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Lena left the house and started to
drive into Frelen. Her mind and heart raced on what to do and how to do it.
Just pull out a knife and stab someone? It seemed insane. Hell, it was insane.
Lena began to wonder if this activity in Frelen had something to do with the
motorcycle club. Or maybe Victor was setting her up. Maybe Victor just knew

knew the knife was in her bag

knew her intentions

By the time Lena arrived to the
warehouse, she was scared shitless. She got out of her car and two men rushed from
the building. They were big, in black suits, and they rushed right to Lena.
They grabbed her by the arms and lifted her right off the ground. Lena wanted
to scream but knew better. If she screamed, she would be shut up. Either
something stuffed in her mouth, her mouth taped shut, or she

d get hit.

The two men carried her to the side
of the building where she spotted Victor standing next to a black car. His back
was towards Lena.


one of the men

When Victor turned around, there
was blood on his hands. He was wiping the blood off with a towel. His face was
evil looking. Lena noticed a couple spots of blood on his left cheek.


he said.

Look at you. Always floating for

can walk on my own,


I don

t understand this.

her down,

Victor said.

The two men put her down. She shook
away from their strong holds, and when her right hand touched her bag, she
remembered what she had in there. That big knife from Annie

s kitchen. Her body instantly
stiffened with fear. Victor with blood on him. Lena being taken from her car.
Nothing would ever go smoothly for her in life. Ever.

look worried,

Victor said.

Feel like sharing

had a long day,

Lena said.

A very long day. And I
came here to meet you, like you told me to do, and now

know the fucking life I live,

Victor bellowed. He moved at me.

want to fucking act like a bitch right now? Treat me like a fucking criminal.
For the work I put in for our life.


m sorry,

Lena said, going right for the easiest escape.
apologize. Always apologize. Always take the fall.


sorry. Here, let me

Lena reached forward with caution.
Victor was a violent man by nature, but in the heat of the battle, he was even
worse. She gingerly touched his hand and took the towel from him. She folded it
up to a clean spot and lifted it to his cheek. She wiped the spot of blood off
his cheek and smiled.


she asked.


Victor said.


planning. I needed you with me. I want to see something. To understand what I

m doing in this town.

Lena nodded. She needed to just go
with the flow of things.

The side door to the building
opened and two more men came out. They had another man with them. He was
completely lifeless, his feet dragging on the ground. The two men tossed the
guy to the ground like he was a bag of trash.

me money,

Victor said.

Always pay up. Always.

He touched Lena

s cheek.

Never fuck with me, right?


Lena said.

Victor looked over Lena

s shoulder.

Jakey, take Lena

s car. Get it the fuck out of
here. Out of town. We don

need it anymore.


Lena asked.

My car


s wrong?

Victor asked. He grabbed Lena

s arm.

Something wrong?


Lena said.

Not at all. Where is he taking
my car?

I want you to know, you


Victor said.

Panic flooded Lena

s body.


m screwed. He knows everything. I

m going to die.

One of the big men took her keys
and left. Lena now had no vehicle. She had no chance of escape right now. So
even if she stabbed Victor, what the fuck was she supposed to do?

Victor held her arm tight.


s go for a walk. Let

chat a bit about things. I want to know how Annie is feeling. And perhaps we
should discuss speeding time up a little for her.


Lena asked.

heard me,

Victor growled.

That old bitch needs to go. It

s costing too much to keep her

are you going to do, kill her?

Lena realized the error of her
question a second before the back of Victor

hand connected with her face. She spun around and fell forward, right into the
next big guy. He kept her standing and shoved her away.


t fucking touch her, Danny!

Victor yelled.


gut you, you fuck.

Lena touched her cheek and backed
up. She kept moving and suddenly had the idea to just run. To fucking run
through the back alleys and streets of Frelen in the dark. Maybe one of the
motorcycle club guys would find her. Help her.

Victor was charging toward her.

Victor, we have a problem,

another man said.


re getting interception of
police activity. Some kind of disturbance near by. We should exit.


Victor said.

We have to see Angelo first. I
have to take care of him.

He pointed to Lena.


s go, right now. Get in the
fucking car.


Lena said.

She turned and actually started to
run. It was the dumbest mistake of her life and she knew it. As dumb as the
time a black car rolled up to her with a handsome man in the backseat, telling
her that her ass was perfect, her smile was pretty, and he wanted to buy her dinner.
In that moment, Lena thought it was some fairy tale romance thing. But now,
years later, she was running from the nightmare she had welcomed into her life.

With no knowledge of Frelen, Lena
took the chance of darting in and out of streets, hoping to not get hit and
killed by a car. Her body shook with intense fear. There was one way out of
this. Maybe. Lena reached into her bag and found the knife. She took it out and
made a right turn. To her complete shock, she spotted a few motorcycles. They
were parked out back of what was a bar or restaurant. The smell of grease
lingered in the air.

Lena slowly turned and saw both
Victor and the big man running at her. She put the knife out and started to cut
at the air.


Victor said.

Are you fucking stupid? What are
you going to do? Kill me?


