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Earth Blend

BOOK: Earth Blend
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Lori Pescatore




Copyright 2011 Lori


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First Edition


Author's Note


This book is a
Young Adult/Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Romance Novel.

It contains sexual
situations, mild violence & language and is intended for a
mature young adult.


All characters are
fictious. Some locations are based on actual locale.




The ground shook
with intensity as the Mother Tree set about her task. Life itself
was in peril; everything must be created to perfection. The root
system was already in place. The Mother Tree stood tall and
majestic, feeding back to the Earth all that she had borrowed. The
first of Earth's children was about to be born.

Although it had
been under development for centuries
skin of her children had only recently been decided. Once humans
began their habitation and proliferations on the planet, the tree
knew her children would need to blend in to be beneficial in their
aid. Studying the humans had led her to create the children in
their image. Thusly, the first Earthling was born.

Consisting of the
very minerals of the Earth itself and infused with the Mother
Tree's essence, the first son was born. The Mother's branches shook
with joy as the first Earthling stood and faced her. Taking a
moment to examine himself, the son then placed his hands on his
Mother's trunk. Lightning streaked across the sky and thunder
boomed as the wisdom of the Tree flowed into him, empowering the
son with his purpose. His given name was Suron. His task: to
protect the Earth and rule his fellow Earthlings.


1. Suron's


Overseeing and
coordinating the actions of his siblings required a great deal of
his time. As each Earthling was created, the knowledge was passed
onto them through the Mother Tree. The history of the Earth and the
reason for their creation was shared with each of them. The Earth
was one of many planets that had become caretakers of beings in
need. It watched as its inhabitants evolved to become the creatures
they are today. Its generosity became lost in the generations that
followed. The humans that now called Earth their home had damaged
the planet with toxins, putting its very existence in peril. Suron
knew there were a few humans who realized the danger of their
actions. That is why he allowed certain Earthlings to blend into
the human race. The blends were to oversee the humans in their
environment and be ready to assist in aiding the Earth as the need
arose. Many of the Earthlings chose to remain close to the Mother
Tree and her roots, preferring not to assimilate into the realm of
humans. Suron himself felt more at ease amongst the trees, only
interacting with humans when necessary. When word reached Earth of
another planet needing assistance for its inhabitants, Suron
assigned Percone as a liaison for the new creatures. He
communicated to his brother in thought.


Suron: Percone.

Percone: What?


Suron sighed
inwardly at the attitude Percone displayed. He knew his brother was
bored, and his boredom often led him to trouble. In assigning him
this task, Suron hoped to give guidance and purpose to the
precocious Earthling.


Suron: I need you
to oversee the arrival of inhabitants from a sister planet.

Percone: Are you
serious? Why are we allowing more vile and hateful

creatures to live
here? We have enough problems with the ones already here.

Suron: These
creatures need our help.

Percone: So? Let
them go leech off of some other planet.

Suron: Earth is a
caretaker and we are to do its bidding.

Need I remind you
of why we were created?


Suron was
beginning to lose his patience with his brother. If their thoughts
were spoken aloud, the anger ringing through them would have been


Percone: I know
why we were created and it was not to allow these creatures

to inhabit our
home and bleed it of its very life force.

Suron: Keep in
mind, brother, that if not for the dangers the Earth is

placed in, we
would not be needed.


Percone understood
the point Suron was trying to make but he was still not happy about
the situation.


Percone: Why must
I go? Can't you get someone else to do it? What about Eli?


Percone gestured to
another brethren standing nearby. He sneered at Eli. There was no
brotherly love between the two. Percone felt Eli was favored by
Suron. Eli constantly complained to Suron about the little tricks
Percone liked to play on unsuspecting humans.


Suron: Eli has
asked to take a place amongst the humans.

Percone: Really?
Good. Let him suffer along with their kind.


Percone made sure
to broadcast his last thought so that Eli could hear.


Eli: It can be no
more painful than having to deal with the likes of you

on a daily


Percone moved
quickly, placing himself in front of Eli.


Percone: Or maybe
you need to get away from the pain of losing her to me.

Eli: You tricked
her. She would not have chosen you willingly.


Percone smirked as
the ground began to shake around them.


Suron: This
behavior stops now! I will not allow further escalation of your


Suron's voice
resonated within the two Earthlings


Suron: I will not
tolerate this. Eli, please wait for me elsewhere. I will discuss
your assimilation shortly. Percone, We need to finish our


Eli nodded
slightly to Suron and escaped into the trees. Percone stared after
his brother, his dark thoughts chasing after. He knew Eli had
disabled the thought transfers between them, but that did not stop
him from spewing his vile thoughts.


Percone: Someday,
brother, you will make a mistake. Suron will hand down a just
punishment against you and I will be there to laugh in your


Percone returned
to face Suron.


