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Extreme Couponing



Bella adores her sweet, patient and gentle husband Tae. She
would do anything to keep him happy—even pretend to be something she’s not. She
acts as if she’s content with their vanilla marriage but she yearns for
something more. Something darker.

When Tae discovers Bella’s secret desires, he’s determined
to fulfill her every fantasy. He devises a wicked coupon book full of naughty
commands and fiendish challenges. From spankings to bondage to erotic play with
household implements, he tests her limits.

With each coupon Tae redeems, Bella sinks deeper and deeper
into the lifestyle she’s always craved but never had the courage to demand. Now
if she can just find a way to be the strong, independent woman Tae fell in love
the quivering sub she is at her core…


Extreme Couponing

Sabrina York



This one is for Carmen Cook, my salvation, my friend, my
rock. I’m so glad you’re in my life. Also, bacon.





I must express my heartfelt gratitude to Carrie Jackson for
pulling me back from the edge when I have the irresistible urge to spew purple
prose and litter my manuscripts with, well, alliteration. I adore you, darling.
You always make me laugh at myself. Quite a feat.

Thanks to Syneca for designing yet another gorgeous cover,
as well as to Will Duke and the Ellora’s Cave art department for making magic
happen. To all the folks at Ellora’s Cave who make all my books the best they
can be, especially those mysterious FLEs, you rock.

Much appreciation to my fellow writers for their help
sharing the word about my books. Especially Paloma Beck, Cathy Brockman, Jianne
Carlo, Cerise DeLand, Delilah Devlin, Tilly Greene, Kate Hill, Jacqueline
Hopkins, Sharon Kleve, Lissa Matthews, Danita Minnis, Frances Stockton, Brandy
Walker and all the Passionate Cooks.

To all my friends in the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of
America, Passionate Ink and Rose City Romance Writers groups, thank you for all
your support and encouragement. I really couldn’t do it without you.


Part One: Chapter One

Secret Santa


Isabella’s body warmed as Tae strolled into the living room,
dressed in nothing but a pair of red flannel pajama pants and a Santa hat. He
carried two mugs of steaming coffee. She smiled and nestled into the
overstuffed couch.

Lord, he was gorgeous. The pajama pants dipped, just
skimming his waist, revealing the flat plane of his belly, skating over his hip
bones. His broad chest and his abs—a ridged, glorious mocha—made her mouth
water, her body melt.

But then he’d always had this effect on her. From the
instant she first saw him. He could turn her from a confident, powerful woman
to a quivering little girl with a look.

Even after all this time, she sometimes couldn’t believe he
was her husband. That he loved her. And heavens, she loved him. She’d do
anything to please him. Even pretend to be someone she wasn’t.

If he ever discovered the truth, she could lose him. And the
thought of losing him was far too painful to contemplate.

Tae was a nice guy. A good guy. The deep, dark fear rumbling
in her soul was that if she told him her secret, he would be appalled. The love
in his eyes would dim. And he would leave her. When Steven had found out—when
she’d been stupid enough to let it slip—he’d called her a sicko and stormed out
of her life.

While she was glad it hadn’t worked out with Steven, who had
been a pompous prig, she couldn’t bear it if that happened with Tae.

He was, in short, her life.

“Your coffee, sweetheart.” The timbre of his voice sent a
shiver down her spine. It settled in that warm spot between her legs.

She reached for the mug. It was obvious from the color that
he’d laced it liberally with cream.

Just the way she liked it. Everything was better with cream,
after all.

She drew in a deep breath. Mmm. Saucy and sweet. The perfect
ending to a perfect meal. Tae’s gourmet creations were always amazing but he’d
really outdone himself with this Christmas dinner. Juicy roast of beast with
authentic Yorkshire pudding and an exquisite tart
. He’d
whipped up an astounding triple chocolate mousse for dessert. Warmth bubbled in
her chest.

She knew she’d won the husband lottery with Tae. A sweet,
loving man who put up with all her crap—she was something of a brat and she
knew it. Couldn’t help it. But a man who looked like
—and could

She should be satisfied.

She should.

He sat beside her, humor dancing in his chocolate-brown
eyes. “Are you ready to start again?”

Bella glanced at the denuded tree and chuckled. “I think we
got all the presents.” She leaned forward and kissed him. He tasted like rich,
fragrant coffee. “I love my necklace.” She dandled the bauble.

“I knew you’d like it. And I love that teddy.”

