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“Blood for pack.” She nodded. “I don’t want to die, Addie. I love my family, and I don’t know…I can’t be without them. I’m not…I’ve not been happy as alpha for a while now. I’d rather…to be honest, the minute I realized what he was, I nearly bowed before him and pledged. Not a good thing to do right then, but it was hard not to do it. Does he have any idea?”

“No. And neither does she. But I think that she’s been alpha-bitch to a few of your pack already. They’ve been…look around, Mike, and tell me what you see.” He did as she told him and didn’t see anything at first. Then he saw them. There were seven or so of his own pack just on the border of the land that separated hers from the pack land. “They would have killed even you had you tried to harm her.”

He knew it too. When they disappeared into the dark woods, he turned to Addie. She was smiling at him in a way that made him think of a cat that had just eaten all the cream and knew where there was a good deal more of it.

“You know what? I am almost as afraid of you as I am them.” She laughed. “I like you, Addie. Always have, but if you want me to help you, I’m going to need something from you.”

“You have it.” He didn’t tell her what it was, but he had a feeling she knew already. “And a bonus if you make it look good.”

“Look good? I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t hand me my ass.” She grinned again. “On a different note, because you’re scaring the big alpha here, what happens now? With the Combs? Because you know as well as I do that they’re never going to give up.”

“Oh, I hope they don’t. Because this is going to be fun from now on. Starting with the house they live in. Back taxes are a thing you don’t want to fuck around with.” He nodded. “You should call off sick tomorrow, Mike. It might be a good day to go to the pond at the back of my property. There’s no signal back there, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll make a good day of it if you take your son with you.”

Mike got in his car and decided that he might just do that. Little Mike had been asking him for weeks now if they could do something together, and this might just be the ticket. Addie told him just as he was leaving the grounds that the boat would be there for them to use as well. And to have a good time. Mike smiled. Yep, having her on his side was a damned sight better than having her as an enemy. Any day.


Ellis lifted her body to his. He had to have her. Had to mark her now. When she wrapped her legs around his waist, it was all he could do not to take her right then and there, but he wanted her upstairs, in a bed, not in the living room where anyone could see them.

“Hurry.” He growled at her, and she laughed. “I need you. Right now, and you’re taking too long.”

Ellis pressed her against the wall and rocked into her as he ripped her blouse open. Taking her breast into his mouth, he bit down hard and nearly came when she cried out. He wasn’t going to make it to a bed if she kept this up.

The bed was right there when he entered the room. He turned to shut the door and was trying to figure out the lock when she tore his shirt from his body. Her mouth was everywhere, and not long enough for him to really enjoy it. Lifting her higher so that he could get to her jeans, Ellis ripped them off her and then stood her against the wall.

“I’m going to eat you first. I have to or you’re going to hurt when I take you.” Ellis dropped to his knees and tore the rest of her pants off as well as her panties. Her scent nearly made him stand up and take her then.

Her pussy was wet, dripping wet when he licked her soft folds. Spreading her open, he flicked his tongue over her hard nubbin and heard her cry out. Taking it into his mouth, he sucked on it hard at the same time he entered her with his fingers. Christ, she was soaking his hand and he’d only just started.

She rode his mouth with hard, fast strokes. He brought her twice while she held his head to her pussy, and he drank from her. When he brought her the third time, his wolf nearly took him when she came again. Ellis leaned back and let his wolf have him.

He licked her from gate to clit. Dawn cried out with her climax again, and when his wolf licked a path on her inner thigh, she spread her legs wider for him and told him to do it. His wolf lunged at her, biting deeply into her flesh, and she cried out with the pain. Ellis told her that he loved her and would forever.

“Take me.” He told her he wanted her, and his wolf let him go when he’d sealed her wounds. Taking Dawn to the floor, the bed just too far away, he stood up and pulled his pants off, rags now, in one swift motion.

“I’m going to hurt you.” She nodded and cupped her breast while he watched her. “Christ, I thought eating you would calm me, but it’s only made me want you more.”

