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Book Three

Susan Reid


Divinity: Immolation: Book Three is
Copyrighted © 2014 by Susan Reid

All rights reserved.


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This book is dedicated to both of my children who are my life. To the Almighty magnificent presence that surrounds us all and who has been guiding me in both my literary endeavors and life adventures. It is also for all of my readers and each reviewer for their love of the supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy. I appreciate you all!

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things; endures all things. . . Greater love has no one than this; that someone lay down his life for his friends. . .” (1Cor 13:7; John 15:13).



Plot, places, characters, biblical names, and references
, are all meant for fictional entertainment and storytelling purposes only. Likenesses to persons living or dead, events, places, and ideas are purely coincidental. Comparisons or ideas about specific, known, and popularAngels or Demon
—lies deep in the imaginations and beliefs of each individual reader.



had no idea how to turn off the flames that were still burning along my arms and down my legs. I guess I had no choice but to wait for them to die out on their own.


The previous stern, reprimanding, and hard to decipher expressions on each of the elders’ faces, instantly morphed into curious elation and joyous surprise. They were all actually— smiling now…with the exception of Spencer and the other two Seraphim girls. Though they were definitely impressed with my essence, my demonstration didn’t wipe the glare of suspicion from their eyes.

“Well, there is no question on how you managed to stay safe then. Congratulations on the discovery of your essence, Starling.” The woman elder smil
ed broadly and nodded approval. Then she quickly exchanged glances with the other three elders. They instantly appeared intrigued, all huddling in towards each other and uttering soft spoken words as if I weren’t standing here in front of them.

was busy observing me through narrowed eyes. The brown-skinned seraphim girl suddenly rose up on her tip-toes to pull him down by his shoulder, and then she whispered something close to his ear, too.

Though gradually dissipating, my flames continued to caress my entire body with a
wispy, tickling sensation, slowly beginning to wink out completely—one body part at a time. I noted soon thereafter, that I had mostly calmed down inside, too. However, my anxiety remained.

“This is quite remarkable, to finally be able to witness hallowed fire with my own eyes and in person. You are very unique indeed, Starling.” The male elder beamed
at me. In fact, all four of them were beaming now.

“Tell us, how are you able to bring forth your hallowed fire?” The elder woman sitting next to him asked with genuine curiosity and interest.

“Um, I’m not really sure. It’s definitely linked to my emotions though, I think. I can’t quite control it.” I answered truthfully.

“Hmm, that’s a new one. Well, if that is the case, control will come in time with practice.”

Spencer suddenly leaned down to whisper something in the ear of the male elder on her right, though his ice-colored, twinkling eyes remained glued on me.

That was such a pet peeve of mine.

What was he whispering about? Hadn’t my display been satisfying enough?

No, of course not.

Aon and Aliks told me to avoid the Seraphim. They didn’t tell me how that would be possible though. Maybe this was one of the
that they said would be up to me to figure out.

I wasn’t sure what to do or say now. I was still the mysterious new girl here and I
haven’t even started my educational and physical training. I did, however, manage to escape a fallen on my own and that was what they all found suspect.

It was evident that Spencer and the other two female seraphim were homing in on something about me that the elders weren’t detecting—yet. I feared that he was already sensing exa
ctly what that something was already and it didn’t take long.

Cam’s scent.

I felt a nervous knot begin to cramp and twist deep in my gut once again. My face flushed, tingling as beads of perspiration began to dampen my forehead. That instantly quirked Spencers brow, having immediately reacted to the abrupt change in my body heat and chemistry.


The elder male suddenly cleared his throat, regarding me once Spencer finished whispering to him.

“Starling, how are you feeling?” he then asked.

Icy apprehension gripped my chest. “I’m fine. Why?” I smiled casually.

“Well,” He began, “Your aura appears…somewhat afflicted. Meaning that it no l
onger appears genuinely yours.”

His face appeared
contemplative and the other three women seemed to follow suit.

I swear my legs
were about to go out from under me. The blood drained from my face and I know that it was evident to the seraphim as they continued to watch me attentively.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I asked, not meaning for it to come out as
anything less than affirmative.

Spencer replied before the elder could even open his mouth. “What he means
, is that you definitely don’t smell like you should, which is understandable considering what you’ve just been through. It’s one thing to get physically dirty but it’s quite another to have that darkness and filth cling to and become a part of your aura like that.”

