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Pumpkin was right on my heels as I climbed up the stairs. Fine with me. I could use a cuddle tonight although I'd prefer to cuddle with a handsome detective who thought I was a helluva woman.

I walked into the bedroom and undressed, hanging my leather jacket next to my red blazer. Suddenly I remembered the slip of paper I'd retrieved from Earl's office. The one I'd stuck in my blazer pocket then forgotten about.

I reached in and grabbed the minuscule piece of paper with its microscopic print and held it up to the light. Would the tiny fortune end up being a clue?

I read the words out loud.

The love of your life is right outside your door.

The front doorbell pealed. I chuckled and tucked the tiny slip of paper into my pocket.

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"Dying for a Date"
is such a wonderful fun read I couldn't put it down. Cindy Sample has created a cast of unforgettable and entertaining characters. Great humor, sexual tension, and an intriguing plot, all the components for a delightful romantic mystery."

—Penny Warner, award-winning author of the
Nancy Drew Handbook,
Presley Parker party planning series and the Connor Westphal mysteries.

* * * *

"Funny dialogue, relatable heroine, fast-paced plot. If real dating were this entertaining, we'd all be doing more of it.
Dying for a Date
will keep you glued to the pages and laughing out loud."

—Liz Jasper, Eppie award-winning author of
Underdead in Denial.

* * * *

"With tongue-in-cheek and a tush in tight skirts, Laurel McKay traverses the demands of motherhood and the perils of on-line dating in Cindy Sample's chic mystery,
Dying for a Date.
Re-entering the singles scene after divorce isn't easy as Laurel discovers when her “blind date” tries to practice Braille on her body. Her first bad date becomes his last when he's found dead the next day. Curl up with a pint of ice cream, fluffy slippers and a book that will make you glad you're having a night in."

—Sunny Frazier, Author of the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries.

* * * *

"The title says it all.
Dying for a Date
by Cindy Sample is a humorous amateur sleuth whodunit set in historic Placerville, California with plenty of historical facts to keep locals happy and just as many red herrings. Laurel's first dates keep dying and she, an innocent mother of two, is the prime suspect. The local hunk detective investigating her motives isn't sure whether to arrest her or kiss her which makes for some fun interplay between them. Laurel's mother and friends add to the interesting mix of high jinks to keep you guessing. Have fun with this read!"

—L. E. Crawford, Eppie Award Winning Author of the Murry/Kidman suspense series

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Although Cindy Sample's initial dream was to be a mystery writer, she put aside her literary longings for a weekly paycheck, landing a job as a receptionist with a real estate office. Her career path eventually led to the position of CEO of a nationwide mortgage banking company.

After one too many corporate mergers, Cindy found herself plotting murder instead of plodding through paperwork. Her experiences with on-line dating sites fueled the concept for Dying for a Date. The sequel, Dying for a Dance, is based on her adventures in the glamorous world of ballroom dancing.

Cindy writes the popular “Hot Flash” column for the Gold River Community Newspaper. She is past president of the Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime. She served on the boards of the California Mortgage Bankers Assn., Sacramento Opera, the YWCA, and is co-chair of Left Coast Crime 2012. She has two wonderful adult children who live too far away.

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BOOK: Dying for a Date
4.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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