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O'Mara snatched the dildo from Rachel's pussy giving her a moment's blissful reprieve. The sensations veered toward the divine when the mousy blonde pushed her mouth over Rachel's hole and thrust her tongue deep into the space the phallus had left behind. Rachel knew she was on the brink of climax - and would have wallowed in that state for a delicious aeon - if O'Mara hadn't tried to slide the wet vibrator into her anus.


Her sphincter was still struggling to cope with the butt-plug and the threat of a second length promised to be more than she could tolerate. Shaking her head in silent refusal, ignoring the shriek of pain that screamed from her scalp, Rachel tried not to allow the penetration.


With a determined effort, O'Mara slipped the tip of the vibrator alongside the thrumming butt-plug. The two dildos jostled one another and a wealth of fresh explosions shivered through Rachel's backside.


'Onto new business,' Master Vince said eventually.


His voice came from a million miles away and Rachel struggled to hear what he was saying. She didn't think it would affect the divination if she couldn't hear him but she knew Jason would tug on her chains if she didn't supply an immediate answer to the master's query.


'Bernard has approached me with a partnership venture for a property development. Do I go in with him?'


With her hands shaking, Rachel turned over another of the sword cards. She frowned and didn't dare make the choice between her instincts to favour Bernard and the obvious meaning of what the card was telling her. 'No,' she mumbled. 'You shouldn't enter the venture with him.'


From his pew, Bernard grumbled unhappily.


His ebony companion placed a comforting hand on his arm and he brushed it away with obvious anger. Rachel only saw this from the periphery of her vision, the outer edges of her world tainted with an encroaching red mist.


Master Vince made another mark in his filofax. 'And,' he began, 'for the final matter of the evening, I've been approached by Pearl to enter a business venture with her.' He smiled down from his pulpit towards the shadows where Pearl sat.


Rachel barely noticed where he was looking, caught up in the relief of knowing her torment was almost at an end.


'Can I trust Pearl to be an honest partner in our business relationship?' he asked.


Rachel pulled a card from the deck and found herself staring at the devil. The image of evil, treachery and deceit was enough to make her doubt the decision she had made in the antechamber but she knew what she needed to say. Ignoring the waves of guilt that washed over her, hating the lie and the pains and pleasures that still tormented her, she said, 'You can deal with Pearl, master. And you can trust Pearl to deal honestly with you at all times.'





Jason released his hold on Rachel and allowed her to fall sobbing against the altar. The waves of orgasm rushed through her with a debilitating, shameful haste. O'Mara scurried off to bask in the master's shadow and the vibrator she had been holding was expelled from Rachel's anus. The butt-plug remained there, stretching the sensitive orifice, and burning a million blissful responses through her colon. No longer able to endure the joy, only anxious to have the torment ended, Rachel struggled to tug the butt-plug free and allow her overstretched muscle to finally begin closing.


She clawed at the ermine cloak, shivering as each renewed burst of pleasure shook through her frame. When Helena came to her side, kneeling over her and whispering concerned questions, Rachel's first thought was to embrace the woman and demand she satisfy the remainder of her unfulfilled urges. It was only because she knew Master Vince wouldn't approve of such licentious behaviour that she exercised the necessary restraint. Slowly, shaking with the effort, Rachel resumed control of her composure and tried to take note of what was happening.


'I can't believe you trust the judgement of such an arcane practice,' Pearl sneered. She cast a disparaging glance in Rachel's direction and shook her head. 'It's like something out of the dark ages.'


Master Vince had stepped down from the pulpit to join her. He raised an eyebrow at her remark although it was impossible to tell if he was offended by what she said or simply encouraging her to continue. Rachel thought she knew him well enough to usually guess what he was thinking but there were many times when the master remained an unfathomable mystery. 'You don't approve?'


'It's no way to use subordinates.' As she spoke she glared directly at Rachel. 'Giving them so much authority puts them in a position where they believe they have minds of their own.' She paused for a moment and then decided, 'It's inappropriate.'


