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Authors: Marysol James

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Enemy Within (Unseen Enemy Book 1) (3 page)

BOOK: Enemy Within (Unseen Enemy Book 1)
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“Oh, God… yes. Please. Please.”

He lowered his face to hers, kissing her almost savagely. She responded, and he felt her desperation, her need. Dean reached over, got a condom from his bedside table and she watched as his large hands rolled it down his cock. She licked her lips and trembled.

He couldn’t wait for her any longer; he had to be inside of that sweet, hot pussy. Now. He moved back between her legs, spread them wider and with a groan, he lowered his mouth to her throat and pushed inside of her. It wasn’t an easy, smooth glide, though. It felt – difficult. Like he was being blocked, somehow. He stopped halfway in, a slow awareness starting to break through his lust.

She’s too tight.

Even as he had the thought, she gasped sharply, her whole body stiffened, and her knees shot up and tightened around his hips, holding him in place so he couldn’t move any deeper. None of it was right: the sound and tension and movement weren’t from passion at all, and that knowledge stopped him cold. Dean raised himself on his forearms and looked down at her. What he saw brought him back to earth with a crash.

Emma had her head turned away from him, her cheek pressed in to the pillow, eyes closed tight. Her hand was clutching the sheet so hard, he could see the whites of her knuckles.

Fuck. What’s wrong here?

“Hey,” he said softly. “You OK?”

She bit her lip. “I will be in a minute.”

He turned her face to his. “Look at me.”

She opened those amazing blue eyes and he saw the hurt deep in them.

Shit. I hurt her, she’s in serious pain. Dammit. Is it possible that she’s a virgin?

Dean stroked her cheek. “Is this your first time, baby?”

“No.” Her voice wavered. “It’s just – it’s been a while since I’ve done this.”

He nodded. “OK. How long is ‘a while’?”

She swallowed. “Five years, almost.”

“Five –” Dean closed his eyes and lowered his forehead to hers. His breath blew across her face gently as he spoke. “Honey, I wish you had told me that before.”

“Why?” Emma said. “Do you mean you wouldn’t have brought me home if you knew?”

To soothe and calm her, he ran his hand over her curves, loving her smooth skin. “No. I’d still have brought you home, but if I’d known it’s been a while for you, I’d have taken it way slower.”


“Hell, yeah.” He watched her face relax a bit. “I have no interest whatsoever in hurting you, Emma. That’s not what this is about, OK? I want it to be good for you, too.”

She stared up at him and felt tears start. Dean saw them glistening in her eyes and his face softened more than she ever thought possible. He reached out and wiped them with his thumbs as they slid down her cheeks.

“OK, now,” Dean said. “You tell me what you want to do. You want to stop? There’s lots of other things we can do to make us both feel good… I don’t have to be inside you.”

“Really?” she said. “You’d stop if I asked?”

His face tightened again. He wondered if maybe she’d had some experience with someone who
stop when she wanted them to.

why it’s been five years? Did some asshole force her? Hurt her?

“Of course I’d stop,” he said. “Just say the word.”

Emma gazed at him, then smiled.

“No. No, I don’t want you to stop.”

“You sure?” His eyes searched hers, making sure she was telling him the truth.


“OK,” he said. “So we need to get you to relax… it’s going to hurt you too much if we try to carry on now.”

She nodded and took a deep breath.

“Easy,” he said. “No rush. Just let yourself open up to me, OK?” He ran his large hand down one tense thigh, stroking it, pressing on it. “Relax your muscles here. Lower your legs.”

Emma let her thighs fall open slowly, her legs sliding back down the bed next to his. He stayed totally still, watching her face.

“OK?” he said.


“Good.” He took her hand that was fisted up in the sheets, turned it over to face palm up, opened it gently. He threaded his fingers through hers, then lowered his massive upper body on to her breasts again, his other hand moving up her leg. When she shuddered, he moved his mouth to her throat. Slowly, he kissed her neck, her cheeks, her forehead, moving closer to her mouth one inch at a time.

