Escort (The Callie Leveaux Series)

BOOK: Escort (The Callie Leveaux Series)
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Kate Benson

Copyright © 2014 by Kate Benson

All Rights Reserved

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This book is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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The nonconformists, the rebels, the
ones who look in the mirror every morning, see their flaws and embrace them.

This one is for all of you.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

~Jim Morrison

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine




















Chapter One

The Sadist

Open your fucking mouth, Bitch!” Dante grounds out. His massive erection is only inches from my face. His expression is fierce, monstrous. It tells most that he’d kill you as soon as look at you, but I know better. I see the playful gleam in his eyes just before he covers it with this death glare.

Dante has been coming to me for years. He’s one of my regulars
, my first regular as a matter of fact. I know more about this man sexually than his own wife does. 

don’t judge


“Shut up!” he says, yanking my hair
back in his fist. “Do I pay you to hear you talk, doll?”

Slowly but immediately
shaking my head, he snickers and releases some of the pressure from my hair before lightly tapping the side of my face with the end of the leather crop he’s holding.

“That’s better. Now open that dirty
fucking mouth of yours and put it to good use.”

Opening wide,
he shoves into my mouth immediately. Keeping his grip on my hair, he controls the movement, controls me as he fucks my lips ruthlessly. I can feel the tip of his cock slamming into the base of my throat repeatedly. The crop in his hand sings as it sails through the air, making contact with the already tingling skin on my back. 

Nothing but hot tea for Callie tomorrow
Thanks a lot, Dante, you kinky fucker

The punishment on my mouth and back continues for a long while, longer than Dante’s usual. My overworked jaw is throbbing by the time he’s finished with it and when he
roughly pushes me away from him, I’m relieved, but only for a moment.

Dante paid for the whole night and his family is out of town. Not to mention, he’s
so hopped up right now, he’s had no intention of sleeping, let alone letting me. I already knew the deal when I picked up my room key from the hotel clerk downstairs, though.

As I catch a glimpse of the sun starting to rise through the edg
e of the heavy hotel curtains I drew shut hours ago, a fresh wave of exhaustion sweeps over me.

Dante schedules me once a month and pays for the week I can’t work because of it.

“Strap yourself in, doll,” he orders as he pushes me away roughly, stroking himself in one hand as he pants his way over to the dresser. “Take that shit off,” he gestures to the skin tight, two piece, transparent black number I put on an hour before Tommy dropped me off.

Don’t ask about Tommy, we’ll get to him soon enough

Pushing m
y strawberry blonde hair out of my eyes, I stand, quickly re-secure my braid and do as I’m told. Stripping bare quickly, I position myself on the bed with a stifled yawn. Starting with my ankles, I buckle the leather belt-like straps over my flesh as tightly as they’ll allow.

Once my legs are done, I strap in the wrist I can
using my free hand and my teeth. I place my unrestrained wrist into the final strap and wait for Dante to return, making a mental checklist of all the things I have to do tomorrow.

hicken, tomatoes… I need cherry tomatoes for supper. And Pinot. Last time I forgot the Pinot, Tommy about shit himself.

Rolling my eyes at the memory, I stifle a laugh and glance up in time to see Dante walking over to me. Metal clanks on the bedside table next to me as he sets the chain and some other things down.
Once he’s got me strapped in tightly, he checks the other restraints and moves his attention back to the table. Picking up the ball gag that lies there waiting, he straddles me.

His big, burly form is heavy over me, but the weight is something I’ve grown used to over the years with Dante. Positioning the gag into my mouth, he quickly secures it before reaching for the long, thick tow chain.

“Next time, bring a shorter chain,” he instructs. “I need five to six foot.”

Nodding silently at him, I wait patiently as he wraps it loosely around my neck in preparation for the main event. Standing, he removes his bel
t from his respectable black dress pants before tossing them back onto the chair in the corner that’s been holding his briefcase all night.

Winding it around his large, meaty fist is the only warning I get that we’re about to begin. My first time with Dante was terrifying,
a total shock to my system. Nowadays, I know to expect everything, find shock in nothing.

The metal of the belt buckle whips across my stomach, lighting my skin on fire
and leaving a welt instantly.

Holy shit, Dante!

Seeing the tears form in the corners of my eyes, I pull a sinister chuckle from him. This is the only thing that shows my pain though. I don’t make a sound, I don’t sniffle. I’m a pro, this gag is just for him.

Lick after lick continues across my skin, pleasurable pain whipping through me.
To distract myself I count, but lose track when the number exceeds thirty. Instead, I slip into a cathartic trance holding off the low hum building in my core. I eventually allow a low groan to escape me, knowing what he needs to get off.

I always get them off. I always give them exactly what they need.

hat’s why they come back.

onight with Dante has been no exception. I saw it in his eyes the second he walked into the room last night.

Positioning himself between my legs, he leans over my sex and tak
es a long, hard whiff as I feel the heavy belt drop to the mattress beside me. Letting out an appreciative groan, he looks up at me and gives me a malicious grin that would make most run scared.

Lifting me slightly, he rams
into me without warning. My pussy stretches viciously to accommodate him, fire shooting through me again and again as he spews out profanity.

“You take it, you dirty whore!” he grinds out, lashing me repeate
dly with the belt he’s kept nearby.

Fuck! Fettuccine, I don’t think I have any fettuccine left

owns this cunt, doesn’t he, you filthy slut?”