I shrugged, forcing a naive and innocent expression. “I don’t know. There was a period of time where I was knocked unconscious and I don’t know how long I was out.” Much to my relief, the elders nodded in understanding realizing tha
t my answer made sense to them.

“What happened when you awoke?” A female elder suddenly asked.

Her question was more of wonder than accusation.

If I cut out a huge chunk of what happened, would that still be considered…lying?

I didn’t have a choice. If this symbol beneath my feet suddenly lit up or something after my response, I was screwed.

“I had a few hall portal gems. Lorelei gave me some when we went into the human realm, to have just in case.” I answered while keeping my eyes on Spencer, who didn’t seem convinced.

If anything, that answered his earlier question on how I had managed to return untrained and without a map.

“Oh, I see. Well, thank goodness for that then.” She smiled.

Spencer spoke up again, “Without disrespect Elder Woods, I’ve seen that discoloration in auras many times before. Tainting is a high possibility and we shouldn’t leave her at risk.”

I glared at him.

“I agree but quite frankly, if there was any darkness existing within her, it could not survive or remain, especially after that momentary display of her essence.” He countered.

I smirked slightly this time.

Spencer pursed his lips tightly and nodded at me, “Then her aura should have returned back to normal by now. Look at it, it’s still tainted.” He motioned with his head in my direction.

I felt naked.

The way that they were all studying me made me feel like a slutty anomaly.

Or maybe that was just my own guilt and paranoia.

Damn you, Spencer!

“In my expert assessment, I think it would be wise for her to see a succor for a thorough examination, just to be on the safe side.” Spencer added quickly with a respectful nod at the elder.

He had thrown out and played his final card.

I was irritated now.

“Yes, I agree that it would be beneficial. That will be all Starling. Thank you again, for your quick thinking and heroic act of bravery. And of course, welcome back. Spencer, Kaia, and Brynn will escort you to the medical quarters. Your own safety and well-being is top priority now.” The elder woman then said.

“I’m fine, really. I don’t need to be examined. In fact, I’m just really tired.” I rushed to my own defense.

“Don’t argue with protocol, Starling. It’s for your own benefit. Since I’m in charge of helping you with your training, I’m sure Sean will want me to also assist you with honing your essence too. As a being who can sense physical maladies and changes in biorhythms, I can honestly say that something about yours really needs to be checked out.” He affirmed assiduously.

I went rigid with irritation at his insistence despite what I was saying about being fine. Heat began to rise under my skin once again.

He smirked with satisfaction.

I began to panic internally. This is not going to go well.

II. Camael


ontent and happy.

Those two words described the euphoria of having Starling once again, being able to communicate with her anytime that I wanted to now, and not hearing from Morning Star since his threat. However, no moment of sweet bliss could ever go on uninterrupted here in the spirit realm.

Starling was in safe hands. She hadn’t called out to me since earlier, which made me assume that all so far was going well, but I was still on edge given the current situation. Aon and Aliks were looking after her right now. It was what they were both sent to intercept us for and of course— it was all that they told me.

I appreciated
them for that, especially in Starling’s current condition. A condition that she was not aware of —yet.

was still worried somewhat though. She was a warrior, which meant that she would be in battle, fighting, continuing to be targeted for kidnapping, if not more now, and susceptible to injuries regardless of her quick healing ability. I would rather have her here with me permanently in order to avoid all of that.

Morning Star was really going to pull out all stops to hunt down a
nd claim both her and my child—our child. That thought made me furious with anger at myself and the possibility of not being able to do anything about it as long as she was behind the walls of the Divine hall. At least she’s able to maintain her status, which was the most important thing that I wanted to ensure.

I went for a swim, later settling in with a cup of spiked passion flower tea
, and a book that I had come across a while ago but never got a chance to read. It was written by an unknown San`lioch author from one of the galaxies beyond the many moons of Jupiter. The cover was an illustration of one of their women looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection of a human woman looking back at her. Some likenesses were similar, like her lips and the number of eyes she had. The distinct differences were obvious though; from her bluish, lilac-colored skin, her large, wide-spaced, slanted opaque-colored eyes, her conical forehead, and her gracefully long, swan-like neck.

The cover intrigued me. T
he language in itself was complicated and would be difficult to decipher with its abstract form of lines and dots, but that’s what drew me to it first among some of the others that I managed to take back with me.

Rahab and Edanai were in the kitchen cooking up something sweet and delicious when I returned. Unfortunately, the sweet mix of vanilla and honey wasn’t the only potent thing strong in the air here. I could instantly sense Edanai’s anxiety, frustration
, and —anger.

