Dynasty: The Glorious Strategist (Dynasty Saga Book 3)

BOOK: Dynasty: The Glorious Strategist (Dynasty Saga Book 3)
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The Glorious Strategist


Sam Ryan






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Copyright © 2015 Sam Ryan


All right reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced or sold without the expressed permission of the copyright holder, with the exception of short excerpts to be used for review purposes. And by all means make all the reviews you want of this book.


This is a work of fiction. Names, Places, and Events, are all the product of the Author’s imagination. Any resemblance to any actual people, living or dead, is coincidental. If you actually think that any of this really happened then you are either stupid or lead a far more interesting life than I do.






Soft fingers gently caressed Lymee’s bare arm slowly coxing her out of her restful night’s sleep.

“You awake?” a soft voice asked in a hushed tone.

Lymee smiled clamping her eyes shut as she shook her head burying her face deeper into the pillow. A shadow fell over Lymee as soft lips pressed against Lymee’s. The tips of woman’s hair brushing against Lymee’s cheeks and forehead before the warm touch on her lips withdrew once more. Lymee puckered up chasing after the illusive lips to no avail.

“How about now?” the woman asked in a warm gentle voice.

With a sigh Lymee slowly opened her eyes looking at the naked woman lying in the bed next to her. The bed sheets covering the lower half of the woman leaving her blue, butterfly tattooed sides and her chest completely exposed.

“Good morning, Lord Lymee,” the woman smiled her head resting in the palm of her hand. Her elbow propped up on a pillow.

“Good morning, Lord Rin,” Lymee returned the smile snuggling her head into her own pillow as she soaking in the sight of the beautiful naked woman lying before her.

“It is now that you are awake,” Rin beamed as she slipped her hand under the silk sheet and rested it lovingly on Lymee’s bare thigh.

“You say that every morning,” Lymee laughed rolling onto her back letting her arm fall over her eyes blocking out the blinding light of the morning sun.

“And I’ll say it every morning until it stops being true,” she whispered leaning in kissing the nape of Lymee’s neck.

Lymee let out a pleased moan as she placed a hand behind Rin’s head, her fingers weaving into Rin’s long raven black hair. Her body started to become hot as Rin gently caressed it with her fingers and lips. Unable to take it any longer Lymee pushed Rin over as she rolled on top of her.

“Again? Really?” Rin laughed as Lymee buried her face between Rin’s breasts kissing her soft, smooth skin. “Was last night not enough to satisfy you?”

“It was enough to last me about six hours or so,” Lymee said grabbing Rin’s legs so she could lift them up and wrap them around her waist.

“Lymee, we do not have time for this,” Rin protested, but she did nothing to stop Lymee’s advances, her own body starting to move in tandem with Lymee’s movements. “We have to get up. I have work that needs to be done.”

“What’s the point of being the lord of this province if you can’t take a day off to sleep in with your girlfriend?” Lymee asked interlocking her fingers with Rin’s as she pinned Rin’s hands to the bed.

“Our duty is to our land and people. And that always takes precedence over our personal desires.” Rin was trying to sound serious but her words were broken up by soft moans caused by Lymee’s stimulating touch.

“Let Oun handle it for today,” Lymee suggested dismissively as she rubbed her skin against Rin’s, still pinning her hands to the bed.

“Oun has not even turned eleven,” Rin stated, her breathing becoming more and more labored. “She is not old enough yet to-”

“Well I am your lord and heir to the Su family.” Lymee leaned in kissing Rin on the lips to cut her off from any further protest. And she would soon be the Lord of all of Su Dynasty but she did her best not to think of that. “Making my orders absolute,” she finished as she broke their kiss, her face hovering a few inches over Rin’s. Lymee’s shoulder length hair fell around her face the tips brushing against Rin’s cheeks.

Rin bit down on her lower lip, the desire in her eyes was obvious and so was her confliction. She wanted nothing more than to do what Lymee said and spend the rest of the morning in her lover’s embrace.

Lymee smiled enjoying the look of desire and conflict Rin had while peering up at Lymee with her deep brown eyes. Lymee let go of one of Rin’s hands so she could caress Rin’s face with it. Rin in turn nuzzled her cheek into Lymee’s palm closing her eyes as she cherished the warm sensation of Lymee’s touch.