By the time Dean finally kissed her, Emma was panting his name. He felt her need and ran his tongue over those generous lips. She gasped now – a gasp of wanting – and he slipped his tongue inside. He stroked and delved in to her mouth, taking his time, tasting her sweetness, loving her heat. She was heating up below too, he knew. She was still as tight as hell, but she was slicking up around him, her juices pooling around his cock, her pussy opening to him a bit more.

He moved his hand between their bodies, watching her eyes to make sure this was OK. Emma sighed with pleasure when his finger found her clit and she arched her back a bit, taking him in to her more deeply. Her body was completely relaxed now, her pussy fluttering around him in waves of desire. Still stroking her, he slowly slid in a bit farther, then a bit more, watching her face closely. She moaned and opened her thighs wider. Encouraged, he gave one final thrust, burying himself as deep as possible now. He stilled, letting her get used to the sensation of him filling her.

They stared at each other, breathless.

“You OK?” Dean said.

“Yes.” Her eyes were glazed with lust. “Oh, yes.”

“I’m going to start to move now, honey.” He brushed her lips. “Nice and easy. You tell me to stop if it hurts, OK?”

She nodded.

Dean slid out of her slowly and Emma lifted her hips, helplessly, trying to keep him close for as long as possible. He moved back inside her, feeling her wetness the whole length of her slit. She wrapped her legs around his waist, taking him as far in to herself as possible, and he groaned. He thrust again and again, loving the way she shuddered under him.

“Does it still hurt?” he asked.

“No,” she breathed. “No. It feels good.”

“It’s going to feel even better, Emma. I promise.”

Dean started to move faster, his rhythm speeding up as her gasps turned to cries. She was rising to meet him, pulling him closer, her whole body straining. He watched her beautiful face as her pleasure built and he knew she was close.

“You’re right on the edge, honey. Just let it happen…”

“Dean,” she said, and the way she moaned his name was as fucking hot as he had imagined in the bar. “Oh, God, Dean… please. More.

He fucked her harder now, knowing she could take it. Emma’s whole body reacted to his cock slamming in to her, hitting some deep, sweet spot inside her. She threw her head back, her fingers gripping his back and ass, pulling him closer, deeper. He felt her pussy start to contract and release and his own climax approached like a freight train.

“Holy fuck,” he said. “You’re so tight, so sweet. God, you feel like heaven to me. Come for me, angel… come and take me with you.”

Emma’s orgasm hit her so fast, she didn’t have time to make a sound. She froze, totally rigid, her whole body one giant nerve ending of pulsating pleasure. The wave rolled through her, over her, washed her away.

Dean felt her muscles tug and squeeze on him, the spasms stronger than anything he’d ever felt before. His control deserted him now, and he drove in to her body as hard as he could, feeling her shaking under him with her own release. He erupted inside her, both his hands clenched in her long hair, his heart pounding.

Emma buried her face in his chest, trying to catch her breath. When he lifted her chin to kiss her again, she whimpered against his mouth. He heard her and pulled back, stroking her tumbled hair off her forehead.

“You doing alright?”

Emma nodded, her whole body soft and relaxed. “Yeah.”

He looked in to her eyes and smiled. She looked amazing; this was definitely a woman who had just been laid properly and come hard. Her hair was wild and tousled, her lips swollen from his kisses, her cheeks flushed and glowing.

My God, she is something else.

He pulled out of her slowly, regretting having to leave her heat. Glancing down, he saw streaks of blood on the condom and worry for her moved in his chest again. He touched her lower lips.

“Emma? Does it hurt here?”

She looked at him, confused. “Hurt?”

“There’s a bit of blood, baby,” he said calmly. “I’ll get a cloth, OK? Stay still.”

She touched herself and her fingers came away tinged with pink and red. She blinked in surprise.

Dean came back in to the bedroom and sat down next to her. Gently, he cleaned her, running the warm, wet material up and down and between her lips. When he finished, he held the cloth still for a few seconds, his hand cupping her mound, just letting the heat soothe the last bit of her discomfort.

He went back to the bathroom, and when he returned to the bed, Emma was sobbing. What he had just done for her had been so intimate, so caring, it had taken her breath away. He’d given her so much pleasure on what was one of the worst days of her life, and all she felt was gratitude and relief. It was stupid and embarrassing to lose it in front of him like this, but she still couldn’t seem to stop.

