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Brothers of

Comfort MC




2014, Brair Lake

rights reserved by author.

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work in this book is the product of the author’s imagination.
Any resemblance to person either living or dead, places, events or
locations is purely incidental. The characters and story line is a
work of fiction

mention in this book


Daniels Whiskey


Mentioned in this Book

- It means nothing to me



is a short introduction to Devils Comfort MC series, which

coming soon

are tough alpha men, who love to ride their bikes on the open roads
of Louisiana and when they are not riding, they are partying hard,

rule Comfort Spring, a small town located near The Mississippi River.

them here before they tell you their stories on how their lives
change when they meet and fall hard for five Strong willed women, who
do not take any bullshit from their men.

is no real story to this book, as it is mainly an introduction to the
characters of the Brothers of Devil Comfort MC, however there are wee
teasers and tasters on what to expect from this series

book contains explicit sex and is intended for mature audience of 18+

are acts of female on female action, ménage, self pleasure,
anal play (male and female), strong language BDSM child physical
abuse, Arrogant Dominant Alpha Men If this offends you please do
not purchase


“Inferno” Page


and Cassie Davies

'Tabby' Gallagher


“Dec” Gallagher


“Fudge” Winchester


“Inferno” Page

is freedom on the open roads that cannot be found anywhere else.
Even after four days riding, mixed with business. Our return to
Comfort Springs is uneventful and soon, we arrive at the clubhouse.
The clubhouse is a nondescript building, set back from the main road
which leads to Comfort Springs. A few years ago the building had
been abandon. Both the building and the location are ideal for Devils
Comfort use. It is three story high with a basement and set on ground
leading to the Bayou.

Ipull up to the clubhouse and park the Harley, I take one final look
round. In the two years since taking over the presidency of Devils
Comfort, we have grown and become stronger as a unit. Taking a deep
breath, I release the anticipation that has slowly being building up
inside me. It's Saturday night and I am ready to party and fuck.

we dismount from our bikes, my fellow brothers and I offer friendly
slaps to our backs and shoulders. Jostling against one another as we
make our way up to the clubhouse, our mood is boisterous. Swinging
the main doors open, we are immediately hit by the loud beat of heavy
rock. Our weekend festivities is in full force. The smell of
cigarettes reaching us as it assaults our noses. The smoke fumes,

I enter the main room, the party is in full swing. As I scrutinize
the give the room I see that everyone is having fun. The club girls
are barely dressed, with their tits and ass on display as they
dance. Gyrating their exposed bodies on a section of the wooden
floor. Which they have transformed in to an impromptu dance floor.
In the mix are some bikers who did not come on this trip.

another section of the clubhouse, where the pool table is, a couple
of bikers are in the process of starting a new game. The prize being
the girl who stands between them. To the rear of the main hall, in
what is considered the private section, is occupied with the old
ladies and their men.

scrutinizing the room, I make my way to the bar to collect a bottle
of Jack Daniels, raising it to the crowd.

trip boys, now lets have ourselves some fun.”

a final look round, I saunter to the pool table, checking the whore
out on the way. She is about five feet seven, with long straight
dark brown hair. Her tits are a good double D size, barely covered
by the shirt she is attempting to wear, buttoned just under her large
breast. It is clear that she is not wearing a bra and with one
wrong move, she is in danger of exposing her nipples. The red skirt,
scarcely covers her ass, Her legs are well shaped, shown off by the
black fuck me healed ankle boots. As I give the whore the once over,
my cock becomes hard. Removing the bottle from my mouth, after
having taken a swig, I reach over to the whore to give her a
suckling kiss on the neck, slapping her ass at the same time. This
causes the whore to giggle and jump.

if I join you boys?”

at all Prez.”

who recently had being a prospect, reset the pool table. He is
twenty-five years, about about five feett ten, with dirty blond
shoulder length hair and pale blue eyes, which turn to ice when his
temper rises. After making the breaking shot, the game quickly
progressed and each time we potted a ball, the girl received either
a slap on her rear or a suck her on the neck, leaving small blue

lost the first match to me, and with a shrug of his shoulders ambled
over to Tabby. The other biker soon lost his game. Taking my winnings
by the waist, I lead her to my private room, which is situated on
the second floor.