“Please, Ellis. I need you to mark me. Take me.” He got back on the floor with her and thought about coming on her this way, just to take the edge off, but she opened her thighs again, and he could see how wet she was, how ready.

He fisted his cock as he slowly entered her. He moaned when she seemed to pull him inside of her, and nearly slammed forward when she cried out again. Rubbing his cock over her clit, he leaned over her and suckled at her breasts. And when she came the next time, Ellis filled her.

Her scream made him stiffen as he stilled, but she pulled him closer even in her pain. Ellis wanted to take her over and over, but knew that she was hurting. Lifting his head, he looked down at her tear-stained face and wiped the tears with his thumb.

“You’re very large.” He nodded, and her body shifted beneath him. “I love the way you feel on top of me.”

“You’re very beautiful right now. Not that you weren’t before, but I love you naked with my cock inside of you.” She moved again, and he groaned. “Unless you want me to come inside of you right now, I’d suggest that you be still.”

“You mean you don’t want me to do this?” Her body moved again, and he rocked into her. “Yes. Do that again. I love that.”

He moved slowly, filling her then pulling out. His body ached to empty inside of her, fill her with his seed as he marked her. But he watched her face. When she wrapped her legs over his legs, he moved harder, faster into her until she was moving with him. When she came this time, her body milking his cock, Ellis offered her his throat, and she took him hard.

Ellis came hard, emptying not just his balls into her but his heart as well. He loved her. She was his. And when she sealed the wounds at his throat, he fucked her again until she came, and then marked her with his own bite. Ellis had a mate. And he loved her very much.

Chapter 5


Addie handed over all the paperwork she had to him, and Ellis just stared at it. He had no more idea what to do with it than he would if someone had handed him a lab coat and told him to cure cancer. When he tried to give it back to her, she smiled.

“Shawn and Mike are going to take care of it. And Dawn asked me about a policy the other day, something that her aunt said she was no longer getting. It’s from her mother. She set it up while she was in prison. And someone has been paying the premium since she died a few years ago.” Ellis asked her who, and she said she didn’t know. “I have been putting out some feelers on her dad. I’m assuming that he was a shifter or Dawn wouldn’t be. Anyway, nothing as yet.”

Ellis looked up at the stairs. Dawn was still asleep, and he thought maybe she needed to be here to hear this information. But he didn’t want her upset over anything right now, and she needed the sleep. He looked at Jarrett when he laughed.

“You’re in love with her.” He told him he was. “Good. It looks very good on you. And, so you know, Dan is doing a fantastic job on the library. He told me to tell you that he’d have it done tomorrow if you managed to stay away another day or two.”

“We should have this place done tomorrow, too. Not the roofing yet; the shingles are behind schedule a little, but the rest will be done.” He got up and paced the large kitchen they were in. “They didn’t know who she was. Not even to stare to try and see if it was her.”

“I saw that, too. It’s a good thing. If they come here, it means she’ll be safe if you’re not around.” He shook his head at Jarrett. “I know you won’t leave her, but something might happen that takes you away from her. And she is a pretty strong shifter.”

“She’s terrified of them.” He pulled a glass from the cabinet and offered them each one as well. As he poured three glasses of tea, he continued. “I don’t blame her. I know a little of what they did to her, and how they kept her locked up like they did for so long.”

“It was verbal, too.” Ellis looked at Dawn when she entered the room and gave her his glass of tea. “Thank you. I’ve never been able to get over the fact that they hated me so much. If they didn’t want me, then they shouldn’t have taken me in.”

“It was the money.” Ellis asked Jarrett what money. “Mostly it was the federal money they got. Food stamps, a check to care for you. Then there was the allotment they got from the government on other things. I think that’s why Basil decided to quit his job. Everywhere they said that they had to take you—piano lessons, games, and practice for sports you were in—they got money for that too.”

“I didn’t go to any of those.” Ellis watched her face as it came to her what the hell was going on. “Oh my God. They lied to everyone, not just me.”