Suron: I will not
tolerate this animosity between the two of you.

We are bound
together by creation and duty.

Percone: Will you
give this same speech to Eli?

Suron: I do not
favor him over you, Percone.


Percone did not
believe Suron's words but was already growing tired of the
conversation. He gave a dismissive wave of his hand.


Percone: So, what
is the situation with the new arrivals?

Suron: Their
planet is under siege. They wish to seek refuge and attempt

to rebuild a new
life for themselves.

Percone: Are they aware
of the
genetic makeup
of the majority of humans
that call our

planet their home?

Suron: Yes. It is
my understanding that they have the means to blend into any

Percone: So, what
role do I need to play in all of this?

Suron: The
creatures arriving need to be educated in the ways of the

so they can
properly meld into their society.

Percone: I still
do not understand why you feel I should be the one to assist

I do not care for
humans. Are you punishing me?


Suron believed
assigning Percone this task would help build up his tolerance for
humans. He decided not to share that thought with his brother.


Suron: It is not
your place to question. Just do as I ask.

Percone: Don't you
mean 'do as you order'?


Suron scowled at
him and then grabbed Percone's hands. He showed him a mental
picture of where he was to rendezvous with the visitors. After
sending the information, Suron turned to leave.


Suron: I expect an
update when our sun is at its highest point.


Percone did not
reply. He simply leapt into the trees and disappeared. Suron sighed
heavily then pushed onward with other tasks. He could only hope
that Percone would do as asked. He found Eli talking with one of
the sisters.


Suron: Crysa,
please excuse Eli and myself. We have something to discuss.


Crysa nodded
towards Suron before embracing Eli.


Crysa: Good luck,
Eli. Please keep in touch.

Eli: I shall.


Crysa left the two
brothers alone.


Eli: How did
things go with Percone?

Suron: As
expected. Now, are you sure this is something you feel you have to


Eli had thought
long and hard about his decision to live amongst the humans. He
knew there were many that strived to be Earth-friendly. He had
taken an interest in their health care and longed to be a part of
it. He planned on attending one of their learning facilities to
become a certified doctor of medicine. He knew his inability to age
would require him to change locations every so often, but he was
looking forward to the experience.


Eli: Yes, Suron, I
have thought about this at great length. I am ready.

Suron: Very well,
my friend. I give you my permission. You are

aware of the

Eli: Yes. I will
check in every thirty days to report my location

and update you
through our Mother's roots. I will also be available

at a moment's
notice to protect our home.

Suron: You will be

Eli: Not by


Eli bowed slightly
and leapt once more into the trees. He set about to begin his life
with the humans. The sound of someone crying caught Surons


Suron: Your
sadness is caused by allowing human emotions to cloud your

Crysa: There are
times when I am unable to control them... like now.


Suron approached
Crysa and placed a hand on her shoulder.


Suron: Why not
accompany him?

Crysa: He did not
ask ,and I sensed his need to be on his own. Besides, he

would be upset
every time Percone summoned me.


Suron tried not to
involve himself in the affairs of his brothers and sisters unless
it threatened the Planet's well being. He knew very little about
the situation between Percone, Eli and Crysa. He preferred to keep
it that way.


Suron: Come. We
have other things to focus on. I need assitance with

a brother's return
to the Earth.

Crysa: Juni. Why
was he so careless?

Suron: Juni was
naive. We were all taught about the dangers of the human's

nuclear waste. His
intentions were in the right place, but he did not heed the


Suron was saddened
over the loss of his brother. Juni knew that anything toxic to the
Earth was also toxic to all Earthlings. Instead of consulting
Suron, Juni had tried to handle a situation on his own and had paid
with his life. Suron and Crysa proceeded to the site of Juni's
passing. Other Earthlings had gathered as well. Because of the
nature of his death, Juni's body was to be burned. He was too
contaminated to be returned to the Earth in his Earthling form.
Suron's words could be heard in the minds of Earthlings across the
planet. All paused in their daily routine to listen.


Suron: Our people
have suffered a great loss. Juni gave his life to help

protect the Earth.
Let this be a reminder to all that we must work together

in doing our
life's work. No Earthling is more important than another.

The purpose for
which we were created must stay at the forefront of all

that we do.


Suron called upon
the storm clouds that had gathered. A single lightning bolt struck
the wood piled around Juni's body. The wind was like fuel, fanning
the flames, consuming the Earthling.


Suron: Rest in
peace, brother.


As the flames began
to die out, most of the Earthlings gathered had already dispersed.
Suron alone stayed to ensure all the parts had been incinerated. He
beckoned the rain to extinguish the remaining embers. His thoughts
returned to Percone. He hoped his brother had listened to the words

BOOK: Earth Blend
4.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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