Devlin's Defiance: Book Two of the Devlin Quatrology

BOOK: Devlin's Defiance: Book Two of the Devlin Quatrology
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Devlin's Defiance


(Word to the

Devlin's Defiance
is a sequel to (and a spoiler for)
The Devlin Deception
. The
author would STRONGLY suggest that if you have not read that before
starting this book, please do so first. (Even reading the first page
of the fourth chapter of this novel will change your perceptions of
the first one and take away a lot of the enjoyment in reading it.)

(If it were possible
and appropriate, he would insist that you do that, make it a
prerequisite. But he'll leave it at “word to the wise,”
okay? Word to the wise.)

(The author has, on
far too many occasions, picked up and begun reading a book that
turned out to be the third or fourth in a series, so he had to go
back to the first in the series to pick up on what he needed and
wanted to know, so he wishes to spare all of his readers the same
inconvenience; ergo, the above Word to the Wise. Okay?)

Note to the
CIA ...

and the
ODNI, FBI, NSA, DHS, NIC, DIA, DEA, NRO, NCTC and any and all other
federal, state and local agencies, especially any “nonexistent”
black ops groups:

Any similarities
between ANY of your actual operations and/or techniques and/or
strategies and/or weapons, past, present or future, and those in this
book or
The Devlin Deception
or in any other books this author
may write in the future are purely coincidental. That includes both
operational details and any and all operation names and/or titles,
like “Dragon Scramble” in
The Devlin Deception
The author has no intention of revealing any (repeat, ANY) classified
information, even coincidentally.

Put simply, folks,
these books are ALL FICTION, okay? (Well, some parts do deal with
reality, but they're

Praise for
“The Devlin Deception”

loved the book! The two stories in one was done well, not confusing
as some books are. It was entertaining as well as
fascinating.......bring on Donne for real!!” - MC, on Amazon

characters, along with dialog and scenes that are often humorous,
often adventure-filled, and always engaging. Even though this is a
work of fiction, its focus upon the political, economic and
legislative issues of contemporary America, set in one of its small
towns, Bonita Springs, FL, is razor-sharp and intelligent. I highly
recommend this read!
- MLH, on Amazon

think it is one of the most intelligent books of fiction I read in
the last decade. Cleverly written, witty, funny - written for the
smart side of all of us readers ...” - Marina, on Goodreads

need to read between the lines to catch some of the intentions, but I
was on my seat, nodding my head, agreeing with what was said, and I
also found myself in bouts of laughter. A great read, and highly

- AB, on Amazon

a joy to read. I laughed out loud and thought what a unique way of
fixing these United States. Also tried to figure out the ending and
didn't guess it.
“ - TSR, on Amazon

of action, adventure and romance along the way.

- JMG, on Amazon

book is a great read on so many levels. First, it is a political
thriller, fictional of course, but including some policy suggestions,
particularly fiscal ones, that deserve to be taken quite seriously.
There are multiple subplots, including assassination plots and
espionage, and involving colorful characters involved in personal
relationships that are hilarious at times, titillating at others, and
at all times interesting. From its first page to its epilogue
(alternate ones included), this book will amuse, bemuse, entertain,
and stimulate the intellect of its readers.” Marti Hanson, on

satire and hilarious musings on the human condition are rampant in
The Devlin Deception.
is also a touch of erotica as well, so this novel is definitely for
adults. Littered through the satire … some practical
solutions for fixing the ailing country. Cleverness is about
throughout the novel.” on


Sequel to “The
Devlin Deception”

(which should be read
first, as this not only contains spoilers for that novel, but needs
information in

that book to be even
remotely comprehensible)

(Yes, a second
word to the wise)


Jake Devlin

This is a work of

Any resemblance to
actual persons, living or dead,

establishments, events or locales, including

public figures, is
entirely coincidental or intentional.

This material has
been reviewed by the CIA, FBI,

Secret Service or any
other US government agency to

prevent the disclosure
of classified information.

Any similarity of
fictional classified information in this

novel to actual
classified information is purely coincidental.

Nothing herein should
be construed as asserting or

implying US government
endorsement of the contents.

(Put simply, IT'S ALL
FICTION, readers!!)

All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be used

or reproduced in any
manner whatsoever without

written permission,
except in the case of brief

quotations embodied in
critical articles and/or reviews.

Copyright © 2013
by R.J. Hezzelwood

[email protected]

First Edition:
December 2013

is also a work of fiction.

to those who are

seeking complacency.


The Devlin
Deception” should be read

novel, as this one not

only contains spoilers
for that one,

but needs information
IN that one

to be even remotely

a third – and final - word to the wise)


- 1 -

13, 2012
a.m. local time

the Aegean Sea

Two modified,
high-powered jet skis sped silently across the choppy surface, the
heavily armed riders cloaked in black wet suits, black multipocketed
vests and black ski masks, their eyes covered by night vision
goggles; on their backs, each wore a harness with a complicated array
of hoses, bars and nozzles.

Two miles ahead, their
destination perched precariously atop a craggy outcropping that rose
eighty feet straight up from the sea, an isolated, irregular, natural
phallic obelisk. But the ancient monastery had thumbed its nose at
gravity for over seven hundred years and would probably last another
seven hundred.

Two miles to
target, Fiona.”

Roger that,
Becks. Drone shows no outside activity.”

Copy that,

So, Cam, how's
Blake doing?”

Much better now
that I've moved him to that private school in Virginia; the public
schools in DC are awful.”






Um …

Doesn't count,
Cam; it's 'egregious,' with an E. Round goes to me.”

Can't blame a
girl for trying, can ya?”

I”ll put
it on your tab. That's – what – 5K, so 55K now?”

Okay, okay. 55K
it is. You'll get it as soon as we get paid for this job.”

Fair enough.
Anyhow, agreed on the DC schools. Nate and I moved Tiffany out two
years ago.”

I know. How's
Nate doing in his new job?”

He's still
sorting it out, but he says it's mostly okay. It's the only place
that gave him an interview.”

Really? Only
one interview in – what was it – nine, ten months?”

Over a year.
That bitch of a boss he had wouldn't even give him a recommendation.”

Shit. A royal
bitch, just like her namesake.”

The worst. At
least he wasn't working for HER.”

Oh, at the State

Right. He's
glad he's always been in the private sector, that's for sure, even if
it was with that bitch. And I heard she got promoted to VP.”

Christ, Becks,
really? Who'd she sleep with to get that?”

You know
Malcolm, the CEO?”

Seen him and his
family in the papers and on TV. You mean” --

She's been
fuckin' him for at least three years.”

Three years? No
kidding? Friggin' hypocrite.”

Yeah, so much
for family values.”

Geez; asshole.”

And how are
things with Armando?”

Oh, god, Becks,
he's the sexiest man I've ever met. I damn near have a Big O just
thinking about him.”

You'll bring him
to the pot luck next Sunday?”

Oh, yeah. And
you won't believe the dish he's bringing.”

Oohh, tell me.”

BOOK: Devlin's Defiance: Book Two of the Devlin Quatrology
7.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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