eyes, as I moved in and out of her, controlling her, and let the rhythm soothe this savage beast.

The power I was feeling was something I couldn’t explain, but it fueled me. The control, the aggressive way I was taking this pussy… Damn!

My dick was so far in her that I could feel her fucking ovaries.

I needed this. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it’ll fucking do.

I heard a muffled scream, but I kept going. I couldn’t help it really. The collision of our bodies was making me go insane. However, I’d been at this pussy for a while now, and after I had run through two condoms, I think I was done with her. Hell, I should have been done, but I couldn’t stop…

I hadn’t let her face up for air in a minute either, and maybe I should have. It’s just her screams were so damn loud.

What? You think I’m cruel, don’t you? You think I should let her face up from the bed? Yeah, well I’m not.

“What’s that, Lucy?” I growled in-between my sharp thrusts, trying my best to collapse her pussy walls around my dick. “Didn’t you tell me you wanted to be fucked within an inch of your life? Isn’t this how you wanted what you asked for?”

Sweat was pouring down my chest, face, and forehead, getting in my eyes, but I wasn’t stopping. I could feel her shaking, whimpering, body convulsing violently, but yup, you guessed it, I wasn’t stopping. In fact, I started thrusting faster, getting deeper.

I was sure this wasn’t what she expected when she came to my place looking for me. She wanted it sweet-like, I knew, but I told her that I wasn’t in the mood for sweet. I told her to get out, but she begged for it. She said she didn’t care as long as I was inside of her. She told me to take it, so I was taking it.

I yanked her head up from the bed and smacked her ass.

See, I let her up!

“God, Angel, please can we just…” she tried to say.

“What?” I growled cutting her off, slowing down the speed of my thrusts, but not the harshness of my hips. “I thought this was what you wanted me to do, huh? What you begged me to do. I told you I wasn’t in the mood.”

I suddenly slammed into her, threaded my hands in her sticky wet hair and yanked her up, so her ear was close to my mouth.

“I told you to leave, but you didn’t. So shut the fuck up and take this nine-inch steel that’s blessing your overworked pussy. Take all of it, baby; like you always do.”

I pushed her back down, and, I lie to you not, I went harder and got deeper, if you could believe it. I looked down and watched my condom-covered shaft move in and out of her, coated with her juices, and smiled.

Shit, I love pussy!

I love the way it tastes; the way it talks back to you.

Yeah, the pussy can definitely speak and sing, if you know what you’re doing.

I also loved the way it felt, the scent it gave off when you’ve excited it… damn, it's a beautiful thing.

I felt her body start to tremble, her muscles tighten against me and naturally, I started moving even faster. When her body weakened, and she collapsed on the bed, with me on top, I bent her leg and mine and continued my assault on her until I was satisfied.

Finally, yelling out my orgasm, I pulled out, rolled on my back, and closed my eyes, trying to catch my breath. I brought my hands to my dick and made sure the condom was intact.

I cannot afford to make that kind of mistake.

Feeling the bed move, I opened my eyes. Lucy was out of the bed moving very slowly on shaky legs as she started grabbing her clothes. I didn’t say anything as I watched her frantically get dressed without looking in my direction.

Yeah, maybe I was a little too rough with her. Maybe I should’ve eased up and slowed things down. I wasn’t the average when it came to size, but hell, she was a trooper.

Oh, please don’t feel sorry for her. She’d been on the receiving end of my wrath before. It had been a long time since I went in hard on her; that’s all.

Finally, after getting her baring’s straight, she ran her hands through her hair in an attempt to salvage what undoubtedly was her feelings. One thing’s for certain; she refused to look at me.

Maybe I should apologize to her.

After all, it wasn’t her fault I had become an asshole. However, before I could say anything, she had already walked out of my bedroom. A few minutes after, I heard my front door close softly.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I fucked up.

Since I wasn’t a complete asshole, I’ll send her flowers.

When I heard my phone vibrate on the nightstand next to me, I turned and grabbed it.

“What is it now?” I replied to my lieutenant.

“We have a problem,” Darrell informed me.

“I gathered there’s a problem, or you wouldn’t be calling me this late. What’s up?” I asked, resting my arm over my eyes.

“We caught up with Worm,” he said simply. But nothing in my life was ever simple, so I wasn’t overjoyed.

I had received word from another family that Worm, someone I used in the past to run errands for me, had stolen from me. He was only supposed to drop off a package for me to another family within our “community.” I’d trusted jobs like that to him in the past and never had this problem with him. Yes, he was a tweaker, but the fear he had for me was far too great for him to fuck up. Plus, I supplied him with what he needed to stay high. It was a win/win situation. Well, until now.

I caught him stealing from me, and as you could imagine, I wasn’t letting that shit go.

I sat up. “Yeah, so did you talk to him?” The hidden meaning behind my words was only evident to Darrell. If anyone was listening to our conversation, no one would pay attention.

The pause on the other end told me that shit was complicated.

Darrell finally said to me, “No.”

I sighed deeply. See, this was why I’d been doing things myself lately; taking care of business, straightening out the chaos called “my life.” I didn’t have time for the hesitations and the bullshit.

Still, I played the game with Darrell and asked, “And why not?”

“He …uh… well, there wasn’t time. He started rambling the moment I picked him up. He told us some interesting information that I think you should hear. It’s about Eddie, and, well, I thought it would be better hearing it from the horse’s mouth than second hand.”

Uh, now this is interesting.

I said to him, “Okay, you mean to tell me that this fucking thief, who has stolen from me, has talked your ear off about some bullshit having to do with my brother?”

