Dragon's Mate [Cairgorm Dragons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic) (2 page)

BOOK: Dragon's Mate [Cairgorm Dragons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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He held out his hand, and to her astonishment, she walked into his arms. She hadn’t intended to. She hadn’t wanted to, but she’d done it. She felt at home in his strong arms, in his warm embrace. She felt as if she belonged there! She felt as if, all her life, she’d been waiting for this moment.

“You feel it, too,” Braemuir said. It was a statement, not a question. Then he tipped up her chin, and the world exploded into fragments, millions of tiny stars, points of light. She felt his mind invade hers. She was powerless to resist. She didn’t
to resist. All her objections were swept away, as his mouth closed over hers. She closed her eyes, but the stars didn’t fade. If anything they grew brighter, until she was engulfed, consumed. His mouth was insistent on hers. His large, warm hands began to roam over her body. He awakened sensations she couldn’t name, and didn’t recognise. She was on fire and he fed the flames. Her nipples were hard little pebbles as he caressed, stroked, tweaked, and pinched them in his strong fingers. She burned, she ached, she wanted, and she needed.

mo run
, I know, and you shall have it, now.”

How did he know? she thought.

Then she realised that he hadn’t spoken out loud. His mind and hers spoke to each other. No spoken words were necessary.

How could that be? she wondered again. 

“I will explain soon,”
he said soothingly, again inside her head.

She felt the cold air upon her body and realised she was naked.

When did that happen?
Panic hit her. No man had ever seen her naked. Soothing thoughts flowed into her head.

“It’s all right to allow your mate to see you naked. Don’t fret, little one. I’ll take care of you.”

The voice in her head was insistent, soothing, compelling. It calmed all her fears. She allowed him to take her hand and lay her down by his side on the plaid he spread out on the grass. She couldn’t help a start of fright, as she saw that he was naked, too. She was no stranger to a man’s bare chest, as all the men worked bare to the waist in the fields
. They
always wore a breechcloth. This man had taken off his plaid and spread it upon the ground for her to lie upon. He was as naked as the day he was born. His chest was broad, bronzed, and bare of hair, but there was a nest of dark curls at his groin. From it jutted his erect cock, a monster in very truth. She was familiar with the mating of animals and, though a maid herself, she well knew what went on between a man and a woman. The walls were thin. She had heard things aplenty. This was reality, however, and this man’s cock would never fit inside her! 

“Yes, it will,
mo run
. I’ll be gentle with you. You’ll see, we shall fit one another. Women’s cunts were made to stretch to fit their mate’s cocks.”

He began to stoke and pet her. He held both her hands above her head in one of his large, warm hands. His other hand and his mouth were busy, on her eyes, her mouth, her breasts. He licked, he sucked, he stroked, and he kneaded.

She was so hot she could scarcely breathe. The pleasure he lavished on her spun her wits away. He chuckled.

“That’s it,
mo run
, don’t fight it,” he said aloud.

Fight? She couldn’t fight this. She could only give in to the pleasure, with the occasional nip of pain to season it, that he lavished upon her.

Soon she was arching her back, begging for she knew not what, but she knew he was going to give it to her. That insistent, compelling voice in her head repeated that over and over. Then he was on top of her. Resting on his elbows, he framed her face with his hands.

“There will be pain. I won’t lie to you, my mate. It will be fleeting, and it will only occur this once. All the next times there will be no pain. Do you trust me?” 

she said, and she meant it. She knew now that she, too, was communicating with him wordlessly. Their minds enmeshed.

She felt his hand on her cunt. She was hot and swollen, wet and needy.

“I know,” he said. “I will give you what you need, my love.”

Two strong fingers parted her swollen cunt lips and entered her. He stretched her. He stroked something inside her, and she cried out in ecstasy.

“What are you doing to me?”

“I am making you a woman, my woman, my mate.”
He growled.