A loud clanking sound of a bell hitting the ground snapped Lymee’s attention away. She looked over at the end table by the bed where Rin’s hand was lying on the top. The servant’s summoning bell that had been resting there was now rolling on the floor below.

“Sneaky,” Lymee glared back down at Rin narrowing her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” she grinned, her breath heavy as if the simple act of knocking a bell off the table had been an enormous feat. “I will be more than happy to pick this up latter.”

“We still got time before they get here. Assuming they even heard that at all,” Lymee said burying her face into Rin’s neck. As soon as the words were out of her mouth there was a soft knock on the door. “Son of a bitch,” Lymee cursed bringing her head up again.

The knock had only been a courtesy one as the door then slid open revealing two young women standing in the doorway. Both were dressed in servant's’ attire and had their gazes lowered making sure not to make eye contact with the lords. An amber and silver hair fox was draped around the shoulders of the second servant.

“You summoned us my lords,” the first one said in a soft meek voice.

“Yes, Bai,” Rin, who was still laying underneath Lymee, nodded looking at the two servants by peering in between Lymee’s breasts and arm. “It is time for Lord Sun and myself to get dressed.” She looked up at Lymee with a victorious smirk on her face. “Sorry my love,” Rin said with a small hint of regret in her eyes.

“Spoil sport.” Lymee pouted her lips as she rolled off of Rin and onto the other side of the bed laying on her back letting out a deep sigh. Her hands flopped out to her sides as she stared up at the ceiling of the bed frame.

Rin sat up in the bed beside her, throwing the sheets the rest of the way off of her body. Lymee watched as Rin climbed out of bed, admiring the view of the woman’s naked back. Her eyes lingering on the blue tattoos that ran from her ribs down her glorious thighs.

Having the permission of her lord, Bai crossed the room keeping her gaze lowered to the ground as she shuffled forward towards Rin. The servant behind her moved with many of the same mannerisms but there was far less timidness in her posture. And while her gaze was lowered she did not look away from the lords as she approached them. Instead her presence almost seemed to demand that she not be overlooked.

“Good morning, Lord Lymee,” the second servant greeted clasping her hands in front of her and bowing her head slightly. The fox leapt off of the servant’s shoulders and darted across the bed and leaping into Lymee’s chest. The fox stepped on Lymee’s stomach as she crawled onto her body, causing Lymee to let out a short groan as she lifted her hands to embrace the fox.

“Good morning Yunna,” Lymee waved absently at her. “And a good morning to you Kitsune,” Lymee cooed petting the fox’s head. Running her hand down the fox’s head and neck she looked the fox square in the eyes and smiled. “Did you miss me?”

“She is eager to see you every morning,” Yunna stated as Lymee continued to pet the fox.

“I’ll bet,” Lymee let out a ‘humph’ narrowing her gaze at the fox.

“You could always have Kitsune sleep in here with us, Lord Lymee,” Rin stated looking over her shoulder at Lymee. She was standing off to the side with her arms stretched out in the spread eagle position as Bai dressed her in her elegant blue and red silk outfit. Blue being the dominate color. “I would have no complaints is she stayed in here with us.”

“But I would,” Lymee grumbled staring down at the fox on her chest. “Last thing I want is an audience to what goes on in here.” Lymee glared at the fox but Kitsune simply licked her nose returning the stare with her glowing yellow eyes.

“Kitsune is just a fox,” Rin stated returning her gaze back in front of her. “A well trained and intelligent fox mind you, but a fox all the same.”

“I don’t know,” Lymee said playfully lifting the fox up by her front legs and holding her over her head. Kitsune’s long fluffy tail brushing against Lymee’s belly as it dangled. “She could be a fox spirit for all we know. Spying on us to her true master.”

Rin let out an amused snort. “Are you even sure that Kitsune is a female. I must admit that I have checked and I personally could not tell one way or another.”

Lymee thought about Kitsune’s true appearance of a very voluptuously chested woman with fiery red hair, fox ears, and seven fox tails, dressed in a very revealing Kimono. “Fairly certain,” Lymee said setting the fox down between her breasts then stroking the fox’s back.  

“Will you be getting dressed as well, my lord?” Yunna asked still standing by the bed. “Or do you plan on lying in bed all day?” Yunna’s voice was flat but the judgmental nature of her question was ever present.

