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Fashionably Hotter Than Hell: Book Six, The Hot Damned Series (30 page)

BOOK: Fashionably Hotter Than Hell: Book Six, The Hot Damned Series
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All the men including myself grunted in phantom pain as Astrid did the motions of a robustly severe titty twist.


“It’s you, but you’re more now, my friend,” Pam said as she examined my eyes carefully.


“Explain,” I said as I gingerly pulled myself to a sitting position with help from Raquel.


“Well, now there’s the conundrum,” Pam said with a chuckle. “You’re a prototype. This has never been done before, but your silver eyes are those of a young Angel.”


“Am I still a Vampyre?” I asked, confused. I didn’t feel any different than I always had other than the sluggishness of having been out cold for a week. “Am I dangerous to you?”


Astrid stepped forward, placed her hands on my face and closed her eyes. She chanted softly and I felt her massive power flow through my body. Her eyes popped open and she stared at me with a perplexed expression.


“You’re not dangerous, but Pam is correct. You are much more than you were before, my cousin.”


“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” I questioned warily.


“That’s up to you,” she answered vaguely with a lopsided grin.


“That was awfully cryptic for a new Vampyre,” I told her with an arched brow and a matching grin.


“Right?” she said gleefully. “I’m finally catching on to this undead shit.”


“Do you have fangs?” Raquel asked as she gently rubbed my back and rolled her eyes at Astrid.


I reached into my mouth and promptly cut my finger on the razor sharp tips of my fangs as they descended. The relief I felt was absurd.


“I do.” I laughed as I sucked on my bleeding finger.


The taste of blood and the nearness of my mate caused a raging hunger to well inside me. Dizziness overtook me and I slumped back on the bed.


“He needs to feed,” the King guessed correctly.


Everyone began to pull up their sleeves and Raquel halted them with a loud and unladylike clearing of her throat. The laughter and catcalls followed my friends out of the room as they all left. Congratulations about not biting the dust were called rudely over shoulders.


And then we were alone.


Feeding could wait. I had a few things I needed to discuss with my mate…


“Vlad got away?” I asked.


She nodded. “Jean Paul went for him after you were staked, but he transported away.”


I digested this information and kept my eyes glued to hers.


“We’ll get him and when we do, it will be his last day on earth,” she promised with vengeance in her lovely eyes.


I nodded and traced her angry frown with my fingertip.


“I want you to promise me something,” I said slowly.




“If something happens to me, I want you to go on.”


“No,” she replied without hesitation and held my gaze defiantly.


“No?” I shot back.


“Let me ask you something,” she said as she crawled into the bed with me and snuggled close. “What would you do if I died and there was a chance we could be together in the afterlife?”


Damn it, she had me.


“I would… ” I started, trying to think of a clever way out.


“You would join me. You would come to me because that’s where you’re supposed to be. You can ask nothing of me that you wouldn’t do yourself,” she insisted quietly, but with steel in her voice.


She was correct and my love for this delicate beautiful woman grew to proportions I wasn’t aware I was capable of.


“I’m sorry. It’s the damn macho caveman bullshit tendencies,” I muttered and pulled her closer.


“Well, we
in the bedroom.”


Her eyes twinkled and turned a sexy shade of green.


“And I do believe you said as long as I kept the caveman in the bedroom you could live with him.”


My smile grew large and my pants tightened considerably.


“But wait,” she said with concern and pushed herself away. “You’re too weak. Let’s just take it easy for a few days. I’ll feed you and we can hold each other while we sleep.”


“While I appreciate your concern, and I really do—but my dick is killing me and I’m pretty sure blue balls won’t help my recovery one bit.”


I took her hand and placed it on the evidence of my
weak erection.


“Maybe we could combine dinner and a date,” she purred suggestively as she pulled her dress over her head.


“I think that is an outstanding idea.” I deftly unhooked her lacy bra and tore her barely there panties from her perfect body. “I’ll be better in no time if all my hungers get satisfied.”


She narrowed her eyes and giggled in such a carefree and joyous way it made my heart soar. I was so in love with her.


“I can work with that scenario,” Raquel said as she crawled on top of me and pressed her body to mine. “I love you, Heathcliff.”


“I would die for you, Raquel.”


“You already did. Please don’t do it again.”


“Fine point. Well made,” I told her as I hugged her like I would never let her go.


“Are you ready for dinner and a date?” she inquired as she ground her hips into mine, sending stars across my vision.


“I am so ready,” I said as I grabbed her ass, plunged my fangs into her wantonly exposed neck and took her up on her offer.


All of the details and clutter of what had happened could wait till another day. I was where I was supposed to be with the woman I’d died for safely in my arms.


I was ready.


And so was she.


Ten times ready and it was absolutely Hotter than Hell.


## The End (for now…) ##


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BOOK: Fashionably Hotter Than Hell: Book Six, The Hot Damned Series
9.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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