Lena said.


going to


Victor said to the
big guy.

Knock her the
fuck out.

Lena was in total
fight or
mode in that moment. She kept stabbing at the air but was moving
backwards too. She danced around, keeping distance between herself and the paid
chunk of muscle that was ordered to hurt her.

There was a small opening between
Victor, the guy, and the motorcycles. Lena tried to run and that opening closed
up fast. It was Victor who darted to the right, thinking he could grab her and
subdue her. But Lena was ready.
She was fucking ready.

Lena thrust forward with the knife
and felt it slide into Victor

body. Right at his left side. She then let the knife go and tried to scream.
But she had no breath. Victor grabbed her and hugged her, a few seconds needed
to settle in before he realized he was stabbed. Lena kicked and punched,
breaking away from Victor. She looked down at herself and saw blood all over

Victor touched the knife and
growled. He looked at the big guy.

have to go. I have to get this cleaned up. We have to see Angelo. Fuck


told you what to do to her,

Victor growled. He then looked at Lena.


ll come back for you. I

m going to wait for you to wake
up, Lena. Then I

m going to
torture you

in ways you
never thought possible

Lena opened her mouth and never had
a chance to speak. She had pain, then darkness.



Jett put the woman on the bed. She
was still out cold. A few times she tried to come to, her thin lips fluttering,
but she made no sound other than a deep, sighing breath. But at least she was
in the clubhouse. She was protected. Jett wasn

even sure if she should have been protected or not. But the chick had been
draped over his fucking motorcycle. Maybe it was coincidence. Maybe it was a
message from someone else.

her bag,

Jett said.

Get a name or something.


Jace said.

Jett stood from the bed and tried
to figure out what to do. The blood on her shirt wasn

t hers. Gently, Jett lifted the woman

s shirt and found soft, smooth,
clean skin.


Jace said.


got a note written to her. Handwritten note.


Jett asked.

Address? Cell?


t see a license. She
has a wallet. Credit cards, some cash

lots of junk.


Blaine said.

do we do now?

Jace asked.


m going to get her out of these

Jett said.


Blaine said.


s get her naked, man.

Jett looked back and curled his

Bro, no. It

s not that. That

s not how it works. Okay?

me it does,

Blaine said.
He rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Jace put a hand to Blaine

s chest.

Why don

you go get a drink and a blowjob?

can do that,

Blaine said.


t you both go blow each

Jett asked.

Jace pushed at Jett

s back.

Fuck you, man.

Jett spun around, fist cocked.
Blaine jumped in and stopped the two hot heads from tearing each other up.


Blaine said.

Deep breaths, guys.


Jett said.

you right back,

Jace spat.


d tell you to come to the table and talk to Miller
but you

re not welcome
there, are you?

Jett gritted his teeth.

Get out of here.

the fuck is wrong with you?

Jace asked.

was on my ride,

Jett said.

Was that a message to me?
To the club? And whose blood is on her? Let me clean the chick up and see if
she wakes up. If not, we have to get her to a hospital.


Jace said.


Blaine said.


talk to Miller. We

ll talk
to Chief Jerry if we have to. Nobody is getting in trouble for this shit.

give me a minute,



Blaine and Jace left.

Jett shook his head and took a deep
breath. He threw the middle finger at the closed door, then set his sights back
to the woman on the bed.


That was her name.


Jett said. He touched her

Can you hear me? My
name is Jett. I

m going to
get you out of these bloody clothes. I

not going to do anything to you, I promise. I need you to listen to me and
maybe wake the fuck up.

There was no response nor movement
from Lena.

Jett reached down and slipped his
hand to the back of her neck. He slowly lifted her, sitting her up. He crouched
down and let Lena fall against him. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and
lifted. Working it up and then carefully pulling each arm through, Jett couldn

t remember the last time he was
even this tender with a woman, or taking her clothing off.

It pissed him off that he felt like
this right now. Taking a bloody shirt off a pretty woman and he was getting hot
and bothered by it. Things had just spiraled that far out of control for him
lately. Ever since Ada had been murdered, things were just off. Not that he
loved Ada. Or even cared about her. Fuck, he only missed her pussy. But there
was plenty of that out in the clubhouse.

Jett cradled the back of Lena

s head, fingers dug into her
hair as he worked her shirt over her head. Just in case there was something
wrong with her neck he didn

want to add to it. Logic had him reversing all these decisions and just taking
the chick to the hospital. But history provided Jett with something else.
Doctors, lawyers, judges, police, it was all the same bullshit. Life was easier
to just figure it out on your own.

Still holding Lena

s head in his left hand, he
pulled her toward his chest. With his right hand he balled up the shirt and
dropped it to the floor. He touched her side -
bare skin
- and eased her
back to the bed. His fingertips tingled at her warm touch. Her bra was solid
black, her breasts looking full and even delicious in it.

Jett turned his head and let out a
breath. His hand touched the top of her jeans and he hurried to take his hands
off her body. Jett then stood up and made fists.

really fucked up my night, Lena,

he growled.