Lymee could hear Bai gasp at Yunna’s casualness. Even if her wording and tone were respectful her meaning was not in keeping with the almost reverent way a servant was supposed to address and act around a lord.

“See that?” Lymee rolled onto her side still clutching Kitsune to her chest so she would not fall as she did so. “That right there is why my servant is better than yours. She’s not afraid to tell me I’m a lazy good for nothing lord who just wants to stay in bed all day and screw beautiful women.”

“I would never use those words, my lord,” Yunna said trying her best not to smile.

A game Lymee liked to play with Yunna. Lymee was always saying or doing something to get some kind of rise out of her servant. Yunna was no longer the timid weak woman she was when they had first met nearly three years ago. But Yunna still had to fulfil her role as the ever subservient attendant. Even if Lymee had never thought of her as one.

“That doesn’t make the words any less true,” Lymee stated, rolling on to her back again giving Kitsune a soft peck on her cheek as she scratched the fox’s nose.

“I prefer my servants to be a bit more humble and respectful,” Rin stated looking down at Bai dressing her as a form of acknowledgment.

“You mean boring and plain,” Lymee rolled her eyes bitterly as she continued to stroke Kitsune’s head. “Besides, Yunna is very humble and she is always respectful. That’s why her opinion matters so much to me.” Lymee looked up at the servant still waiting patiently by the edge of bed. Her head was lowered but Lymee could see that the tips of her ears had turned a slight shade of red. 

Lymee could not help but smile as she reveled in the knowledge that she had made Yunna blush. Yunna was so cute when she was embarrassed and Lymee nearly missed the days when getting her flustered in such a way was a simple thing to do. 

“And yes Yunna, I will be getting dressed,” Lymee stated in a loud almost obnoxious voice. “Since Lord Rin has better things to do than stay in bed with me,” she glared over at the woman. Rin just smiled shaking her head but she still met Lymee’s eyes. “I have training with General Gea this morning. So I will need something I can work out in.”

Yunna nodded and moved to the dresser to ready Lymee’s outfit.

“Are you no longer training with Commander Frya?” Rin asked.

“Our beloved Guard Commander said something about how she was tired of me whooping on her for the past two months and I needed to find someone who will actually pose a challenge.”

“Those were her exact words were they?” Rin asked seeming doubtful.

“I might have paraphrased a bit,” Lymee shrugged smiling back at her.

“Is that really all you have planned for the day?” Rin asked like a disappointed parent after they discovered that their child had spent the whole day playing video games.

“No,” Lymee sighed letting her hold on Kitsune relax as her arms went limp. “I got a meeting with tweedle dee and tweedle dum afterwards.”

“You mean Lords Jiang and Nuo?” Rin asked.

“Yeah,” Lymee made a pouty face at Kitsune as she drew her in closer so their noses were nearly touching. “They get to pick my brain for a few hours while Jiang tells me how awesome I am and Nuo tells me how horribly stupid all my ideas are. Then after that I am having lunch, sorry, the afternoon meal with Oun and Ling.”

“So that’s why she turned my invitation down,” Rin sneered, her body clenching up a bit. “That giggling, little,” she took a deep breath calming herself down. Her head being jerked back slightly as Bai combed her hair.

“Wait. Are you not going to be there?” Lymee rolled her head on her pillow looking over at the woman.

“It would seem that I am not invited,” Rin stated with a bit of a ‘humph’ but there was no real anger or frustration in her voice. “She obviously wishes to spend time with you while I am not around.”

“She is getting more devious isn’t she,” Lymee smiled rolling her head back.

“That is your influence,” Rin stated. “She has only started acting like this since you arrived from Su Province two months ago.”

“Better be careful,” Lymee smiled scratching Kitsune between the eyes with her finger. “She might just snatch me away from you while you’re not looking.”

Rin turned around and walked over to the bed with a very serious expression on her face. Lymee did not notice her until she was already leaning over the bed, the ornamentation on her hair sticks jingling together as she leaned over. Lymee looked up at her with a playful smile when their lips met in a very long a passionate kiss. When Rin did pull away Lymee could only lay there blinking in surprise, her head swimming.

“I do not think I have to worry,” Rin said her face expressionless as she wore her noble persona. “I think I am able to offer a few things my little sister cannot.”

BOOK: Dynasty: The Glorious Strategist (Dynasty Saga Book 3)
3.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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