entering the bedroom, there is only one thing that I want from the
whore, I don't play or flirt. For me its all about the fucking.

bitch.” I instruct, already removing the cut from my six foot
build. Shrugging out of the T-shirt, revealing a perfectly
sculptured upper body, hard pecs and abs which rippled. I continue
to watch the whore, as I undo the fastening to my jeans. It is
obvious to the whore that I am not wearing underwear as my long thick
cock springs free. Eager for the juicy pussy that is waiting for me.
As I shove my jeans off, I expose well muscled legs and the dark hair
they are covered in.

watching the whore as she finishes undressing, I sit in the old
wooden chair, taking a firm hold of my cock,and begin a slow pump.
Enjoying the satiny texture against my calloused hands.

I’m going to fuck you all night and if you are good, I’ll
fuck you again in the morning.”

tell her, walking over to the naked whore. My voice hoarse. “I’m
going to pound in to your pussy till you're unable to walk.”

bitch and open that fuckable mouth” reaching to the table for
one of the condoms that I had placed earlier, covering my dick with
the latex.

whore kneels without speaking. She hasn't spoken since we entered the
room. She is aware, of what is expected of her. There will be none
of the pleasantries most girls expect when they are about to have
sex. I don't kiss her, or any of the other whores who are available.

my lips with the edge of my tongue, I take in the arousal which has
darkened her brown eyes. While watching her through half closed eyes,
she lifts her hand to take hold of my cock, guiding it into her
mouth. Sucking the tip. Through the latex, I feel the pre-cum as it
begins to leak out of the slit. I have denied the whore the taste of
my flesh and semen. Her mouth draws more of my cock in,sucking on it.
Her tongue licking the underneath. The veins circling my shaft begin
to pulse. Still she takes more of me in, sucking me harder. Pumping
the shaft with her hand as she stimulates my cock.

yeah, bitch, that’s it, suck me hard and take me deep”
Relaxing her throat, she swallows the head, taking it into the back
of her throat, past the restricted confides of the pharynx. My hips
move, pulling my cock back to thrust in to her mouth again, going
deeper with each thrust. Shortly, all of my cock is in her mouth and
down her throat. This is not easy for her, due to the fact that I am
a large man. My hands grip hair, controlling the thrusts. Each time
she takes my cock in deeper, I hold against her for a moment, before
I draw back to thrust in again.

a groan deep from within my throat, I release my cum in her throat,
filling the condom with my sperm. When I am spent I withdraw my semi
hard cock from her mouth.

the preliminaries have being dealt with and the left over tension
from the bike ride is gone from my body. Disposing of the used
condom, tying the ends before throwing it in to the trash bin, I
reach to put on a fresh condom.

to the whore, who hasn‘t moved from her kneeling position. For
a brief moment I have a flash of remorse for the way I am treating
her, however I quickly disregard that emotion.

on the bed, baby and hold on to the headboard” Letting my
eyes drift to her pussy, as I feel my cock becoming hard again.
“Spread those pretty legs for me.”

her as she climbs on to the bed. My legs part as I again take a hold
of my cock. Never letting my eyes leave her body, licking my lips.
The whore follows my instructions and she is in position as

baby I can’t wait to eat your tits and get inside you. Having
your pussy on my cock, while it squeezes me.” Climbing on top
of her to take one of her large tits in to my mouth. I begin to
suckle on it. Flicking my tongue over the nipple. Relishing the feel
as it becomes harder in my mouth. Taking a final suckle, I slowly
release the nipple from my mouth. The nipple scrapes along my teeth
as I bit and them pull hard on the bud. The whore is thrashing below
below me, her hands gripping tight on to the headboard. As I continue
to touch her, her moans become louder. Her hips arching up, seeking
out my cock.

me Inferno” slapping her ass as I stop my ministrations on her

the fuck did you say?” I ask, against the flesh of her tits,
making her quiver from the sound of my voice as it vibrates against
the skin.

me please?” the whore, starts to beg between sobs of pleasure.

babe, soon.” Returning to her other tit, I take it take in to
my mouth, giving it the same treatment as its partner, in my own
sweet time.

BOOK: Devils Comfort MC
4.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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