Jett turned and went to the closet.
He learned at a young age to keep bags of supplies wherever he could find them.
The closet in the room being such a place. He had a black bag in the closet
with a few changes of clothes, a knife, and a gun. He wasn

t going for the knife or the gun
in this case.

With a black shirt in hand, Jett
stood. He went back to the bed and dropped the shirt next to Lena. He reached
down and took her by the shoulders. Slowly he lifted her yet again. This time,
her eyes fluttered and then opened. She let out a gasp and looked ready to

hey, hey, beautiful, it

okay. I

m not going to hurt
you. I

m Jett



Lena whispered. She licked her

Sweet, little lips

you hurt anywhere? Do you remember what happened?

am I?

Lena asked.

room. You

re safe.

Lean reached up and touched Jett

s leather. Her fingers ran along
the ridges, the stitching, the patches on the front


re one of them,

she whispered.

of whom?

you save me?

you were on my motorcycle. I didn

know what the fuck to do. And you wouldn

wake up.

saved me?

yeah, I saved you. Look, I took your shirt off because it had blood all over
it. I didn

t do anything

Jett was given the fucking shock of
his life when Lean grabbed him by the neck and pulled. She didn

t move him, but she did lift
herself. Her lips connected with his and they were then kissing. Lena moved her
right hand and started to push at Jett

leather, like she wanted it off.

As Jett shook her touch away, he
tried to break the kiss. Each time he did, Lena pulled at him, wanting more.
Finally, Jett had control of the situation and broke away from her.

the fuck, beautiful

I don

t even know

Lena didn

t say a word. She reached back and unsnapped her
bra. Jett couldn

t believe
his eyes when she stripped herself of her bra and put it next to her right on
the bed. She had her right hand to the bed, fingers curled around the sheets.
Her left fingertips playfully touched her hair, her shoulder, trailing a line
down to her left breast.


mouth was on fire as much as his cock was inside his pants. He was fucking hard
as anything and he leaned at the bed, putting a hand to Lena

s belly.


t know what you

re getting into,

he growled at her.

do you. Just


I need to feel alive and safe.

you fuck the first guy you see?

for you then,

Lena said.

Jett gritted his teeth.

Pull away, man. Pull the fuck
away. Leave her go. Go find someone else to take care of things.


hand was already moving up her body. His fingers crept over her breast. Feeling
her nipple hardening against his touch was more than he could handle for the
moment. He pushed Lena to the bed and came down, his mouth open, hungry,
clasping over her other breast. He suckled at her, his tongue racing left to
right, missing the wonderful taste of a soft tit and a hard nipple all in the
same tongue flicker.

Lena put a hand to her hair and
groaned. She thrust her chest at him, wanting more. So Jett gave her fucking
more. His teeth grazed along her nipple, wanting to hear Lena scream. But she

t fucking scream. She
put a hand to the back of his leather cut and groaned louder.

Jett moved his hand from her breast
up to her neck. Up to her lips. His thumb touched and Lena hurried to kiss his
finger. Her tongue came forward, teasing at him. Jett tore his hand away and
forced himself to take his mouth off her breast. He stood next to the bed,
trying to regain his breath and composure. Lena was on the bed, biting her
bottom lip. Her right breast was red and swollen from Jett

s aggressive mouth, her belly
rising and lowering with her breathing.


he growled.

Jett grabbed his belt and opened
it. He opened his pants and unzipped them. His hands then went to Lena

s pants. She let out another
sweet and sultry groan and put her hands over her head. She grabbed the top of
the bed. The sight alone had Jett aching even more. He couldn

t believe this was about to
happen. A chick passed out, her shirt covered in blood, on his motorcycle and was
now in a bed, awake, horny as fuck, desperate for Jett to fuck her.

It was insane. But Jett wondered if
this wasn

t exactly what he
needed. Something wrong and dangerous. To just


His hands gripped the side of her
pants - and her panties - and he started to pull. They slid right down, giving

s eyes another
beautiful sight. The silk look over Lena

sex. Her folds already moistened and ready. With her pants and panties off,
Lena dug her heels into the bed and lifted a little, offering herself to him.

Jett moved to the end of the bed
and grabbed at her ass. He wanted a taste of this. That sweet smell already
flirted with his nose, driving him fucking mad. Jett dropped down and brought
himself within an inch of Lena

succulent pussy. With a deep breath of that exotic and perfect aroma, Jett

t contain himself
any longer. He came forward and began to taste her. The tip of his tongue sliced
up and down, cutting between her soft, little folds. He suckled them for a
moment and then worked up to her clit. The moment he hit that spot, Lena
started to go wild. Thrusting herself hard, up and down, like she wanted to
pull away from Jett but couldn


and because deep down inside
she needed his mouth there.

Jett dug his fingers deeper into the
flesh of her ass, now holding Lena steady. He devoured her for another minute,
his tongue running rampant. One thing would be for damn sure right now. No
matter what the fuck happened with this chick, she would never forget the night
she decided to tempt a biker like Jett.

BOOK: EMPTY SECRETS (A Back Down Devil MC Novella)
6.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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