Devon:The Beta's Double Trouble

BOOK: Devon:The Beta's Double Trouble


The Beta’s Double Trouble

By Jana Leigh

Published by JLK

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Jana Leigh


Devon sat in a chair across from his Alphas and sighed heavily. Cami, the Alpha female, was hiding a smile behind her hand. His Alphas, Quin, and Jaden did not even try to hide the smirks that were on their faces. Devon thought for a brief moment about killing his Alpha, but then realized he would have to take over his job, so he sat back and considered maiming him instead.

The man could still be the Alpha with one arm. Devon grinned as he continued in his thought pattern.

“Devon, you can’t run away from your destiny. You heard the same thing we did. You have to find your mate, get her knocked up, and then we must find the rest of the missing wolves from the Prophesy. Something is coming, and we have to be ready. You know better than anyone the Rogues have stepped up their attacks. They are working for whoever the heck is trying to stop the Prophesy from coming true. The papers said that once we were all together and had found our mates, we would be able to live in the open. Someone does not want that to happen. They would rather use their power to control humans. We are working against the clock. They are looking for the rest now.” Quin said.

“Did you just say knocked up? Is that what you are going to tell your little ball of fur? ‘I knocked mama up, that is how you were conceived, and of course it was all with love.’ Freakin’

ass!” Cami, his mate, yelled. “Let me tell you something buddy, I hear you say that again, and you will be celibate for life, and sleeping on the couch for the next thirty years!”

“Shit, now look what you made me do. I am getting sick and tired of this conversation, Devon.” Quin growled and ran his hands through his hair. He knew that tonight was going to be a long night if he did not get his woman to forgive him.

“I know that, I think we should find the remaining nine wolves from the Prophesy and see where we stand. I will find my mate after we have found the rest of the Chosen. You are the one who opened your big mouth and got yourself in trouble.” Devon growled. The only thing that would make him smile later is thinking about his Alpha having to grovel and get back in Cami’s good graces. Devon knew from experience how she carried a grudge.

“Why are you putting off the inevitable Devon? Quin, don’t think I will not take advantage of you being in the dog house either. A night alone with our little mate will make me a happy man.

I love it when you get in trouble.” Jaden asked and smirked at his mate while looking at his other mate as she stomped out of the room.

Devon growled again and looked at his friends. They were perfect together. He wished it would be this easy to find his mate and be happy. All wolves wanted the peace and happiness that they received when they joined with their mate. Devon was just a little leery about finding his mate, what if she was tiny, like their Alpha’s mate. He was worried his mate would be intimidated by his size and strength. He was big, standing at six feet seven and built like a football linebacker.

Devon was the Beta of the wolf Pack and thus the second in command. Devon never thought beyond his responsibilities. He was feared among the Packs in America, but that was his job.

Betas of the Pack were the protectors, they commanded the Enforcers and protected the Alphas, not that Quin, or Jaden needed it. They were legendary in the Werewolf community for their strength and fierceness. The Denver Pack was the most prosperous and strongest in America.

When they came here ten years ago, they were part of the Gevaudan Pack from Europe. Quin's parents were the Alphas of that Pack. They were well respected in Europe. When the werewolves in America began to multiply, the Council heard that Rogues were becoming more and more prevalent; they decided that someone must come to America and develop a hierarchy.

Quin had volunteered, and Devon being his friend, had offered to come as well.

Werewolves that were born did not manifest themselves, unless they were around other wolves.

Since most of the werewolves who did not want to accept their other half immigrated to the United States; it was only when their descendants visited Europe that they would change. Not understanding what was happening, they would return home to find they were a Werewolf. The Council sent people to America to help explain and show them the way of the wolf. It had worked for a time, but without constant influence, it was a matter of time before some of the people that were shifters, slipped through the cracks.

Wolves that were born changed when they hit puberty if they were around shifters, or they remained dormant until they were exposed to a shifter. They needed guidance, and help, when this happened or the urges would consume them. Changing a human to a werewolf was not as simple as one might think. There are two different types of bites, one for mating, and one for changing. When a wolf bites his mate, he releases endorphins, which make them orgasm. If a wolf tries intentionally to change someone, then a serum is released that will change a person at the full moon. Not all wolves can release the serum to change a human. Only those who were born a wolf can do it, and unless trained, they did not know they could not change someone, and could end up killing them by accident. Cami, the Alpha mate, thought there should be a book entitled ‘Wolf 101’ for all newly discovered wolves or changed wolves.

Some of the Rogues made wolves and never told them they could not change others, which caused a lot of accidents when they continued to bite people to turn them at a full moon. Many people had died because of the injuries, and it could have been prevented. This was how they could track the Rogue Packs. Animal attacks had increased over the years. As sad as it was, it did do them a favor, by being able to follow their trail through the attacks.

