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I watch
as she stands, silently listening to the multitude of conversations
going on around her. I could tell she was listening intently,
though to anyone else she appeared bored. Yes, she’s a smart one,
listening in on details of mergers and other business deals.
Intrigued, I wonder what she does for a living. She doesn’t have
the appearance of a cold, cut-throat business woman. She was
beautiful, stunning really, but her minimal makeup and un-styled
hair caused her to stand out from the masses of tailored suits and
top-knots that surrounded her. You could tell that she didn’t want
to draw attention to herself, preferring to be looked over like a
fixture in the room rather than stand out.


I see a
long-time friend, Brennan Fisher, stop in mid walk to turn and
check her out. He doesn’t bother to hide his interest, which is
quite unusual for him. Normally, he maintains more control and tact
than that. I smirk when she doesn’t notice his attention. He is not
the first man here to try and engage her in conversation but each
of them are swept away by one of two women, who I am certain
accompanied her to the event. My smirk broadens when I see that
this time is no different. Brennan is intercepted by Cindy
Prescott, a leech in this sea of eligible men, just like her
mother. I hate leeches and Cindy Prescott is one of the worst.
Brennan tries to remove her from his arm as she directs him to the
bar, his frustration obvious when he can’t shake her. I would pity
him if he wasn’t after the object of my intrigue. I don’t
understand how she came to be acquainted with such desperate women
of the likes of Susan and Cindy Prescott. I’ve known William
Prescott and his wife and daughter for years, but have never seen
this angel before. Perhaps she is of distant relation.

It is not
long before Josh Augustine stops in front of her, gaining her
attention. I see her smile cordially at him, but before he can
introduce himself Susan Prescott is dragging him away, insisting he
introduce her to some business executive. Josh smiles at Susan,
giving in and allowing himself to be pulled away. Surprisingly, the
woman isn’t at all bothered that Susan stole Josh away, if anything
she seems relieved. How fascinating. This woman has had two very
desirable heirs approach her, and she couldn’t care less. So, why
is she here? I begin to approach her, now that the two women are
distracted by Brennan and Josh. She lifts her head slightly and I
assess her appearance as I near her. Her long blonde hair is
straight, with a little wave to it. Her skin is lightly tanned but
not from a tanning bed. She likes the outdoors? Perhaps she is a
tomboy. I lower my gaze to her supple figure and simple pink dress
and immediately adjust my assessment of her. She may be a runner,
but there is no way the soft pink of her dress would be worn by a
tomboy. She is sweet and innocent, she has no idea who these men

Hello.” I say in greeting, gaining her attention. Her head
snaps to me in surprise, it is obvious she didn’t notice my
approach. “Hello.” She replies politely.

I have to ask, why are you here?”

Excuse me?” She asks, confused by my blunt question and maybe
even a bit insulted.

You are not like these other women, attaching themselves to
anyone worth more than eight figures. So, why are you here?” I
restate my question.

Is that what they are doing?” She asks incredulously, looking
around as if she has finally solved a riddle.

Yes, and you are here because?” I ask again.

My father asked me to come.” She answers finally.

Your father?”


I wasn’t aware that William had two daughters.” I reply,

She nods
her head knowingly, but doesn’t elaborate any further. I feel a tap
on my shoulder and turn to Brennan who still has Cindy clutching to
his arm. “Ruxin, who is your beautiful friend?”

"Prescott’s other daughter.” I answer. Looking back at her I
realize that I didn’t ask for her name. “Forgive me, I’m Ruxin
Novak.” I introduce myself, holding out my hand.


Eva Thorpe.” She replies, taking my hand. I frown at her last
name, she’s married? Looking for a ring, I am relieved to see her
ring finger bare. “I thought you said Prescott?” I

she can respond Cindy cuts in, “Yes, well she is daddy’s dirty
little secret. We don’t need to go about announcing his
indiscretions, do we?” She seethes at Eva, who flinches from the
verbal slap.

What do you do Miss Thorpe?” I ask, choosing to ignore Cindy’s
scathing remark.

I am a pre-school teacher.” She states. I didn’t expect that.
Eva is young, around 23 or 24. She seems like she would be good
with kids with her warm eyes and child-like innocence. I notice
that she appears to be uncomfortable with my attention.

"Are you
interested in business?” I ask, recalling her attention to the
business discussions.

"No, not

You looked interested in the topics earlier.” I respond,
admitting fully that I had been watching her.

She looks
down at her shoes in embarrassment.  “I have money in a few
places, it is always good to pay attention to where to invest. I
don’t find it interesting, just essential.” She explains, fidgeting
with the ends of her hair.

Wow. You are fascinating Eva.” Cindy says, completely bored. I
am prepared to interject when William appears, seemingly

There you are Eva!” He exclaims. “My apologies, I was talking
shop and got carried away. I didn’t mean to leave you on your

I’m fine.” She replies, smiling at her father.

