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Chapter Twelve


Later, Amy sprawled exhausted in their bed. Mac had covered her with sheets, but her skin was too sensitive for any covering and she’d kicked them off. He sat beside her, his erection still spearing the air, and trailed his fingers up and down her back.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he said.

“Not thinking anything.”

“Nothing at all?”

She smiled and rubbed her cheek against his thigh. “My brain is mush.”

He chuckled. “All the more reason you should tell me now what you’re thinking. You’re not clever enough to disguise anything with double-edged words.”

“I don’t use double-edged words,” she said, peeping up at him. “They’re just carefully chosen.”

“I’ll have to work on making you talk without screening yourself.”

“Some men would give anything if their women would think before they talk.”

“I’m not some men.”
He finger-combed the hair away from her forehead.
“And I want you to talk to me about what you feel before you have a chance to overanalyze and second guess it. So tell me what you’re thinking.”

She hid her face in the pillow. Mac pulled her hair gently, dragging her head up and forcing her to turn her cheek into the pillow instead. “Don’t hide from me,” he reminded.

“I’m afraid.”

“Of me?”

“Of saying the wrong thing.
Sounding too grateful or something.
Like a kinky girl-toy who was only out to get spanked so she could get off on dirty sex.”

Mac cocked a thick eyebrow. “I’m starting to rethink my stance on kinky girl-toys,” he teased. “Tell me, though—is this really about sex?”

She shook her head and lowered her lashes. “No. I’m just not sure how to articulate how I feel.”

“Why not just say it?”

“Because you might think it’s stupid.”

“Amy, I’ve known you forever. I’ve witnessed every dumb thing you’ve ever done and I still love you. I’m still here with you. You’re still the most precious gift I’ve ever been given. Tell me.”

She curled her fingers around his, clinging to the rough calluses that marked his hands, and holding onto the security they provided. “I was thinking that I’m really selfish, making you take on this role.
Wondering whether I should apologize.”

“You are selfish, but it doesn’t change that I love you. I want to give you everything. I always have. If I can give you some kind of freedom this way, I will do my very best to give it completely.”


“Because your happiness is mine.”

She rolled toward him and propped herself against his thigh so she could kiss his stomach and nuzzle the dark hair that furred his abdomen. He smelled faintly of her body, but not enough. “Make love to me?” she asked shyly, rubbing her cheek against his hardness and flicking the tip of her tongue into his navel. He shuddered and she hid her smile against his stomach.

“No.” He tugged on her hair again and threads of desire uncoiled between her legs like marionette puppets responding to their master’s touch. Who knew “no” would make her so hot, so fast?

Amy hesitated. Should she insist? Accept his refusal quietly? Uncertain, she met his gaze. The slow, lazy heat in his eyes stopped her breath.

“Why not?” she whispered.

“Because I’m a little selfish too.”
Mac dragged her closer, shifting on the bed until his knee
high between her legs. He splayed his fingers over the back of her head. “And I’ve recently recalled how good your mouth is.”

The tips of his thumb and middle finger pressed behind her ears, another pair of wicked response buttons that elicited a new surge of heat in her veins. His hand tensed, slid down to
the nape of her neck. Amy barely had time to suck in a breath before he pushed her mouth down onto the head of his cock. She opened up eagerly, determined to deliver a
sincere thank-you for his generosity.



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BOOK: Dominating Amy
2.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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