En Garde (Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Book 17)

BOOK: En Garde (Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Book 17)

En Garde

If I told you I was worried about George’s health because she’s taken up fencing, you’d laugh. Foils today are totally safe, and the gear is padded besides. Right?

Well, if so, why did I see blood at George’s first meet?
isn’t in the legal fencing repertoire—but it soon becomes apparent to me that someone’s too fired up to care. . . .

Catch my next case:

Pit of Vipers


Simon & Schuster, New York

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Ages 8–12



No one “foils” Nancy Drew . . .

“This is DeLyn and Damon Brittany,” George went on. “Nancy, Ned, and my cousin Bess.”

“Glad to meet you,” Damon said with a smile and a hearty handshake.

DeLyn stuck out her hand too, but she didn’t speak, and her smile struck me as pretty forced. Why? I wondered. Pre-match nerves, maybe.

We stood there for a minute, chatting about the tournament. I noticed DeLyn’s distracted gaze sliding away, scanning the parking lot. I looked around too.

That’s when I spotted him, lingering behind a parked car two rows away, like he was waiting for someone. A guy with shaggy, shoulder-length brown hair and a restless way of moving that raised my radar.

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Tournament Time

The Rivals

The Gauntlet Is Down

Bad News

The Setup


A Whiff of Danger

The Other Side


A Stalker Lurks

More Than a Threat

Find the Motive

En Garde

Tournament Time

et me tell you
about George Fayne. To start with, she’s my best friend—one of them, at least. And she’s a she, no matter what her name says. (Her real name is Georgia, but don’t tell her I told you.)

Oh, my name? I’m Nancy Drew. Maybe you’ve heard of me. I’ve solved a few mysteries around River Heights, but it’s no big deal. Seriously. It’s not like I even go looking for cases. They just sort of . . . find me.

Besides, I don’t do it alone. And one of the people who helps me out the most is my friend George. She’s always there for me when I need her. So when George does something on her own, I support her. Even if I don’t entirely understand her. Like right now, for instance.

“So you think she’s going to stick with this fencing thing?” I asked Bess as we got out of my car.

(Oh, yeah, Bess Marvin is my other best friend/partner in crime solving. She’s George’s cousin, and the three of us go way back.)

“I actually think she will,” Bess said, flipping her wavy golden hair out of her jacket collar. “This just may be her sport.”

“George is good at every sport she tries,” said my boyfriend, Ned Nickerson. “Basketball, cycling, rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving, you name it.”

“This is different,” said Bess. “Her coach says she’s really good at fencing, and it sounds so intense. He says once you commit to it, it’s got to be a full-time thing. That’s all you hear from her these days—it’s ‘Bela says this’ and ‘Bela says that.’”

“That’s what I don’t get,” Ned said. “That coach. Who’d want to spend so much time with that guy?”

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