They worked hard to develop and show the Packs in America how a Pack behaved. So far, they had been able to settle more than fifty small Packs around the country. If it were not for the Rogues, things would be going very well. Most werewolves wanted to find their mates and live in peace. They did not want to use the fact they were superior to humans as an advantage. The Rogues were different. They wanted to use their power to influence and control humans. They felt they were superior, and because of that, should be allowed to take what they wanted from humans. Money and power can be a great motivator.

When Quin and Jaden found their mate and became the first Triad Alpha group in centuries, they should have known something was up. The Rogues, of course, tried to stop them from mating and leading, but so far, the Rogues had by been unable to get close to them, after the first failure.

Then one of Devon’s Enforcers, Tey, found his mate, a White Wolf. They had been given the surprise of their life. Jo, Tey’s mate, was the long lost daughter of the current Council head. She was the second in the Prophesy, and had not known she was even a wolf let alone a special wolf.

It was then that they had discovered the Prophesy had been true, and they were still able to see it come to fruition.

Standing in the back of the room, no one notice that he had become pale and sweating, until the current leader of the Council, and Jo’s father announced that Devon was one of the Chosen. His friends had turned to him and grinned while he quietly had a panic attack. Devon’s parents told him when he was young that he was destined for great things, what child did not want to hear that? He thought they were talking about his size and the fact he was born to be a Beta. Devon knew that in a fight it would be close between him and Quin. That was why he was Beta, he was strong enough to take over if anything happened to his friend, but he would never challenge his Alpha. Quin was too good at leading the Pack and to be honest Devon never wanted the headache of being an Alpha.

They had been discussing a plan of action for weeks, how they were going to find the Chosen, and how they were going to protect them once they did. Devon had resisted actively finding his mate for many reasons. Most important being, he knew if he found his mate, he would move from the position of Beta of the Pack to a member of the Council. One of the things they had decided was the new Council would not be in Europe. They were needed in America to establish order and peace between humans and other Were. Since Quin was Alpha of the Denver Pack and would be the leader of the Council, they would have the new Council here in Denver and the Pack would be called the Denver Council Pack. Even with the new responsibilities, Quin trusted everyone in his Pack, and knew the Pack would grow when the word leaked out about the changes that were coming. Except for Quin’s parent’s Pack, the Council Pack in Europe was the biggest in the world, wolves tended to be drawn to the leading Pack.

Once they were out in the open, the Were community would be able to live with humans in the open and without fear of recriminations. The only problem was, at this time, someone did not like the fact that they would come out to the public. The Rogues felt, that if they continued in secrecy, they would be able to use the humans to take the power they needed to rule. Rule the human world, and the Were community, it was a recipe for disaster, and the fight was just beginning.

The Seer had produced all the papers the previous Seer, who, because of the attack and kidnapping thought she had failed. She had taken her own life as an offering to the spirits to make up for her supposed failure. The Seer had written everything down, to explain the entire way the new Council was supposed to be made up. The spirits gave each of the Chosen a gift that coincided with the astrological signs they were born under.

Quin, born in January, was the leader of the Council. Being a Capricorn, he was regarded as the zodiac's top. His gift was being the Alpha Triad and thus having stability and strength needed to lead the Pack and the Council at the same time. The Triad is needed to balance both duties, because they are of equal importance. Cami, the female Alpha, had a strong personality in her own right. Jaden, the other wolf in the Triad, was also an Alpha. Before coming here, he had been planning on setting up his own Pack somewhere close to here. When he arrived and discovered that he was mated to both Cami and Quin, he had been ecstatic. They had decided over the last few weeks that Jaden would be the Denver Pack’s Alpha, while Quin would be the Council Pack Alpha. They would share the responsibilities, but it made it easier on both Packs.

Jo was born in February. She was an Aquarius, the humanitarian. She was a White Wolf and had the ability to feel the entire Pack and Council, and send emotions to calm and reassure others. Once she gave birth to her child, she would receive another gift; none of them knew what it was. She was the emotional balance needed for them all. Tey, her mate would call it a curse as well as a blessing. He was the one who had to hold her when she was overwhelmed with emotion, or try to calm her down when she was high on excitement. He had done a wonderful job so far, but taking care of the Packs emotional well-being was a full-time job. Tey had to be with her always, the Pack had lost one of its best Enforcers.

Quin and Jaden had decided to ask Quin’s brothers, Darien and Gregg, to join the Enforcers, and when Devon found his mate, they would take over as the Beta’s of the Denver Pack. They were going to share the title, since they were looking forward to adding a huge amount of wolves to their Pack. Both men had a fearsome reputation in Europe, and Quin was happy when they both decided to come and help with his Pack.

The next was the child born in March, Pisces. This child would be the visionary of the group.

They would be the one who had the ideas and ability to see what the future held for the Pack.

Though they had the Seer from the European Council Pack, they were destined for so much greatness; the spirits had felt they needed a wolf who would be their Seer. This person would see the very future of the Council, and the wolf whom Quin wanted found first. After reading the papers from the previous Council, they also figured that she would be the hardest to find.

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