Divine Healing Made Simple: Simplifying the supernatural to make healing & miracles a part of your everyday life (The Kingdom of God Made Simple Book 1)

BOOK: Divine Healing Made Simple: Simplifying the supernatural to make healing & miracles a part of your everyday life (The Kingdom of God Made Simple Book 1)
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that I dedicate this book to my friend Scott Buzzell, who stepped into eternity this year after fighting the good fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. I look forward to playing that round of golf with you my friend, on the fairways of heaven.


the Kingdom of God that are converging in this book. It’s been evident for several years that God is doing something special with the topic of healing the sick. And it’s been clear that God is taking His Church out of the buildings and into the streets. The result is that God has been performing a great many miracles of healing in shopping malls, on sidewalks, in the workplace, and yes, even in the back of ambulances. How fortuitous that He has given us this book as a tool to equip the saints for the work of this ministry.

What you hold in your hands is a powerful tool. These are not the musings of a professional theologian declaring, “Well, this is the way that it
work.” These are not even the teachings of an experienced pastor declaring the path that the sheep should follow. This is not a superhero story.

Instead, this is practical, street-level advice from a regular guy, a Christian brother, who has found himself on the front lines of the 21st century’s street-healing movement. He’s a relatively new brother at that, and frankly, he’s only been involved in healing the sick for a handful of years. In the last few years his success rate has risen to what he estimates is about 80 percent. Four times out of five, when he prays for the sick, God does something; the result is that the people he prays for are better than they were before prayer.

This is an accessible book: a “regular guy” facing “regular issues” has discovered some powerful insights in the road that God is taking us on, and he’s sharing his story: “This is what has worked for me.”

I am a wealthy man: I count the author, the Praying Medic, as a friend and co-laborer in the Kingdom. God introduced the two of us around the time that He first spoke to the Medic about healing the sick. I’ve watched him grow into this calling; I’ve cheered him on as he – with a generous handful of other pioneers around the western world – built and documented a trail for us to follow into this place where God is leading His people.

Praying Medic is qualified more than most people to lead us into this battle: He’s doing the things he teaches, he’s doing them
and he’s a real person, who shares that realness – both good and frustrating – of his journey with us. By the way, I measure his successes in two ways: first, people tend to find themselves healed when he prays for them, and second, people that hang out around him often find themselves healing the sick, successfully.

If I may be so bold, this book is not as much a teaching of how to “do the stuff” (as John Wimber used to say) of healing the sick, though there is plenty of excellent teaching in these pages. Rather, it is a testimony of what Jesus has done with and through one reluctant man. And as a testimony, Revelation 19:10 applies: “…For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” The things that the Medic is testifying about work as a prophecy in the life of the reader: God has done this before and He’s ready to do it again, through you.

Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s go!

~ Editor of


would like to thank for their contribution in making this book possible. This has truly been a group effort from start to finish. Literally hundreds of people have participated in the process by giving me feedback on my initial Facebook discussions about healing and by leaving comments and suggestions on the articles I wrote that became the basis for this book. I’m sorry that I can’t thank all of you personally. If I don’t mention your name, know that I greatly appreciate your help and your friendship.

Among the hundreds of friends I’ve met through Facebook that have given me feedback and encouragement, I’d like to mention a few folks who have stood beside me, day in and day out. These are the friends who have prayed for me and encouraged me every step of the way. They are people like Alan Champkins, Amie Larson, Amy Marten, Amy Rubeck, Ana Rosa Colon, Andi Trout Reese, Angela Langley, Anny Ruch, April Filitzke Gambino, April Smithee, Becky Haas, Belinda Marsh, Beverley Sparrow O’Flynn, Bill & Sandy Coultas, Bob Elligot, Bridgette Rodgers, Charlene Picard, Cheryl Chapman Rector, Christopher Huszar, Chrystal Spencer, Cindy DeGroot, Cindy Kay, Clint Mitchell, Corma Holmes, Dan Hurd, Danielle Shelley, David Hunter, David Weekley, Deonna Crochet, Derrick Day, Diana Devlin, Diana Jamerson, Diane Eisenman Moyer, Donna Delaney, Duane Finnie, Elizabeth Keith, Eno Udoetuk, EstaAnn Ammerman, Etta Bowe, Garth Lange, Greg Hunter, Greg Kiser, Gregg Taylor, Gwen Polzin, Hannah Whalen, Hazel May Lebrun, Heather Goodman, Helle Stock, Imre Emanuel Mogheri, J. Linda Stevens, James and Andrea Fraser, James and Erin Marsee, Jane Bolen, Jeannie Fortuna, Jeff Wissler, Jennifer Middleton, Jim Brown, Jim Tedford, Joe Elligot, Jon Sellers, Josh Cosker, Jule Bedford, Karen McCune, Kari Clement, Kat Wells Anderson, Kaylani Steele, Kent Lindsay, Kevin Peacock, Kim O’Hara, Kim O’Keefe, Kim Pittman, Linda Blansett, Liz Adams, Lois Tatro, LouAnn Saltzman Engles, Lucy Parker, Luther Leser, Lyn Valentine, Mandy Madryga, Maria Victoria Bartlett, Marie Sonlight, Mark Stewart, Mark Williams, Meredith Martin, Michelle Liana, Nashville Kat, Natalie Myrick-Whittaker, Nikki Tucker, Nicole Joseph, Omotola Omogbolahan, Pat Hux, Paul and April Luna, Paul and Ginny Wilcox, Praise Egbonrelu, Ravi Kapoor, Rebecca Clayton, Regie Pfeiffer, Richard Murray, Rob Taylor, Robert Hankins, Roslyn Koelle, Sandra Weaver, Sharon Murrone Reece, Sharon Parkinson, Steve and Jennifer Dahlquist, Steve Henderson, Steve Mclean, Steve Moreland, Sue Beach, Sue Beckman, Sue Wilke, Susan Brown, Tarik Carey, Terri Guadalupe, Terry Ashcraft, Terry Mingus, Victoria Winterowd, Wanda Gladney, Wendy Huffman Hanely, Kathy and Schuler Murdock and Melissa Floyd.

