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Copyright © 2012 Matt Coolomon

This is a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to any real life person is coincidental.

This book contains depictions of sexually explicit acts.

It is intended for adults only.

All characters portrayed are 18 years or older.

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There have been many contributors to my erotic stories. I would like to acknowledge those who have offered me ideas for storylines and characters, everyone who has chatted with me about erotic stories over the years, and everyone who has read and commented on my work.


Comments from the on-line erotica readership

“Like many readers, I'm finding myself drawn to this Catherine. She really is one of the most three-dimensional characters I've ever come across in erotica.”

“Love how sweet and submissive this Catherine is. The perfect female.”

“You really ought to patent your Catherine character as I could see her as a new Emmanuel.
Certainly as erotic.”

“Man I love this Catherine chick!”




"Well, what does it matter if they turn up at the same hotel, sweetheart? It's not even definite, and at worst it would be one evening over dinner."

"But you promised." Catherine sulked. "You said it would be just us and you
weren't even going to carry a phone."

"But it will be just the two of us," Ash consoled genuinely. He had no intention of allowing work to intrude on their first weekend away in ages but there was just this one client who he couldn't entirely put off. It was the only loose end he hadn't been able to tidy up and it was huge in terms of ongoing business for the film making company he was building.

"I promise I won't carry my phone, darling. And if they do show up – and I really don't think they will – then it won't even be dinner. I'll see them for after dinner drinks and get rid of them in the time it takes you to soak in your bath!"

Catherine picked up her husband’s phone and flipped it open. She showed him the screen and gave him a look. It was on and in full service.

"So turn it off," he implored. "It hasn't rung since we left home this morning has it?"

She turned it off and put it down, smiling sweetly. "You know I'm going to make it worth your while, don't you?"

Ash glanced from the road with an eyebrow lifting. "Worth my while, eh?"

blushed a little. "Uh huh."

Catherine slapped at her husband's hand as he tried to feel her leg. "Hey, look, there's a rest stop," she said. Ash had mentioned finding a gas station with a toilet.

There were two other cars parked – both empty. The toilet was a small brick building down a narrow footpath. Ash walked down the pathway, and as he entered the men's room he immediately recognised the sound of a blowjob in progress. There were two cubicles. One had a closed door and the other had a fat man pressed against the wall with his cock quite obviously poking through a hole. He turned to look at Ash but was about to cum and did so while Ash stood there watching in amazement.

Ash used the urinal and quickly washed his hands. The fat guy then left the toilet and a thin, pasty skinned man of about fifty emerged from the other cubicle. When he saw Ash he paused and waited by the open door. Ash hurried back up the path to where Catherine was waiting by the car.

"Do you want me to drive for a while?" she asked.

let's go," Ash replied, getting in and watching for the guy to come from the toilet. He still couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"I hope there's a roadhouse or something soon," Catherine said as she backed the car out. "I'm starting to get hungry. Are you?"

"Yeah, I could eat. Except I just saw something that turned my stomach a bit."

"What? Back there?"

"Yeah. That fat guy who came from the toilet had just received a blowjob from another man."


"Yes – really! There was a glory hole in the wall and he got sucked off through it by the guy who must have been from that other car. I think he would have done me too if I wanted it."

Catherine laughed. "Oh shit! And did you?"

"Did I what?"

"Did you want it?"

"Hell no!"

“But you watched them?" Catherine pressed with interest.

"No I didn't watch them! I walked in right when the guy was blowing his load. Then I used the toilet and walked out."

"Oh my god," Catherine went on in amusement. "You hear about things like that but I didn't think it actually happened."

"Yeah, well, I've seen a few glory holes before but that's a first for seeing one being used."

Ash paused in thought for a moment before adding. "You know, it reminds me of some of the hot things we've done."

"It reminds you of them?" Catherine questioned cautiously.

– it just reminds me. In a good way."

"What do you mean, in a good way?"

"Well, just that it reminded me of how hot you used to be when we fooled around," Ash said, feeling his wife's bare thigh again. She had on a thin summer dress, quite short.

"What do you mean, how hot I used to be? Aren't I hot anymore?"

"Yes, you're hot! Of course you are, sweetheart. I mean – don't you ever think about what we used to do and get turned on by it?"

Catherine took a moment to respond. She was blushing as she spoke. "Yes
, I get turned on by it, but you said we're not doing anything like that anymore."

"Well, I'm not suggesting we should," Ash assured warmly. "It's just that some of the things we did were every bit as crazy as those guys with their glory hole.

“I mean, if that had been a woman on the other side of the wall it would have been hot."

Catherine drove along in silence for another long moment before speaking again. "I still think about that weirdo guy, Norman, a lot."

"Really?" Ash asked in reply, gulping. "He was pretty strange, wasn't he?"

"Yes but I can still feel him inside me sometimes."

Ash shifted in his seat to make room for his cock expanding in his pants. "How do you mean, you can still feel him?"

"I don't know. I think it’s because it was my first time with anal sex, and sometimes I just close my eyes and remember how it felt."

After another long moment Catherine added, "Plus it was different being stretched a little bit back there and having him open me like that so often. And the way he used to leave me sort of numb and really slippery from his gooey stuff – I still remember that."

“Remember it how?” Ash asked with interest. “Good or bad?”

“I don’t know – it was sort of nice,” Catherine blushed. “And it certainly felt like he enjoyed it,” she added with a giggle. “Felt like he really enjoyed it sometimes – and then he’d leave me extra gooey!”

Ash folded his hands in his lap to conceal a full erection from his wife. “So you actually liked anal?” he asked with interest. “I though you said it felt uncomfortable.”