“Pretty much. But today we’re going to have some fun with them. Shawn is going over with Mike today to serve them. Addie is suing them. Basically, while they own the property they live on, they haven’t paid taxes in years. Not to mention, when they bought the property a few generations ago, they were to maintain it and to keep it looking neat. It was part of the deal that Addie’s great-grandmother made with their relatives.”

“Will it kick them off the property?” Addie told her that they’d have ninety days to comply. “They won’t be able to do that. The place…have you seen it? I think there are cars in the yard under some of that grass, and then there are the bags of trash in the back. I’ve gone over there a couple of times recently just to check to see if they’re still alive.”

Jarrett stood up and put his glass in the sink before speaking. “If I were you, I’d try to be hanging around the area at about two today. Could be fun.”

Chapter 6


Dawn landed on the limb above Ellis. He’d left a few minutes before her because she’d been in the middle of putting a roast in the oven when he’d told her he needed to go. She was nervous but knew that if anything happened, it wasn’t going to be to her. When she looked down at him he was looking up, and she moved to the ground next to him and shifted into her wolf.

You’re a beautiful wolf. Has anyone ever told you that?
She moved closer to him until their bodies were touching
. I want more than anything to run with you when this is over. Do you think you could do that?

I’d like that.
They looked up when a car pulled into the driveway. It was just before two, and she watched as her aunt and uncle came out onto the porch. Her uncle had a gun in his hand.
Do you think they see that?

I just told Mike it was there. He said he had his eye on it. You notice that he’s got his ready as well. Nothing is going to go down that they’re not ready for.
They both slid a little closer when Shawn started talking.

“Mr. Basil Combs, my name is Shawn Connor. I’m here to represent Mrs. Addison Emerson. This is—”

“You get your hinny butt back in your car and get off my land. I’ve had enough of you peoples to last me a long time. Like you done told me over there, this here is called trespassing.” The gun didn’t move, but Mike stepped a little closer and a little bit in front of Shawn. “You ain’t got no cause to come here and harass me. I done nothing wrong.”

“You’re in violation of the contract you have with Mrs. Emerson. The land and the property was to be kept in a neat and orderly fashion, lawn to be maintained, as well as—”

“I got me no help around here. And if you think I can afford to hire me out some people to do the work, then you’re dumber than that man in the place over.” Basil huffed. “Did you know he went and put up a gate in concrete? How the heck do I get on there to look around if he don’t take that down? I can’t. We tried for nearly an hour to get that thing out of the ground.”

“You’re not supposed to be able to get in, you dumb fuck.” Mike looked like he was going to pull his gun and shoot her uncle anyway. “They told you yesterday that it was private property and you need to stay off their land.”

“Well, I’m telling you the same thing today. Get off my land. This here is private property.” He laughed then, and Dawn felt her skin crawl. She knew that laugh. “I’d really hate to have to kill you both and have to explain why I did it. You’re trespassing, plain and simple like.”

“You lift that gun up more than it is right now, Combs, and I will tear you apart before you can get the trigger pulled.”

Dawn felt the low growl run through Ellis. When he stood up she did as well, but she moved back out of his way. He was furious looking, and she wasn’t going to be hurt when he had to help Mike. And she had no doubt that Mike was going to need it.

“I don’t want you here. So you get your butts on out of here.” There was anger in her uncle’s voice, as well as something she couldn’t figure out. Then it occurred to her that he was afraid of them.

“This is telling you that you have ninety days to clean this place up or the Emersons will come in and take it from you. They are well within their rights as the original property owners.” Basil actually pulled out his cock and pissed on the papers that Shawn had laid on the porch for him. “Nice job there. But it does not negate the fact that you’ve been served. Everything that we’re doing now is being recorded. You might want to wave at the camera.”

It was almost funny, seeing her uncle put his dick away quickly and catch himself in his zipper. Mike laughed out loud and asked him if he needed a minute. The cursing that came from her uncle made her blush. Who knew he knew that many bad words?

“I’m not gonna do anything around here, because I just don’t want to. You want it cleaned up so bad, you do it yourself.” Shawn nodded, then looked at Mike. He had his gun out now, resting by his leg. And Ellis didn’t look like he’d relaxed either.

