Fated Release (Fated Keepers Series Book 2)

BOOK: Fated Release (Fated Keepers Series Book 2)
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Fated Release

Fated Keepers Series

Kristyn Eudes





[email protected] Kristyn Eudes 2015


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Printed in paperback March 2015, and available in Kindle and Ebook format as of March 2015 through Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes and Noble.


Editing by Elmeri Welman





To my children: Each of you have inspired me to do more; to be more. I hope I'm able to do the same for you.


And to my husband, who continues to love and support me on this magical journey. I love you with all that I am.





Table of Contents


Prelude/ Recap from Fated Capture


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

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Sneak Peek of The Haunting in Yankee Town




Craecia- supernatural race created by God (good)

Orfeo- Supernatural race created by Craecia turning evil (bad)

Mo inion- My daughter

Mo ghrá- My love

M’anan- My heart


Prelude to Fated Release

(Recap of Fated Capture)



Arsema is a young, seemingly, regular 16 year old teenage girl who lives in a small town in Alabama with her Grans and her little brother Casher.  One day a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday she begins having recurring dreams about a tall, handsome man who steals her attention. Even though she is in the worse circumstances when she meets this stranger in her dreams she is not afraid, instead she’s intrigued. She feels a connection to this man that she cannot understand. With no other option she attempts to put the stranger and the dreams out of her mind and begin her Junior year of High School with her best friend Tris on a happy note.


The first day comes and goes with ease and then unexpectedly Arsema finds herself being introduced to new students who also play in a band at the local cafe. Only these guys are not normal. They invoke feelings in Arsema that are like nothing she has ever felt before. She can't stand the lead band member, Tavish and to make matters worse he has taken a fancy to Tris.


One thing leads to another and after Arsema finds herself kidnapped, she finally meets the stranger of her dreams and learns that the life she thought she had planned out is not the life she is going to be living. She is the Chosen One. And she has just officially met her soul keeper, Lyon.


Fast forward a few weeks and Tris is actively dating Tavish, until a plan to kidnap Arsema backfires. Tavish holds Tris captive while Lyons long time best friend, Rochelle kidnaps Cash trying to lure Arsema out. Neither plan works.


Arsema begins flashing to other places within the same area of time. Her first flash leads her back to her Grans house where she discovers she has been murdered and sees a strange man who later appears at her hotel door.


The strange man is her biological father, who had no clue of Arsema’s existence until he saw her flash into her Grandmother's home. Sally, her grandmother, had sent him a letter earlier that week asking him to come there asap. Erik begins working with Arsema to control her flashing and its during one of their exercises that she flashes to a small dungeon.


Luckily Erik follows her and stops her from rushing out when she hears Rochelle on the phone with someone describing the young boy she has captured. Arsema is forced to flash back against her will and can only sit and pray that Erik will return with her little brother.


Arsema calls Lyon and tells him everything that has happened and asks him and Haas to come home. Lyon meets up with Erik on the way back to Arsema and learns his worse fears are confirmed. Rochelle has gone rogue. His long time friend has gone to the other side and is possibly even consorting with Ose himself.


The search for Tris continues…


Arsema is tired of not helping. She demands to help more.




My training starts the next day at five a.m. I open my mouth to voice protest, until I remember the reason I asked for this to begin with. I need to help search for Tris. I am sick of being helpless, unable to assist in anything. I want to be there when they find her. She will need me. This is a certainty I feel within myself, like the air I need to breathe. I refuse to fail her. Now motivated, I crawl out of bed and throw on some comfy pants and a tank top. Over the top of the tank, I add a long sleeve shirt and then finish my ensemble with a pair of tennis shoes and a pony tail.


“I hope you’re ready for this. I won’t take it easy on you just because you’re my soulkeeper.”


“Nor will I, regardless of the fact that I am your father. If you want to be out there with us, fighting and killing Orfeo, then I want you to be able to hold your own against us.”


“Great! What do we start with? Guns? A bow?”


They both burst into laughter followed by a feminine voice,


“We start with endurance, stamina and strength. Today I want to see you run the track laid out for you ten times and when you finish this, you will run those 200 steps….three times. Up and down.”


You have got to be kidding me I think looking out at the track they have marked off. We are training in an old field where the high school used to have their football games. It has been deserted for about seven years now, providing the perfect arena for our practice. The steps in question used to be the bleachers for the game. They were built with concrete so the years have not affected them too badly, but vines crawled up the side of them and along the top I could see small bush like plants springing up out of the crevices.


“Seriously, why don’t you just kill me now and save the Orfeo the trouble. How am I supposed to do all that? I’ll die!”


Elmeri pulls me to the side and looks me straight in the eye.


“Do you want to save your friend? Honestly?”


