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Even Now

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onald, my best friend, my prince charming. The years have flown past, and I’m amazed that we’re into our eighteenth year of marriage. I remember our honeymoon and how you’d look at me every few hours and say, “It took so long to get here; I can’t believe we’re finally married!” That’ll teach us to hurry time. With you, Donald, the dance is a beautiful one, sometimes slow, sometimes tapped out at a frantic pace. But I wish the music would go on forever, because every day is better than the last. Can you feel it? How we’re entering this new phase of life with teenagers? Stay close by and keep praying! I think we’re going to need each other more in the coming years than ever. I love being your wife.

Kelsey, my precious daughter. I had a sudden disconnect the other day when I took you to get your driver’s permit. I glanced at the little girl beside me, half-expecting to see a ponytailed sixth grader. Because this is supposed to go on forever, right? The part where I drive you places and we hold deep, meaningful conversations about your friendships and your faith? But instead, there you sat, a willowy young woman with the future shining in your eyes. Has anyone ever been more excited to get behind the wheel of a car? Hmmm. Every minute matters, honey. I’m grateful for the relationship we’ve shared — and the one that will take us into this next stage of your life. Don’t ever forget you’re a one-in-a-million girl, Kels. I love you. Shine for Jesus!

Tyler, my oldest son. This has been an amazing year for you, my Broadway boy! A lead part in a professional local theater company? I stand back in awe at how God has brought you from that precocious kindergartner walking around the house in an Annie wig singing “Tomorrow” at the top of your lungs, to the self-possessed young man, serious about shaping your voice and your acting skills so that you can be an even brighter light for the Lord. Your song is still the soundtrack of our lives, Ty. I love you. Keep singing for Him!

Sean, my smiley boy. Everyone who sees you or gets to know you says the same thing: “That kid is always so happy!” You’ve been home more than four years now, but it feels like you’ve been here since the beginning. I love your smile and your energy, the way you listen at devotions every morning. You’ve blossomed in so many ways. God has big plans for you, Sean. Keep trying your best and reaching for the stars! I love you, honey.

Josh, my soccer star. When it comes to picking teams, everyone wants you, and you’re the first to explain the reason: “God made me an athlete.” The same is true for your brothers, but I have a feeling Jesus will use your athleticism in a very special way. I marvel at your confidence, the easy way you have of excelling in everything from art to keeping your room clean. But the reason I’m most glad you’re on
team is because of your desire to please the Lord. Everyone else might be asleep, but there you are, a flashlight under the covers, reading your Bible. Keep your determination, Josh. I love you. Keep first place for God and all the rest will come.

EJ, my determined chosen child. Long ago, God could’ve led us to any of a million little boys who needed a family. But He chose you, and we quickly did the same. You are living proof of how love and determination, boundaries and praise can change someone for Jesus. You have no quit in you, EJ, and I stand in awe at that. I love when you think no one’s watching and suddenly you launch into a silly song or dance. My heart delights in knowing that your talents are more than running faster than anyone at school. You make us laugh, and one day I pray God uses you to bring a smile to the faces of many people. I love you. Keep smiling when no one’s looking.

Austin, my miracle boy. You will always be my little Isaac, the child we were given and then nearly lost. But sweet boy, you are simply growing up too fast, coming to me more often than before with sweatpants that hit above your ankle. I thank God that you’re still a towhead, still adorable with that toothless grin of yours. Yesterday I found a dinosaur on my bathroom floor and I realized you’d been in there an hour earlier. I went to move it, but then I stopped myself and let it stay. My days of dinosaurs on the bathroom floor are numbered. I love watching you run and gun on the basketball court, love hearing the other coaches ask, “Hey, that blond kid who’s a head taller than the other boys, is he really in first grade?” I’m so proud of your hustle and the way you listen to your daddy. He’s the best coach of all, honey. Now and in the years to come — whether the sport is basketball, baseball, or walking with God. I’m so glad you’re healthy and strong. I love you.

And to God Almighty, who has — for now — blessed me with these.

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o book comes together without the help of many people. A thanks to my great friends at Zondervan Publishing, including my greatest supporters: Bruce Ryskamp, Doug Lockhart, Sue Brower, Chris Ornsdorff, Karen Campbell, my friends in England, and everyone who has helped make my place at Zondervan so enjoyable. These books are touching and changing lives, and you play a significant part in that. I’m honored to be working with you. A special thanks to my amazing editor, Karen Ball. You continue to challenge me and help me bring glory to God with the gift He’s given me. Don’t ever stop!

A big thank you to my agent, Rick Christian, president of Alive Communications. I am more amazed as every day passes at your integrity, your talent, and your commitment to getting my Life-Changing Fiction
out to people all over the world. You are a strong man of God, Rick. You care for my career as if you are personally responsible for the souls God touches through these books. Thank you for looking out for my spiritual growth, my personal time, and my relationships with my husband and kids. I couldn’t do this without you.

As always, my book writing depends on the help of my husband and kids, who are so good about eating tuna sandwiches and quesadillas when I’m on deadline. Thanks for understanding the sometimes-crazy life I lead and for always being my greatest support.

Thanks to my friends and family — especially my once-in-awhile assistants, Susan Kane and Tricia Kingsbury, and all of you who continue to surround me with love and prayers and support. I couldn’t write without you lifting me to the Lord and covering my work and my family in prayer.

A very special thanks to my mother and assistant, Anne Kingsbury, for having a great sensitivity and love for my readers. Your personal touch is so precious to me — thank you with all my heart. In the same light, thanks to my father, Ted Kingsbury, who remains my biggest supporter. You believed in me way, way back — proof that parents must always encourage the dreams of their child.

Thanks also to my office assistant, Katie Johnson, who stepped in this year and helped me more than I could’ve imagined. I pray that you will be a part of this ministry for years to come. Also to Nicole Chapman for filling in on days when the tasks were overwhelming, and Katy Head and Tim Head for your assistance in some of the practical aspects of my working day.

BOOK: Even Now
3.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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