I groaned inwardly, quietly padding
into the kitchen to make another cup of tea. They both sat in soft conversation over anise and cinnamon coffee to accompany the delicious muffins they made.

There was only one left and I appreciated that they were saving it for me. I figured that I’d enjoy a delicious snack and a moment of peace before heading out to check on Berith. There was no news from Atiro
, so I suppose that’s a good sign.

I joined them at the table, stirring fresh mint leaves into my tea, and about to grab for the last muffin…before realizing that it was gone.

“Did you have a relaxing swim, my friend?” Rahab struck up the conversation first.

“Yes, I did. How goes the site for your restaurant?” I asked while covertly looking for any tell-tale signs of the vanishing muffin, like crumbs on the table,
the tray, or either of their lips.

Rahab shook his head. “I have someplace in mind but we’re all undecided on the location. I’d rather we all stayed close in
one area, like where we were the last time since we’ve already been there. I don’t know if combining ventures will work out if that’s the case. Ryziel wants to be where the celebrities are, and Macai is already tattooing his flesh all over for advertising purposes.” Rahab explained with a snicker.

I chuckled, “Well, maybe you two could come to a compromise and meet in the middle somewhere if you still want to partner up.”

Rahab nodded in thought. Edanai remained passively quiet.

“Are there anymore muffins left?” I finally decided to ask anyway.

“Nope.” Edanai answered just as Rahab’s mouth opened.

His eyes went from hers to mine,
and then he began to rise out of his chair. “I can make more. It won’t take long.” He offered.

“That’s okay, Rahab.” I waved off, glancing askance at Edanai. She casually thumbed through some kind of gossip newspaper but with an evident attitude.

I eyed her, debating on even asking what I had done this time.

I return
ed my attention back to my book but considered returning back to the solitude and peace of my den instead. I opened the book to the page where I left off and attempted to read again.

Rahab remained standing. “It’s really no problem, Cam.”

“Oh? Why look, there is one left after all.” Edanai said more to Rahab as she held it up like a prize, turning the scrumptious muffin in her hand for effect on purpose.

It hadn’t been there a minute ago. Really childish, Edanai. I scolded her mentally.

“Would you like it, Rahab?” Edanai held the muffin out to him.

Rahab cut his eyes to me innocently and pursed his thick, onyx-colored lips, “Um…no. But Cam would like it.” He nodded towards me. His large, bright orange eyes began to glow, traveling between me and Edanai with uncertainty
once again.

I lowered my book. She didn’t even look at me when she smirked and then— she proceeded to eat it.

I gaped at her silently. If that wasn’t an underhanded yet blatant, ‘Fuck you, Cam’, I don’t know of any other gesture that would have been.

Rahab quickly wriggled his sharp-taloned fingers and whispered a brief recipe incantation. Instantly, another identical muffin materialized on the platter in the middle of the table. He slid the platter closer to me. I highly preferred freshly prepared foods and beverages with natural ingredients but I appreciated his thought.

I ignored it, closing and setting my book down on the table, and then slowly leaned forward on my elbows.

“Something bothering you, Edanai?” I asked.

Rahab shifted from foot to foot. “Well, I’d better go. I’ve got to look at…some…things…” he quickly mumbled. With that, he immediately ghosted out.

“What would be bothering me, Cam?” She replied in short, clipped words, while pretending to be interested in an article about a well-known celebrity who was really the lovechild of an alien being. He probably was
, in my opinion.

“Psychic ability isn’t one of my strongest magicks but I’m not clueless. You may think that your hostility is subtle but I can tell you that it’s about as subtle as a flatulent chasm troll. So, what’s wrong with you?” I more demanded than asked.

She remained silent, continuing to purposefully ignore me.

“Fine. If I’m going to be alone, I may as well find a place with less chill in the air.” I said, rising from my chair with my book.

“I can’t believe you!” She finally blurted.

I looked at her in confusion.

“Don’t play dumb. I was really worried about you, Cam.”

“What are you talking about?” I began but then I stopped myself. I think I finally
got what she was so upset about, I just didn’t understand why. I’ve been with many, many other females before. Even though she was disapproving of it, she was no stranger to my past habits and history.

She cut her amethyst eyes up at me. There was evident jealousy and hurt behind them. Why was she doing this now?

“I came back to check on you,” She chuckled sarcastically, “I guess I should have known better.” She said flatly.