“Hey,” he said, pulling her in to his arms. “Shhhh. Come here, I’ve got you. It’s OK.”

She wiped her eyes and tried to smile. “I’m sorry, Dean. Nothing’s wrong, I swear. I just – I don’t know.”

“It’s a release, Emma. That’s what orgasm is, right? You let so much stuff go when you come, and I’m just glad that you let it go with me.”

“You are?”

“Sure am.” He stroked her lips with his thumb. “Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching a woman come so much. You’re so fucking hot and beautiful, angel. Trust me on this one.”


“Yeah. Really.” He rolled on to his back and pulled her down with him, holding her head against his chest. “Just stay here for a little while, OK?”

“OK.” Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath, relaxing on him. The last thing she remembered thinking was that he felt like heaven to her too.


Emma opened her eyes, feeling unsettled.

This doesn’t seem like my bed. Am I at home?

That’s when she felt a large, warm body pressed up next to hers and it all came back to her. Picking up Dean at the bar, coming home with him. Coming against his mouth; coming with him inside her.

His arm was draped over her waist, his breath warm in her hair. She closed her eyes for a few more seconds to enjoy the feel of his chest against her cheek, then she moved. Slowly, carefully, listening for changes in his breathing, she slid out from under him. When she was clear, she sat up quietly and swung her legs off the bed to the floor. Using her phone as a flashlight, she gathered up her clothing and crept to the living room.

In the half-light of the approaching dawn, she dressed, listening for any sounds from down the hallway. All was silent and still and she felt relieved that she could just sneak out and away. Well, relieved and also a bit regretful. Dean had been amazing: gentle and sexy as hell. Not to mention a mind-blowing lover. He’d given her exactly what she needed the night before, and she’d always be grateful to him for that, she knew.

She opened the front door, holding her breath the whole time. Once she got outside, she felt better and when she got in to her car, she was able to fully relax. She started the engine and pulled away from his house right away, not wanting the sound to wake him up and have him come looking for her.

Emma forced herself to keep looking forward, towards the rising sun. And if she maybe looked back in the rearview mirror once or twice, well, that was fine. A few looks back never hurt anyone, did they?


Dean was out on his front porch having a coffee and trying not to think about Emma’s sweet, clean scent left on his pillow when he heard voices next door. He looked over to see Dallas and the redhead from the night before.

“Take care, darlin’,” Dallas was drawling at her.

She nodded and headed down the porch steps. She glanced over and saw Dean; he raised his coffee cup in greeting.

“How you doing?” he called over.

She fluttered her eyelashes at him. “Good, handsome. Maybe next time we all meet up, I’ll be walking down
steps the next morning.”

Dallas rolled his eyes behind her back.

“Maybe so,” Dean said. “You have a good day now.”

“You too.” She got in to the taxi waiting at the curb and was gone.

Dallas wandered over to Dean’s house, yawning.

“Coffee?” Dean said.

“Hell, yeah.”

“Go on, then,” Dean said. “Help yourself.”

Dallas went in to the kitchen and poured a huge cup of black coffee, inhaling the aroma gratefully. He came back to Dean’s porch and sat down, put his feet up on the railing.

“So,” he said. “Where’s yours?”

Dean shrugged, trying to act like he didn’t care either way. “Gone. Snuck out on me. Didn’t even hear her leave.”

Dallas sighed and took a gulp of coffee. “God, I
when they do that… spares me all the morning-after crap.
one had to have a shower and a coffee before I could shift her ass out. I think at one point she was angling for breakfast.”


“No shit. What were we supposed to talk about over scrambled eggs and toast, you know? Also, was I actually expected to fucking

Dean laughed. “What are you up to today?”

“Back to bed for a few hours, then I’m on duty tonight. You?”

“I have to go in to work this afternoon. I’ve got some clients lined up.”

“Nice.” Dallas looked at Dean and cocked his head. “So… this chick last night. What’s her story?”


“Yeah, that’s right. Emma. Not your usual type, huh?”

“I guess not.” He grinned at Dallas, eager to change the subject. “You’re going to like
, I promise you.”

Dallas sat up straight. “What? What am I going to like?”

BOOK: Enemy Within (Unseen Enemy Book 1)
9.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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