I would also like to thank my peers – the men and women at the forefront of the new healing movement who have taught others about healing and encouraged me to write this book. Among them are: Anton Guerrero, Art Mongomery, Bob Hazlett, Bob Hynes, Brae Wyck-off, Brandon Lee, Cheryl Fritz, Chris Overstreet, Chris Villaflor, Colin Rice, Cornel Marais, Dan Mohler, Dennis and Diane Teague, Donald Mann, Eric Wilding, Eunice Bennett, Graeme Morris, Glen Hartline, Greg McCoy, Jason Chin, Jason Tax, Jeff Turner, Jason and Rachelle McCoy, Jesse Snow, Jessie Campbell, Joe Funaro, Joel Adifon, Joel Jackson, John Bridge, John Mellor, Josh Tongol, Joshua Greeson, Ken Nichols, Kriston Couchey, Lisa Adams, Marc and Lydia Buchheit, Melissa Glorioso, Nicole Joseph, Pete Cabrera Jr., Rafael Garcia, Roger Sapp, Roger Webb, Ryan Rhoades, Sherry Evans, Steve Bremner, Steve Harmon, Terry Chambers, Tom Fischer and Tom Ruotolo. Thank you all for your leadership in advancing the kingdom of God.

A handful of men have profoundly influenced me in my pursuit of understanding healing. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and gaining inspiration from their teachings. I recommend them to anyone wishing to walk in the power of God. They are Cal Pierce, Randy Clark, Todd White and Bill Johnson.

I would like to thank the following people who have helped me in their own unique ways:

Lydia Conrad – who graciously agreed to be my editor. Editing can be a thankless job, but her work makes my writing more readable. I’m fortunate to have someone who was willing to devote hours of time to reviewing the manuscript and suggesting changes to the content and style. It was a challenge being asked to re-write large sections of some of the chapters, but because she was not satisfied with anything less than my best effort, the end result is a much more readable book. I greatly appreciate her skills, time and effort.

Matt Evans – for taking me under his wing when I first became interested in healing. He was my first mentor in healing and his encouragement was needed when I saw no success early on. His insights have helped me to better understand the ways of God.

Tyler Johnson – for taking the time to share his experiences with publishing, which helped me move forward with publishing this book.

Paula Otano and Melody Paasch – for helping me, my wife, and many others, better understand dream interpretation and the prophetic.

Christina Klover – for the many encouraging prophetic words to me and my friends when we so badly needed them.

The Graceful Banker – who followed my website for about a year, reading my stories about healing. He invited me come to Australia with my wife to teach his friends about the miraculous. From the moment we met at the airport, a new friendship blossomed. Though he lives on the other side of the planet, we keep in touch often and he’s become one of my best friends. I owe him a debt of gratitude for becoming my “person of peace.”

Denise Hayes – for her design talent on the cover art and book interior. I’m extremely happy with the results of her work.

Michael King – for his friendship, love and encouragement. Michael has always provided a safe backdrop for me to think outside the box regarding spiritual matters. Whenever I had a dream where the Holy Spirit revealed something about healing that I had never thought of, Michael was there to help interpret the dream and bring clarity to the issue and for that I am grateful.

Craig Adams – for being a brother and a spiritual father to me. I consider Craig to be a mentor, but he’s never treated me as anything less than an equal. He has always encouraged me to let the Holy Spirit teach me the deeper things of the kingdom. His maturity and wisdom have been a great help in writing this book.

Todd Adams – a warrior with a drum and a spiritual brother. I’ve leaned on him many times over the years. His warm, down to earth way of seeing Jesus has helped me to see Him the way He really is.

Editor of Northwest Prophetic – for being a friend and the instrument God used to open my eyes to the realities of His kingdom. Before meeting him, I had no concept of what the kingdom was. All I knew about was “the church.” He mentored me for years and encouraged me to pursue whatever God was doing in my life, regardless of how strange it seemed. Were it not for his friendship and patient instruction, this book would not be in your hands.

BOOK: Divine Healing Made Simple: Simplifying the supernatural to make healing & miracles a part of your everyday life (The Kingdom of God Made Simple Book 1)
2.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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