I sighed and slowly sat back down, rubbing a hand across my cheek and chin.

“Beings getting tortured don’t scream that damned much or that damned loud.” She then said.

I smiled to myself. I knew it. She evidently heard my and Starling’s lovemaking, as if I had any control over or fault in that. Some women remain silent, some moan, some simply pant, and some curse and talk dirty. Then there are those that scream and squeal.

That was Starling.

Edanai shoved the newspaper across the table and then folded her arms beneath her breasts. “I know you can be smooth Cam, but smooth enough to get a divine warrior to lay down her weapons and spread her legs that quickly? I’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve definitely got crazy mad skills.” Her words
dripped with sardonic contempt.

“I know that you aren’t jealous.” I stated flatly.

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Jealousy has nothing to do with it. Were you making love to her…physically?” She wanted to know.

I pursed my lips and leaned back in my chair with a slow exhale.


“You did didn’t you? Of course you did. No woman screams like that unless she’s getting…”

“What’s your point Edanai? Is that why you’re upset with me? You already know how I feel about Starling. She remembered me, thankfully, and that’s the only reason that I’m still alive right now. For all I know, it could have been the only moment that I’ll ever get to have with her.” I cut her off. Saying the words, even though I knew that there was no way I’d ever allow that, cut me deeply to hear.

What if that had truly been the only time that we would ever have together?

No. It wouldn’t be. Not as long as I existed. Even Elohim wouldn’t be able to keep me away from her, let alone the divine warriors. She was carrying my child and I would kill any being to protect the both of them.

I was growing annoyed with this conversation already. She had completely doused my good mood since returning from my swim.

Her brows knitted together in confusion and chagrin.

“She remembered you?” Her tone had simmered down considerably. “How?” She shook her head in disbelief.

“I don’t know. It was way more than I could ever hope or wish for though, so I’m not going to dare wonder how or why.”

“Does she remember us too?” She wanted to know.

“Given time, I’m sure she will. She remembers Rahab.”

I shut her up for the moment. Her mind was working and I think I know what she was thinking.

“Cam`ael—did you impregnate her?” her jeweled eyes pierced me with the question.

I hesitated, biting my bottom lip as my eyes flicked away from hers briefly.

“Oh shit.” She exaggerated each word. Her eyes widened and then she exhaled in exasperation.

It hadn’t really dawned on me why Edanai was this upset over my encounter with Starling but now I was finally getting it.

She already knew that was inevitable. I’ve wanted Starling for so long. We had been granted the opportunity and I took it. She was mine now— in more ways than one.

Demons and fallen were incredibly virile and potent. Pregnancy was nearly one hundred percent, which was why I steered clear of actual vaginal contact with women, until Starling. Edanai was both hurt and upset because it was the one thing that she had always wanted and tried to have. It was part of the s
in that had gotten her cast out. I would not allow her to have it with me either, which both hurt and infuriated her but I had my reasons. It took her a long time to accept it though and I know that this news definitely doesn’t help.

She slowly stood up, a hand covering her mouth in thought as she pac
ed the length of the table, her other hand fisted against her hip.

I let the silence remain in between us while wondering how Starling was faring right now. I had no choice but to trust the angels. They couldn’t lie and I knew that they wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

“No pun intended but you’ve really screwed her now, Cam.” Edanai suddenly spoke. She turned her head and her eyes narrowed in accusation, “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” She finally whispered.

Did I? Maybe I did. Was it wrong? Very. Would it end up badly? More than likely. I averted my gaze from hers.

A sharp breath of annoyance seeped out of her lips as she turned her back to me once again and shook her head.

I could tell that she didn’t want to face me on purpose. I had nothing else to say in regard to her question. I didn’t have to say anything.

“Where is she now?” She asked. Her back still facing me.

“The hall.”

Her head shifted and cocked slightly, “How was she able to return?” She inquired with surprise.

“I’m not entirely sure.”

“Sadly, she’s going to be the last to know. She’ll be kicked out of the divine hall and shunned eventually. And you’ve finally given Morning Star every reason to pursue her now that you’ve given him exactly what he’s been wanting from you. He will find out eventually.” Edanai warned.

I took a tentative pause. “She’s being guarded and protected.”

Edanai raised a brow. “Oh? By who?”

“Aon and Aliks. They met up with us as I was showing her around the neutral area. They were sent by Elohim.”

That silenced and shocked Edanai.

BOOK: Divinity: Immolation: Book Three (The Divinity Saga)
8.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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