“Yes – it was a little uncomfortable because of how long his thingy was. And when he was all the way in me it felt like it was half way up my back. And of course when he was ready to cum it would get really hard and that’s when he’d need me to lift my bum for him so he could stick it in even deeper to blow his load…. His big, gooey, spermy load!” Catherine added with a giggle. “Squirting up in me there like a damn fire hose!”

Ash’s dick was painfully erect but after a while he got the pictures out of his mind and it gradually subsided. A
nother hour later they came upon a roadhouse and stopped for lunch. Then, switching back to the driver's seat mid-afternoon, he was left alone with his thoughts as Catherine slept.

It had been nearly a year since the last time he had allowed other men to have sex with
his wife, and during that time he had been settled with the idea that it was all in the past – more or less a phase of their life that had been exciting but definitely a one off. He had no intention of ever letting something like that happen again, but the thought of it was arousing as he reached across and touched the hem of his wife's dress.

He lifted it and folded it back until he could see the crotch of her panties. They were pink
, and he could see them furrowed between her pussy lips.

He left her hem folded up so he could glance across and have a look as he drove on through a quaint little village and slowed as he passed a line-up of parked trucks with several drivers chatting by the roadside. Not that they would have been able to see anything through the heavily tinted windows
, but the thought of them catching a glimpse was exciting.

It was a warm afternoon
, and after driving since five that morning Catherine was sleeping soundly in the passenger seat. Ash fixed her dress a little by folding the hem back down, but he then tugged the sides up a bit to expose the sweet little pink triangle between her slender thighs again.

He had adjusted the dress to make it seem like it had ridden up of its own accord
, just in case Catherine woke. Ash wasn't sure what he was thinking but the thrill of having a nice sneaky view while he was driving along was keeping his cock semi firm and feeling good. And with Catherine having slumped a little in her seat her panties had stretched up even tighter, cutting in and making a very nice little camel toe.

Ash was merrily driving along for an hour or so enjoying his secret peep show before there was suddenly a line-up of cars and trucks stopped on the road.

He pulled up on the end of the line and could see people out of their vehicles standing on the road looking further ahead. There was a man in road worker gear strolling along chatting to everyone, obviously informing people of what the problem was up ahead. Ash wound down his window when the guy approached. He leaned down nodding a greeting and his eyes flashed across at Catherine before he spoke.

Ash suddenly remembered he had his wife's panties exposed but it was too late to do anything about it.

"Err – we've got a breakdown on a bridge up ahead," the guy started, and his eyes rolled across for another look at Catherine's crotch as he added, "Probably be half hour or so."

He stood and was about to move along to the next car.

"What's broken down?" Ash asked. "What sort of vehicle is it?"

It was a pointless question but it was all he could think of quickly.

The guy leaned back down and his gaze flashed across to Catherine's panties again. "It's umm – it's one of our cranes. The service crew are there but it's going to take a while."

Ash nodded acknowledgment and broke eye contact, allowing the workman to have another look across at Catherine. He lingered for a moment and Ash glanced up and caught him blatantly staring that time
. The guy grinned and nodded, then stood and moved along.

There were cars and trucks lining up behind and people getting out to stretch and chat. Catherine remained sound asleep and Ash set his seat back and closed his eyes.

A few minutes later he saw the workman again – that time with a co-worker, and they strolled slowly past the passenger side of the car and stopped fairly close by.

Ash had turned the car off
, and without the air-conditioner running it was getting a bit warm. He used that as an excuse to justify to himself that he needed to lower the passenger side window – to get some air flow.

As the tinted glass lowered the bright sunlight lit up Catherine's milky white thighs and illuminated the soft pink triangle between them. The two workmen weren't talking. They were standing with folded arms right beside the open window. Ash could only see to their shoulders but he knew they would be looking down into his wife's lap
, and as he rested back in his seat his cock expanded to full erection again.

The two workmen never moved from their spot. One of them had a two-way and spoke on that a few times
, and they chatted between themselves a bit, but Ash could hear the obvious distraction in their voices. Catherine even stirred at one point and parted her legs slightly, and when she did that the guy who was talking swallowed hard.

He stepped closer and leaned down to look in the passenger side window. It was the same guy who’d told Ash about the expected delay before. “Shouldn’t be too much longer, buddy,” he said, then he tilted his head and had a good close look at Catherine’s little pink camel toe. He grinned and winked. Ash met his gaze evenly. “Nice,” the guy said.
“Very nice.”

He stepped back and his colleague leaned down to have a look as well. He was an older man with a grey beard.
He glanced and nodded to Ash. Ash felt his face heat, and no doubt redden. “Sorry to hold you folks up like this,” he offered, his eyes rolling to have another close inspection of Catherine’s panties. After he’d had a good look he nodded and stood.

It was
another half an hour before the line up in front started rolling, and the two workmen never moved from beside the car the whole time. When Ash started the engine Catherine stirred, quickly glancing up at the two workmen as the car started moving.

"Where are we?" she asked sleepily. "Was I out for long?"

"A couple of hours. I think we should start looking for a motel for the night. What do you think?"

"Okay, it's nice here," Catherine agreed as she sat up fixing her hair and tugging her dress down.

"What lake is that?" There was a huge expanse of perfectly still water to one side of the road.

"I don't know, sweetheart.
But what about that?" Ash asked, pointing to a billboard advertising a guesthouse in 20 miles.


The Lakeside Guesthouse was owned and operated by a tall, well-built man of 45 named Carter. It was a little out of the way, and didn't do much business. There was a small room in the basement where Reg, the local handyman/gardener, lived in exchange for watching reception sometimes and keeping up the grounds and gardens.

Carter tossed his boat keys in the draw and slapped old
Reg on the back, interrupting The Odd Couple on TV.

BOOK: Enter the Bad Boy (Sweet Surrender)
9.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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