It was red satin and trimmed with fur. Hardly functional but
it made her feel like a seductive princess. “You did well.” She kissed him
again and frowned when he pulled back.

He cleared his throat. “But we’re not done.”

She tipped her head to the side. “There are no more presents
under the tree.”

“There’s one more. For me.”

“For you?” Bella wrinkled her brow. She was about to tell
him he’d opened everything she bought for him when he angled off the sofa and
strode to the tree.

He fished around in the boughs and pulled out a small
rectangular package. He came back and plopped down beside her with a grin, but
there was a hint of tension in his rangy form that had her wondering.

He thrust an unfamiliar package toward her. She took it and
tipped it from end to end, studying it.

“I didn’t wrap this.” She tended, as a rule, not to wrap
presents in newspaper and duct tape.

“It’s from you. Read the tag.”

It said,
To Tae from Bella

It was

Nibbling her lip in bemusement, she studied him. His
expression was taut. “Well? Are you going to open it?”

“Are you giving it to me?”

She laughed and tossed him the package. “Apparently.”

“Just want to make sure.” With a simmering glance at her, he
slid a finger beneath the tape. A small booklet fell out onto his lap.

“What is it?” She scooted closer.

“Oh look. You gave me coupons.” He sounded excited. Thrilled

“Coupons?” She shook her head and took a sip of her coffee.
What on earth was he up to? She was hardly a “coupon queen”. She was the kind
of woman who used coupons as bookmarks.

In fact,
did all the grocery shopping. Well, if he
wanted food in the house.

She wasn’t very domesticated. Never had been.

He flipped through the booklet, oohing and aahing. The
sideways looks he sent her set a fire in her gut.

“Oh Bella,” he purred, pausing on one coupon in particular.
“You shouldn’t have.”

She frowned. “Let me see that book.”

Before he could protest, she snatched it from him and
flipped through the pages. And she began to laugh. Clearly he’d printed out
this booklet on his computer.

“Good for one backrub. Hmm.” She flipped to the next. “Good
for breakfast in bed.” Okay. There was the usual stuff. One foot rub, one
blowjob, one comment-free football game…

And then she came to one that made the breath catch in her
throat. She swallowed. Her pussy twitched.

It said,
One hour of complete submission

She froze. Every muscle in her body locked in place. Her
heart pounded, her blood thrummed, her body liquefied.

He watched her intently, taking in every nuance of her
reaction, his jaw tight, his eyes glittering. His tongue snaked out to wet his
lips. “I was thinking about redeeming that one now.”

She didn’t even know how to respond so she just stared at
him. They’d been married for nearly a year but he’d never once suggested
anything kinky. Never once tried to push the boundaries.

Never once suggested anything even remotely risqué.

Damn it all anyway. Bella had never been a wimpy woman. She
usually just took what she wanted from life. But in this, especially with Tae,
she was tentative, cautious. Nervous.

Usually she was never nervous. But this…

This was something so personal. So intimate.
So secret.
She’d never had the courage to admit it to him. She’d been scared to death of
how he would react if he knew the truth. If he knew what she really craved.

That he was asking for this, now, made her woozy.

She cleared her throat, lowered her lashes. “W-what did you
have in mind?”

He waited until she looked at him before he spoke. “I think
the coupon speaks for itself.”

“All it says is complete submission.”

“I know. Are you game?”

An unfamiliar tension rose between them. Bella nibbled her
lower lip as she contemplated the sudden urge to test his resolve. Or at least
the depth of it. “For all I know, you’ll have me cleaning your man cave. Scrubbing
the toilets. Doing your laundry.” Their marriage had become that, somehow. An
endless list of projects and chores.

“I didn’t have cleaning in mind.” He tipped up her chin.
“Sexual submission, Bella. Total. Sexual. Submission. Are you game?”

She swallowed, swamped by the apprehension skirling in her
gut, the lust dancing in her pussy. It was all she could do to hold his gaze.
“I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do.”

He was right. She did. She bobbed her head, a tiny nod.

Oh yeah. She knew.

She wanted it.


She’d always wanted it like that. Craved it. Hungered for
it. But then she’d met Tae, a guy who adored her for being a strong woman, for
taking the lead, for managing everything. She hadn’t wanted to tell him the
truth of it. She hadn’t dared.

“Say it.”

She swallowed. “Say what?”

“Say, ‘Yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.’”

Her heart stuttered. She forced a laugh. “I can’t say that.”

“You can.”

