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The smile he gives me says a million words. 

He knows my story about the incidents after my death is true.  He knows that I chose him.

“Tell Andrew that my sister likes Roses.  If he really wants to impress her he should invest in a pet frog,” Daniel says to Nate.  “Oh and I will have some eggs and sausages.”

Nate nods, “I’ll tell Andrew.”

He turns and leaves, still emitting that positivity of his.

Daniel and I are left alone again. 

“Katy,” the emotion is back in his voice again.  “You can’t leave me again.”

“I won’t,” I reply.

“I can’t take that all again, Katy.  You
have to promise,” he moves closer to me.

I see how serious this is to him.

He probably feels like he keeps losing me. 

It must’ve been awful for him today.  I can’t even imagine the pain I’d feel if he died. 

“I promise,” I say. 

He visibly relaxes, “I’m so glad all of that is over.  Maybe now we can just move on with our lives, together.”

“Together,” I agree.

He kisses me now and soon has me completely captivated. 

This is when we hear the clap of thunder.  It sounds so close.

“Did you hear how loud that was?”  I sound as freaked as I am.

He pulls me closer again, wanting another kiss, “Relax, it’s only some thunder.”

I lean in to kiss him again.

The thunder sounds again.  This time it almost shakes the house.

We both jump up, startled.

“Okay, that’s not normal,” I have an awfully bad feeling about this.

Daniel looks at the window.  He walks towards it, before looking out.

The fear level in the room rises.

I wonder what he has seen.  He doesn’t say anything.

I follow his lead.  I gaze out through the window and horror fills my heart.

The ground is frozen, covered in ice and snow.

The sky is dark.  It is only the middle of the day.

There is only one person who would make this happen.

Suddenly I just know.

Ethereal.  She’s back on earth.

I don’t understand.

Daniel turns to me, “You know when Zeus sent you back?”

“Yeah,” I say, feeling unsure about everything right now.

did he say?”  I can hear the importance of the question in Daniel’s voice now, “Did he specify that the
part of your soul come back.”

I almost faint.  Zeus didn’t specify anything.

I hereby send you back, he said.

I freeze.

‘You’.  Why did he use that word?


“Zeus made a mistake,” I can’t even believe it as I say it.  “He made a terrible one.”

The universe is always very specific.

People will follow her.  She will use her powers on them.

I will need to lead, opposite.  I will need every Arachne that Nate can gather for me.  I will need everyone at the plantation.

Daniel’s hand is shaking when he takes mine now, “Just how bad is this war going to be?”

She dislikes humans.

She detests me.

She will stop at absolutely nothing.

I turn to Daniel.

“This is going to be a war of epic proportions,” I say.

I grip his hand tighter.

His eyes tell me that he senses it too.

Our journey together has only just begun.

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True Arachne Princess
Book Two of
Elysium’s Love Triangle



BOOK: Elysium's Love Triangle
3.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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