Dog Days (BWWM/Interracial MMA Erotic Romance Urban Novella)

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Text Copyrighted 2015 Diana D. Jackson



All Rights Reserved



The characters and events featured in this story are completely fictional. Any and all similarities are purely coincidental. These characters are all of adult age and lack blood relations. All sexual encounters depicted in this story are completely fictional and involve consenting adults.






Table of Contents


I had seen Brendan ‘Bull Dog’ Douglas fight in the ring before. Or the Octagon as it was known. He was utterly magnificent.



Brendan was the best fighter in the entire local circuit. The crowd knew it. The referee knew it from the way he kept his distance from Douglas when the man performed his devastating combos. I knew it and I was complete newcomer to the sport.



Did his opponent know it?



Even the commentator was in on it. “The Knife has taken a devastating hit from the Bulldog! Could this be the end for him?”



Well, Jack ‘the Knife’ Connell was on his back with a rather nasty cut to the side of his head. The man had struggled against Brendan since the very start of the first round. He barely landed any hits and the hits he landed only glanced off Brendan’s muscular body. The man was made of steel but moved as quickly as a bullet.



The second round was an absolute massacre with the winded Connell looking like he would collapse at any moment. He withered under Brendan’s skilled strikes and graceful movement. Connell didn’t even make it to round three before a painful looking submission by Brendan forced him to concede.



“He’s tapping out! It’s over! The Bulldog is the winner!”



The crowd went wild.



The handsome victor triumphantly thrust his fist into the air before helping his opponent back onto his feet.



I clapped politely.



To be honest, I wasn’t a diehard fan of MMA. I was more into actual bulldogs than Brendan ‘the Bulldog’ Douglas. They’re soft and cute unlike most MMA fighters. You see, I worked as a dog groomer.



It’s a simple enough job. People brought me their dogs and I made them look pretty. I had worked for a dog spa chain before becoming a freelancer. It beat trying to find work with a degree in English Literature.



You might think dog grooming is a mere hobby rather than a serious profession. However, it’s just as demanding and competitive as the fashion industry. People who have attachments to their dogs tend to spend a lot of money for them. There were even a number of people who have had their dogs compete in dog shows. They were willing to pay good money for that competitive edge.



As a freelancer, I got several jobs each week. I would go to their homes and work my magic on their precious canines. Sometimes, I would be flown over to their place if the person happened to be a serious dog show competitor. I didn’t mind since they typically paid for travel and lodging. I had racked up a lot of frequent flyer points through this line of work. Nevertheless, this job can be difficult and demanding unless you loved dogs and grooming them.



Luckily for me, I had a fondness for the noble creature. The work was enjoyable and provided a steady source of income for me. I was even willing to be a dog sitter if the price was right. My clients appreciated my encyclopedic knowledge of dog breeds and my uncanny ability to tame even the rowdiest hound.



I wish I was as knowledgeable about MMA. I found that the fights were hard to follow. Matches would be over in seconds. Or at least fights involving Brendan Douglas. It was a whirlwind of punches, kicks, and painful looking grapples that made me happy for my line of work. You might wonder why I was sitting at a MMA competition.

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