Bella tried to sort through her conflicting feelings. She
wanted this. Needed this. Had fantasized about this. And now he was offering it
to her.

And damn it all anyway, it was only for an hour.

Shyness overcame her. She dropped her chin and whispered,
“Yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.”

“Sweetheart. Look at me when you answer.”

She did. “Yes Tae. I want to be your slave for one hour.”

His nostrils flared. A certain light glinted in his eyes and
a raft of dimples exploded on his cheek. The stark beauty of his face snared
her. It always did but tonight, backlit by a crackling fire and the lights of the
tree, he seemed even more intense. From the dark, dominant brow to the high
cheekbones, to those full lips…

He ripped the coupon from the book and gave her a look that
sent a tremor through her. Maybe it was the heavy-lidded heat he invested in
the glance or maybe it was the way his body tightened, every muscle, as he
gauged her reaction. She knew instinctively that something very different was
about to…arise between them.

It was like their first time all over again. Trying to make
light of the electricity, the lust lashing through her, she accepted the coupon
with what she hoped was credible aplomb.

She cleared her throat. “Okay, Tae. What do you want me to

He didn’t hesitate. Not for a second. “I want you naked.”

Chapter Two


Bella’s mouth went dry and then pooled with saliva. Slowly,
she stood and pulled the new teddy from her body.

A muscle bunched in Tae’s cheek as he stared at her. Stared
at her as though he’d never seen her before. He reached out to caress a breast,
a hip, but then curled his fingers and resolutely pulled back. “Panties too.”

She complied and stood there waiting in their living room,
naked in the muted light of the tree, licked by the flames of the fire. She
longed to cover herself but didn’t. She knew better. She wanted this. Yearned
for it. But it wasn’t easy. Not with Tae. Not with him looking at her like
that. Like a stranger.

Dominance thrummed from his every pore. “I have a gift for

“For me?” But her question, apparently, was redundant. He
was already off the couch and riffling through the closet. He emerged with a
wrapped box.

Bella didn’t know how she’d missed it in her hunting.

He came back to her, lean and lustful and luscious. His
demeanor, the very air about him, was charged with a latent power, as though
he’d slipped completely into the role of a Master. And so easily.

She struggled with it. She didn’t know why. This had been
her deepest, darkest fantasy and she had never quite known how to bring it up.
But now that it was actually happening, trepidation swamped her.

How strange to be standing naked in her own home, before her
husband, and be nervous. But she was.

He set the box in front of her on the coffee table and knelt
there on the other side of the abyss. “Open it.”

She unraveled the big bow and opened the box. She peered
inside. A collection of other presents, meticulously wrapped and labeled,
nestled amongst the tissue. She glanced up at Tae.

He nodded. “Open number one.”

It took her a bit to locate that gift. Her mind was a whirl
and she fumbled through the tissue, but she found it. It was small and soft.
Some kind of clothing? She opened it slowly, reveling in the moment, the
tension sizzling between them.

A confection of leather and ribbon fell to the table. She
lifted it up and turned it this way and that, trying to figure out what… Oh. Oh

It was underwear, but nothing like the romantic piece of
froth he’d given her earlier. This was a leather corset with a series of
looping straps that served as a bra, cupping her breasts in smaller and smaller
rings. It was festooned with black ribbons that dangled like little leashes.

“Put it on.” And when she hesitated, “

It took her a minute to figure it out but she got it on and,
dear lord, it was skimpy.

He took her by the hand and led her to the mirror. Standing
behind her, he tipped back her head, forcing her to look.

A sexy slave stood there, quivering, wreathed in leather
straps. Her eyes were wide and limpid, limned in fear but only enough to make
it exciting. The corset revealed more than it covered, a mere harness for her
breasts. Her nipples were exposed, framed in tight leather.

The sight made her knees quake.

Tae’s attention was fixed on her breasts. He cupped her from
behind. His touch on her nipples sent shock waves through her body. When he brought
his thumb and forefinger together, pinching each bare crest in tandem, she
moaned and leaned into him. His cock was hard against her buttocks.

“You look fantastic,
.” The harsh whisper of
that last word, accompanied as it was with another ruthless tweak, made her
wobble. Resolve skated over his glorious features. He stepped back. “Time for
present number two.”

She followed him back to the sofa, cream dampening her
thighs. She was ready now, but he would wait. He would make her suffer. As a
good slave should.

The second gift almost made her weep. Leather shackles
festooned with hooks and a matching collar.

