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Elven Lust

BOOK: Elven Lust
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Elven Lust
Eva Slipwood
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Eva Slipwood
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Elven Lust

I walked along the path through the forest to the stream near the village. It was washing day and I had a large sack slung over my shoulder filled with clothes which needed to be cleaned. The forest was cool and dark, with the rays of the early morning sun casting glimpses of light between the trees. It was quiet, too, peaceful, with only the sound of my footsteps and the gurgling of the stream up ahead to break the silence. It wouldn’t take me long to get there, the path between the village and the stream was winding but well worn and easy to follow. It was a nice walk to take in the morning as it gets me away from the bustle of the village, my chores and my parent’s constant nagging.

As I stepped into the clearing by the river bank I was surprised to see two men in the river. They were both naked, standing up to their thighs in the clear water. They were medium height, slim, with muscular bodies, glistening in the sun. The light shimmered over their bronzed skin, sparkling on the flecks of water covering them. They were lithe and athletic, unlike the few men of the village that I had known. They both had long hair, one dark the other blond, almost golden, flowing down to their shoulders. Their ears poked out from their hair by an inch or two and came to sharp points.

I thought with a shocked gasp.

I put my bag of washing on the grass behind a bush and snuck quietly towards them to better see what they were doing. I crouched in the grass behind a fallen tree trunk, hidden between two bushes, the leaves hiding me from the elves’ sight. We don’t often see elves in these parts so I was curious. What were they doing here? Were there more of them close by? Watching their smooth, achingly beautiful bodies glisten in the morning sunlight, I was also more than a little aroused.

As I got closer they started to caress each other, their hands running tenderly over each other’s bodies. The smaller, blond haired one ran his hand over the other’s chest, his fingers circling and teasing the man’s nipple. As he did so the other one slid his hand through the gently lapping waves up his partner’s thighs to his groin. He cupped his balls, massaging them against his palm before tracing his hand up the blond’s already hard cock. He grabbed it firmly and rubbed his thumb over the glistening head, teasing a drop of pre-cum from it.

I gasped in surprise and they both turned to me, peering through the bushes to where I was crouching. They stood there staring at me, the gentle waves of the river lapping at their bodies, caressing their asses, both their cocks erect and firm, waiting. The blond looked shocked to see me, even ashamed. He lowered his face and wouldn’t look me in the eye. The taller dark haired one had nothing but lust on his face, his mouth widened into a mischievous grin and his eyes shone with a sparkle of light. His radiant gaze enthralled me, sending a flutter through me heart and belly. He beckoned to me, summoning closer with one long, dainty finger.

“Join us,” he said, his voice a low, feral whisper, dripping with lust.

I was nervous and couldn’t bring myself to move, either to stand and join them or to run. Butterflies and a warm, growing arousal mixed in my belly, the eyes of the brunet captivated me. He started walking towards me, his hand still on the blond’s cock, gripping it firmly. He lead him by it to the shore and up onto the bank. The water dripped from them onto the grass, tracing patterns which shone in the sunlight down their lean bodies. As they approached I was overcome with desire for their perfectly formed masculine, yet delicate, bodies. I stood up, stepped over the log and out of the bushes. I unlaced my dress, letting it fall free to land in a heap on the grass. I stepped out of it and ran my hands over my breasts, cupping them, feeling the sun and breeze against my skin. The warmth of the sunlight felt good on my skin but the slight chill of the breeze brought goose bumps with it. I shivered. The taller of the two elves came over to me and put his free hand around my waist. My skin tingled at his delicate touch. I stared into his eyes, the violet blue colour and slit, cat-like, pupils ravished my soul with their hunger, their desire.

He slid his arm up my back, his fingers tracing elegant patterns as my whole body shivered at his touch. His fingers ran through my long dark hair, grabbing it. He pulled it tight and forced my face towards his. I couldn’t resist him, I was completely drawn in by his alien eyes and his grasp. I gasped in anticipation as he brought his mouth towards mine. Our lips met, a silken touch, as his tongue forced my lips apart. It flicked over my tongue, making me tremble, a deep warmth began to spread through me, centering between my thighs. I gasped as I felt the mouth of the other lick my nipple, his tongue swirling around it, teasing it to erection.

Our lips parted and he turned to face his partner, lust apparent on both their faces, the blond no longer so shy. They kissed each other, long and hard, while their hands caressed my body and each others. The dark haired one pushed down on my shoulder, his hand firm and surprisingly strong, considering his slight frame. I knelt down between them both as they continued to kiss.