He continued to stroke inside her, and then he withdrew. As she protested, his fingers pinched the little pearl nestling inside its hood, inside her swollen folds. She’d never felt anything like it. He rubbed his fingers over her little bud until she felt tingles in all her fingers and toes. Her toes curled up and her limbs shook. A pleasure so intense it bordered on pain, took possession of her, and washed over her in wave after wave of pure delight. Nothing had prepared her for this. She was hot, she burned, and she wanted more. As the pleasurable feelings began to abate, she felt his hot, swollen cock demanding entrance. Slowly, but inexorably, he pushed into her. When he encountered resistance, he withdrew a little way and, with one mighty thrust of his hips, he breached her! The pain made her scream, and he stilled. His powerful mind, still inside her head, soothed and calmed her. His gentle hands on her face reassured her. His beautiful eyes, hot with desire and love, searched her face, and he waited. The pain receded, and she moved beneath him. Evidently, he’d been waiting for some such sign, because he began to pump his hips. His cock filled her. She’d taken all he had to offer. He’d been right, she’d stretched to accommodate him. She felt full, and it felt so good. He was right once again. There was no more pain, only pleasure. As he pumped in and out of her, the pleasure he gave her, made her writhe and moan. She threshed her head from side to side. She heard him say, “You’re beautiful,
mo run
. You’re mine. We belong together. How well we fit. Your tight little cunt caresses me and holds me. Come with me now. Fly, my darling Eilidh!”

As their release overtook them and they came together, she had a revelation. A huge dragon presented itself to her mind’s eye. It had the voice and presence of Braemuir.

“That’s right, my mate, you’re the dragon’s mate, too. You will be a dragon, too, from now on.”

She looked at the dragon in fear and she trembled. It was huge. She’d seen dragons in the sky and she knew the chieftains of the Braemuir Clan were shape-shifters. It was one thing, however, to see one in the sky and altogether something different to have one a few inches from her. It looked anything but benign. Would it consume her? Would it harm her? Why was it here now? What was going to become of her? She fainted from shock.

When she came to her senses, that soothing, calming voice in her head was saying,

Mo run
, only Braemuir of Braemuir and his mate have this mind communication. No one else must ever know of it. Every other dragon can communicate with his mate and with other dragons, if they wish, while in dragon form. Only Braemuir and his mate can communicate while in human form, and it is imperative that no one discovers this. You have a powerful mind-shield. Use it like this!”

He showed her what to do. She opened her mind willingly as he helped her to develop her shield.

“Keep your eyes closed and concentrate your mind on this part here. Think of a large shield like the one I carry. Think of holding it and deflecting any thoughts you don’t want to allow into your mind. Shelter behind it. It will serve you well and no one will be able to penetrate it, but you will have to concentrate hard to maintain it just at first. Soon it will be second nature to you.”
She found the analogy with a real shield to be very helpful. She knew what his looked like and she had that picture in her mind’s eye. He was right. She had to concentrate to do it but she could do it.

She opened her eyes, looked up,and quickly shut them again! A huge golden dragon, scales glowing in the sun, his scales and wings tipped with blue-green, towered over her. His warm, glowing amber eyes regarded her.

“My dragon-name is Solus.”

She thought it was a very apt name. He was as golden as the sun he was named after. The blue-green tips to his scales were like the blue-green of the Cairgorm mountains. Oh but he was gorgeous. She tried to move. Her eyes flew open, and she looked down. She saw not her arms and legs but dragon scales and dragon claws.
I am a dragon?
Indeed, she was a dragon. Her pale-blue scales sparkled in the sun. She felt the sun’s warmth on them. Her eyes could see so much farther and clearer. She felt powerful.
I have wings. Can I fly
? A deep rumble from beside her brought her back to the present.

