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Dreams~Shadows of the Night

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Dreams~Shadows of the Night
Olivia Claire High
Fireside Publications (2012)

Catherine Ashley first saw Josh Dallas in a dream--a tall auburn haired man sporting a smile that lit up the darkness and made her insides quiver in the nicest way. But the fact that he showed up so soon after she'd just recalled a tragic prophetic nightmare from her past might not be a good thing--for either of them.

When geologist Josh awakes in the hospital after an automobile accident and sees his nurse, Catherine, he's convinced she's a beautiful angel. Catherine makes it a rule never to get personally involved with patients. But Josh soon has her breaking all the rules and his angel nurse becomes a passionate partner sharing his bed, as she shares her heart with him.

Always hungry for new adventures, Catherine's love isn't enough to keep globetrotting Josh from taking a job in the Amazon, despite her pleas that he shouldn't go. He laughs away her warning that she dreamed he's headed for danger. But Josh's amusement turns to horror when he's kidnapped and nearly dies at the hands of his brutal captors. Josh escapes to a missionary settlement where he languishes for several months suffering with amnesia before he finally returns home.

When Josh sees Catherine embracing his best friend he mistakenly believes they're having an affair and leaves. Determined to prove her innocence and win back his love, Catherine goes to Josh. Their reunion is strained by his lingering bitterness, but the sexual attraction between them is too intense to deny.

Josh takes Catherine back in his bed. Now she must get him to accept her back into his heart.

BIO: Olivia Claire High is a member of Romance Writers of America. She lives in northern California with her husband Joe and is currently working on her next romantic suspense novel.

About the Author

Olivia Claire High was born in Waukegan, Illinois and raised in San Francisco, CA. With a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subjects teaching credential, she was a public school teacher for nineteen years. A member of Romance Writers of America, she is now concentrating on her passion for writing romance novels. This is her third published book. Earlier novels include The Crystal Angel and more recently, Rose Cottage. Olivia lived in Guam for a year, but currently resides in northern California with her husband, Joe. They have three grown daughters and recently welcomed their fourth grandchild. The author is currently working on her next romantic suspense novel. If you wish to contact her, she can be reachhed via email directed to [email protected]


Shadows of the Night







Shadows of the Night




Olivia Claire High








Shadows of the Night








To the love of my life, my husband,

y Joe









She watched in helpless terror as the water closed over their heads before they sank down deep where no sunlight could reach.

“Mommy!  Daddy!”

Would they be cold? Afraid? A sob escaped her. Fear – so much fear for a seven year old child. She called again, but only heard the pounding of her heart. Her eyes squinted trying to see through the murky surroundings of her nightmare.
“Don’t go. Please don’t leave me,” rugged sobs pierced the silence of the night.

Why weren’t they listening to her? She knew she was only a child, but she saw things – awful things that terrorized her mind and made her heart pound.

Long, agonizing seconds passed while she burrowed beneath the sheets, but no matter how hard she
tried to
ght the nightmare, the
images of her parents’ faces flashed before her eyes.
They finally appeared –
Mommy and Daddy
toward her.
She stared into the
ir lifeless eyes – and screamed.




Catherine Ashley bolted upright in bed, awakened by the sound of
her own
screams. She pulled her knees to her
her arms around them
in an effort to ward off the chill that shuddered through her
. Her throat felt raw. Tears dampened her pale cheeks. It’d been twenty years since she’d first envisioned her parents’ lifeless bodies floating in water. But the dream still managed to slip through her defenses from time to time, stripping away the layers of protection she’d carefully built up to block out the horror.

Other prophetic dreams still came occasionally, but none as frightening as her parents’ deaths. They hadn’t listened to her warning and two days later they’d drowned in a boating accident

orever fracturing her carefree childhood. She flopped back, fighting to regain control of her emotions until sheer will allowed her to drift into a more pleasant dream

dream in which a mysterious auburn haired man appeared sporting a smile that lit up the darkness and made her insides quiver in the nicest way. But by the time dawn crept in washing away the darkness, she felt wary.