My heart beat faster at the sight of their cocks, both long and firm, nestled in a brief garden of pubic hair. I ran my fingers over their heads, feeling them twitch at the sensation. I rubbed the tips of them with my thumbs, smearing their pre-cum over them, while both elves continued to kiss. I flicked my tongue over the head of the blond’s, longer, slightly thinner, cock, before taking the head in my mouth. I swirled my tongue over it as I swallowed it further, tasting the pre-cum and his sweet elven flesh. I heard him moan into his partner’s mouth, a purring, cat-like sound. I took his cock further into my mouth, feeling it against the back of my throat as my nose was tickled by his short pubic hair. I slowly slid it out of my mouth, feeling every inch of it glide over my lips. With one last lick of the tip I removed it completely and started rubbing the head with my hand. I took the dark haired elf’s cock in my mouth as I continued to slowly massage the blond’s. The brunet put his hand on the back of my head, his fingers slipping through my hair and forced my head down on his cock. I took it deeper in my mouth, feeling it throb against my tongue and the back of my throat. He held me there with his cock filling my mouth while I lapped at the base of it and his balls with my tongue as best I could. He pulled my head back as I began to gasp for air, pulling his cock from my mouth. I licked the tip before taking his head into my mouth, feeling it twitch against my tongue. He forced my head a little deeper onto his cock before releasing it again. He didn’t allow me to feel the full length of it this time. He repeated the motion, moving me back and forth over his pulsing, twitching cock, keeping his pace even, rhythmic. Above me, I heard both elves moan at my ministrations, their voices low, smothered by each other’s mouths as they continued to kiss.

I lowered my free hand down my body to stroke through the soft down of my pubic hair, while I continued to suck and jerk them. I ran a finger between my thighs and over my bud, teasing it slowly. I felt a tingling warmth spread through me as I stroked myself faster. I eased a finger between the folds of my lips and found myself wet, ready for them. I groaned as the warmth spread through me, my mouth vibrating on the elf’s cock. I removed my fingers from myself and took the elf’s cock out of my mouth. I lay back on the warm grass, the chill from the breeze long forgotten. I put my damp fingers into my mouth to lick my tart juices from them. I spread my legs wide open, inviting them to take me.

The blond looked at me with wonder, absorbed by the sight of my womanhood, moist and glistening in the sunlight. He looked over at the brunet, unsure what to do, looking for permission. I was starting to think this might be his first time with a woman. The brunet pushed the blond into a kneeling position in front of me. His gaze washed over my body as he knelt, lingering on my breasts, still unwilling to look me in the eye. The brunet bent him over, pushing his face towards the heat and wetness between my thighs. I grabbed his long hair, wrapping it between my fingers and pulled his mouth closer to me, forcing him to smell my sweet warmth. I moaned in anticipation as I felt his breath against my thigh.

The brunet knelt behind him, his hands holding the blond’s hips in place. He watched me, holding my gaze, staring straight into my eyes as he eased his cock into the blond elf’s ass with a groan. The blond gasped, his beautiful, silken lips nuzzling against my bud as the motion pushed him towards me.

“Lick me,” I urged, pulling his face closer with his hair, not letting him move away.

His tongue lapped against me as his partner began to thrust into him. His tongue parted my lips, easing them apart before sweeping over my clitoris in a swirling motion. I moaned in pleasure as the brunet fucked him faster, all the while staring directly at me with an insatiable hunger in his eyes.

I moaned louder as the elf eased one finger, then a second inside me. He stroked his fingers inside me, gently at first, his tongue lapping at my juices, before forcing a third finger into me. My moaning became louder, almost a scream, my soft wetness clenching and unclenching as he thrust more forcefully. Waves of pleasure washed over me, a fiery glow starting from my pussy, moving through my body out to my limbs, my arms, my legs even my toes and fingers tingled with the sensation as he continued to thrust his fingers into me while his tongue lapped at me.

The blond began to moan as the brunet fucked him faster, his thrusts becoming wilder, out of control. The brunet’s mouth was open and he was groaning now as he reached the peak of his orgasm. The blond continued to lap at my bud, faster and faster, his fingers thrusting deep inside of me as my pulsating core spasmed over them. I closed my eyes and flung my head back as I came, screaming in time with the groans of the dark haired elf.

I released my grip on the blond’s hair, its fine silken texture flowing between my fingers, smoother than human hair. He looked up at me, my juices dripping from his chin, before he wiped them away with his hand. I sighed deeply and stretched out on the grass, still absorbed by my own pleasure, enjoying the feeling of warmth inside me and the gentle caress of the sun on my skin. The brunet eased himself out of the blond’s ass, his cock still hard and glistening with cum. He stood, looking at both of us, and walked over to the stream to bathe, leaving me with the unsatiated blond.

The blond moved forward, leaning over me, his tongue licking up my body starting from my inner thigh and over my belly, sending fresh waves of pleasure through me. He licked the underside of my breast, dragging his tongue up to my nipple. He swirled his tongue over the areola, before sucking the nipple into his mouth, teasing the erect bud gently, while he massaged my other breast with his hand. I moaned again as the dying ecstasy rekindled inside me. He moved further up my body dragging his tongue up my chest to my neck and over to my ear. He nuzzled the lobe and traced his tongue along the edge over the curve, so different from the points of his own ears. I ran my hands down his back from his shoulders towards his buttocks, lightly caressing his smooth, golden skin with my nails. He shivered at my touch.

I looked up at him, his golden eyes were enticing, but not as confident as the brunet’s. He stared down at me, not moving, so I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and his buttocks with the other. Firmly, I pulled him towards me, forcing my tongue into his mouth as his lips met mine; moving my hips up to meet his as his cock brushed the still moist lips of my womanhood. He eased into me, filling me completely with one long, slow motion. I moaned as I took his full length inside me, wrapping my legs around his waist to pull him in closer.

BOOK: Elven Lust
8.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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