“Come, my love, fly with me,”
his mind urged her. She discovered she could fly! She watched her mate as, powerful wings pumping, he took off, effortlessly, in a flurry of dust. She invited him into her mind. He guided her, and she took off. She was flying! His voice in her head showed her how to soar, how to take advantage of the thermals, and glide. He promised her mind-bending pleasure. A mating of dragons was beyond anything she could imagine! She believed him. After all, he had taken her maidenhead, and in the process, he’d bestowed upon her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. They flew over the Cairngorms and the sea, to Skye and the Black Cuillins. Perched on the crags she looked down and marvelled at the view. She could see so much more from up here!

They flew back to Ben Macdui, in the Cairngorms, to help her accustom herself to her dragon. From there she could look down on Boat of Garten. His mind was ever more closely enmeshed with hers. She found that, rather than resenting the intrusion, she enjoyed the closeness. The voice in her head was warm with love and humour.

“We will grow even closer with the years. When it’s time for one or other of us to depart this life, we will both go together. We are mated now. You realise that, if I’m killed in battle, it will mean the end of your life? I will die, I will come to find you and take you with me!”
he said.

She thought about that for a while. She’d had no idea of the path her life would take. She’d had dreams and often she’d felt a vague presence near to her. Now, she realised, it had always been Braemuir. 

“I’ll be ready to go with you. I wouldn’t want to survive if you were killed, my mate!”

Chapter Two


He was elated. She’d accepted him as her mate, with all that meant.
He changed to his man form and she to her woman. He showed her how to create clothes, so she would never go naked. It was a simple piece of magic and, if she had ferns and heather to hand, she could create clothes from them. There was certainly never any lack of the raw materials. Then he arranged his plaid on the ground, lay down upon it and held out his arms for her. Willingly, she lay down. She would have lain beside him, had he allowed it. He, however, had other ideas. He pulled her on top of him, breast to chest. Then he arranged her legs on either side of his. He allowed her to take his face in her hands and kiss him. She was a very willing and very apt pupil. She seemed to enjoy the different position. She had more control, or so she thought. She framed his face with her hands and lowered her mouth to his. Her kiss was sweet but tentative. Then, as she became heated, she became more sure. Her tongue invaded his mouth. His cock swelled and throbbed. No woman had ever affected him so deeply before, and he had known many! The connection he felt to her was something he’d never felt before. He responded at once, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues tangled and danced. He stroked her tongue with his, and then he suckled hard. She moaned and writhed. He flipped her over, proving exactly who was in control.

“You’re beautiful, my mate. I want to taste your bountiful breasts. They belong to me. You belong to me now. All of this beauty is mine.”
He slid down her body and nipped, licked, and sucked his way to her breasts. When his hot mouth fastened over her nipple, she shrieked.

“Oh. I’m on fire. Help me. What are you doing to me?” She could have said that in her mind, but she cried aloud, and he gloried in the sound. He would make her scream again and again. He turned his attentions to the other breast. She arched her back, pressing her breast into his eager mouth.

“Yes, please, more. I need more. Suck me harder, please!”

He obliged, suckling strongly, holding the nipple between his teeth and flicking his tongue back and forth over it. Then he transferred his attentions to her other one. She threshed her head from side to side, as he lavished pleasure upon her. He nibbled her breasts and she moaned in appreciation. She seemed to like the bite of pain, so he gave her more.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she panted. Her sobbing moans were music to his ears. He could scarcely believe this was only the second time he had taken her. She was pliant and responsive, beyond any woman he’d known before. He moved lower. His mouth encountered her curls, and he parted her swollen folds with his fingers. He breathed deeply of her scent.

You’re so wet and so hot. Your scent is delicious. It’s driving me mad. I need to be inside you now!”

Her cunt was slick, and her folds were swollen. He pushed one finger inside her pussy, coating it in her cream, and then he withdrew it and sucked the cream off. She tasted of citrus. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and licked all the way up her clit. Reaching her little pearl, he flicked it with his tongue.
He was good at this. He’d had plenty of practice. His mate, Eilidh, would feel the benefit.

BOOK: Dragon's Mate [Cairgorm Dragons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)
6.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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