'What are you pitching, Pearl?' Master Vince asked calmly.


She smiled easily for him, shaking off her distaste as though it had never been there. 'Pitching? You do me an injustice, Vincent. I'm not here to pitch anything. I'm here with a mission to make you a very rich man.'


'I'm already a very rich man,' he replied dryly. 'What are you pitching?'


Pearl turned to Jason. 'Go and collect those things I left outside the chapel,' she snapped. 'And be quick about it. I haven't got all night.'


Watching the woman, Rachel could feel her contempt growing. The way her smile turned sycophantic for Master Vince, and then became a sneer of distaste when she addressed the lower orders, showed a weakness of character that Rachel had always despised. Allowing Helena to wrap the cloak around her shoulders, and letting the woman help her from the floor, Rachel tried to hide her interest in the master's transaction. She knew he would frown on her curiosity but it was difficult to conceal her concern because she understood the fate of all their futures was held in the balance.


'Come on you worthless bitches,' Jason grunted. 'This way.'


His voice came from the back of the chapel and, glancing towards him, Rachel could see what Pearl had brought with her.


Three women shuffled down the aisle behind Jason.


The light was dim at the rear of the chapel but Rachel could see they were all reasonably attractive and dressed in figure-hugging suits with short skirts, tight jackets and dark stockings. Jason held the length of rope binding the three women and, because their hands and feet were cuffed and fastened together, they all stumbled clumsily after him.


'Faster!' Jason grunted. 'Faster you worthless tarts.'


'Be careful with my stock,' Pearl snapped. She fixed Jason with a look that threatened retribution if he defied her. Even though he was a good twelve inches taller than her, and built with enough muscle power to snap the woman in two, Jason bowed his head in deference.


Turning her smile on Master Vince, Pearl gestured towards the three women and said, 'This is a sample of what I'm pitching. What do you think?'


Master Vince lit a cigarette and blew lazy smoke rings into the candlelit chapel. He regarded the women with undisguised contempt and shrugged. 'What am I supposed to think? I've seen handcuffed pussy before. This is hardly a business proposal. It looks more like afternoon entertainment for a wet Sunday.'


Pearl flushed darkly and struggled to contain her ire. She stepped over to the first of the three women, a tall brunette with a striking figure, and unfastened her from the others. Dragging her in front of Master Vince she held the woman's jaw between her finger and thumb and said, 'Don't you think she's pretty?'


Rachel thought the woman was stunningly beautiful but she pushed the distraction to the back of her mind. If she wanted to have any hope of keeping abreast of developments she knew she couldn't be sidetracked by an unhealthy interest in Pearl's stock.


'Don't you think she's one of the most attractive pieces you've ever seen?' Pearl pressed. 'Can't you picture her naked, wearing a ball-gag in her mouth, or even better, having your dick stuffed in her face?'


Master Vince deigned to glance at the brunette. 'She's passable,' he allowed.


Pearl sniffed unhappily and shook her head. She reached for the brunette's jacket and wrenched it open. Buttons flew from the front of the garment, spraying against the polished wooden floor. The brunette's breasts, swollen orbs which looked ready to burst from the confines of their black, lacy cups, were revealed to the chapel. She made no attempt to stop Pearl's manhandling and only held herself rigid while being shamelessly displayed.


'What do you think to those?' Pearl demanded.


Master Vince looked bored. 'I've seen tits before,' he yawned. 'If these three bitches are all you have to show me, then I think we've been wasting each...'


'Show him your pussy,' Pearl barked.


Master Vince frowned at the interruption but Pearl didn't notice. She was tugging at the zipper on the brunette's skirt and hurrying to wrench the fabric away. The master glanced at an exposed glimpse of stocking-top, looked set to turn away, and then stopped.


'What the hell have you done to her?' he gasped.


The brunette flushed crimson.


Pearl grinned triumphantly and Rachel could understand the woman's jubilant expression. The rapt attention on the master's face indicated his interest and it seemed clear Pearl had him in a position where he was ready to consider her business proposition without feigning disinterest.


