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Driven Lust

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Driven Lust


By Wayne Stewart


Copyright © 2013 Wayne Stewart


Edited and Published by Abby Adams


Smashwords Edition


ISBN 978-1-940179-03-2




No part of this publication may be
reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any
form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording or otherwise without written permission of the publisher
or author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and
incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or
persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental




As with any fictional story, this is for
entertainment only. Please direct any complaints regarding
character words or actions to the fictional character portraying
the offense.


Standard non-reproduction language


WARNING: This book contains adult language
and depictions of adult sexual acts, which may not be suitable for
teenagers below the age of 16; or for anyone who does not wish to
read stories containing written descriptions of explicit, erotic
sexual behavior. It does not contain any explicit sexual or nude
images. It does contain serious, humorous, and interesting stories
of contemporary literature, and fictional tales of both romance and
adventure; and is intended for adult readers.



Chapter One


Weddings suck period. The groom is usually
tipsy at best and the bride-to-be is always frantic. It's like they
bring an extra-large sack of stress with them and dump it all over
the driver. They normally run later than planned and it becomes a
rush job getting them to the church, reception, or final
destination like a hotel or airport on time.

This wedding was no exception. The bride had
forgotten her veil and needed to go back to her parent's house to
get it. As a driver, James had to consider safety above urgency and
sometimes the client loses to it.

He would bend the law into a pretzel trying
to accommodate a client, but he sure wouldn't shatter that law into
pieces. His license was his money maker after all. He needed the
job to help put him through college. Trying to land a job in law
enforcement in the future, it wouldn’t do to have a criminal record

"Driver, you've got to hurry!" the bride
called from the back of the large limousine, waiting at a red light
James was going to go straight at.

"I understand ma'am. I'm going as fast as
traffic allows." he explained, not mentioning the fact that the
girl was a half hour late coming out to begin with.

"It isn't fast enough! Can't you just turn
your hazards on and run it?" she asked with a huff. A woman used to
getting her way, a simple low life driver wasn't going to control
her destiny.

"I'm sure the police wouldn't think your
situation is an emergency." James replied, knowing his comment
would fall on deaf ears.

"It's an emergency to me! My life is
depending on this wedding!" the bride yelled frantically, trying to
force her problems on the unreasonable chauffeur.

There's nothing James could think of to
convince the queen in the back that recklessly flying through the
streets of the city for a veil she should have gotten in the half
hour extra she took getting out in the beginning was worth the risk
of life and ticket to him. So, with the tolerance of Job, he said

Pulling into her mother's home, the bride
didn't wait for the luxury vehicle to stop, opening her door as it
pulled in. James stopped as quickly as possible without tossing the
girl into the street.
How would that look? Bride hospitalized
from limo tracks and door bruises. Chauffeur cited for reckless

After she was safe, James finished pulling
into the driveway. Putting the vehicle in park, he drummed his
fingers on the steering wheel for a few seconds, waiting for the
white ball of nerves to return. He thought about getting out and
opening the good lady's door for her, but then thought she would be
upset at the time wasted in doing so.

Within a minute, the frantic bride-to-be
emerged with veil in hand and a look of urgency on her face.
Opening the door herself, she threw herself in and yelled,

"Yes ma'am, you did get your garter,
correct?" James thought to ask.
Wouldn't it suck to come back
before the reception to get it?

"Fuck!" she yelled, and out she blew again.
Another minute and she was back in.

"Bouquet?" James offered, and the back door
slammed so hard, it made the stretch rock. Her speed had slowed in
her departure this time, mainly due to the fit she was having on
her way back into the house.

Another minute and the fluffy white ball of
fire emerged with flowers in her hand. This time, she didn't climb
in the back but opened the passenger door in the front.

"Anything else you can think of?" she asked
James with a daring look in her eyes.

"Valium?" James asked with a grinned.

She shushed him while taking a seat, "I'm
not that bad!" she defended, letting out a sigh. "Get me to the
church please. Oh, and the photographer wants to capture as much as
possible. Make sure you follow his lead."

James backed out and sped down the street.
Cop stopping at the stop signs in the community, he turned onto the
major road leading to the church.

"Good to see a woman so in love with a man
that she just can't wait to marry him." James teased. It seemed to
him that if the guy loved her so much, he wouldn't care about
waiting another ten minutes to say his vows.

Thinking a moment, she replied "Well, he is
the son of Wilson Holdings and destined to go far."

"Ah, you fell in love with a well off man."
James observed orally. "I'm glad he loves you back." betting that
was wrong.

The return to the church was just as quick
as leaving it. James dropped the bride off in the back of the
church and pulled around to the front. Parking it right between the
double doors where the new couple should come out. He pulled the
champagne out of the cooler, placed it in the ice bucket, and
poured ice around it. Putting the bucket into the centerpiece, he
straddled it over the hump in the middle.

Champagne was chilling, the back cleaned of
any debris, ice filling the coolers on the sides, and a just
married sign on the back were all in place. James stood by the side
door waiting for the couple to come out.