A low groan leaves my lips as I nod enthu
siastically. I can feel the saliva spilling out around the gag, dripping down the sides of my face. At the same time I feel it, Dante sees it and his eyes light up like a kid who just found a forgotten toy in the back of his closet.

“Fuck yes,” he hisse
s out viciously, yanking my hair harder into his fist and driving into me with more force. “I paid a lot of fuckin’ money for this sloppy little cunt. You’ll give it to me however I want it, won’t you?”

ding again, I feel the hum building in my core once more. I know what’s next and no matter how fucked you think it makes me, it’s one of the things that makes me the best at what I do.

I live for this shit

After placing a final, heart ripping la
sh across my stomach, Dante tosses the leather to the floor recklessly and yanks hard on the thick, cold chain that’s laid waiting across my chest.

Feeling the cold metal close in over my throat sends
a jolt of adrenaline through me. Between his need for control and my love of dangerous sex, we’re both teetering over the edge simultaneously.

As he slams into me a few final thrusts, my vision blurs and the haziness ensues as my walls clamp down around him in pleasure.

“Sick fucker!” he yells out, finding his release. “You sick motherfucker!”

Before my eyes roll back, I see the look of aroused disgust cross over Dante’s face. Spitting onto my stomach, he comes hard into me, releasing the pressure on the chain that’s choking me at the same time that I cry out
violently against the gag still lodged between my clenched teeth.

Slowing his moveme
nts, Dante comes back as my eyes begin to flutter open. We’re both panting, both breathing erratically as he pulls out of me and rests back on his thighs, dropping me roughly onto the mattress. Leaning over me, he removes the ball gag quickly, carelessly pulling on my disheveled hair.

He reaches over, his palm gruffly passing over my face to collect the saliva from my lips and cheeks. Staring down into me, he flattens his tongue against his hand
and licks it clean. Moving his body so that his dick is hovering over me, he grips the top of my hair and forces my head back roughly.

“Now su
ck it clean,” he pants his command, pushing his softening cock into my open mouth.

Sucking and lapping at him, I
hold his dominant gaze as he grunts in pleasure above me.

Once he’s used my mouth to satisfy him for a second time, he lifts off me and stands to admire my outstretched frame still pinned to the bed.
Freeing me from the first of my restraints, he gives me a hand towel to wipe my face and stomach clean with while he works on the other arm for me.

baby,” I say, giving him a small smile of appreciation for freeing me.

“You got it, doll,” he winks back at me before turning to tend to himself.

I bend my body, internally cringing against the harsh welts forming over the skin of my stomach as I release my ankles from the restraints. As I free myself from the last one, I turn carefully to let my legs dangle from the side of the mattress.

Dante walks over to my side of the bed and sits, replacing his black dress s
lacks, socks and shoes before looking over at me with a sly grin.

“What were you just thinking about when I strapped you in, Callie?
Your fucking shopping list again?” Dante uncharacteristically snickers at me when I throw him a wink. “You’re a real freaky little girl, you know that?”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks, Dante,” I laugh
, rubbing my raw wrists as I rise from the bed to make my way over to the bathroom. “How are Pam and the kids?”

“They’re great, than
ks.” I watch in the reflection of the bathroom mirror as he beams. “Pheobe just made honor roll and Vanessa got first chair in clarinet.”

so awesome! I bet you’re a real proud papa.”

He doesn’t answer, jus
t continues to grin with pride as I turn to face him, freeing the tangled braid from my hair and running my hand through it.

Vanessa has a recital this time next month. Can we do the twentieth instead?” he finally asks, breaking free from the moment and I nod, returning to sit on the edge of the bed.

Sure thing, baby,” I tell him.

For the amount of money Dante pays me, he can have me any day he wants.

“Alright, doll,” he says, turning back to face me before pushing me back and pinning my legs open on the edge of the mattress. The force makes me let out a loud yelp and he shoots me a warning look. “Shut up.”

Immediately, I do as he says and he buries his face between
my legs, licking me clean of the seed that’s still dripping from me. I can hear him moving his fist over his member ruthlessly, obviously looking to make this last one quick. Luckily, I’m still so swollen and sensitive from him, I’m ready for him in no time.

slut,” he orders and like clockwork, I give him what he needs.  “Fuck,” he mumbles against me and as I’m finishing, he lifts up and empties himself onto my stomach.

As he pants above me, I let out a low mewl for his benefit as he rubs his arousal over my skin. Lifting his palm to my mouth, I lick him clean with a moan as I watch his eyes twinkle in satisfaction.

“That’s it, baby,” he croons as I hold his eyes. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, sir,” I say coyly
as I kiss his palm.

Good girl,” he says, leaning over to plant a surprisingly gentle kiss on my temple. “I gotta go, but I’ll be seeing you.”

“Okay, baby,” I say with my most seductive smile as I shoot him a wink.

“Thanks Callie.”

Eyeing the dark bruise forming over my throat, he lightly touches his fingers to the affected spot and flushes.

“Sorry, doll.”

Meh, occupational hazard,” I wave him off before straightening his bland tie and smoothing the fabric of his suit over his broad shoulders. “Drive safe, send my love to the girls.”

Will do,” he smirks, making his way to the door looking like the model husband and business associate. “It’s on the dresser. Tell Tommy I said what’s up.”

BOOK: Escort (The Callie Leveaux Series)
8.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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