She trembled, weak, subservient, lost, as he held them out
to her.

“Let me.” He wrapped each wrist with a restraint and then
fitted her with the collar. Smiled. “A bit tight so you remember you belong to

The feel of the leather, taut against her throat,
constraining her wrists, made her head spin. She wanted to melt into a puddle
at his feet. But she couldn’t. Not yet. There were more presents.

Gift number three made her wince. A studded paddle. And gift
number four was a bottle of scented lube and two slender vibrators. She
shuddered to think where they would go—what with lube and all—but Tae gave her
no time to wonder.

He stood in a rush. “Come here,” he said.

She followed him, quaking with each step as he led her
around to the back of the sofa. He draped her over the slick leather. It was
cold against her belly and she gasped.

He spread her legs wide, arranging her for his pleasure. He
ran a palm over the exposed globes of her ass. “Sweet.”

She tensed for a swat, ached for a swat, but it didn’t come.

Instead he angled her legs even farther apart and something
cold nudged at the opening to her pussy. She flinched and tried to stand but he
held her firmly in place.

“Behave.” His voice rumbled through her. The cold invader
returned. She knew what it was. The slender vibrator. He didn’t switch it on,
just let it sit there, in her, for a moment. And then he drew it out. “Ah.
You’re wet,” he murmured. “Good girl.”

She heard him flip the cap on the lube, smelled the scent of
strawberry as it filled the room. The invasion, when it came, had her springing
up out of position and whirling around to gape at him. “No.”

Tae frowned. “Bella. What did you agree to?” His tone was
harsh. His expression harsher.

She glared at him mutinously but when he didn’t relent, she
dropped her gaze. “Total submission.”

“Yes. Total submission.” He nodded to the sofa and she
reassumed her position.

Total submission. Dear lord. But

Once she was in place, he nestled the vibrator against her
clit and dragged it, warm and damp, up to her asshole. He let it rest there,
teasing her, testing her, before he worked it in.

It was all she could do not to leap up again. The sensation
was so foreign, so illicit, so thrilling she could barely breathe.

“Good girl.” He followed this with the second vibrator. This
one he again seated deep in her pussy.

And then he turned them both on.

She nearly shot through the roof. Not because he set them on
high—he didn’t, they resonated through her core with a dull, insistent
throb—but because she hadn’t expected it, a pleasure that intense.

He made her stay there, stand there, with twin vibrators
filling her pussy and asshole as he watched. Every once in a while, as though
he couldn’t resist, he drew a warm palm over her twitching ass.

Bella wanted to scream with frustration. Gentle was not what
she wanted. Not now.

When he finally went to the table and picked up the paddle,
she nearly collapsed in relief. But her relief was premature.

Tae continued to torment her from afar.

He studied her—draped over the sofa with her legs spread
wide and foreign objects thudding at her nerves—and stroked the paddle
contemplatively. It took him forever to round the sofa and stand behind her. It
took everything in her to stay in place, not flinch. Not pull away. She knew
what was coming. And she both dreaded and longed for it.

He didn’t begin paddling right away. He had far too much
finesse for that. He dragged it out, tightening the tension. He tantalized her
ass with his hand, a fleeting warmth over her quivering globes.

“Nice. Beautiful.” His voice petted her, soothed her.

The studs on the paddle skated across her flesh. Dug into
her sanity. He ran it lightly around and around her ass, circling her, taunting
her. She moaned.

When she thought she couldn’t bear it a second longer, the
paddle rose and fell. She lurched forward as scalding heat scored her skin,
sank into her being. She cried out, a warbling wail. Exhilaration, release and
a raging hunger washed through her. She shuddered around the toys in her pussy
and ass, clutching them, clinging to them.

“Turn them up,” she whispered.

He pretended not to hear her as the paddle fell again. And
again. And again. Bella cried out in bliss at each stroke, delighting in the
harsh caress of the studs. She knew her ass was red. Heat rolled off her in

She braced herself against the seat of the sofa and closed
her eyes because she couldn’t bear to see her wrists confined, as they were, in
the cuffs. It was almost too exciting to bear.

He smacked her ass again. And again. She leaned into the
pain, the delirium. She wanted to collapse, dissolve, but couldn’t. It was too
much. Not nearly enough. The twin vibrators droned inside her, but gently,
softly. Just enough to light her fire, drive her wild.

“More,” she huffed. “More.”

He complied.