“You’ve been served, and you have three months to get this under control.”

Shawn turned his back on her uncle, and in that split second she saw Ellis leap. Shawn was down, his body covered by Ellis, when the shots were fired. Dawn had shifted and took to the skies to keep from getting hurt herself. When she landed, it was to see what had happened.

Her uncle was lying on the porch, holding his leg and screaming like he was dying. Her aunt was trying to wrestle the gun from him to more than likely shoot Mike, who was holding his gun on Aunt Neva and Uncle Basil. Shawn was just lying there, and she just knew he’d been killed.

He’s not dead. Unconscious, but not dead. I think I knocked him into the car when I took him down. Where are you?
She told him and saw him look at her.
You’re okay then? I saw you shift, and I was so glad to see you go to someplace safe.

You think that Mike will arrest him now?
Ellis told her he hoped so.
Stupid man. What the fuck was he thinking, pulling a gun on a cop?

He’s a moron.
Dawn laughed and was glad to hear Ellis do the same
. You’re really okay then? You didn’t get hurt at all?

No, I’m fine, really.

She watched as Mike came up on the porch and demanded the gun. Aunt Neva screamed at her uncle not to give it to Mike, but he did. And when he had it, he put cuffs on Uncle Basil while Aunt Neva called him every name she could string together.

About ten minutes later an ambulance showed up, as well as Addie and Jarrett. As they passed by the cruiser where Shawn was, Jarrett tossed a bag at his brother Ellis. It had never occurred to her that he was naked when he shifted. Her body warmed up at the thought.

Behave yourself. I’m going to have to finish up here before we can have that run.
She told him that she was ready now
. But I have to see to this. Jarrett and Addie need to be made aware of what is going on, and I want to make sure that your relatives are put somewhere safe from harming others. He really is an idiot. You know that, don’t you?

I know.
She watched as he was looked over, along with Shawn. He had a nice bump on his head, but he told them he was fine. It could have been a good deal worse. Her uncle had only a minor flesh wound. The bullet had only grazed his thigh, which would need stitches, but he was facing jail time. Dawn told Ellis she was going home, and to let her know when he was ready to leave there to run.

The house was her haven. She knew that she could and should get out more, but the thought of going into town scared her too much. She did need to go in sometime soon to get more supplies and a few things at the grocery, but she’d been putting it off. After she changed into her jeans and an old tee-shirt, she found Andy and Billy in her kitchen. Andy flushed when she startled them.

“Sorry, miss, but we was just getting us something to snack on.” She eyed the five sandwiches on his plate and that many on Billy’s plate. “We’re gonna eat you out of house and home, I’m thinking.”

“You might.” She asked them if they wanted anything to drink and handed them three bottles of water each as she continued. “I have to go into town today to replenish my supplies. How much longer are you guys going to be here?”

“Shingles just got here, so we can put them on today. Then we’re done with our part. Going back with Miss Addie and Mr. Jarrett when they go, I think.” Dawn felt a wave of sadness wash over her at them leaving her. “Mr. Cash is going back, too, I’m thinking. He’s got himself some ideas now on some of the things you use in your own garden. Miss Sloan, you should see her garden. It’s really nice. Big as yours, too.”

“He helped me on a few things, too.” Which he had. Planting seedlings in half egg shells was brilliant. The shell would provide a nice start for the seed and give it a little extra when it was growing. “And he got mine all plowed up nice and neat for me as well. I think I might miss you guys.”

Billy grinned around his sandwich but waited until he swallowed before he spoke. “We’re gonna miss you, too. You don’t care none when we goof off a little in the lake out back. And the fishing is great. Me and Andy was gonna go and plop our hook in it today before we go just to fill up your freezer a little more for you.” She nodded. “I sure did love that trout you made last night. Man, that was some good fish.”

She nodded at them both and started to put things away. They would do it, she knew, but she was really embarrassed and had to do something. When Ellis told her he was leaving the house now, she told him that the boys were going fishing.

Good, that will keep them out of trouble while I chase you down.