'What the hell have you done to her?' he insisted. He was down on his knees, casually reaching towards the brunette.


Rachel glanced at the woman's pussy and blinked twice before she realised exactly what she was seeing. The brunette's sex lips were more obvious and pronounced than any labia Rachel had ever seen before. Like fat, swollen slugs, they exploded from her cleft in a way that was so ugly it was enchanting. The flesh looked grotesquely swollen, an enormous spread of engorged pink skin and, hypnotised by what she was seeing, Rachel could understand the master's desire to touch.


Master Vince brushed his fingers against one lip. His caress was so subtle and tentative the brunette shivered, and reluctantly smiled. 'What the hell have you done to her?' he whispered. 'She looks... She looks...' his voice trailed off as he gave up on the search for a suitable adjective.


'She looks divine,' Pearl supplied. She looked smugly pleased with herself and seemed to be struggling to remain nonchalant. 'It's the results of nothing more than a strict regime with a suction device and some cosmetic modifications,' she confided lightly. 'All three of them have been tailored to the same specifications and, from what I've been told, it gives a deliciously different sensation to the way she feels when a man is using her.'


Master Vince pulled the brunette closer and glanced up at her face.


As though she was trying to distance herself from the indignity of being publicly examined, she stared defiantly towards the altar.


Taking her lack of acknowledgement as consent, he squeezed his index finger into her pussy. With a thoughtful smile he stroked his thumb against one swollen lip and squirmed the digit until the brunette gasped. Her responsiveness clearly excited him because his grin grew broader.


'How obedient are they?'


'What do you want her to do?'


He considered the question for a full minute. Standing up, reluctantly sliding his finger from her bulging pussy lips, he snapped his fingers for Jason's attention. 'Suck him,' Master Vince demanded. 'Suck Jason's cock.'


The brunette glanced warily at Jason's imposing figure then turned to Pearl for confirmation of the instruction. When her mistress nodded, she took two stumbling steps toward him and dropped to her knees.


'I've trained them all to suck cock, eat pussy and take as many thrashings as you care to dish out,' Pearl boasted. 'Not that any of these needed much training,' she added quickly. 'All three of them are pure masochists and they live to serve and be punished.'


'Bend over while you're sucking,' Master Vince barked at the brunette. 'I want to see your pussy while you're blowing him.'


Rachel could empathise with the brunette's deepening blushes because she would have felt the same dark pang of excited guilt if she had been receiving those commands. Helena was trying to coax her away from the altar and back to the antechamber by whispering words of encouragement. Rachel hissed at her to be quiet, trying to surreptitiously note every detail of what was happening. Her concentration was already torn between what Master Vince and Pearl were saying and watching as the brunette unzipped Jason's pants.


'Are you going to admit you're impressed?' Pearl asked.


The master hesitated than released a reluctant grin. 'I suppose you've caught my interest,' he allowed. 'Let me see the others.'


Pearl told the remaining women to undress and, with only the slightest hesitation, they began to remove their jackets and skirts. Like the brunette before them they were also sporting outrageously large pussy lips and Rachel couldn't understand how any woman's labia could appear so paradoxically ugly and remain so alluring. The idea of touching, tasting and savouring began to seem less like a desire and more like a compulsion.


'Make sure you suck him well,' Master Vince demanded. He flicked his knuckles against the brunette's buttocks and seemed tempted to touch her pussy again. His fingers hovered over her cleft, flexing eagerly and inching closer, then he withdrew his hand. 'Make sure you give him the best blowjob he's ever had.'


The words were unnecessary because Jason's erection was already long and firm and his grin said he was enjoying the attention. The brunette was trying to encircle his thick girth with one hand as she worked her mouth over the gleaming dome of his glans. Her tongue occasionally darted against him, travelling along the length of his shaft, before her lips wrapped around his end and she sucked until her cheeks dimpled.

BOOK: Divine Cruelty
2.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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