Silence greeted me as he, no doubt, was thinking of what to say. I didn’t have to wait very long before he replied, “Yes. The shit he said was something of importance, and I felt it would be best coming from him. You know, just in case you needed more information.”

“But you know what he wants to tell me anyway, right?”


“And you still want me to come there, listen to him say the same shit you could tell me now? Am I getting this right?”

He blew out a frustrated breath. “Yes.”

I rolled out of bed and stood. “All right, Darrell. I’m on my way. If this shit is not worth my time, I’m taking it out on him
and you
. Understand?”

I got a strong and confident, “Yes, sir. Come to the warehouse,” before he hung up.

Shit, this must be deep.

I jumped in the shower and then made my way to our warehouse on Commerce St. in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s a large shipment warehouse, which faces the Christina River. Typically, we used this place to store legitimate shipments of merchandise such as clothes, shoes, and grain foods. We tag and box the shit and ship them overseas to some of the less-fortunate areas of the world.

This was one of the businesses that Lincoln helped get started. A humanitarian program that was heavily monitored by the government. We had to meet certain guidelines and pass inspections, or we would be in serious shit.

This was just the beginning for our family. I wanted us to be involved in other things besides the illegal ventures, and this was the start of doing more than providing idiots with weapons to kill themselves and each other.

So far, things were going great. We’d had some raids, of course, the Feds riding in on their high-horses wishing they could get me tied up on charges, but they always came up short.

I walked into the warehouse, and Darrell met me at the door with a block of some shit wrapped in brown paper. I knew, at that moment, things were going to be worse than what I’d imagined…far worse.

I didn’t say anything to Darrell. I just walked past him and headed for the room that I knew housed Worm.

The moment I opened the door, the stench of an addict mixed with blood attacked my nose. I didn’t break my stride. I went right for the figure tied to a chair, stripped of everything but his skivvies.

“You have something for me, Worm?” I asked pointedly.

Worm was everything that you may be imagining right now. He was skin and bones, pale with stringy black hair, and a mouth filled with rotten teeth.

Worm looked worked over, a great deal, but he managed to get one of his eyes on me.

“S-s-sir,” he stammered.

My second lieutenant under Darrell, Hugo, brought a chair to me, and I sat it right in front of Worm’s slouched body.

“Say what you need to say, Worm. I don’t have all night.”

Just then, the waterworks started. In between the crying, he started blubbering about what, I couldn’t tell you. What I could say was that I was losing my patience. I pulled out my Glock and placed my gun and hand on my leg. I wasn't playing with any of these motherfuckers in this room. No one was above my bullets.

Worm, finally realizing I had met my patience limit, murmured, “I didn’t steal from you, I swear.”

I stared at him, then looked up at Darrell.

“Are you kidding me right now?” I chided as I brought my gun up and chambered a round.

Worm’s eyes shot out of his face, and he stammered quickly. “No, wait, please, Mr. Leonetti, sir.
. I’m telling you the truth. It was a trick to get you chasing me so your brother, Eddie, could plant these drugs under your nose and get you raided. He-he say you a-a loose cannon, and he needs to get rid of you. Yeah, he says you would be so busy trying to get revenge on-n-n my u-u-useless ass that you wouldn’t be f-focused on anything else. That’s what he said. He told me to h-hide and hide good, and I did. I really did, but it’s this stuff he gave me. I was sharing it with this bitch and she…”

I rolled my eyes and stood quickly, sending the chair crashing to the ground. I balled a piece of his shirt in my hand and brought the gun under his chin.

“I don’t give a fuck about some bitch and your fucking drug habit. Are you telling me that there are drugs that are in my warehouse right now? In

“Y-yes, sir.”

I looked up at Darrell for confirmation again, and he held up the brick.

“How much is here?”

“More than we can get rid of in our cars,” Darrell informed me. Then he added unnecessarily, “We’re fucked if we get raided.”

I didn’t believe that was my brother’s end game. Yes, my brother was a calculated bastard. Yet, if he was setting me up to take the fall for this, he would have pulled the plug on me sooner. This operation, this warehouse, was under my name as well as Lincoln’s. We would go down so fast that we would never see the light of fucking day.

No, this can’t be his game plan. It has to be something else.

I backed up from Worm and looked at Darrell, asking, “When is our next shipment due to arrive?”

“Not for another two months.”

I nodded and started to formulate my plan. Worm, however, thought I was thinking of his demise and said, “Please just give me another chance. Maybe we can set up your brother or something. I can be useful to you like I used to be. I know I can. Just…”

A shot abruptly rang throughout the room, vibrating off every surface. Worm slumped over, and I put my gun away, which was still hot from the released gasses and energy.

I guess you think I should have let him live. After all, he gave up my brother, right? Well, that’s not how this works. He betrayed me. I was born and raised with certain beliefs, and betrayal was something you didn’t come back from. We had been getting away from those beliefs, but not anymore.

I started for the door as my crew went to work disposing of Worm.

I wouldn’t lose sleep over him if I were you. Since he was hooked on that shit, he’d do anything for a hit. He would sell his mother and yours for the opportunity to get high. Trust me, no one would miss him. Plus, the bullshit he just insulted my ears with was coming from my brother. It was a message; this was a message. Eddie was coming after me. He had my father’s ear, the advantage, and he was coming after me.

What I needed to do at this point was to be smart. I couldn’t afford to let my emotions get the better of me, not at this stage in the game.

Soon, though, I would have my moment.

BOOK: Desired Too
10.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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