The fact that he showed up in a dream so soon after recalling a horrendous nightmare might not be a good thing
– f
or either of them.




Chapter One


Josh Dallas surfaced in slow motion struggling through the fog that swirled inside his head, as a sliver of light crept beneath his fluttering eyelids. A woman leaned over him and he worked to bring her into sharper focus. Skin the color of fine porcelain, hair like pale sunlight, and unbelievable sapphire eyes. She had to be an angel. He was pleased to see she wasn’t the alternative with pointy horns poking out of her head.

“Am I dead?”
Despite the words being slurred with grogginess, his deep voice maintained its usual rugged quality that mixed well with his natural aura of raw sexuality.

you’re not dead. You had an accident, Mr. Dallas. You’re in the hospital.”

He thought her voice sounded a little
shaky, but decided it could have something to do with the throbbing inside his head.

“Accident?” It took his brain a few seconds to process the information. He winced, remembering. “I rammed my truck into a lamppost.”

“From what I’m told, you swerved to miss a
child who ran into
the street.”

“It all happened pretty fast, but I guess I did. How’s the kid doing?”

“He’s fine. His parents called. They’d liked to come by and thank you in person.”

“Tell them I’ll have to take a rain check.” He stared at her, enjoying the lazy pull of attraction that tugged at his stomach muscles and decided to go with impulse. “Have dinner with me
Catherine Ashley
,” he said reading her nameplate.

“What did you say?”

“I want to take you to dinner when I get out of here.”

“Is that so? Well, I’ll have to give you a rain check on that.”

Her humor made him grin. “I can be pretty persistent when I want something.”

“So can I when I’m not sure something is a good idea.”

“How do you know unless you try? I like to give the lady flowers on our first date. What’s your favorite?” He held up a hand. “Wait, don’t tell me. Roses? Daisies?

, I've got
it. Violets.” Her expression told him he’d finally hit on the right one.

“Aren’t you the clever boy?” She walked to the door.

“Top of my class in school. So how about that date?”

“Go back to sleep, Mr. Dallas. You’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

“You have no idea how much excitement I can handle, angel nurse.”




Josh scanned the hospital entrance waiting for Catherine to appear. He smiled recalling their lighthearted bantering, but his inner radar told him she possessed a sensuality simmering beneath her playful façade and he had every intention of exploring those intriguing depths. He approached her as soon as she came through the glass doors.

“I was hoping I’d be in th
e right place at the right time,

he said sliding easily into the courtship mode ready to take his wooing to the next level. “Looks like I got lucky.”

Their eyes locked before she took a couple of steps back. “I beg your pardon.”

He saw her flash of recognition and something else that looked like caution. If she wanted to pretend she didn’t know him he was willing to play along. He treated her to his most winning smile.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember me. I was in here a few days ago and you were my nurse. I’m Josh Dallas, the guy who rammed his truck into a lamppost.”

“Oh yes. You’re the man who saves little boys. How’s the head, Mr. Dallas?”

“It’s feeling better by the second, especially now that I’m here seeing you again.”

A brow lifted.

“Don’t tell me you actually get results with such a line,

He winced.

“A pretty woman like you shouldn’t be so sarcastic. I like Josh if it’s all the same to you
and I’m here to remind you we're going out to dinner.”

“Strange, I don’t remember agreeing to that and FYI: I don’t date patients.”

“Technically, I’m no longer a patient.” He brought out the nosegay of violets he’d
hidden behind his back. “I promised you flowers. Don’t I deserve some kind of reward?”

A smile tugged at her mouth, as she took the flowers.

“You are outrageous.”

“But loveable.” His eyes took in her petite shape clad in pants and a cotton smock dotted with tiny red hearts. “You’ll want to change. I’ll pick you up at seven. All I need is your address.” He waited while she gnawed her lip seeming to wage a battle with herself.

“Make it seven-thirty and all I need is to have my head examined,” she muttered.

“Hey, I could be the man of your dreams.”

rewarded him with a shivery laugh. “Funny you should say that.”

Yeah, how so?”

“Let’s just say there’s a possibility we could both end up regretting this.”

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