The bride's father had spared no expense and
a photographer was indeed present. James could see the equipment
and photographer when the doors opened to let a guest in or out. It
would be a long wait for James. Pictures take the longest time. It
is usually the number one reason newlyweds run behind getting to
the reception.

James considered his job was to stand there
and look pretty. Instead of reading a book or texting friends on
his phone, he stood by the back door. Mothers with crying children
stepped out to soothe their child then walk back in. This is why
James didn't move from the side door. People coming out saw the
stretch limousine first and the chauffeur second. James never
chanced someone seeing him slacking off.

It was a risk to stand there. People would
ask him questions that sometimes couldn't be answered. "What time
will they be out?", "Where's the bathroom?" and "Where's the
reception?" were popular questions James tried to know the answers
to. He always made an effort to get a pamphlet to at least know the
bride and groom's name and a guess at the times. When they would be
out was a mystery though. Usually, if the photographer can get a
decent picture of the flower girl, it might be pretty quick. But
whose fault is it the bride picked a three year old for a flower
girl? Perhaps if the child wasn't one big burning mass of energy,
she might hold still long enough to capture the lifetime event.

Finally, the doors burst open to the chapel
and ushers pinned them back with door stops. The crowd stampeded
out and some gathered on the steps while others hustled to their
cars. James was in luck, seeing that the photographer was coming
out. Some photographers will take pictures of the family before the
wedding, others waited until after. This meant he was ready for the
couple to come out as well and he would capture the bird seed and
bubbles soon to be dumped on them.

The bride and groom alerted the photographer
and he readied for the memorable exit. Strolling down the steps,
the flashes of the photographer and guests flickered on the happy
couple. Making their way to the limousine door, James did his
customary bow and opened the door.

The photographer stopped them to take
pictures at the limousine door, then while they're sitting, then
through the partition in the front seat. Finally, the photographer
finished his professional service there. Scrambling back out of the
limo, he asked James to follow him so he could be there when the
stretch arrived.

While in route, the bride decided to raise
the divider, blocking the view from the front with a heavy tint.
This limited James' view and he was forced to utilize the side
mirrors, completely ignoring the rear view mirror as there was no
way to see out of it anyway.

The hapless photographer made a wrong turn
and James knew better. Turning the right way at the corner slowly,
he made sure to catch the light. The photographer caught up to the
stretch and pulled in front once more.

The ride to the reception was uneventful
after that. James saw the photographer running to the entrance and
jump in front of the crowd that awaited the newlyweds. Fumbling
with the camera, he was soon set to go.

James walked around the back side of the
stretch and prepared to open the door. Once the photographer gave
the go-ahead, James opened it up wide.

A yelp came out first and then the bride.
She fell out backwards, mostly naked, catching the door jam with
her knees. Dangling for a moment upside down while the photographer
and crowd snapped away, her breasts swayed with the cups of her bra
tucked underneath and naked from the hips down because the dress
was around her waist. The new husband covered his crotch and gasped
from being denied the sheath his cock was going in.

Apparently, the newlyweds couldn't wait to
consummate their wedding and instead of settling for kisses and
snuggles, the bride decided to let him have her. James, ever the
gentleman, picked her up by the nape of her neck and threw her back
into the limo; a "What the fuck!" squealed from her mouth as James
slammed the door.

Looking at the crowd, James couldn't help
but say, "There's one for the photo album!" and smiled.

The crowd cheered and laughed while they
waited for the bride to be presentable. Once the knock sounded on
the window, James opened the door again. A blushing bride emerged
with her blushing husband and another cheer roared from the

James' boring part of the wedding was over.
Now comes the thrilling part of defending the limo from drunks and
children, cleaning the spilled messes and champagne from the back,
and playing his role by the door. Checking the champagne, he
noticed it wasn't even touched.

Usually, guests would come out to smoke and
chit chat with James, asking the usual, "Can I see inside?" and
other such questions. This reception was a little different.

The first announcement coming across the
P.A. wasn't welcoming the guest or inviting the guests to enjoy the
open bar. Instead, the first announcement was, "Would the people
who took pictures of the bride in the limo outside please delete
them, thank you."

The older gentleman that made the
announcement was soon standing in front of James. It was his
assessment that the man was the bride's father, Mr. Wilson.

"What made you open the door!" was his first
question to James. He sure didn’t get a cordial greeting and

"Sir, the bride had the partition up and I
was unable to see that she was not appropriate for departure." he
stated. "I followed her instructions of doing what the photographer
ordered." wondering how it came to be his fault the man’s daughter
was half nude.

"You should have known something was going
on!" he seethed, his voice getting angrier.

Telling the man that he left his crystal
ball at home and it had a crack in it anyway wouldn’t help this
situation. "I understand you're upset, however, I had no control of
it. The photographer was coordinating the event and I opened it on
his command." and thought, '
How do you tell a father you just
let every family member and friend see his daughter's tits and
'Why, you don't.' w
as his own answer. "The
limousine is a 17 inch stretch, it is designed to have a smooth and
quiet ride, the partition is made for maximum privacy, and they
would have had to make some serious movement or noise for me to
even guess they were ... occupied."

BOOK: Driven Lust
5.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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