She couldn’t resist plucking at her nipples. They were
aching and hard, exposed to the night air and crying out for attention. Each
pull sent sharp pleasure through her.

The heat on her ass abruptly stopped.

“Bella.” Tae tsked. “What did you agree to?”

Why had he stopped? She whimpered and glanced back at him
over her shoulder.

“What did you agree to?”

“Um…” What had she agreed to again? “T-total submission?”

“Yes. And total submission means you may not touch

“What?” She whirled to stare at him. Not touch herself? She
was desperate to do so.

He didn’t repeat himself. Disappointment tightened his jaw
as he took one of her wrists and brought it to her neck. He attached the hook
on the wrist restraint to a ring at the back of the collar. Secured her there.
He bound the other wrist as well, locking both her hands behind her head.

She was helpless. Utterly helpless.

Her pussy spasmed at the thought and the vibrator eased out.
Tae caught it on its way to the floor and shoved it back in. Bella loved the
way his fingers stretched her. She shoved her pussy at him, begging for more,
but he wasn’t ready to give her that kind of satisfaction.

He had another kind of satisfaction in mind.

He turned her to the mirror again. She couldn’t stay the
sigh that escaped at the sight she beheld—a tall, long-limbed siren with her
breasts constrained in a harness, her wrists trapped behind her head, her pussy
weeping, cream dribbling down her thighs.

“Close your legs,” Tae commanded. “Keep that toy in your
cunt.” He twirled the paddle.

She nearly came when he lifted it and rubbed it against her
breasts, scraping the studs over her nipples. She closed her lids and tipped
back her head.

“Eyes open, Bella. I want you to watch.”

She swallowed a sob and obeyed. He rewarded her with a
series of sharp smacks, each at a different angle, each hard and rough against
her sensitive flesh. Her breasts bobbled, reddened, with each smack. She was
transfixed by the sight.

He opened her pussy, exposing her swollen clit, and smacked
her there, right on her hard nubbin. Pleasure and pain and unbearable heat
sizzled over every nerve. And she came. Hard. Her entire body seized and she cried
out in ecstasy.

He didn’t allow her to recover. He pushed her against the
back of the couch, facing the full-length mirror. “Look at yourself, Bella. So
hot. So wet. So submissive. You love this, don’t you?”

She sobbed. Didn’t respond.

He smacked her clit again. Sweet agony shafted through her
once more. “Don’t you?”


“Yes what? Come on, sweetheart. Total submission. You know
what that makes you, so I know you know what that makes me.”


“Nice. Good. Good girl.” He rubbed her labia. Slipped in,
just a tad. “You’re so wet.”

She was. Wet and hot. For him. She’d never wanted him more.

She fluttered her lashes and shot him a sexy smile. “I want
you in me, Tae. I want your cock inside me.” Usually that worked. Those words
in that tone, that dreamy expression. Usually that was all it took to have him
groveling before her, licking her clit, readying her for his cock.

But not this time. This time he merely shook his head and
tsked again. “Bella, Bella, Bella. I thought we covered this. I’m not Tae to
you. Not now. I’m your Master. You’ll address me as Master or Sir. Is that


The paddle fell again, this time on her hip. Her ass was
burning, her clit was pounding, her body was afire.

“Yes, what?” This, he hissed in her ear. His breath was hot
and wet. Desperate, perhaps.

“Yes Master.”

“Better. Better. But there’s one other thing, Bella dear.
One other transgression I must point out.”

She winced. He looked the way a Master should look. Harsh
and hard and unbending. It made her molten. She opened her mouth to ask what he
meant, to which transgression he referred, and then thought better of it and
bit her lip.

He caught that tiny movement and his features softened, but
only a tad. “Good girl. You’re learning. You don’t ask, demand or command
anything. You can beg if you want. You can beg for my cock. But that doesn’t
mean you’ll get it. I control you completely. Do you understand?”

She nodded. “Yes Master.”

“Good girl.” He pinched one nipple and then the other. He
dipped his head and laved her, taking her burning flesh into his mouth and
wetting it.

Her breasts ached from the paddle, although not nearly as
much as her ass. He sucked gently on those turgid peaks then pulled away and
blew on the dampness he’d left there. That coolness on the heat of her reddened
skin created an excruciating counterpoint. Her nipples pebbled, fattened.

He grunted, clearly pleased with the effect of his work.
“That was your reward, sweet Bella. Now let’s get to your punishment.”

BOOK: ExtremeCouponing
8.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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