“Of course I do! What kind of question is that?” I ask angrily.


“Then anytime you feel like giving up, you imagine her in the possession of the asshole who took her. You picture her being held against her will in a foreign place, scared, helpless, lost. You grab that anger you feel and you hold it. You use it to feed you.” I reach down inside of myself and grab onto the anger she speaks of and then I run.


              At some point I notice Cash next to me, keeping pace with each of my strides. He has a look of determination on his face that I have never seen before. I tilt my head to him in greeting and then we continue our laps. Ten laps fly by before I even realize it. I am breathing heavily, as is Cash, but I am still standing. I jog over to the bleachers behind Cash and wait for him to reach the top and then, as he begins his descent, I start climbing them at a steady pace.


              Two hours after we first began, we tiredly walk over to Erik and Lyon, who are sitting next to each other, discussing something privately. Pausing in their conversation, Lyon says, “Elmeri ran over to the hotel to grab some more bottled water for you guys. She will be back in just a moment. You should rest while you have the chance. I don’t think she is even close to being done with you.” I plop down on the ground, hard and groan loudly when my tired legs are relieved of the stress of standing. Casher sits next to Erik and leans back against the remnants of an old concession stand.


“Whose idea was this again?” He asks exhaustion lacing his voice, making his words slur slightly.


“How much more can she have planned? I don’t think I can walk another step!” Cash is nodding his head furiously agreeing with me while Lyon and Erik chuckle at our discomfort.


“Oh goodie! You’re done! Well, come on, time for phase two.”  Elmeri said as she bounced back up to the group. Yes she bounced. The brat! I’d be lucky to be able to stand back up; bouncing anywhere was out of the question.


              We finally finish working out around four o’clock that day and I manage to wobble my way home, looking more like a zombie during the apocalypse than a teenage girl preparing for battle. We continue this never ending cycle for over a week when one day Lyon surprises me by walking onto the field with a bag slung over his shoulder. I sit up straighter, my attention ensnared.   Elmeri walks over with Lyon and for the first time since meeting her, I feel the urge to jump up and kiss her.


“Today we are going to start weapons training.” She says happily.


“Lyon and Erik will be teaching you all you need to know, including offensive and defensive training. You will rotate and since I need the experience, I am going to join you as well.” She pauses here to grin over at me, like she knows I am dying for the chance to go at her with a sharp object. Any object. I literally laugh out loud seeing her grin and the tension in the air evaporates instantly.


“Erik is going to be teaching sword fighting and the proper technique for throwing daggers. Lyon is going to handle the training of guns and the bow.”


              We continue training with weapons every morning for the next week. In the evenings we run the track again to keep building up our stamina and endurance. After two weeks of hard core training I am feeling more confident in my ability to fight and win. I hadn’t realized how out of shape I really was until I started training every day.


My arms were getting stronger from wielding the long sword while training with Erik. I think that was my favorite weapon, the one I was most comfortable with. I excelled with the throwing daggers and the gun, but I feel a connection to the long sword. It’s like its spirit speaks to my soul, recognizing someone who has a true respect for its power. I fell in love with it the moment I touched it. I wielded it like it was an extension of myself. With it in my possession I feel all powerful. The Orfeo don’t stand a chance. Tavish doesn’t stand a chance.




Arsema surprises me. She really does. It is going on two weeks that we have been training together. Even Cash has joined in and is doing surprisingly well. Arsema has taken to weapons training like a fish to water. She has mastered the guns within a few days and moves on to the knives and swords. She is still working on the martial arts and her reflexes, but I have to admit she is a natural.


I am happy to see her focus on something that can take her mind off of her missing friend, even if it is only for a few hours at a time. I am starting to have my doubts of whether we will ever find Tris and if we do what shape she will be in. I know none of the Orfeo will take her physical comfort or well being into consideration. They are only keeping her alive in hopes that we will exchange Arsema for her. Something I have been keeping from Arsema for a while now. If she knows the offer for an exchange has been made I know she wouldn’t hesitate to offer herself up as sacrifice. But I also knew that the Orfeo won’t just release Tris after they have Arsema so there is not any reason to even consider the proposition, especially before Arsema has been trained at all. Now, however, it was a different story.


              We have another mission tonight. And I am terrified of how it will all play out. Tavish has contacted us again offering the swap. He hints that something is wrong with Tris and that she won’t be able to hold on much longer, so we all get together without Arsema’s knowledge and discuss the possibilities. It is agreed that we will tell him we agree to the deal. I leave to go upstairs to tell Arsema the news.


“Hey love, I want to talk to you about something. Tavish has contacted us and he has offered to give Tris up, in exchange for you.” 


BOOK: Fated Release (Fated Keepers Series Book 2)
4.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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