Is Cindy introducing you around?” He asks, smiling at her. Not
waiting for an answer he holds out his hand to me, “Ruxin. Good to
see you.” Turning to Brennan he does the same.

Have you been introduced to my daughter, Eva?”

Yes, I introduced myself.” I reply.

No.” Brennan replies at the same time.

this is Brennan Fisher. He is a close friend of the

It is nice to meet you.” Eva smiles as she shakes his
outstretched hand.

It’s a pleasure.” He holds onto her hand a moment longer than
necessary and I clench my teeth in irritation.

William darling, what are you doing over here?” Susan Prescott
makes her entrance, coming to stand by her husband.

Making sure Eva is alright.”

She’s a big girl. I’m sure she can take care of

invited her, it is my responsibility to make sure she is having a
good time.”

laughs humorlessly. “Really, William. You are too sweet, but I’m
sure Eva understands that you need to talk to these people. Right,

Yes, of course. I’m fine William.” She concedes quickly,
looking like a frightened rabbit.

Well, I’ll leave you in Cindy and Susan’s capable hands.” He
smiles and leans forward, kissing Eva’s check before walking to
another group of men.

Can I speak to you alone, Eva?” Susan requests.

Sure.” Eva complies, though she looks as if she would rather
jump out of the window.

grips Eva’s arm and drags her behind a stone pillar, blocking our
view. “Excuse me.” I say, to Brennan and Cindy. I walk to the bar
where I will have better view of Eva and Susan. Susan is holding
Eva’s arm as she whispers vehemently into her ear. Eva looks
shocked and frightened by whatever Susan is saying. When Susan
finally releases Eva she stumbles from the force, nearly landing on
her hands and knees. Susan walks away without a second look, a
smile on her face. Eva’s eyes are glassy as I approach and I see
she’s trying desperately to pull herself together.

bother. I saw everything.” I say.

shoulders slump in defeat and I see a couple of tears fall down her
face. “I have to go. Can you please tell William I said

No.” Eva looks stunned that I refused her request. “I’ll take
you home.”

That’s not necessary, thank you.”

to let her say no, I gently place her arm in mine and walk towards
the exit.  “Where do you live?” I ask her.

staying with William for a couple of weeks, until the apartment I’m
looking to rent becomes available. I don’t know the

What did Susan say to you?”

"Nothing.” She responds, wiping away her tears.

It was something. You’re crying about it.”

doesn’t matter.” She replies and stops walking. “I can’t leave with
you, people will talk.” She whispers, looking around the room. I
don’t bother taking my eyes off her, I know they are watching

Then we’ll stay. Let’s go get a drink.” She looks hesitant at
first, then nods and we go to the bar. “What will you have?” I ask

She looks
at the bartender, “Do you have any dark beers?”

We have bock, stout, and porter.” He answers.

have the porter, please.” She replies, while he looks her up and
down. I narrow my eyes at his actions. Noticing me, he quickly
adverts his eyes and asks, “And you, sir?”

Scotch.” I answer, taking note of his name tag and what he
looks like. Tomorrow he won’t have a job. He places Eva’s beer in
front of her and she takes a greedy gulp. I smile as I watch her.
“You better be careful. You’re too small to be drinking such a dark
beer that fast.”

shrugs. “Can I ask you something?” She asks, looking a little


Why is everyone looking at you?” She asks, honestly

I’m nice to look at.” I tease, winking at her.


chuckles. “I’m serious.”


So am I. You’re hurting my feelings, don’t you think I’m


huffs, “Do you even have feelings?” She mutters.


I look at
her in surprise. “Why would you ask that?”


The way you look at people.” She responds, a
delicious blush staining her cheeks.


The way I look at people, makes you think I don’t have any


me, she looks around remarks, “They look at you like you are a God.
I’ve never seen so many people watch one man. It’d be fascinating,
if it wasn’t so pathetic.” She remarks, not sounding so much as
bitchy but like she is stating a sad fact.


Tell me about yourself.” I order.


groans, “Why? It isn’t important.” She looks back at the bartender.
“Excuse me, can I get another beer?” She asks nicely.


So you aren’t important, but I am?” I question.


Look around you. I think you know the answer to that


Why haven’t I met you before? I’ve known William a very long


He was never a part of my life until recently.”


Where’s your mother?” I see her tense up and I wonder if I
asked too personal of a question.


She passed away. I figured life is too short not to get to
know my father. I packed up my things and William offered me a
place to stay until I could find somewhere of my own.”


Did you find somewhere to teach?”


Not yet, but I just got a job at Gulliver’s on


Doing what?” I ask, thinking about the restaurant I


Waiting tables.”


When do you start?”


Tomorrow.” She says, looking excited and happy for the first
time tonight.

BOOK: Fake Boyfriend
10.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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