Her body warmed up again, and she looked out the window of her kitchen. Going out into the yard, she told Andy and Billy to have fun and left them to their own devices. She had no idea where Cash was, but assumed he was safe and more than likely flirting with some woman in town. He was really good at that.

Ellis spoke to her again.
I’d like for you to run with me.
Dawn told him she’d like that too.
I want you naked when I get to the big tree next to the pump. Do you know where that is?

Yes. But I thought we were going to run together.
He told her that he wanted to run her down and then fuck her.
Oh yes. I’d like that as well.

Taking off her clothing, she felt a little exposed. But when Ellis came out from a stand of trees she stopped trying to hide herself and stood so he could see as much as he wanted. When his wolf came to her and sniffed at her pussy, she let him, knowing that he was getting her scent.

Christ, he loves you. So do I.
Dawn moaned when he licked her cream off her thigh.
Run for us. Run and let us catch you.

As soon as she took off, Dawn was glad that she’d left her shoes on. The ground was covered in broken branches and twigs, so running barefooted would have been painful. Leaping over a fallen log, she felt his wolf hit her from behind and she tumbled over and over until he was atop her. Laying there panting, she ran her fingers through his fur until he hummed softly at her.

Shift for me.
She let her wolf take her, and felt her feet tangle in her shoes. When they were off, she rolled to her belly and tried to get out from under Ellis.
Christ, he’s not going to let you go now.

At first she was excited, her body on fire for his wolf, but when he bit her, sank his sharp canines into her shoulder, she tried to get away harder. But the more she struggled, the harder he bit her. When he mounted her, his cock filling her from behind, her wolf snarled at him, then tried to buck him off. But he was bigger and held her down while he took her.

The wolf came fast. He roared out his own release even as Dawn felt decidedly unfulfilled. Ellis told her to shift back, and before she knew what he was going to do, his cock filled her pussy and he fucked her harder than the wolf had.

“Come for me.” She cried out when he lifted her ass up and pounded her harder. When his mouth moved to her breast, Dawn cupped it for him and held it to his mouth while he suckled first one then the other. She was so close, ready to come with him, when he bit her hard enough to draw blood. It was all it took to not just take her over the edge, but to drop kick her hard and let her freefall. Dawn came three more times, one right after the other, before he threw back his head and cried out his own release.

As he dropped onto her, she giggled. His head lifting up from her breast made her think he didn’t think this was funny. That, of course, made her laugh all the harder. He had to ask her twice what she was laughing about.

“You. Your wolf is very selfish with satisfying his mate, but you nearly kill me with making sure I have all the pleasure I can handle and then some.” He kissed her on the mouth as he laid his head on her breast again. “I love you, Ellis. And I’m going to miss you.”

He raised his head and looked confused. “Miss me? Are you going somewhere? I hope not. I kinda like it here for now. And I have to finish the interior work on the bedroom.”

“Aren’t you going back with the rest of them?” He shook his head, even more confused. “I thought you have a business to run there. Jarrett said you own a construction company.”

“I do. But you’re here and that’s where I’m going to be. I’ll have to go in sometimes to see about jobs and such, but until you’re ready to move with me, I’ll be here with you.” She touched her hand to his face. “I can’t leave you, Dawn. I just found you. And I need you to feel comfortable with moving with me. Or not. We can just as easily stay here. I have a house that’s under construction that I’d like…it doesn’t matter. If you want to stay here, then we do.”

“You have a house?” He told her yes as he lay back on her breast. She jerked his head up by his hair and growled at him. “What kind of house do you have? A bachelor pad, no doubt.”

“No, it’s a log cabin. A big one, of course, but it’s all hand-hewn logs. Five bedrooms and six baths. I wanted to have a house when I met my mate so we could start having a family right away.” He wiggled his brows at her. “We could keep practicing on that part if you want.”

“You’re building a log cabin?” He nodded and smiled. “A huge log cabin where? In the woods? Is there room for a garden? Can we…will we have neighbors?”

BOOK: Ellis: Emerson Wolves ― Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance
13.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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